[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Broken Heroes That Are OP

Broken Heroes that are OP - Maybe you should try.

Broken Heroes are those who prosper and suffer in different aspects of their game-play. Here are the Top Ten Most Broken Heroes that are OP.


10. Masha

Masha was a Fighter/Tank hero in previous versions of ML but is now categorized as a Fighter. That being said, she can still be utilized as a Tank. She is extremely versatile but least picked as one of the few heroes with three active skills and one passive skill.

Masha is a top-tier hero with insane burst and damage but has been outplayed by other heroes. Her abilities are easily countered despite her massive potential. She is perfect for laning, jungling and can single-handedly take down the lord in ML. That being said, her game-play also requires getting used to as she has three HP bars and can be confusing to some.

Masha is still worthy as a hero to be mastered and understanding her takes time and patience. With little to no defense, her game-play requires a lot of patience and can be seen as a hindrance to her abilities in attack. She has been overshadowed by meta updates and new hero releases.

Why is Masha broken?

* No potential in defense

* Easily countered by other heroes

* Too much emphasis on her attacking abilities  


9. Lylia

Lylia is a powerful Mage Hero who specializes in push and damage. She is a useful support with an exceptional ability to control the mid-lane throughout a game. She manipulates black magic as part of her skill set, and she has the ability to blink to designated locations.

Though Lylia is small, her damage output is insane. She is a force to be reckoned with but has been deemed limited to her attack in mid-lane and can be easily countered once all her skills have been utilized. Moreover, her skills are easily avoided when not utilized with precision. She has now been overlooked by other mages who can contribute the same energy as her in the game with less effort in mastering.

Lylia is most definitely a hero that has amazing potential and should be mastered. Once committed to mastering her, she can outshine in any game and contribute as a support with major influence in the mid-lane and even stand up for Tanks. Lylia is insanely OP!

Why is Lylia broken?

* Lack of precision in utilizing her skills

* Outshined by other mages 

* Her skills can be easily countered


8. Hanabi

Hanabi is supposedly a top-tier Marksman Hero in ML who specializes in offense. She is well equipped with efficient skills and has remained relevant throughout meta updates. She is notably effective with two forms of her basic skill.

Hanabi despite being a deadly marksman hero lacks defense and retreat strategies. Due to this, she is best played alongside a tank or in the back line of attack which could negatively affect her abilities. In this regard, her biggest disadvantage is her vulnerability and lack of speed which weighs in on her amazing damage and ability to manage its output.

Hanabi is a great hero in her category but is obviously outshined by her lack of defense and precision in timing, where her effectiveness in her role is not felt if her timing is incorrect in utilizing her skills. She can easily be outplayed and deemed useless to a team when not mastered in her role.

Why is Hanabi broken?

* Lack of strategy in defense

* Weak against most heroes

* Great timing is required to fully utilize her skills compared to other marksmen


7. Alpha

Alpha is a Fighter Hero in ML who specializes in Charge/Damage. He is one of the strongest heroes despite meta updates and has a unique set of skills that work perfectly in unison. Alpha's ultimate skill fails to live up to the devastation portrayed.

Alpha is extremely powerful and versatile, but his damage output does not match the intensity of his skills. Although he is well-rounded and efficient, he lacks the ability to carry matches for a hero of his caliber. He may be useful in lower ranks but is difficult to play against other heroes in higher ranks, so he is often overlooked. Alpha is OP for his strength.

Alpha is a major disappointment and a textbook example of an unbalanced hero in ML. Unless the team has a significant advantage in gold and build, he is completely useless against opponents and is easily countered. Though his skills allow him to defend himself, the same skills are used in attack, rendering him defenseless after execution. His lack of damage output severely limits his effectiveness.

Why is Alpha broken?

* No damage output despite the level of intensity in his skills

* No proper defensive mechanism vs his attack skills

* Easily countered


6. Alice

In ML, Alice is a Tank/Mage Hero with a Charge/Regen specialization. She lacks the versatility of other heroes in her category, but she possesses the strength of a Tank. As a mage, she can blink and disable an opponent's skills while dealing damage.

Alice is a classic example of an OP broken hero in ML. She is OP in the sense that her abilities allow her to disable an opponent with great effect, but her damage output is low. This is the result of a nerf during recent meta updates, which has rendered her powerless. She has been reduced to the status of a support hero and understanding this is critical for utilizing her now.

Alice used to be a force to be reckoned with, but she is now primarily a tank with little to no offensive output unless mastered thoroughly. This does not rule her out as a top hero in ML, but she can be confusing and takes a long time to learn and master. She is unbalanced in comparison to other heroes, and she is a liability unless you have the time and patience.

Why is Alice broken?

