[Top 3] Mobile Legends Best Argus Builds That Win Games

Win Games with these Argus Pro Builds.

Argus boasts immortality through his ultimate and passive skills that enable him to deal sustained damage. Known for this, he is also undeniably one of the best lane pushers in ML and main assault hero in combat against squishy high damage dealing opponents.

Aside from focusing on his combat skills as a fighter, it is necessary to target and enhance Argus passive skill (Warmonger) when composing items. This may be accomplished through the use of life steal or other HP stimulating items. Before diving into Argus Builds, here are some of Argus'  strengths and weaknesses.



  • Dash - Argus first skill is handy as a catapult in a desired direction. Take timing into consideration when using this skill, it has a slow cool down rate. He also takes a second swipe on second touch, which grants him more distance and speed.
  • Immunity - This is Argus core utility. It enables him to take on multiple roles and objectives as a versatile hero. Your items in build must complement his ultimate while taking your teammate and opponent heroes into consideration as well to see how Argus matches up and opposes other heroes.
  • Lanes - Ganking lanes comes as an advantage, as Argus has the ability to poke and clear lanes in the early game. This becomes much more effective in the mid to late game stages when lane turrets have been taken out.
  • Farming - Argus may be slow but his dash and skills grant him speed that comes in handy when clearing jungling objectives. There is also an opportunity for ganking and surprise attacks in this instance.


  • Squishy - Argus is weak in comparison to other fighters without his ultimate skill. The use of his ultimate skill requires successful damage output. Retreat if no damage is being dealt.
  • Movement - Argus is quite slow and depends on his first skill as dashes to make up for this. Being outplayed in using his dash before the opponent uses their skills is a common Argus counter due to him being slow and his skill having a long cooldown rate of twelve seconds, which is crucial in ML.
  • Enemy Suppress Skills - This refers to Crowd Control skills that can be dealt over a longer period than usual and suppresses an opponent by setting them back in movement and skills. Argus is weak against this as a hero with in-built immunity.
  • Dependence on Ultimate - This is a common weakness of most users and must be addressed. Timing is crucial. Damage must be dealt in attack for Argus to replenish HP and if not, retreat must be the first course of action unless circumstances prove otherwise


Now here are Top 3 Argus Builds That Win Games.


3. Sustained DPS

This is a balanced build of both attack and defense items. It's well suited to those who haven’t fully mastered Argus. It is best used in a team that has a balanced line up, where all roles are filled to full effect.

This build may be best utilized in games where Argus is played in his basic role whilst depending on teammates to carry the game as core damage dealers. His basic role involves pushing and ganking lanes. The build is balanced and defensive items add value to his ultimate skill. It is perfect for setting up team fights, as Argus has a higher chance of survival.

Argus takes on a more supportive role instead of a main or core which he is well played in. It is most effective against a team that has powerful damage dealers. The main aspect behind this build is capitalizing on Argus ultimate skill while slowing down opponents in lanes and farm.

Use this build if:

  • You have a well structured team - Employ this build if you can carry out your primary fighter duties in a well-organized squad. Don’t rush objectives and support your teammates in the late game after item builds are complete.
  • You’re playing Offlane - This is a perfect build for clearing minion waves and slowing down your opponent in farm. It also gives you much time to monitor the jungle. Argus skills enable him to close in on distances fast, which is an advantage in Gank and Roam.
  • You're Supporting Damage Dealers - Much like playing offlane, you support high damage dealers like Mage and Marksmen in battle as you have both assault and offense items that you can use to set the pace in team fights in tandem with Argus Ultimate immunity.
  • You can Gank - Ganking is a major skill when it comes to using Argus. His Ultimate skill amplifies his speed in movement and attack while his first skill is a potential trap, as he can grip opponents. Emphasis on Ganking is a major advantage for Argus.


Level up Skill One (Demonic Grip) first as its dash allows both counter and attack in lanes. Level up Skill Two (Meteoric Sword) next to combine it as a harassment mechanism against opponents or to clear lanes faster. Level up Skill One ahead of Skill Two and then Ultimate Skill (Eternal Evil) when it is ready. Leveling up Skill One ahead adds a movement advantage, while playing a slow paced game in terms of damage and attack.

  • Level 1: (Skill One) - Demonic Grip
  • Level 2: (Skill Two) - Meteoric Sword
  • Level 3: (Skill One) - Demonic Grip
  • Level 4: (Ultimate Skill) - Eternal Evil

Repeat the same sequence and upgrade ultimate when available.


  • Swift Boots ($710)  - Speed in movement, given that Argus is slow.
  • Windtalker ($1870) -  This is a main item for damage. It adds magic damage that enhances all of Argus skills apart from enhancing speed in attack.
  • Scarlet Phantom ($2020) -  Adds crit chance where 50% extra damage is dealt upon successful hit. This enhances Argus skill combo.
  • Berserker's Fury ($2250) - Stacks and deals physical damage. This is essential to Argus Passive Skill (Warmonger) where damage is built in energy levels and stack. 
  • Immortality ($2120) - Resurrects 2.5 seconds after death and gives a second chance. This is very handy when blended with Argus Ultimate Skill.  
  • Athena Shield ($2150) - Provides a defensive shield and protects from high powered attacks. Again, this is a great advantage to Argus Ultimate Skill.


