[Top 5] Mobile Legends Best Tanks That Are Hard To Kill! (2022 Edition)

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Franco: The Frozen Warrior

Tanks are essential members of a team in any MOBA.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides great tanks with unique abilities that offer a lot to the team. This top 5 list will show you the top 5 tanks in MLBB in the current patch to help you choose the best tank to go with your team.

Tanks have high defense and typically guard the frontlines to receive damage and to help the team by charging and initiating team fights. In the current meta, a tank who can disrupt the enemy jungler can be of important utility to a team. Even with this, the basic role of a tank is to protect and defend the team in order to secure victory!

5. Franco

Franco (Tank)

Franco is a great tank especially in the current meta. Because of his ability to delay the jungling of the enemy jungler, he becomes very useful even though his skills only target one enemy hero. Franco’s passive is a regen passive that allows him to regen his HP every second and also increases his movement speed 5 seconds after not taking any damage.

Franco’s kit is straightforward. His first skill is a hook that snags enemy heroes in its path and drags them back to Franco. His ultimate ability suppresses a single target and is great when used in a combo after hooking enemies. His hook can be used towards jungle creeps and thus he is able to delay the enemy’s jungling by pulling the jungle creeps that the enemy jungler is trying to take to reset its HP. This delay is crucial in the early game as this allows his team to farm more quickly and thus become stronger faster.

What makes Franco great?

  • Can disrupt enemy jungler
  • Suppression Effects

Franco details here!

See Franco in action! 

4. Hylos

Hylos (Tank)

Hylos is a tank that deals continuous damage and is great at allowing the team to chase or escape. Hylos is a fairly easy tank to use and is great for beginners. Hylos’ passive allows him to gain HP with mana gained with items and emblems. When Hylos’ mana is drained, he can use his HP to cast his skills.

His first skill locks on a single target and stuns them. His second skill releases a ring that pulses around him. Enemies inside this ring take continuous damage, and movement and attack speed are slowed. His ultimate ability is great during team fights. Hylos creates a straight pathway that boosts his allies’ movement speed while slowing enemies down. This ability is very useful at chasing enemies who are low in health or when retreating due to the movement buffs.

What makes Hylos great?

  • High Mobility
  • Slow and Stun Effects
  • High Utility During Teamfights
  • Is able to buff teammates’ movement speed

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3. Johnson

Johnson (Tank)

Johnson is a very unique hero who can transform into a car that can travel around the map while also being able to bring one allied hero with him. Johnson is an excellent pick to use with a lot of heroes as his ultimate ability is very versatile. His synergy with a lot of heroes allows him to shine both when bringing an ally around and when driving alone.

Upon hitting an enemy hero during his ultimate, Johnson will crash—dealing damage and stunning enemy heroes that are hit. At the same time, the surrounding area slows the enemies and deals continuous damage around the crashing site. In the current meta, he is being used with strong fighters such as Bane who can easily push enemy turrets while also being able to handle team fights.  

What makes Johnson great?

  • Extremely High Mobility
  • Stun and Slow Effects
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies at a time
  • High Utility During Team fights

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2. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca (Tank/Fighter)

Gatotkaca is a tank whose superior durability makes him a great threat during team fights. He is equipped with very high defense as well as high damage. Because of this, Gatotkaca has very high utility during team fights. This defense is due to his passive which converts his lost HP to physical defense. Also, the more damage Gatotkaca takes, the more damage he is able to deal in return while restoring more HP for as well.

His abilities allow him to be an excellent initiator and let him shine during intense team fights. His ultimate is a versatile ability that launches him to an area that knocks enemies airborne and pulls them towards him. He could also use this ability to escape. His kit leans towards taking and dealing damage at the same time to maximize his passive. Because of this, not only does he perform well as a tank, but also on the side lanes.

What makes Gatotkaca great?

  • High Mobility
  • Extremely High Durability
  • Great Initiator
  • High Utility During Team fights

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1. Tigreal

Tigreal (Tank)

Tigreal has been the top tank for months and this comes with no surprise. His reliability and how it is not difficult to use his skills is what is keeping Tigreal at the top spot. Tigreal’s passive allows him to be very effective against heroes who are heavily dependent on basic attacks such as marksmen. Like Franco, he is praised in the current meta because he can interrupt the enemy’s jungler.

His second skill allows him to push enemies along a straight path. When used against jungle creeps, this will have the same effect as Franco’s hook where the jungle creep’s HP will be reset and thus delaying the enemy jungler’s ability to level up and become stronger. His ultimate ability pulls surrounding heroes to himself and stuns them. This is very effective during teamfights and against heroes with low mobility.

What makes Tigreal great?

  • High Damage and Slow Effects
  • Great Initiator
  • High Utility During Teamfights
  • Can disrupt enemy jungler

Tigreal details here!

See Tigreal in action! 

Tanks are an essential part of the team. They can initiate and sustain team fights and their crowd control abilities allow for very interesting and exciting battles. Although they give different boons to the team, one thing is for sure: a great tank can almost always ensure victory for their team.


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