* Unbalanced damage vs defense

* Utilized more as a support despite her role

* Mastering her takes more time and patience


5. Martis

Martis is a Fighter Hero in ML who specializes in Reap/Charge. He is extremely strong and versatile and can take on a Tank or Core role if needed. Martis has not been severely nerfed or buffed but is a steady hero who has been overshadowed by other heroes.

Martis was introduced into ML in 2018 and has been an OP hero ever since. Despite this, he has yet to establish himself as a top-tier hero and has been subject to meta updates. His advantages outweigh his disadvantages, but in the eyes of experienced players, he remains unbalanced. It's difficult to pinpoint, but mastering Martis is well worth the effort.

Martis is a unique hero with skills that can demolish up to three heroes at once. With the ability to poke and be played as a tank and core, it is simply by choice that he has been overlooked. This is most possibly due to other heroes in his category. Martis is broken by the fact that he is unbalanced yet has advantages over his imperfections.

Why is Martis broken?

* No distinct line drawn between his strengths and weaknesses

* Unbalanced as a result of meta updates in his category

* Overpowered yet overshadowed by other heroes


4. Phoveus

Phoveus is a Fighter Hero in ML who specializes in Chase/Control. He is an OP hero who is broken due to the fact that his in-game presence does not match the level of intensity in his skills. He is more of a support now, despite his amazing abilities.

Phoveus is one of the most recent heroes who never truly peaked after release and quickly lost popularity once his gameplay was figured out. His skills are extremely difficult to utilize in effect though when landed, doesn’t live up to his potential. As an OP Hero, he is broken and unbalanced in so many ways, yet when mastered, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Phoveus lacks defense mechanisms and must rely solely on his strength. In addition, the fact that his abilities have little effect hurts him as a hero in his category. Mastering Phoveus is worth a shot, but there are far more worthy heroes in his category.

Why is Phoveus broken?

* No defense mechanism

* Heavily reliant on strength

* No effect in damage as a damage hero


3. Lancelot

Lancelot is a top-tier assassin in ML who specializes in Chase/Burst. He is one of the most balanced heroes in terms of skills in ML but the effects of these skills in combination with his offense and attack don’t add up.

Lancelot is a broken hero because, despite being OP, utilizing his skills in attack and offense does not add up and is unbalanced. It takes time to master and effectively use him. As a heavily relied-upon hero in ML, his presence in-game is critical to the team. The majority of games in which Lancelot is underutilized are lost.

Lancelot is a broken OP hero, and it is up to the user to fix this. It is recommended that you practice in classic before using him in ranked matches. Lancelot's skills require a lot of practice and precision to master. Regardless of meta updates, he is unbalanced and adds challenges to the game in the true gaming spirit.

Why is Lancelot broken?

* Imbalance in his skills

* Difficult to master simple skills

* In-game effectiveness doesn’t match the level of mastery


2. Roger

Roger is a Fighter/Marksman Hero who specializes in Reap/Burst. He is extremely versatile as a top-choice jungler over other assassins in the game with the ability to transform between wolf form as a fighter and marksman in human form.

Roger would not have made this list a few updates ago. He is now a broken OP hero with a skill imbalance, most likely caused by his ability to morph. Roger takes time to master because he is easily countered and is known to be a top feeder despite his top-tier status. Despite his OP status, he is now one of the weakest fighters in ML.

Roger's flaw is dependent on his teammates and the user. He is now more of a support, which is quite unreasonable given his enormous skill potential. Roger is doomed to lose his top-tier status if meta updates and new hero releases continue in the direction being taken.

Why is Roger broken?

* Imbalance of power between skills

* Weak as a fighter in comparison to others in said category

* No effect as a marksman


1. Helcurt

Helcurt is an Assassin Hero that was overpowered for so long till he was severely nerfed. In this regard, he makes this list at number one as the most classic example of a broken hero in ML. Helcurt specializes in poke and crowd control with his camouflage and blink skills.

Helcurt, one of the most lethal assassins ever released by ML, is now a broken OP hero whose potential can still be seen if his skills are used correctly and with precision. Helcurt relies more on the element of surprise through his camouflage skills, as his damage skills are easily countered. He is an ambassador in this regard, as an OP hero, and ML developers will undoubtedly learn from him in future meta-updates.

Helcurt is still a game-changer, despite being severely nerfed; however, he is less of a choice for most dedicated players these days. Mastering Helcurt is well worth the effort, even if many people still remember him as an OP Hero who carried games for so long. Helcurt is the ultimate example of a broken OP hero.

Why is Helcurt broken?

* Unbalanced in meta updates

* One of if not the most severely nerfed hero in ML history

* Amazing skills that are countered without effect


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