[Top 10] Mobile Legends Layla Counters (Best Heroes Against Layla in Mobile Legends, Ranked)

Layla is the most basic hero in Mobile Legends. These are her top counter heroes.

Layla is the most basic marksman hero in Mobile Legends. She is free upon sign-up and used as the trial hero in getting to know the game. As one of the easiest heroes to learn and master, she is armed with a malefic gun. Her first skill shoots an explosive charge, which increases her mobility while her second skill is a stun that stuns targets upon hit. Her ultimate skill launches a high powered long range energy canon that destroys anything in its path.

Layla is most loved and hated for her ultimate skill, which deals massive damage and is handy when used against retreats in battle or when opponents are low in HP. The blast has the potential to annihilate and/or deal damage to multiple opponents.

With an understanding of Layla, here are [Top 10] Mobile Legends Layla Counters That Are Powerful (Best Heroes Against Layla in Mobile Legends, Ranked) 


10. Vale

Vale is a top mage in Mobile Legends, who deals outrageous damage. He uses magic to manipulate sand, where his first skill deals damage in a straight line with variable damage output and area of effect. His second skill is a whirlwind-style stun that can be tweaked to either knock the user into the air or come to a complete stop. A gigantic sandstorm with high impact and velocity damage is Vale's ultimate skill.

Vale has a deadly combination of skills that can annihilate Layla in an instant. He is also fast in mobility and blessed with high-impact damage. Vale’s second skill proves to be his most useful, as it stuns Layla, giving enough time to hit his ultimate and first skill. Timing and precision are a must in a matchup between these two heroes. Vale has a high impact in area of damage while Layla deals damage at a specific target.

The key elements are Vale being more durable than Layla, with speed in mobility and high damage output. With timing and precision, these are Vale’s advantages over Layla, who is a high-damage squishy hero.  Layla’s best chances are a retreat counter strategy when Vale’s skills are in cool down.

Why is Vale great against Layla?

  • High burst damage
  • Speed in mobility
  • Unique skill set combination

Best Items to use against Layla.

  • Arcane Boots - magic penetration
  • Lightning Truncheon - adds magic damage and cool down reduction
  • Genius Wand - adds movement speed

Vale Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/66


9. Nana

Nana is one of the most loved and annoying mages in Mobile Legends. Her first skill launches a boomerang while her second skill plants a puppet named Molina who transforms opponents into dummies upon contact. Her ultimate skill is a massive set of footprints that deals damage in a straight line by stomping three times.

Nana has a unique retreat skill, where she transforms into a cat/Molina and runs away at a high speed. This is her ultimate retreat strategy against Layla, however, her skills utilized in a combination are a threat to Layla, as they carry enough damage to annihilate her. Nana stands out as one of the best in a standoff against Layla. She has both retreat and attack strategies to utilize against Layla during a stand-off.

Due to Nana’s ability to survive an attack, she has the upper hand when Layla’s skills are in cooldown. As Layla is quite slow and squishy, Nana has enough endurance and damage to engage in a counterattack and come out victorious.

Why is Nana great against Layla?

  • Unique retreat ability by transformation
  • High damage output
  • Ability to counter after a retreat

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Magic Shoes - increase in movement and magic damage
  • Enchanted Talisman - increases magic power
  • Necklace of Endurance - natural HP regeneration

Official Nana Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/5


8. Silvanna

Silvanna had dual roles in prior versions of Mobile Legends as a fighter and mage. She now possesses magic damage and is a fighter. In her first skill, she uses her lance to stun a target then leaps and swipes on the second touch. Her most powerful move is a leap that immobilizes and traps her opponent. Her second ability entails whirling her lance in a drill-like motion that deals damage and builds a shield. Combining all three is a potent combo attack.

Silvanna’s greatest advantage against Layla is her life-steal abilities. This combined with her range in attack stands as no match for Layla unless she can catch Silvanna while her skills are in cooldown. Timing is of the essence on Layla’s part while Silvanna has a variety of skills to utilize against Layla. Silvanna ranks low on this list because Layla is a basic hero.

Silvanna’s first and ultimate skills are her greatest assets when facing off against Layla. Her second skill provides her life steal and a shield. These used in tandem are enough to end Layla who is squishy and slow unless hyped by her skills. Silvanna is indeed one of the best counters against Layla or any marksmen for these reasons.

