Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Pushers That Are Powerful (Current Meta)

Push your team to victory with these heroes.

Pushing is a very important tactic to understand when playing Mobile Legends as it can very much define the outcome of the game for either team. Regardless if your team is ahead in gold and kills, if the enemy team has fully breached your base, leaving only your base turret vulnerable then your team is in big danger. Having a good balance between scoring kills, gold, exp, objectives, and turret kills are important in ensuring you have a good game. 

But in order to keep that balance, one must first know which champions are the most optimal to use in such situations. A very good pushing champion on a team's overall composition can be beneficial especially in dangerous or risky situations where the enemy has the upper hand. Luckily, we've provided a list of such champions that can bring you and your team that sweet victory you've been waiting for.

Here are Mobile Legends' Top 10 Best Pushers.


10. Sun

See Sun in action: 

The Monkey King can be quite the champion when it comes to destroying towers and taking dominance over any lane. He can pop up in between locations and deliver hard damage in mere seconds. Truly, his title as King is not just given, but has been tested and proven time and time again.

His multiplication abilities can tear down enemy defenses in seconds and deal significant damage to champions unlucky enough to cross paths with him. He can also use his abilities to confuse enemies and make them constantly second-guessing as to which clone of yours they should attack. Remember to always use this to your advantage in fights and make the enemy weep for mercy. 

Why Sun is Great for Pushing.

  • Strong Lane Pusher

Because of his ability to make clones of himself, Sun has the capability to clear large waves and push towers quickly. If your team is on the upswing, never relent when taking objectives as Sun as this champion was basically made to dominate lanes and shatter enemy defenses.  

  • Good Roaming Potential

A Sun who roams is a very dangerous Sun that can potentially become a huge problem towards the Late Game. His quality as a strong lane pusher synergizes well with his ability to roam the map and use his clones to assist allies or invade the enemy jungle. To help your team get ahead, always check out your map for ganking or pushing opportunities. 

  • Simple Mechanics

Sun's gameplay is very simple to understand and learn, which makes him a very beginner-friendly champion to use. Despite this however, Sun can still be very lethal to combat against. Learning how to manage your clones and how to act when you've got them summoned are key to a good Sun gameplay.


9. Zhask

See Zhask in action: 

The King of Swarms crawls his way into this list because of his strong transformation ability and creep summoning. Deal large amounts of magic damage to your enemies by giving them a concentrated burst of your Death Ray or from your trusty Nightmaric Spawn. This is one bug you can't squash.

While having a powerful set of abilities, Zhask can still be quite fragile as a champion and relies heavily on making sure that he keeps his distance with his enemies as he delivers substantial magic damage. Luckily, his Nightmaric Spawn ability can slow down approaching threats with a concentrated burst of its Death Ray so make sure you keep close to it whenever you're being chased or in a tough spot.    

Why is Zhask Great for Pushing.

  • Reliable Objective Taker

Because of Zhask's ability to summon his own creep to the fight, his capability to run through towers are very high, making him an exceptional objective taker and lane pusher. He can also deal substantial amounts of damage to larger jungle mobs like the Lord or Turtle with the help of his Nightmaric Spawn. Use Zhask when you're interested in playing a mage that can secure objectives quickly and easily.

  • High Attack Speed

Zhask's a very unique mage because of how he works around his item builds. Having a high attack speed increases Zhask's lethality as a champion and gives his Nightmaric Spawn powerful qualities that also increases its effectiveness in the battlefield. 

  • Good Harassing Abilities

Zhask has a wide range of abilities that he can use to poke opponents with. His third skill, Hive Clones, can both damage and severely slow down enemies, making them ample targets to Zhask's second skill, Mind Eater, where he can launch a laser that can stun and damage opponents. Exploit the Mind Eater ability by summoning a Nightmaric Spawn onto the field, as both Zhask and his summoned creep can both cast the ability at the same time, doubling the damage it deals to its targets.


8. Bane

See Bane in action: 

Look towards the horizon and set sail as the Frozen King, Bane, makes his way past dangerous waters and onto this list. This tentacle-bearded swashbuckler is a natural brawler, capable of dealing high amounts of physical damage to either singular targets or groups. Indeed, his name is synonymous to the mood he brings to the fight. 

