[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Burst Heroes That Wreck Hard! (Latest Patch)

High Impact Heroes that you should TRY!


10. Wanwan

Wanwan is a master marksman with burst abilities in her skill set. She has a one-of-a-kind ultimate skill that can only be activated by marking an opponent with less than 50% HP, and it is her greatest strength because it allows her to attack while concealed. Her first skill is to fire pins in a straight line that stun a target when they return, and her second skill is a burst that increases her mobility and counters attacks.

Wanwan is a hero who is difficult to master when learning her ultimate skill. When her team is ahead in gold, she is difficult to stop and can carry a match on her own. Wanwan is best played with the assistance of a Tank or Mage hero, as she is weak in offense but is a high burst damage dealer in attack.

Wanwan fits brilliantly with the battle spell Aegis, as it offers her enough sustenance to activate her ultimate skill. She is incredibly damaging in long late games due to her mobility, attack speed, and ultimate skill that can wipe out an entire team.

What makes Wanwan a great burst hero?

  • Ultimate skill - high damage and concealment
  • Attack speed - firing her basic skill increases her attack speed
  • Team hero - Wanwan's attack range makes her an excellent support player

See Wanwan in action: 


9. Alice

In Mobile Legends, Alice serves as both a Mage and a Tank. Her first skill sends a blood stream in a direction where she can be teleported on second touch. Her second skill inflicts magical damage on nearby heroes, immobilizing them for a few seconds. Her ultimate skill enters a blood-sucking stage, immobilizing nearby heroes and sucking their HP.

Alice is extremely resilient, and her abilities are remarkably unique and difficult for opponents to counter, depending on hero mastery and experience. Because she is a difficult hero to master, her burst attributes make her a highly respected hero for those who learn to master her skills. She works best as a tank in the mid lane or in roam.

Because of her complexity, Alice is not widely known, which benefits those who master her. She has range, burst, and durability built in, but her ultimate skill is difficult to learn because it feeds off her own mana to reach a destructible stage. Her only source of damage is her skills.

What makes Alice a great burst hero?

  • Dual role - Alice can play two roles, which makes her extremely durable.
  • Complexity - Alice is difficult to counter, so learning her adds value to a team
  • Range - Alice's range as a mage/tank increases her in-game impact.

See Alice in action: 


8. Ling

Ling has been an overpowered assassin in Mobile Legends for a long time. He possesses a one-of-a-kind passive skill that allows him to scale and walk on walls. His first skill is to leap between walls, and his second skill is to charge and stab enemies. Ling's ultimate skill marks an area while concealing himself before landing with a stun that disarms opponents and increases his speed.

Ling is a charge/burst assassin who is difficult to defend against due to his ability to use walls in both attack and offense. His ultimate skill as a complete package in burst and attack reigns supreme among assassins. Ling possesses the skill set necessary to split an opposition team and carry a game. He is best played as a core hero.

Ling is a difficult hero to master, and it takes time and patience to become accustomed to playing him. As a high damage dealer, he is also vulnerable, but he compensates with his passive skill that grants him access to wall tops. Having said that, he is worth the effort to learn, as a top assassin hero.

What makes Ling a great burst hero?

  • Ability to walk on walls - strategy in attack and retreat
  • Ultimate skill - provision of high burst in damage
  • Core hero - as a core hero, he leads his team in farm and build

See Ling in action: 


7. Gusion

In Mobile Legends, Gusion is a popular assassin. He possesses blades that deal magical damage. In skill one, phase one, he throws one blade at a target, and in phase two, he dashes at the target. His second skill throws five blades that return to him after he dashes on the second phase. His ultimate skill combines his first and second skills, but adds the ability to blink to a specific location.

Gusion is difficult to learn but deadly once mastered. He is also an early-game assassin with high burst damage that distinguishes him from other assassins. He is the most lethal on the battlefield at any given time after being farmed. His abilities allow him to retreat safely if he fails to deliver on his predetermined target. 

Gusion is a must-have for assassin users in Mobile Legends. Because hero mastery is difficult, it is recommended that you practice in classic before using him in ranked matches. He is a well-known hero who can be bested if the user does not maximize his in-game skills and potential.

What makes Gusion a great burst hero?

  • Magic Damage - Magic damage improves his abilities.
  • Early game - Gusion is powerful pretty quickly, even without farming.
  • Retreat - Gusion's abilities assist him to retreat.

See Gusion in action: 


6. Roger

Roger is a fantastic hero who can switch between being a wolf and a human. He is a fighter as a wolf and a marksman as a human. His skill one in fighter form conceals him whilst also striking three times. His second skill improves his range and attack speed. In marksman form, his first skill fires three bullets, each of which increases damage, and his second skill increases movement speed. His ultimate skill enables him to switch between forms while leaping forward.

Rogers' burst is an integration of his first and second skills. He has a wide range of abilities, which improves his pursuit abilities and also shows off his burst. He is best used as a core hero since his attack deals a substantial amount of damage. Roger is a squishy hero, and his ultimate skill is his best escape strategy.

Roger is a complex character to master in order to fully realize his potential. He is a game changer and a must-buy early in ranking up, as he is a utility hero from whom one can learn to master their gameplay. When Roger is selected, his in-game presence is crucial to a team's performance.

What makes Roger a great burst hero?

