[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Damage Heroes That Wreck Hard! (2022 Edition)

Witness how these heroes execute their different art of killing.

You're a solo player and stuck in your current rank? Then be ready to turn down your opponent using these easy and fun but powerful heroes because Season 24 has come and the new you is about to shine!

Season 23 already ended and with it, all ranks reset. The journey to Mythic is really tough but mastering strong and easy-to-use heroes will help you out in reaching the highest rank. Mastering an MLBB hero is quite hard, confusing, eats a lot of time and effort but just like what Eudora said, "You should be ashamed for not trusting yourself." 

So here are the Top 10 Heroes that will help you on a smoother road to Mythic. 

10. Miya - The Queen of Lifesteal 

"I am the moonlight that breaks through the darkness." - Miya

This Moonlight Archer has incredible arrow-firing speed. When you use Miya, her speed grows, even more, every time you hit her arrows to enemies. This proves that Miya is undeniably one of the strongest marksman heroes in the Land of Dawn. 

What makes Miya different from the other marksman is her ultimate called Turbo Stealth. When using her ultimate, she'll disappear temporarily making her invisible on the map. Moreover, her ultimate gives her additional attack speed, movement speed, and stun immunity. This skill is best when you want to ambush enemies and when you're running away from a dangerous team fight. 

Moreover, Miya has destructive archery techniques when using her second skill. She can shoot a rain of arrows on a target area that makes her enemies suffer in stun effect for 1 second. This is a great opportunity for you when using Miya to gank your opponent. 

What makes Miya a Deadly Attacker: 

  •  She can hit multiple targets at once so it's possible for you to achieve a SAVAGE! 
  •  Has a high movement speed essential for clearing minions and pushing turrets. 
  • Miya has an insane lifesteal every time you use her basic attack that's why you can survive in a 3 vs. 1 fight. 
  •  She can change the fight. You can reverse the battle and achieve an Epic Comeback just by using Miya. 

See Miya In Action:

9. Paquito - The Heavy Puncher 

                   "I am a champion and a servant for humanity." - Paquito 

This hero is based on the World Champion Filipino Boxer, Manny Pacquiao! Paquito is a strong and fierce fighter-boxer of the Land of Dawn. With his heavy left punch added by a powerful jab then ended by ultimate knock-out strike skills, you can melt your opponent from early to late game! 

When you're using his skills plus activated passive, Paquito's heavy punch becomes stronger dealing an additional 100% total physical damage to his enemies and giving him 110% shield that can last up to 2.5 seconds. These skills are best when you're an offlaner being ganked by your enemies. 

What makes Paquito unique is he doesn't rely on mana. Skill cooldowns — and your ability to execute them — are the only things that limit his abilities. 

What makes Paquito a Deadly Attacker: 

  • He has a unique passive called Champ Stance. It not only deals greater damage, but it also throws the enemy into the air (airborne), making it Paquito's only means of crowd control. 
  • He can gain a shield while attacking which makes him a unique fighter. 
  • He is not limited by mana and can chain skills and auto attacks indefinitely. Enemies can't cast skills when Paquito attacks. 

See Paquito in Action:


8. Zilong - The Glorious General

                          "Nothing scares me, not even death." - Zilong

One of the high burst physical damage assassins that can carry a team is Zilong. If you're into an ambush, clearing minion waves and pushing turrets, Zilong is best for you. If you're desperate to win the game, Zilong the dragon warrior will help you. Just use his passive skills effectively, then the victory is in your hand! 

His first skill is called Spear Flip. By using this skill, you can easily lift your enemy dealing +80% total physical damage. His second skill called Spear Strike allows Zilong to dash on the target enemy. When you're using this skill, you can easily chase your opponent then kill it while dealing with +60% Total Physical ATK while reducing your target's physical defense for 2 seconds. Moreover, Zilong's ultimate gives you an additional attack and movement speed of 40%. Best for chasing your opponent and running away from your enemy to a safer place if you're low HP or if his passive is not yet activated. 