While Bane is strong on altercations against other champions, he can also be very risky to use against champions with strong burst abilities as he is not as durable as most Fighter champions. Still, Bane's pushing potential can carry him forward in most games, giving him a very reliable role to play even in the Late Game.

Why Bane is Great for Pushing.

  • High Wave Clearing Capabilities

His passive, Shark Bite, can deal substantial Physical Damage to enemies around him, making it a very valuable ability when clearing waves or securing objectives. He can also use his second ability, Ale, to deal magic damage to all enemies in front of him. His Ultimate, Deadly Catch, can deal significant damage to both towers and creeps, making him a valuable champion to have when gunning for dominance over a lane.

  • Strong Physical Damage

Bane is blessed with having a good AD output that allows him to deal heavy damage to enemies, especially in the early game. Investing in high AD giving items and a good Fighter emblem set will add more into his capability of being a strong Fighter.

  • Good Sustainability

His second ability, Ale, can restore a good portion of his health upon casting, increasing his survivability in battle. This ability is crucial when controlling the outcome of a lane or engaging in dangerous fights that could decimate Bane's health in moments. Always keep this in mind when fighting opponents as it can help Bane stay in fights more while being able to play aggressively.


7. Granger

See Granger in action: 

Hear ye, hear ye, for the Deadly Demon Hunting Bard has arrived to strike fear at the hearts of evil-doers. Granger's cold and dangerous demeanor is reflected by his trusty pistol that can fire 6 lethal shots at his enemies. Those thinking of escaping his piercing gaze are liable to take explosive damage from his cannon, the Death Sonata. Dominate enemies with Granger's lethal physical damage bursts and secure the win for your team.

Granger soars as a good lane pusher because of his damage from his basic attacks. Although he can only shoot 6 bullets before his reload cycle commences, those 6 bullets are enough to tear through towers, creep waves, and champions cocky enough to think they stand a chance against him. Use his high physical damage to your advantage but always remember to keep a safe distance when handling enemies, especially champions with high damage bursts.


Why Granger is Great for Pushing.

  • Good Objective Taker

His high physical damage and good roaming presence makes him a reliable ally to have when gunning for objectives. He can swiftly clear up lanes, eliminate valuable jungle creeps, deal substantial damage to towers, or set up opportunities for ganks that the rest of his team can thrive off of. 

  • High Physical Damage

His passive, Caprice, gives him an automatic critical with every 6th shot that is boosted in order to deal more damage to enemies. His ultimate, Death Sonata, can also deal high amounts of physical damage to targets. That damage is amplified based on their lost HP, which makes it a great ability to use on escaping low HP enemies. Bring out the best in Granger by buying high AD and critical chance items as well as developing a good map sense to know which lanes to visit and aid. 

  • Favored In The Current Meta

His simple gameplay coupled with his ability to deal incredible amounts of damage in seconds makes Granger one of the favored Marksmen champions in the current meta. He is reliable in both the Early and Late phases of a game, making him very troublesome for the enemy all-around.


6. Claude

See Claude in action: 

This charming master thief will steal both your attention and your health if you're not too careful. Watch him release a barrage of shots with his trusty monkey sidekick Dexter and witness this agile, high-caliber Marksman make the enemy run for their lives.

Although Claude can deal some pretty good physical damage, as a Marksman, he is also highly susceptible to being shut down by hard-hitting Fighters or high burst damage Mages. He can also be very mana-dependent so always keep an eye out for his mana gauge when facing off against the opposing team. On the plus side, Claude is also a strong lane pusher because of his attack speed and damage output, making him a crucial ally to have when split pushing.

Why Claude is Great for Pushing.

  • Good Outplay Potential

His second ability, Battle Mirror Image, allows him to summon a holographic image of his partner, Dexter, at a chosen location to which he can switch places with at any time. This is a good tactic to use against highly aggressive melee champions or escaping enemy skill shots, as well as positioning yourself to advantageous spots that will leave the enemy exposed to your attacks.

