[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Tanks That Are Hard To Kill

Tanks are the frontiers of battle

Tanks represent the front-line of battle. They are durable enough to endure impact damage, making them suitable as initiators for setting up team confrontations in dominant fashion throughout battle. According to specific criteria and traits, these Primary Tanks in Mobile Legends are the hardest to kill.


10. Tigreal

The Moniyan Empire's Imperial Knight Leader is no stranger to the Mobile Legends scene. Everyone who wishes to gain experience playing the tank role ought to own Tigreal given that he only costs 6500 Battle Points. He possesses a fundamental but distinctive skill set that precisely fits the Tank Role.

Tigreal is a suitable roam hero who can gank lanes since he has a 100% rating in Durability and is swift on his feet. His skill set is centered on crowd control, where his Ultimate Skill grants him the ability to draw in, subdue, and disarm several adversaries. He is able to use his second skill to dash and toss opponents into the air while his first skill sends shock waves in a direction. Given this basic but resourceful set of skills, he is the most basic primary tank who is hard to kill. 

What makes Tigreal Tanky:

  • Crowd Control - CC gives Tigreal the ability to suppress and disarm several opponents at once. This aids him in endurance and higher chances of survival in a team confrontation.
  • Second Skill (Sacred Hammer) - This is a two phased skill that allows Tigreal to dash then knock opponents airborne on second touch. It aids in dashing to safety or can be tactically utilized in knocking multiple enemies airborne to gain a situational advantage.
  • Skill Combination - Dash, Knock airborne then draw in and subdue opponents. This is a lethal combo that may be employed with the battle spell flicker from range, especially in ganking lanes from the cover of the jungle. This combination can disrupt opponent team formation and also paves way for Tigreal to showcase resistance in attack as a Tanky Hero.

See Tigreal in action: 

9. Franco

The nameless Tribal Leader of Northern Vale, Franco, is well known for his first skill, which enables him to hook and reel in opponents from a distance. While specializing in Control and Initiation, he is an unforgiving Tank who can dominate the front lines in leading combat. He is very skill dependent and so mastering his skill set combination brings out the best.

Franco's hook and suppress skills enable him to isolate opponents and disrupt enemy team formation. He is an intimidating warrior who is durable and fierce who can force enemy withdrawal or team advancement across battlegrounds. Flicker is a battle spell that you genuinely ought to use since it combines well with his skill set.

What makes Franco Tanky:

  • Control/Initiation  - Franco is a very tactical hero who can dominate and control the forefronts of battle. He is extremely durable in being able to disrupt enemy gameplay and formation through the use of his skills.
  • Passive Skill (Wasteland Force) - Franco gains 10% Movement Speed, recovers 1% of his maximum health per second, and starts building up Wasteland Force (up to 10 stacks) if no damage is dealt in the next five seconds. On his next skill cast, Franco will consume all Wasteland Force stacks, increasing the skills damage by up to 150%. THIS is the main reason why Franco is extremely durable despite only being able to suppress one opponent.
  • Skill Combination - Hook, Reel in, Ultimate Suppress and then Second Skill Damage OR Ultimate Suppress then Hook and follow up with Second Skill. These are the basic Franco Skill combinations that may be employed in different situations. Flicker is the best battle spell to accompany this skill set.

See Franco in action: 


8. Khufra

Due to his mobility and capacity to launch in a certain direction while doing damage, the Desert Tyrant Khufra is a very effective Crowd Control Tank who makes an excellent initiator for any squad he is a member in. He has the unique ability to transform into a ball and bounce around, making him highly mobile and hard to kill.

Khufra is hard to kill due to his durability, but that is common amongst all Tanks. What stands him out on this list is his ability to launch, stun and knock opponents airborne. This makes him an excellent support hero at aiding damage dealers after staging a confrontation. His capacity to transform into a bouncing ball allows him to maintain durability while his skills when combined allow him to set and instigate team clashes with a high survival rate.

What makes Khufra Tanky:

  • Crowd Control - Khufra’s Ultimate Skill can draw in multiple opponents and suppress them for almost two seconds. This aids him in durability since it places opponents in a disadvantageous situation.
  • Skill Combination - Khufra is an excellent initiator and one that should be mastered if you’re interested in the role. His skill set allows him to launch into attack and remain in engagement through his second skill that increases his mobility and provides temporary immunity.
  • Second Skill (Bouncing Ball)  - With the aid of bandage, Khufra can transform into a magical bouncing ball for three seconds, improving his own Physical Defense and Magic Defense while also delivering Magic Damage to nearby adversaries, slowing them by 80% for 0.2 seconds, and knocking them over if they try to rush through him.