When you're using his passive named Dragon Flurry remember that it can only be activated after every 3 basic attacks. The damage can scare your opponent's soul because it deals 150% damage to his basic attack while restoring his HP to 50% equal to his physical attack. This proves that Zilong is a supreme warrior in the Land of Dawn. 

What makes Zilong a Deadly Attacker: 

  • High mobility. He can roam the map faster. 
  • Known as the Silent Turret's Pusher. He can destroy an enemy's tower without being noticed. 
  • He can win against almost all heroes in 1v1. This is a great advantage to him in dominating from early to late games.

See Zilong in Action:

25 Kills + SAVAGE & MANIAC!! Zilong Inspire 100% BROKEN - Build Top 1 Global Zilong ~ MLBB

7. Moskov- The King of Late Game

"I am a vengeance incarnate!" - Moskov

Moskov is a marksman who attacks quickly and deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time. His damage ability can melt his opponent in just a few seconds. If you're using Moscov, your target enemy can't move when you cast Moscov's skills. 

The strength of the Moskov hero is its high attack speed. You can gain this ability from skill 1, which allows you to teleport to the front and enhances Moskov's attack speed. Simply by utilizing this skill, your opponent will become frozen and unable to fight back. 

Moreover, Skill 1 is perfect for escaping. Its function is similar to flicker and fades when the team fight begins. This allows you to quickly avoid your opponent's strikes letting you do a free hit. 

His ultimate skill is a spear that travels in a straight line. By perfectly using this skill, you can steal a Kill, Turtle, and even Lord! 

What makes Moskov a Deadly Attacker: 

  • Very strong in the late game, ignoring the opponent's defense item. 
  • Damage dealer during a team fight. 
  • Has a good escape ability. 
  • Has a high attack speed 

See Moscov in Action: 

SAVAGE!! Moskov Inspire Shutdown All The Enemies!! - Build Top 1 Global Moskov ~ MLBB

6. Dyrroth - The Prince of Abyss

“I will do anything for the Abyss, anything!” - Dyrroth

This fighter hero is devastating when played correctly. Dyrroth can enhance his burst attack and specter step when his wrath reaches 50%. In addition, the amount of damage generated by this passive talent has a regeneration effect. His unique passive gives him more power and durability this season. 

You might be surprised by the high damage capability of this hero. Even if you equip him with a defensive item he's still capable of killing his enemies. Dyrroth can't hide the fact that he's a strong fighter in the Land of Dawn. Thanks to the recent update of Moonton, it buffed the skills of Dyrroth giving him more strength and durability during the game. 

What makes Dyrroth a Deadly Attacker: 

  • Has a high level of durability 
  • Has a high level of mobility and has a great escape skill 
  •  Damage dealer 

See Dyrroth In Action:

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5. Xavier - The Arbiter of Light 

”Light forever shines upon my cloak." - Xavier 

With his exquisite character design and diverse skill sets, Xavier the new powerful mage hero can wreck the entire map! Using Xavier's skills effectively, you can immobilize your opponents and speed up nearby allies. This skill is essential to win a team fight. You can also use his first skill that fires bullets that deal magic damage and its distance will increase when it hits an enemy. This makes Xavier unique from the other mages as he looks like a marksman. 

His unique and powerful ultimate can erase the enemies wherever they're hiding on the map. His ultimate is like Moskov's and Layla's ultimate skill, but Xavier's ultimate can range the entire map. It can inflict damage to any opponents in its path. If there are two or three low-HP enemies that come together, they can all be destroyed with a single ultimate! 

What makes Xavier a Deadly Attacker: 
• Has long-range skill abilities. 
• Has an insane poking ability. 
• Very annoying. It's essential when having a team fight. 

See Xavier in Action:

100% Deadly!! Xavier Insane One Shot Damage Build!! - Build Top 1 Global Xavier ~ MLBB

4. Karina - The Scary Blade Dancer 

"I don't mind getting my hands dirty." - Karina

Next hero in line is the magic damage dealing assassin, Karina! 