2. Attack Speed Effects

This is an attack build. It's focused on items that are known to carry high damage and other magic abilities. It is best for when Argus is used as an assault hero in his team. This build best suits Argus Passive Skill that builds and increases attack damage through stack.

This build emphasizes speed, attack, damage and critical hits that deal special passive damage. This is the best build to push and farm lanes faster. Clearing basic objectives gives time to take on other tasks such as gank lanes and monitor the jungle. Argus is quite fast with this build.

This build is best used against teams that prioritize on support. Depending on Argus offensive capabilities and ultimate skill is a must, as the build has no defense items. The items in this build enhance attack damage capabilities as a fighter and in addition to speed, which Argus lacks but makes up for through dash abilities

Use this build if:

  • You’re Playing as a Damage Dealer - This build is best suited in a team where Argus is a top assault hero in the team. He is capable of dealing sustained damage through skill combo and the use of his ultimate skill.
  • You’re playing Roam - Use this build to roam and gank lanes. It provides speed in both attack and movement that can surprise and pursue opponents.
  • You’re playing Offlane - Argus is well capable of pushing and defending his own lane. This is one of his core advantages.


Level up Skill One (Demonic Grip) first, as it allows an offensive move when outplayed with no defensive items. Follow up with Skill Two (Meteoric Sword) to reach level two and increase attack potential. Level up Skill Two ahead of Skill one from then on, and Ultimate when it is ready.

  • Level 1: Skill One - Demonic Grip
  • Level 2: Skill Two - Meteoric Sword
  • Level 3: Skill Two - Meteoric Sword
  • Level 4: Ultimate - Eternal Evil

Repeat this sequence and level up ultimate when it is available.


  • Swift Boots ($710) - This adds a speed in movement advantage, as Argus is quite slow. 
  • Demon Hunter Sword ($2180) - Increases attack speed and damage and comes in handy when pushing lanes and poking opponents. Argus has dash skills and immunity to support these.
  • Windtalker ($1870) - Increases attack and damage and also has a special passive where crit chance or the chances of a critical hit are increased, which deals extra magic damage. This is handy to Argus Passive and Ultimate skills where damage is stacked while immunity is engaged.
  • Berserker's Fury ($2250) - Builds and deals critical damage, and is a top item for physical fighters. Best suited for Argus due to his skill combination.
  • Scarlet Phantom ($2020) - Increases attack speed, crit chance and damage. Comes in handy when roaming and ganking lanes.
  • Blade of Despair ($3010) - Focuses on physical attack, which is the core of Argus' role as a fighter. This is as hard as it gets, the most expensive attack item.


1. Burst

This is a pro build, and should be used by those who are extremely familiar with Argus or ML in general if you’re a god gamer. It carries power in speed and attack, and complements Argus' skill set as a whole.

This build turns Argus into a warrior. Demon Hunter Sword noticeably comes before Rapid Boots which means the focus is on dealing damage through your objectives. He is versatile with this build and can fit in anywhere. He is a deadly assault hero and can rapidly cover objectives while backing his team mates by ganking lanes or monitoring the jungle.

Argus can set the pace of the game with this build. It is most efficient against a team who lacks a consistent line up or has significant damage dealers, as Argus is fast and versatile, even in support. Furthermore, it is highly convenient for a team that lacks a consistent line up also. If you’re serious about Argus, this is a must-use pro build.

Use this build if:

  • You’re Carrying the game - If you’re well-versed in using Argus or if you’re on a roll and want to carry games as a core hero and pace setter, then this is a must use build, as it enhances speed and attack movement.
  • You have an Inconsistent Team - If your team doesn’t have a consistent line up in all roles and you have to fill in gaps where necessary during battle, then this is the build to use. The items carry heavy damage that leads to a fast gold count ratio over enemies.
  • You have Fast Paced Gameplay  - If you can set the pace of the game and deliver kills while gaining ground then this is the best build to use. Malefic Roar is an excellent burst item for Argus, accompanied by his immunity.


Level up Skill One (Demonic Grip) first for a dash advantage. You can level up Skill One again to reach level Two then level up Skill Two (Meteor Sword) after, adding assault to burst. Follow up with Ultimate Skill (Warmonger) when it is available. 

Level 1: Skill One - Demonic Grip

Level 2: Skill One - Demonic Grip

Level 3: Skill Two - Meteor Sword

Level 4: Ultimate - Eternal Evil

Repeat this sequence and level up ultimate when it becomes available.


  • Demon Hunter Sword ($2180) - Enhances attack and movement speed.  In this case, it is renowned for clearing lanes and also has life steal abilities which adds protection and/or counter strategies.
  • Swift Boots ($710)  - Enhances movement in speed. Keep in mind that Argus lacks speed. 
  • Corrosion Scythe ($2050) - Increases attack speed and slows opponent speed. Perfect for a fast paced battle, where Argus is leading in gold count. 
  • Golden Staff ($2000) - Enhances physical attack and adds significance to Argus fighting role through the use of his Passive Skill in dealing high powered damage.
  • Malefic Roar ($2060) -  Physically penetrates enemy defense. This is a core item for Argus in general and perfect when utilized in team fights where Argus has a high chance of dealing sustained damage and surviving.
  • Blade of Despair ($3010) - Focuses on physical attack, and is a terrific end to this build. It adds value to all the other items in dealing extra physical damage.


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