See Khufra in action: 


7. Akai

The most effective Crowd Control Tank on this list might be Akai, The Panda Foodie Warrior. Armed with a bamboo fishing rod, Akai can charge then knock opponents airborne, body slam his weight targets and enter a cyclone mode where he gains immunity and deals continuous damage while in a tornado twirl motion. 

Akai’s Passive Skill (Tai Chi) allows him to generate a shield for up to 4 seconds after each skill cast. He can also stack this shield which extremely shows out when executing his skills in combination or when hitting successive hits. Though Akai is durable, he is extremely skill dependent and so timing of skills is necessary, especially in marking opponents to maximize effect.

What makes Akai Tanky:

  • Crowd Control - He can manipulate, disarm and suppress multiple opponents through the use of his Ultimate Skill. This is handy when initiating damage dealers but also provides Akai with the special ability to guard team mates.
  • Skill Combination - He has elite crowd control over opponents when executing his skills in a combination. He can launch, attack and suppress while actively and continuously in attack. This makes him a tough opponent to size up against.
  • Passive Skill (Tai Chi) - On each skill cast, Akai obtains a shield worth 25 (+4% Total HP) for 4 seconds and can mark enemy heroes and Creeps hit by his skills. Basic attacks deal marked opponents an additional 25 Physical Damage (+4% Total HP).

See Akai in action: 

6. Belerick

Dedicated Tank gamers are intimately acquainted with Belerick, The Guard of Nature. He is a challenging character to completely understand and employ in team composition and gameplay due to his complexity. He is one of the few Mobile Legends tanks who can inflict magic damage and specializes in Crowd Control and Regen.

Belerick is a master at consistently engaging the front-lines due to his ability to inflict damage on multiple heroes and regenerate HP. He can also increase movement speed through his Ultimate Skill and Taunt opponents meaning they won’t be able to utilize their skills. Safe to say Belerick’s durability is accompanied by his ability to disrupt and suppress opponents over a period.

What makes Belerick Tanky:

  • Crowd Control - Belerick can disarm and suppress multiple opponents at once. He has the ability to disarm their skills, making only their basic attack engageable. This makes him hard to kill and grants him the opportunity for retreat if necessary.
  • Regen - He can regenerate HP. This when combined with Crowd Control makes Belerick a tough and resistant tank. He can suppress opponents and regenerate HP, which places him in a strategic position when initiating or at forefronts of battle.
  • Mobility - He is extremely mobile for his size. His Ultimate Skill increases his movement speed by 80% while enhancing his next basic attack. Combined with the first two points, this makes Belerick an absolute sophisticated force on the battlefield.

See Belerick in action: 

5. Grock

At number 5, we find another sophisticated and complex Tank who is well fostered by dedicated tank gamers. Grock, The Guardian of the Ancient Forest is an absolute terror on the battlefield and his unique skills that encompass Buff, Area of Effect, Crowd Control and Slow effects makes him an extremely situational hero who can adapt to gameplay in battle.

Grock’s second skill can convert damage dealt into a wall, which is handy in trapping opponents for allied damage dealers to engage but what truly makes Grock hard to kill is his unique Passive Skill (Earthen Force) that grants an extra 10% Movement Speed and generates Physical Defense on damage dealt. Furthermore, his First Skill (Power of Nature) provides immunity from Crowd Control when near walls, which makes this a top initiation strategy.

What makes Grock Tanky:

  • Passive Skill (Earthen Force) - Grock gains 10% more movement speed, 15 (+8 hero level) physical defense, and 18 (+4.8 hero level) HP Regen when he is next to a wall or turret. Grock's physical defense is boosted by 0.5 for every additional point of physical attack.
  • First Skill (Power of Nature) - Grock elevates his weapon to sweep foes in the area, slowing them by 40% for two seconds and causing 30 (+160% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Scaling of damage with charge time. Cast Power of Nature while positioned next to a wall to become immune to crowd control effects.
  • Mobility - Grocks Ultimate Skill enables him to charge, and this drastically increases his movement speed though his Passive Skill is his greatest form of mobility where 10% is added.

See Grock in action: 

4. Johnson

The cyborg mustang Johnson isundoubtedly the most entertaining hero on this list thanks to his unique Ultimate Skill that allows him to transform into a mustang and carry a team mate with the opportunity to crash into opponents and stage team confrontations. Armed with a spanner and shield, he specializes in Support and Crowd Control. 

Part of his skill set includes a shield which aids in durability while he can also hurl his spanner that can stun targets. When his HP drops below 30%, his Passive Skill (Electro-airbag) provides him with a shield for 10 seconds. He is an ideal support hero and although lacking damage, his Ultimate Skill carries high impact and significant influence.