  • Dual role hero - Roger has an advantage in that he can perform two roles.
  • Range - Rogers' skills enable him to attack from a distance.
  • Core - Roger can be used as a core hero to increase his damage and attack burst.

See Roger in action: 


5. Leslie

Leslie is a Mobile Legends marksman/assassin who runs rampant as a dual-role hero. Her ultimate skill stands out in particular because it allows her to snipe heroes within range, including those hidden in from sight. Her first skill puts her in concealment while increasing her firepower and her second skill allows her to throw a grenade that stuns an opponent while simultaneously jumping back.

Leslie is advantageous for pushing lanes and defending the base. Her range allows her to protect herself and she can attack while concealed, where her burst in attack deals lethal damage from a distance. She can be played as a core hero as well, being an assassin, but this is not recommended.

Leslie is a must-have for anyone serious about climbing the ranks in Mobile Legends. Notably, she is a squishy hero who is best played alongside Tanks and Mages. This is normal in Mobile Legends since her damage output compensates for her weakness and does not limit her abilities.

What makes Leslie a great burst hero?

  • Range - as a marksman, she has range in attack
  • Ultimate skill -  her ultimate skill can snipe heroes out of sight
  • Dual role - Leslie can play multiple roles to adjust to a teams need

See Leslie in action: 


4. Thamuz

Thamuz is a tough hero who is frequently banned in higher ranks of Mobile Legends. His skills include the ability to throw scythes that roll forward leaving a trail of lava and return to him after a few seconds or if he is too far or near. His second skill propels him to a predetermined location, and if his scythes are recovered in the process, his first skill immediately cools down. His ultimate skill spews lava on him, increasing his speed and strength.

Thamuz's skills all have burst abilities that are best used in team fight initiation. His ultimate ability improves his chances of survival while also setting the tone for teammates to use in an attack. He is also a high-damage hero who can demolish multiple opponents and can be used as a core hero. He excels in the express lane and is advantageous in pushing lanes.

Thamuz's abilities are simple to learn, but knowing when to use them is a skill that must be practiced. His weakness is overcome by his burst and fast cool down, as well as the possibility of instant skill cooldown, which can improve his performance and subdue opponent gameplay.

What makes Thamuz a great burst hero?

  • Endurance - Thamuz is tough and has regeneration abilities.
  • Skills - Thamuz's abilities all have a burst effect.
  • Fast skill cooldown -Thamuz's skills cool down at a fast rate.

See Thamuz in action: 


3. Gord

Gord is a powerful mage who deals significant damage per second. His first skill generates an energy field to bounce forward. His second skill produces an energy field in a specific area and his ultimate skill directs a laser-like energy field in a controlled direction.

Gord is on this list due to his continual burst in attack. He is exceedingly squishy and should be played from a safe distance or behind team fronts. His skills, if used in sequence, provide an outstanding poke and team fight initiation, since his continuous damage can exterminate multiple opponents.

Gord is a simple hero to master, but his weakness in strength necessitates patience in order to maximize him. He is also a basic hero who can be countered by a variety of different heroes, so mastering him before applying him to higher ranks of Mobile Legends is recommended.

What makes Gord a great burst hero?

  • Continuous damage - Gord possesses abilities that deal constant damage.
  • Range - Gord's skills have a distance advantage as a mage.
  • Initiator - Gord's range and damage make him an excellent initiator.

See Gord in action: 


2. Bruno

Bruno is a very simple marksman to learn in Mobile Legends. His first skill is to kick a powerball, which increases his damage upon retrieval. His second skill is a powerslide, which he can use as a dash, and his ultimate ability is to kick a powerball that can bounce multiple times on opponents.

Bruno is a fantastic hero whose abilities include range, crowd control, and burst. He is a mid to late game marksman who compensates for his lack of strength with speed. His best attributes are his burst and range, but he is best used behind battle lines because he can be countered by a variety of heroes.

Bruno is overlooked in higher ranks of Mobile Legends due to being an easy target for other heroes in the game, but mastering him is worthwhile because he is a fun hero to play while being among the best selection of marksman heroes when it comes to burst.

What makes Bruno a great burst hero?

  • Range - Bruno has range advantage in his skills
  • Crowd Control - Bruno has excellent crowd control skills in his ultimate skill
  • Hero mastery - Bruno is easy to master

See Bruno live in action: 


1. Granger

Granger is a long-range marksman who has no mana and energy. His first skill is a series of shots fired in quick succession, and his second skill is a dash. His ultimate skill fires three high-impact shots manually upon touch and necessitates aim to hit targets.

Granger, unlike other marksmen, is notable for being an early to late game hero, which signifies he is impactful from the start, without the need for farming. His first skill is notable for its burst, and when used in conjunction with his second skill, it increases his aim and damage output. His ultimate skill is best applied when a hero is retreating with low HP since it has a long range and high damage that isn't affected by distance.

It was a difficult decision to put Granger at the top of this list, but according to the latest patch, this is the best spot for him as a burst hero who wrecks hard. Granger is difficult to master because his skills do not have a lock in aim, but other aspects of his gameplay compensate for this.

What makes Granger a great burst hero?

  • Skill set - Grangers skill set is high burst in damage
  • Attributes - Granger has no mana, which means his skills are not affected all throughout the game.
  • Range - Granger's ultimate skill is full of impact, and range doesn’t affect its damage output.

See Granger in action: 


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