[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Hyper Carries

Mobile Legends Best Hyper Carries
Hyper Carries That Dominate Late Game


Carry Them And Get Carried!

In almost every team, there will be a hero that will lead one side to victory. This is the Hyper Carry, also otherwise known as the Hard Carry. Weak as a kitten in the early game, such a hero in the right hands is a force to reckon with in the late game.

Despite their relative uselessness in the early game, these heroes will be nigh unstoppable after reaching a certain threshold. Hence, these heroes require constant babysitting by a Support/ Tank and must avoid deaths at all costs.

Besides, picking up the right carry hero might feel a bit difficult. To help you out, we have put together a list of the Top 10 Best Hyper Carries that are absolute late game monsters. So read ahead!


10. Valentina

Let Me Steal Your Ult

Since her release, Poor Valentina has had numerous nerfs, however, this still doesn’t remove her from the ban list in draft picks! Valentina’s main strength is her flexibility as a mage. She can be deployed in any of the three lanes and can also be used as a roamer.

Valentina’s burst potential can easily melt squishy heroes. She also has a lot of sustain thanks to her passive lifesteal and cooldown reductions. And what’s more, her ult can copy the opponent’s Ult. This makes her an absolute menace against heroes with strong AoE or CC Ults. So, say bye to using heroes like Grock, Franco, and Yu Zhong against her!

What makes Valentina a Great Hyper Carry:

  • With her unique Ult, Valentina can easily turn the tide of the battle in her favor
  • She can easily kill squishy enemies with her burst potential
  • Valentina’s incredible passive lifesteal lets her last longer on the battlefield
  • Unlike other mages, Valentina’s unique attributes make her dominant in early lane phasing as well as teamfights

See Valentina in Action:

Top Global Valentina by ꧁Psycho꧂


9. Beatrix

Locked And Loaded. Bang Bang!

Another nerf for Beatrix in the new season, yet she’s still going strong and still slapping as hard as ever! The most versatile and one of the strongest marksmen in the game, Beatrix carries four weapons.

With four weapons come four different basic attacks, which further means 4 new Ults. Be it bursting down a rival marksman with Nibiru, taking enemies down from range using Renner, or slapping hard with Wesker and Bennet, Beatrix can flexibly switch to any of those weapons depending on the situation.

When picked with reliable support like Angela or Estes, Beatrix can easily shred enemy frontlines.

What makes Beatrix a Great Hyper Carry:

  • She does insane damage to rival marksmen using Nibiru
  • She has incredible Carry potential and is highly overwhelming in the late game
  • As a manaless marksman, she doesn’t make frequent recalls 
  • She is very flexible and can easily adjust to any situation
  • She can snipe enemies from long range using Renner

See Beatrix in Action:

Nerfed Beatrix Hard Carry Superplay


8. Karina

Karina Won’t Mind Getting Her Hands Dirty

Securing Savages and Maniacs is a walk in the park for her! The Revamped Karina is a nightmare for enemy Marksmen and Mages. Why? Because her combo can pulverize any enemy hero within seconds. Tanks, by the way, are no exception!

Karina’s passive grants her true damage on the third hit. But it's her immunity to basic attacks with her first skill that makes her so lethal against marksmen. Her basic attack is then enhanced and she gains increased movement speed, which is perfect for chasing down an enemy or escaping sticky situations.

The main highlight, however, is her ult, which is a 2 phase high damage dash. This leaves a Shadow Mark on an enemy hero upon the first cast which can be used again. When a hero with Shadow Mark dies within 5 seconds, her ult is reset. This makes her the ultimate killing machine.

What makes Karina a Great Hyper Carry:

  • She can kill the main damage dealers with ease with her high-burst damage
  • She can dominate teamfights with her ultimate
  • She has high mobility and immunity for chasing and escaping enemies
  • Super fast rotation compared to the enemy jungler

See Karina in Action:

Insane One Shot Damage Build Karina!


7. Kagura

Umbrella, Show Them What You've Got

An Onmiyōji from the East! At first glance, feeble Kagura may appear harmless. But at her disposal is a deadly umbrella, capable of poking enemies from range and instantly deleting any squishy hero from the map with her combos.