What makes Karina unique from the rest of the assassin heroes is her nonstop ultimate skill every time she activates her passive and kills an enemy. Farming effectively in the early game can add up to its ability. 

You should equip her with Retribution as it is the recommended battle spell for her. You can easily outshine this hero from early to late game by choosing the right build and emblem and using her skills accurately. 

When using her first skill, Karina's twin-blade continues to twirl. She's dancing with her twin blades for 3. 5 seconds while blocking her enemy's basic attack. It also increases her movement speed to 45% dealing +30% of her total damage. Her second skill is also not a joke because it is an AOE dealing +125 % of her magic damage to nearby enemies. 

No wonder why Karina is one of the heroes who gets savaged easily during gameplay. 

What makes Karina a Deadly Attacker: 

  • She can block all enemy's basic attacks, reflect the damage she receives and increase her movement speed in one skill at the same time. 
  • High mobility. She can roam the map faster. 
  •  High farming speed that gives her a high damage output from early to late game. 

See Karina In Action:

3. Lancelot - The Graceful Swordmaster 

"Many wield swords, but I am the only swordmaster." - Lancelot

Lancelot has been one of MLBB's deadliest assassins. With his touch of elegance in his skill execution, you'll find yourself enjoying every single move of this hero. 

Aside from his graceful moves, his unique skills set him apart from other assassin heroes. His first skill allows him to dash to his designated area. It's very essential in chasing an enemy, tower dive, and ganks. 

Additionally, his second skill can slow down enemies. It can also be used in removing stun because Lancelot gains immunity against crowd control and burst damages when executing his second skill. 

When using Lancelot it's important that you use his passive effectively. It deals additional damage up to 35% every 4 seconds to dash through enemy heroes and remember to kill first the damage dealer. It allows him to deal insane damage! 

What makes Lancelot a Deadly Attacker: 

  • With a single combo, he can go into ganks, dive towers, and execute any squishy enemy hero. 
  • High movement and attack speed 
  • Has high damage output. 

See Lancelot In Action:

2. Hayabusa - The Undefeatable Ninja

"My only way is the way of ninja." - Hayabusa

One of the best heroes that will bring you to your dream rank is the fastest ninja in the Land of Dawn, Hayabusa! Hayabusa can blink wherever his blades land. This makes him annoying and hard to capture. He also can kill a hero even his enemy is within the dangerous base or turrets so he's a perfect hero in "Tower Dive Killing" 

If you master Hayabusa well, his special dash and Ultimate becomes powerful. Learning his few skill combos allows you to easily carry your entire team on the rank matches. 

What makes Hayabusa a Deadly Attacker: 

  • Has high mobility. 
  • Hard to capture by enemies. 
  • Very high burst damage.

See Hayabusa in Action:

1. Alucard - The King of Lifesteal

"Fear and surrender are not in my vocabulary." - Alucard

The last hero that will bring you to the highest rank and will give you a win streak history is none other than Alucard! 

This hero is incredibly beginner-friendly to use yet releases a high burst damage output. This means that you don't need to be a pro in using Alucard to sail in a higher rank. But what makes Alucard being the best among the assassin heroes? 

His incomparable passive called Pursuit gives Alucard 50% of physical lifesteal as a spell vamp for his active skills, giving the hero considerably more lifesteal for team fights. Just understand how his skills work and how to use his passive correctly. With perfect timing, you can experience numerous DOUBLE KILL, TRIPLE KILL, UNSTOPPABLE, GODLIKE, MANIAC, AND SAVAGE with Alucard! And I'm very sure that you could be the greatest nightmare of your enemies. 

What makes Alucard a Deadly Attacker: 

  • Has a high damage output and life steal, short skill cooldown, and has movement speed. 
  • Can finish off many opponents all by himself. 
  • Doesn't rely on mana 

See Alucard In Action:


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