[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Tanks That Are Hard To Kill! (2022 Edition)

best tank heroes in mobile legends, powerful tanks in mlbb
Let's name the thickest and strongest tanks in the Land of Dawn.

Protect your team as if your life depends on it!

Tanks are the ultimate shield of any hero in Mobile Legends. These heroes will assist you, walk with you, and fight with you to ensure that you get the adequate gold advantage you need.

As a tank, you must be wise and alert. You should know when is the best time to attack since you can also serve as the initiator. Check out these 10 best tanks in Mobile Legends right now.


10. Atlas

One pull is all it takes.

Atlas recently had a revamp and is pretty amazing now. His passive now allows him to freeze and stun enemies after casting a skill if they stay too long around him. 

You can also best use Atlas with a Petrify effect. This will even help him cast his ultimate better and maximize his crowd control abilities.

What makes Atlas a Great Tank:

  • Can easily pool enemies together
  • High durability
  • Excellent initiator
  • Best for ganking

Atlas details

See Atlas In action: 

100% IMMORTAL!! Atlas Post Buff Gameplay - Build Top 1 Global Atlas ~ MLBB


9. Khufra

Looks can be scary.

Khufra is still one of the most annoying tanks out there. He can easily counter your ultimate skills, especially if you are a marksman or mage hero. Not only that, but Khufra can also hide in the bush and just reveal himself once he casts his first skill. Despite the release of new tank heroes, Khufra's skills are still difficult to overcome due to their range and damage.

What makes Khufra a Great Tank:

  • Very mobile
  • Counters core heroes like Gusion and Lancelot
  • Ranged skills
  • Excellent offensive output
  • Decent area of effect damage

Khufra details

See Khufra In action: 

Super Tank Khufra MVP Gameplay! - Top 1 Global Khufra by ɪᴄᴇ 빙 - Mobile Legends


8. Tigreal

Stronger as ever!

The OG tank will always remain relevant over the years. Tigreal is still one of the best tanks out there. Although some might say that he is just very basic, his ability to gather and drag enemies is something that continues to do wonders on the battlefield. 

His skills also allow him to displace jungle creeps and delay the gold output of the enemy team's core. Tigreal is a good setter who also has a good range. If you are a beginner and want to use an effective tank, you can start with him.

What makes Tigreal a Great Tank:

  • Awesome crowd control abilities
  • Low cooldown
  • Excellent poking skills
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with most heroes

Tigreal details

See Tigreal In action: 

MVP Tank!! Powerful CC Tigreal 100% Annoying - Build Top 1 Global Tigreal ~ MLBB


7. Edith

A tank and a marksman? Hmm... Let's see.

Edith is a tank-marksman. Because of that, she is not that durable in the early game compared to other tank heroes. However, once she gets enough items, she is unstoppable.

Her versatility gives her an edge against others. She is also special because she can deal with a great amount of damaging power without using any damage items. That situation is very rare, which is why she is a tank that you must surely try.

What makes Edith a Great Tank:

  • High defense
  • Powerful crowd control skills
  • Does not require mana
  • Flexible

Edith details

See Edith In action: 

MVP TANK! Edith NonStopGank! - Top 1 Global Edith by Teppann!! - Mobile Legends


6. Esmeralda

Who says females can't be tanks?

Esmeralda is on our list... as always! When we talk about tanks, can we even skip this mighty goddess?  

Well, Esmeralda is technically not a full-blooded tank. She is mage-tank, which allows her to deal a massive amount of damage against enemies. Actually, her damage is so great that she is often used as the jungler too! Esmeralda's ultimate asset is her passive. This enables her to negate all shield effects of enemies and transform her shield into her HP.

What makes Esmeralda a Great Tank:

  • Extreme self-sustenance
  • High shield level
  • Good escape mechanism
  • High mobility

Esmeralda details

See Esmeralda In action: 

Unstoppable Offlane Esmeralda Perfect Gameplay - Build Top 1 Global Esmeralda ~ MLBB


5. Franco

Move away from that incoming hook!

Franco is your go-to choice when you want to counter agile heroes like Ling and Fanny. He does not only pull enemies toward him but can also immobilize them. 

As you may know, most meta-core heroes in Mobile Legends right now have very few weaknesses except for powerful crowd control effects such as suppression. Fortunately, Franco has that ability. So use him wisely and become as annoying as possible by disrupting your enemy team's farm routine.

What makes Franco a Great Tank:

  • Scary hooks
  • Regenerates HP
  • High durability
  • Excellent early game advantage

Franco details

See Franco In action: 

COME HERE!! Franco Best Build Tanky & Deadly!! - Build Top 1 Global Franco ~ MLBB


4. Belerick

The Guardian of Nature.

Belerick also received some changes recently, which turned him even more monstrous. His ultimate now has faster animation, and the damage returns toward enemies have been tremendous.

You can maximize Belerick's abilities by playing him with Vengeance and equipping him with Blade Armor, especially against enemies with continuous sustained damage.

What makes Belerick a Great Tank:

  • High HP regeneration
  • Excellent crowd control skills
  • Best in poking and harassing enemies

Belerick details

See Belerick In action: 

SUPER TANK!! Unstoppable Belerick Tanky & Deadly!! - Build Top 1 Global Belerick ~ MLBB


3. Gloo

The mysterious Swamp Spirit is here!

Gloo is an excellent choice in the current meta. He is a very special tank hero since he can also play as an exp laner effectively. But more than that, he is even better as the roaming support.

One thing about Gloo is his complicated skill combinations. It might take you days or months before you get to master him. But after that, expect a winning streak in games because Gloo deals a great amount of magic damage for a tank.

What makes Gloo a Great Tank:

  • Excellent immobilization skill
  • Regenerates HP
  • Decent mobility
  • Low cooldown

Gloo details

See Gloo In action: 

Buffed Gloo Killer Tank Build [ Top 2 Global Gloo ] Nenek - Mobile Legends Gameplay And Build.


2. Masha

A leader of the tribe.

Masha specializes in push and damage. She is one of the most OP heroes at the moment. Although she is a fighter-tank, she is now often used as the jungler by most players.

Her 3 HP bars are just insane! Anyone who will fight against her will have a hard time since she has extreme sustainability. Masha is one of the best tanks you can use that can contribute both to damaging enemies and protecting the team.

What makes Masha a Great Tank:

  • Insane damage output
  • High durability
  • Excellent turret pusher
  • Can provide both offense and defense

Masha details

See Masha In action: 

Hybrid Tank Build!! Masha Spirited Gauntlet New Skin MVP Plays! - Build Top 1 Global Masha ~ MLBB


1. Hilda

The Megalith Wasteland escaper.

Hilda is quite on and off the meta. This time, she once again received adjustments in her skill mechanics, making her one of the best defenders out there at the moment.

Though we can say that her late-game potential lessened, her early to mid game advantage skyrocketed. Hilda is known to have a few weaknesses. One of which is Esmeralda, who can easily seep away all her shields. 

What makes Hilda a Great Tank:

  • Can stun and knockback enemies
  • High damage
  • Excellent in chasing down enemies
  • Decent burst damage

Hilda details

See Hilda In action: 



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