Kagura comes with a great combination of abilities, including blink, cc, burst, and purify, making her the complete package a player could ask for. She has two sets of skills: with and without the Umbrella. Depending on the situation she can create various combos using those sets of skills to her advantage. 

However, it must be noted that Kagura is weak in the early lane phasing without her core items. She requires constant support from a Tank. Furthermore, she’s hard to learn, but once mastered the experience is highly rewarding, especially in higher elos. 

What makes Kagura a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Her 2nd skill when holding the umbrella grants her cc immunity from heroes like Franco and Saber
  • She’s slippery and can easily make different escape routes
  • She has insane AOE burst damage along with a stun with her combo making her perfect for ganks and teamfights.
  • Can annoy the enemy team because of constant pokes from her umbrella

See Kagura in Action:

Exorcist Kagura New Skin Gameplay! - Top Global Kagura by Alena MVP


6. Julian

Emo Boy Julian

Julian, a pick or ban hero, has been nerfed yet again. As if it wasn’t tragic enough to lose his mother and unknowingly work for the killers for years! But, there's a positive aspect to it to his nerf. This emo boy's early game isn’t as strong as it was, but his late game has gotten even better and he’s as crazy as ever.

Julian was part of the 515 M-World and came as a redeemable free hero. Normally, you can’t unlock the 3rd skill (Ult) unless you reach level 4, but Julian has no ultimate. He can unlock his 3rd skill right from the get-go. When all of his 3 skills are unlocked, the 3rd cast of any of his skills will be enhanced. This can be used in various combinations which grant CC, blink immunity, and Karrie’s light wheel literally on steroids! With that enhanced skill, he also gains passive lifesteal from basic attacks.

Although tagged as Fighter/ Mage, he is used as an assassin jungler, operating within the shadows and vanishing once the job is done. Pair him with Angela and start wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

What makes Julian a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Julian deals nasty burst damage to squishy marksmen and mages
  • Late game Julian completely dominates the game
  • Has excellent mobility with his 2nd skill which also grants immunity on the third cast
  • Can also be played as an offlaner as he excels in 1v1s because of his combos.

See Julian in Action:

Julian One Hit Build After Nerf


5. Ling

Ling, Cyan Finch

Consider Ling as a Fanny 2.0 but relatively easier to master compared to Fanny. Ling is a nightmare for every low mobility hero, and he is the strongest when used in the right hands. He is the only hero that can walk on walls.

Ling’s slender body helps him leap through walls granting him the highest mobility out of all other heroes. He can leap great distances within seconds and can catch prey off guard. In a pinch, this ability comes in handy to escape enemies. He can be seen in the gold lane one moment and then ganking mid lane the next!

Traversing lanes must be a breeze for ling, but mastering his sword is no joke. Once mastered, it is worth the reward. Due to his high mobility, he can gank lanes and easily take unprepared squishy enemies.

Like Fanny, Ling is bullied in almost every game. A good enemy team knows how dangerous he is. They will always contest for Ling’s blue buff, preventing him from farming, without which he is pretty much useless. Consider picking him only if you are confident that your tank can assist you in clearing the jungle camps. Otherwise, get ready for some buff trading with the enemy jungler.

What makes Ling a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Ling has the highest mobility because of his passive
  • His ganking abilities are second to none
  • As an assassin, he can easily split push lanes
  • His ult when used right can delete enemy marksmen and mages
  • He is immune to any sort of damage when casting his ultimate

See Ling in Action:

Ling Perfect Gameplay By Shido Kageno


4. Wanwan

She Hops Like A Bunny!

If Karina is every marksman's worst nightmare, Wanwan is every fighter’s worst nightmare. She is one of the unique heroes from Mobile Legends. Unlike other heroes that have a normal movement animation, Wanwan hops like a bunny when using basic attacks. That hop scales with Wanwan’s attack speed. More attack speed means faster hops.

Early game Wanwan is weak in every aspect. She’s slow and doesn’t dish out much damage. She must farm as much as possible while avoiding ganks from enemy assassins. Other than her debuff skill, Wanwan doesn’t have much going for her. However, as the mid game starts, she dominates team fights till the end of the game.

Once Wanwan has completed her build, she can discard her boot items and can either opt for defensive or offensive items. That extra piece of equipment will provide an advantage over other heroes. Furthermore, she’s known for her ultimate, which, once unlocked, is an absolute game changer.