What makes Johnson Tanky:

  • Ultimate Skill (Rapid Touchdown) - Johnson can transform into a mustang that can collide with crowd control impact. This is his signature trait and is a form of endurance.
  • Passive Skill (Electro-airbag) - Johnson obtains a 300 (+700% Total Physical Defense) shield for 10 seconds when his health score falls below 30%.
  • Crowd Control - Johnson can stun multiple opponents with his first skill while his ultimate allows impact damage enclosed with crowd control. Crowd Control grants him advantage over situational gameplay.

See Johnson in action: 

3. Hylos

The Grand Warden Hylos is a centaur, half man, half horse in Greek Mythology. He has a simple yet complicated set of skills that require precision and timing in execution to get the best out of what he brings to battle. Specializing in Guard and Initiate, Hylos is a highly regarded Tank whose movement speed brings an added dimension to battle.

Hylos embodies what a Tank is in all its essence with the ability to stun and slow down opponents while increasing mobility. He is a pretty straight forward hero but his skills are hard to execute with precision, since he is a situational hero. His unique ultimate skill paves a path for him and also allows allies to gain traction and movement speed.

What makes Hylos Tanky:

  • Mobility - Hylos is highly mobile and has speeds that can retreat or engage in battle. His mobility adds to his durability as an offensive mechanism.
  • Ultimate Skill (Glorious Pathway) - Hylos generates a broad 6 second path in the desired direction, that reduces enemy movement by 75%.  He acquires Slow Immunity while on the pathway and restores 3% of his maximum health every second. While hostile heroes on the pathway will be slowed by 25%, allied heroes going along it will earn 60% more movement speed.
  • Passive Skill (Thickened Blood) - For every additional maximum mana he has, Hylos obtains 1.5 more maximum health. Hylos can use his HP for skill casts when he runs out of mana.

See Hylos in action: 


2. Atlas

The Ocean Gladiator Atlas is a top ban in higher ranks of Mobile Legends, especially in Legend 1 and Mythic. He is ruthless in the front-lines with his dominance over crowd control and initiating team confrontations. His level of mastery may place him on lower spots on similar lists but he certainly deserves a Top 3 Spot for Tanks that are Hard to Kill.

Atlas skills work in tandem, and that is the basis of mastering him. His skills grant him movement speed, the ability to suppress and drag in heroes towards him and impact damage. He is an ideal candidate for staging team fights though what makes him hard to kill is his unique passive skill where every time Atlas casts a skill, he generates Frigid Breath around him for 5 seconds. In addition to having their movement speed steadily decreased, enemies that remain in the region for longer than 1.5 seconds will have their attack speed reduced by 50% and be frozen for 0.5 seconds. When Frigid Breath is active, Atlas receives an additional 11–25 points of Physical and Magic Defense.

What makes Atlas Tanky:

  • Passive Skill (Frigid Breath) - Whenever Atlas casts a skill, he produces Frigid Breath around him for 5 seconds. This reduces enemy speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds and can also freeze them for 0.5 seconds. When Frigid Breath is active, Atlas receives an additional 11–25 points of Physical and Magic Defense.
  • Crowd Control - His skills can attack, disrupt and suppress multiple opponents at once making him a top initiator and support.
  • Ultimate and Skill Combination - Atlas must be mastered with a skill combination. His ultimate skill can lock and suppress multiple opponents while his second skill increases his movement speed. His first skill deals three impact strikes. Second, Ultimate then First is his optimal skill combination.

See Atlas in action: 

1. Uranus

Uranus, the Guardian of the Celestial Palace is the hardest tank to kill in Mobile Legends and many will concur with this. He is quite difficult to understand and master, hence his decrease in appeal as a hard to kill tank but nonetheless, he deserves the top spot on this list, even with the change in the current meta. He specializes in Regen and has top rated attributes to accompany this.

Uranus absorbs damage and converts it into energy which can also be stacked and dished out in attack and this combined with his Regen specialty grants him first place on this list. He can also generate shields, increase movement speed and charge through the use of his unique skill set. He is a valuable team asset who can be played as a support or in taking on the front lanes.

What makes Uranus Tanky:

  • Passive Skill (Radiance) - Uranus absorbs the energy from incoming assaults to strengthen himself, recovering some HP every 0.8 seconds. Each stack lasts 10 seconds. Uranus regenerates 48–224 HP (scales with level) when at maximum stacks (20).
  • Magic Damage - Uranus is one of the few tanks blessed with Magic Damage. This is the most superior damage and has the capacity to enhance other aspects of his attributes, especially in aiding teammates.
  • Mobility - Whilst equipped with a dash as part of his skill set, Uranus is highly mobile and great in pursuit or retreat. Mobility also allows him to roam with ease though he is preferred in the Express Lane in the current meta.

See Uranus in action: 

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