Why is Silvanna great against Layla?

  • Life Steal abilities
  • High speed in mobility
  • Durable with high impact damage

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Magic Shoes - increases magic damage
  • Queens Wings - increases life steal
  • Immortality - much needed second chance in retreat or attack

Silvanna Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/90


7. Alucard

The first hero made available by Mobile Legends was Alucard. He is a dual-role fighter and assassin who was named Mobile Legends' King of Life Steal. His first skill is a leap in which he places his sword on a predetermined spot. His second skill is a twirl in which he swings his blade 360 degrees before doing a leap and planting his sword on the second touch. His ultimate skill sends forth a wave that deals respectable damage but is renowned for its ability to steal life.

Alucard has range in his attack, and this stands out as devastating for Layla who is both squishy and slow. As king of life steal, he can pursue and force Layla into retreat, while delivering stun and damage from his skills. Layla has no chance against Alucard unless she catches him while his skills are in cool down.

Alucard is durable, high in mobility, delivers high damage, and has life-steal abilities even though he is quite squishy. He is also a mid to late-game hero, and best built in attack items. For these reasons, Layla stands as no match unless she is protected by her teammates. Alucard ranks low in this list due to Layla being a very basic hero in skill and mastery.

Why is Alucard great against Layla?

  • Life steal abilities
  • Range in attack
  • Endurance and durability

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Warrior Boots - physical defense
  • Endless Battle - increases speed/extra damage
  • Scarlet Phantom - increases attack speed and critical damage

  Alucard Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/7


6. Dyrroth

Dyrroth is a durable and versatile fighter hero who is one of the best life-stealing heroes in Mobile Legends. He possesses a lethal combination of skills. His first and second skills are a bash strike, a dash, a stun, and his ultimate, which transforms his hands into a spear that stabs with deadly force.

Dyrroth is a fast hero, remarkable as a situational hero, for his versatile skills. Dyrroth also has range in his attack, while being blessed with life steal. These elements combined makes him the perfect counter against Layla, intact with his durability and endurance. Life Steal plays a huge role in countering Layla.

Dyrroth has the upper hand against Layla in all scenarios, as a situational hero. His versatility and ability to adapt to any circumstance prove him to be one of the best fighter heroes in the game, along with his core abilities as a jungler. It all boils down to skill, as both are basic heroes who are easy to master.

Why is Dyrroth great against Layla?

  • Life Steal
  • Durability and Endurance
  • Range in attack

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Warrior Boots - increases movement
  • Windtalker - increases attack and movement speed
  • Scarlet Phantom - increases attack speed

  Dyrroth Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/85


5. Lancelot

Lancelot is a high-damage assassin in Mobile Legends who is notoriously difficult to master. His first skill charges at a target while dealing damage, whereas his second skill conceals him while dealing damage over a triangle area in which a target may be struck three times. His ultimate skill allows him concealment as he impales with ferocity.

Lancelot is a threat to any marksman, as an assassin blessed with concealment and overpowered damage. Utilizing his concealment skills, he can evade an attack from Layla while dealing damage to her. Lancelot is also fast in mobility, compared to Layla. He has the element of surprise to his advantage.

Lancelot is hard to master, and it is for this reason that Layla may stand a chance against him. Apart from that, Lancelot is a huge threat to Layla, and she has to be protected to gain an upper hand against Lancelot. Lancelot has retreat strategies inbuilt into his skills, which makes him hard to compare in a matchup.

Why is Lancelot great against Layla?

  • Burst in damage
  • Concealment skills
  • High speed in mobility

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Magic Shoes - increases movement speed
  • Hunter Strike - adds physical attack
  • Endless Battle - increases damage

Lancelot Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/47


4. Gusion

Powerful assassin Gusion is a fan favorite in Mobile Legends. He manipulates and wields daggers using magic. His first skill involves throwing and returning one dagger, while his second skill involves throwing and returning several daggers. His ultimate skill, which functions similarly to his second skill but enables the Gusion to be blinked to the opponent's location before all of the daggers are returned to him and is one of Mobile Legends' most lethal single attacks.