Consider using Wanwan with tanks like Tigreal, Atlas, or Khufra because she’s vulnerable to assassins like Karina and Natalia.

What makes Wanwan a Great Hyper Carry:

  • She has a game-changing ult that can change the tide of the battle
  • Late game Wanwan is agile and can rotate faster toward lanes by hopping
  • She hops when attacking meaning she’s the only hero other than Kimmy that can move while attacking
  • She becomes almost unkillable with her debuff skill and late game mobility

See Wanwan in Action:

[ Top Global Wanwan ] Mєℓody ♡


3. Moskov

Hold My Beer, I Will 1v5

Late game Moskov is an immortal beast and shutting him down is not an easy job, even for assassins! He can take on any hero thanks to the insane lifesteal granted by items like Haas Claws and Demon Hunter Sword. Use him with a full-on critical build and this late game bloomer will instantly shut any hero down.

Moskov’s weapon is a javelin that can travel the entire map upon casting his ultimate. With his passive, the javelin can penetrate and hit several enemies in a line. This is why he can make the most out of items like Haas Claws and Demon Hunter Sword which will grant extra lifesteal.

With Moskov, positioning is key, and a match is almost always in the bag when he’s completely fed. When combined with a support hero that gives extra healing effects like Estes, he will be an unstoppable monster.

What makes Moskov a Great Hyper Carry:

  • Has an ultimate that can travel the entire map which is great for sniping low health heroes
  • Insane lifesteal granted from items due to his passive
  • Can clear minion waves faster than rival marksmen
  • Can do a 1v5 in the late game with correct skill positioning 

See Moskov in Action:

SAVAGE & COMEBACK Moskov No Boots Build!


2. Layla

Layla, The Ultimate Gunner

Our ultimate carry marksman is none other than the notorious Layla! She is hated by those who consider her a noob pick, but feared by many who know her true potential! Using Layla means playing with caution. With her, there should be no room for mistakes. Once fed, this hero can effortlessly take down enemy mages, marksmen, and even assassins from long range.

What makes Layla the best hyper carry marksman is her passive. Her damage increases when the distance between her and the enemy increases. And of all the marksmen in the game, her basic attack range is the longest! When she reaches level 12, her attack range is permanently increased. Furthermore, she can target turrets without the need for minions. Her Ult can also instantly send low HP enemy heroes that are escaping back to the base. Sorry, but a recall won’t be an option here for such heroes.

But like any other marksman, she’s weak and very slow in the early lane phasing. She’s devoid of any escaping abilities, so have a tank accompany you to prevent assassins from harassing you.

What makes Layla a Great Hyper Carry:

  • She’s easy to use and beginner friendly
  • Furthest range out of all the marksmen
  • Damage increases with range thanks to her passive
  • Feared in the late game because of her passive and high burst damage
  • She can push turrets without minions

See Layla in Action:

Layla SAVAGE! Underrated MM Carry The Game!


1. Aldous

Moonton’s One Punch Man

The no 1 spot is for none other than Aldous: the ultimate juggernaut! Moonton’s very own Saitama! With his passive, he will steal souls left behind by dead enemy units. The stolen souls will increase the damage of his enhanced basic attack. Aldous can stack a maximum of 500 souls and you can only imagine what he’s capable of doing when completely stacked.

Last-hitting enemy units will grant more souls: two from minions and creeps and ten souls from heroes, turrets, and special monsters. Last hitting is key here. A good Aldous user will know when to time those hits. With his ultimate, as his profession suggests, Aldous will lock on to an enemy hero and fly towards them. This is excellent for picking out low health enemies and last hitting them. By the way, the hero that is locked on won't be able to recall!

Going with a tanky build is the viable option because a fully stacked Aldous can more or less always one shot any marksman and mage without the need for offensive items. You want to soak up as much damage as possible while shredding enemy heroes to pieces!

What makes Aldous a Great Hyper Carry:

  • He hits hard even without offensive items
  • His ultimate reveal enemy positions
  • He can fly toward low HP heroes to secure kills and increase his stacks

See Aldous in Action:

2x SAVAGE!! 4K Damage Offlane Aldous 1 Hit Build


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