Mobile Legends Best Khufra Skins Revealed (All Khufra Skins Ranked)

The Ancient Tyrant has 6 exciting skins to choose from.

In Mobile Legends, Khufra is at the top of the list for Crowd Control. He can poke and initiate team fights, making him a fearsome Crowd Control Tank. He is an enforcer in the front lines and alongside as a Tank/Support.

Ranked in order, this list of alarming Khufra Skins will be beneficial to you in commanding the Front Line. Let's dig in.


6. Desert Owl (Ok)

See Desert Owl in action: 

This is a basic skin that is closely related to Khufra as a Desert Tyrant. His hair and the pennant displayed on his upper body armor are the only noticeable differences.  Though simple, it creates a terrifying and dreadful persona that blends well with Khufra's character.

If you're wondering why you should get this skin, the first reason would be its affordable cost. The psychological impact that skins have on the player, teammates, and adversaries is another well-known benefit when applying their presence to game play. If you have a few extra diamonds, you may easily purchase this skin to improve your gameplay.

How to get Desert Owl

This bland skin is available for only 269 Diamonds in the Shop.

Skin Rating

Normal Skin - 2/10


5. Ironhook (Ok)

See Ironhook in action: 

Khufra is portrayed in a unique and alternative fashion as an explorer/pirate with tentacle arms. Although it veers off from his Egyptian Tyrant roots, it retains his cruel and vicious demeanor. All-new display animation and completely new visual effects for skills are among other benefits.

Despite the upgrades, the aesthetics and gameplay in this skin remain rather simple. The use of a red motif, which is also present in other skins on this list, reduces its appeal but doesn't take away from its relevance or color scheme, which match Khufra's red-orange costume. Despite all the buzz, this skin is fairly uninteresting in comparison to others on this list.

How to get Ironhook

This is the Season 28 Recharge Skin. Recharge your Diamonds to automatically avail this skin.

Skin Rating

Elite Skin - 4/10


4. Apophis (Good)

See Apophis in action: 

Here, we witness the transformation of the Desert Tyrant into Egyptian royalty. Through this skin, which has further benefits including brand-new display animation and reworked visual effects for skills, he assumes the identity of an Evil Snake Emperor. This skin exhibits wickedness and ruthlessness.

Khufra's dark character gains additional prominence thanks to the crimson updated graphics, which complement his red-and-black combat attire, that sticks out and shines amongst other heroes in battle. This is a sensitive skin that is inexpensive and easy to get your hands on.

How to get Apophis

This demonic skin is available for only 599 Diamonds in Shop.

Skin Rating

Elite Skin - 6/10


3. Gentleman Thief (Good)

See Gentleman Thief in action: 

Take a look at professional Khufra with this Valentine-themed skin. It conveys him in grand theft fashion and offers other benefits like completely new display animation and revised skill effects. Only this skin features Khufra clothed in contemporary attire.

This skin's visuals are a powerful reddish yellow that are best described as a blaze. It is an irritating skin that produces an impressive battle display of strength and pride. When paired alongside Esmerelda's Lady Thief Skin, this skin reflects the two heroes as The Grand Theft Couple in ML, which makes this a Valentine Themed Skin.

How to get Lady Thief

This special skin is available for only 749 Diamonds in the Shop.

Skin Rating

Special Skin - 7/10


2. Volcanic Overlord (Great)

See Volcanic Overlord in action: 

This is a skin that symbolizes Khufra as an underworld leader and is the most menacing on this list. It characterizes him as an imprisoned volcanic overlord, that fits with his image as an imprisoned dictator, and it comes with modifications including a new display scene and modified skill effects. 

This is a really vile and wicked interpretation of Khufra that is sure to get the attention of both battling teams. His skill effects contain actual flames that set him apart from other heroes in his class. Skin collectors and Khufra Mains would find this collectible skin to be highly desirable.

How to get Volcanic Overlord

This Skin is available through Limited-time Events so make sure to take part in all events for your chance to avail this deadly skin.

Skin Rating

Collector Skin - 9/10


1. Dreadful Clown (Legendary)

See Dreadful Clown in action: 

Do you like the Joker? So this skin might suit your tastes quite nicely. Many people will find significance and logic in pop culture references which reveal Khufra as a maniacal clown. These clowns have dark personalities and use focus and accuracy to carry out their agenda, in line with Khufra.

This Starlight Skin has further benefits in skill aesthetics and display animations. The skill effects have a purple color scheme, and there is also an additional layer of visuals provided by playing cards that scatter as he uses his skills. This is a lighthearted skin that maintains the character's unique traits while attempting to move away from the grim personality we are familiar with.

How to get Dreadful Clown

Purchase a Starlight Membership to avail this skin. Initial Release: 2021/03

Skin Rating

Starlight Skin - 10/10

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