  • Widespread Damage

Both Battle Mirror Image and his Ultimate, Blazing Duet, can hit multiple enemies, making Claude a good champion to use when handling multiple enemy champions at one or clearing up lanes with high amounts of creep waves. Enhance this trait further by purchasing attack speed and high AD giving items.

  • Fantastic Roaming Champion 

Claude's high AD output and displacement ability makes him an exceptional roaming champion to use in the game. He can score quick kills and assist in destroying enemy turrets or taking crucial objectives that the team might need to get ahead. Always exercise Claude's roaming potential to the fullest in order to make the most out of him as a champion.


5. Miya

See Miya in action:

It's hard to melt incredibly thick ice, but it's even harder to melt a fully geared up Miya because she'll be the one doing the melting with her incredibly sharp ice arrows. Her enemies won't even see a shade of her before it's all too late. Let this ranger of ice help you achieve victory as you shoot down her targets with incredible speed.

Miya's a good tower destroyer because of her incredibly high attack speed that can be amplified with the Inspire spell. She's also great at hitting the enemy's backline whenever necessary due to her cloaking ability that can give her a slight movement speed burst and invisibility. However, Miya only shines best in the Late Game so remember to be patient when trying to win with Miya. 

Why Should You Choose Miya?

  • Good Comeback Potential

Her Late Game strength is crazy good, to the point that she can become a nigh unstoppable force when equipped with the proper items and emblem set. She can turn a losing game around by split-pushing towers or taking out targets via sudden ambushes. In order to maximize the most out of Miya's playstyle, one must be very careful when coordinating attacks using her. 

  • High Attack Speed

Her passive allows her to obtain incredibly high attack speed that can be used to immediately cut anyone or anything's health down to size. Because of this, Miya's a very good champion to have as an ally when taking objectives or breaching the enemy base. 

  • Good Ganking Potential

Her Ultimate allows her to turn herself invisibility for a small amount of time. This time is enough to get around enemy locations and bombard them with a flurry of arrows. Her Ultimate also gives her a huge movement speed boost that she can use to better roam the map with. Use this to your advantage when planning attacks and always make sure to have good positioning.


4. Masha

See Masha in action: 

The Wild-oats Lioness can not only rend flesh with her metal claws, but shatter stone and steel with them as well. A bloodthirsty Masha can mow down enemy creep waves in seconds and dominate even the most highly protected lanes. Use Masha with pride and breach the enemy's defenses with her attack speed and durability.

Masha can fit both Tank and Fighter roles, making her a versatile champion that can switch on the fly depending on what the situation requires. She is deadly to face in a one-on-one battle and is highly reliable in maintaining lanes and making quick split pushes. However, Masha lacks the Crowd Control to chase escaping or ranged enemies. Because of this, she is a bad match-up against most ranged champions.

Why Masha is Great for Pushing.

  • High Level Durability

Masha has 3 health bars to which she can consistently replenish over and over again using her extra passive ability. This ability of hers is a big help when trying to stay in the lane and prevent your enemy from gaining ground. Her durability is greatly amplified when building her as a full-on Tank, making her almost impossible to kill, especially in the Late Game.

  • High Attack Speed

Every lost health of hers is converted to additional attack speed making an extremely wounded Masha a very dangerous animal to deal with at any point in the game. Players can exploit this trait when split-pushing or clearing large creep waves, so never hesitate to go all in as Masha even when her health is very low as that makes her very dangerous all the same.

  • Good Wave Clearing

Her high attack speed and decent damage output gives her the ability to clear large waves of enemy creeps in seconds. Because of this, she is another valuable ally to have as a roamer. Her increased movement speed when activating her first ability, Wild Power, as well as the attack speed she accumulates from her lost health increases her chances as a good roamer in the game.


3. Zilong

See Zilong in action: 

Zilong's Spear can carve through any material he so wishes to slice, counting tower shields and enemy shields. Paired with speed and agility comparable to that of a lightning strike, the Spear of Dragon can deliver swift retribution to any poor chump foolish enough to face him on the field of battle. 

Zilong can deal good amounts of Physical Damage and Critical Strikes in a short amount of time, making him a deadly champion to fight against at all phases of the game. However, Zilong is also very squishy and highly risky to use well into the Late Game. Regardless, his good mobility and damage makes him an incredible roamer and objective taker that can help allies attain victory and climb the ranks.