Gusion reigns as a high-classed assassin who is quite hard to master but insanely deadly, with high extreme burst in magic damage. It is for this reason that he is a perfect counter against Layla. Along with this is his mobility and speed, which is incomparably fast to Layla. Gusion well-farmed is a major threat to Layla.

Gusion is very hard to master, and it is for this sole reason that Layla may win a matchup. Other than that, Layla needs to be protected but it is hard, due to Gusions' blink ability using his ultimate skill. Layla doesn’t stand a chance if unprotected by teammates against Gusion in full build.

Why is Gusion great against Layla?

  • High mobility and speed
  • High burst in magic damage
  • Blink using ultimate skill

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Arcane Boots - magic penetration
  • Shadow Twinblades - increases magic damage 
  • Immortality - gives a second chance to burst into attack

Gusion Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/56


3. Karina

Karina is a dangerously overpowered assassin in Mobile Legends. She deals damage with her first attack while moving rapidly, flipping, and whirling. Her second skill sweeps her blades in a full circle around her, while her ultimate skill allows her to mark and rush at the opponents.

Karina has range in her abilities, while her first skill is hard to counter for any marksman, which includes Layla. Karina has a high burst in damage, with the ability to mark. It is for these reasons that Layla is powerless against an attack or counter by Karina.

Layla stands a chance against Karina while her skills are in cooldown. Other than that, as a squishy hero, Karina has the upper hand, in delivering blows that would potentially annihilate Layla. Being protected by other heroes may not help either, with Karina’s ability to mark targets.

Why is Karina great against Layla?

  • Range in skills
  • High speed in mobility
  • High burst damage

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Arcane Boots - increases magic penetration and mobility
  • Endless Battle - increases damage
  • Shadow Twinblades - increases magic damage 

Karina Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/18


2. Miya

In Mobile Legends, Miya and Fighter Hero Silvanna are both known as the Queen of Life Steal. Miya can shoot duplicate arrows using her first skill and she also has a stun ability in her second skill. Her ultimate skill increases her movement and attack speed while in concealment.

When battling, it is said that Miya and Layla are ideal against each other. However, Miya has an ultimate skill that, if timed perfectly, is Layla's undoing. Miya stands out as a perfect counter to Layla, with Wind of Nature in her build and Inspire as her Battle Spell. Miya is faster than Layla, and her skills include concealment as well as the ability to deal duplicate damage.

As two of the most basic marksmen in Mobile Legends, it all boils down to skill and timing when in a battle between these two heroes. Miya is more complex through the use of her ultimate skill, which when timed correctly, could lead to a pursuit or retreat. Miya’s life-steal attributes are her greatest strength against Layla.

Why is Miya great against Layla?

  • Concealment in skills
  • High speed in mobility and attack
  • Life Steal abilities

  Best Items to use against Layla

  • Endless Battle - additional damage in physical attack
  • Corrosion Scythe - increases speed and slows down enemy 
  • Demon Hunter Sword - additional damage in an attack

Miya Official Mobile Legends Page: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/1


1. Moskov

Moskov is a very skilled marksman who frequently receives bans due to his tremendous attack speed and incredible life-stealing skills. His second talent fires an arrow that pushes a victim back and stuns them, while his first skill teleports him to a certain location and enhances his attack speed. His ultimate skill sends a spear flying across the entire map in a straight line, wounding nearby enemies.

Moskov’s speed and mobility with his ability to teleport gives him the upper hand against Layla, who is slow. Built with Wind of Nature and Inspire as Battle Spell, Moskov is a deadly force, whilst blessed with life steal, he can pursue Layla and regenerate his HP upon successive hits. Moskov is the ultimate package in a showdown against Layla.

Both heroes are weak high damage dealers, where it all boils down to skill and timing in precision, however, Moskovs life steal gives him the upper hand. In a counterattack, Moskov could pursue after a retreat while Layla’s skills are in cool down. His speed and life steal make him the ideal counter against Layla.

Why is Moskov great against Layla?

  • High speed in mobility and attack
  • Range in attack
  • Ability to teleport

Best Items to use against Layla

  • Queens WIngs - increases life steal
  • Haas Claw - physical life steal
  • Immortality - much needed second chance in attack and retreat

Moskov Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/31


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