Why Zilong is Great for Pushing?

  • High Mobility

Zilong's Ultimate, Supreme Warrior, gives him a significant movement speed boost that he can exploit by going around lanes and aiding lanes in gret need of help. He can also quickly invade the enemy jungle camp with this ability can steal some jungle creeps from the enemy jungler before they could wisen up. This is a crucial ability to have when split-pushing as well so always keep an eye on your map for any exposed enemy lanes that are far away from the opposing team's grasp.

  • Good Ganking Abilities

Because of his high damage and incredible mobility, Zilong can score successful ganks very quickly, making him a prime candidate to consider when picking a good ganking and pushing champion. When using Zilong, use this opportunity to know which routes to take and which champions to visit in order to help out your team.

  • Easy Mechanics

Zilong's a very low-risk champion because of his basic mechanics. He is very beginner-friendly but can deal high amounts of damage if left unchecked. Zilong's a good champion to start with when understanding more about the game, especially how one can effectively roam and gank around the map.


2. Aldous

See Aldous in action: 

Hail the Earth-fisted Reaper of Souls as he ravages the battlefield with his concentrated fist of malicious energy. When Aldous is in the game, no one is safe, not even his enemies hiding behind towers. Durable, lethal, and an absolute nightmare to deal with especially in the Late Game, Aldous remains as one of the game's reliable damage dealing champions.

Aldous' core gameplay relies on his consistent use of his first ability in which he is able to collect stacks that'll further increase its damage. Consistent farming is key to a healthy Aldous gameplay, so always remember to keep hitting large enemy waves and gank low health players.

Why Aldous is Great for Pushing.

  • High Snowball Potential

While slightly weak in the early game, if padded with enough items and stacks, Aldous can become a very big threat in the late game. Roaming is Aldous' number one priority when scoring big games, so remember to keep an eye on your map for potential opportunities that may help further Aldous' strength.

  • Good Physical Damage Output

A well stacked Aldous can obliterate anything in seconds, be it towers, champions, or creeps. Supplying yourself with heavy damaging AD items is a good tactic to consider in order to bring out the beast within Aldous' otherwise hard shell. Dominate lanes and crush towers with this trait and ensure victory for you and your team. 

  • High Mobility

The Soul Contractor can transform himself to a deadly spike of pure rage that can find any opponent on the map, making him a very useful ally when starting ganks, split-pushing, or reaching heavily contested areas within seconds. He can close the distance between him and his enemies with his second ability, Contract: Explosion, which gives him a short, but immediate burst in movement speed whenever necessary.  


1. Natalia

See Natalia in action: 

The hooded assassin of the shadows sneaks her way into this list because of her high physical damage output and roaming potential. Leave enemies wondering as you bombard them with a series of smoke bombs and lethal backstabs before finally escaping the scene unscathed and unseen with her Ultimate.

As Natalia, good positioning and target picking are your most valuable allies, as she can be very squishy thus very risky when engaging in fighting situations. Nevertheless, her increased damage can also sink into turrets, coupled with a fast attack speed that can destroy the enemy's defenses in seconds. Know when and where to hit when using Natalia. Be smart, agile, and most of all, deadly.

Why Natalia is Great for Pushing.

  • Excellent Assassin

Her combo string makes her a very dangerous assassin to fight as or against. She is able to block basic attacks and slow the movement speed of enemies caught inside of her smoke bomb. She is an exceptional roamer and jungler and is very useful in sudden ambushes or taking out key players that's causing her team major problems. 

  • Fast Objective Taker

Her damage against turrets or objectives can be amplified with her Ultimate. Pairing it by purchasing for her high AD scaling items makes her one of the best breachers and split-pushers in the game. Take the time to survey your surroundings before striking at these objectives, however, as one fatal mistake can cost Natalia a whole lot.

  • Good Physical Damage Output 

Her basic attack damage is increased when hitting enemies from behind or if she enters a cloaked state and suddenly attacks enemies from the shadows. Because of this, Natalia is an effective damage dealer that can decimate foes and ruin enemy positioning. Invest in some good items to increase her strength, such as attack speed or critical chance and damage.










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