[Top 15] Mobile Legends Best Heroes For Pro League

The pro favorite

15. Karrie (Marksman)

Lightwheel wielder, Karrie.

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 99.02%

Karrie is a priority pick marksman in tournaments because of her high damage output that melts down even the most tanky enemies. She is a late-game menace and hyper carry who can survive an outnumbered clash with high precision targeting and maximum attack speed. Her abilities are hard to counter because of her true damage output that penetrates through most defense items in the game.

This marksman is known as the tank melter, she is someone to look out for before engaging in team fights because if you let her launch a surprise attack, your team is bound to be sent to the base with your death timers. What makes Karrie a good pick in the pro leagues is her high damage output and her skills providing dash and a slow, This perfectly pairs with her aggressive playstyle giving her both the ability to chase enemies and have a chance for escape.

She swings game momentum in her favor when the match reaches the late game making her perfect for a competitive play.

What Makes Karrie Great for Pro League:

  • She has high snowball potential that can carry a team in the late-game
  • She is one of the best heroes to penetrate enemy tanks that have high HP and DEF stats
  • Her mobility and attack speed are a force that turns the tide of the battle in her favor
  • She is a very fast jungle clearer and lane pusher
  • versatile playstyle that can focus on pokes or focus on taking down enemies
  • ensured late-game dominance when fed
  • can sustain damage with her ultimate and lifesteal, perfect for solo pushing in the match


14. Yve (Mage)

Protective forest mage, Yve.

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 95.10%

Yve is more of a slow hero rather than a burst mage. Nevertheless, this astral mage is a valid pick among mid-laners in the pro leagues. This is due to her high level of crowd control and wide-area attack range. Almost all of Yve's attacks have some sort of slow and her ultimate gives the user freedom to either use burst damage or slow down enemies in her field, either way, she is a great addition to a team especially useful during fights for objectives and full-blown 5v5 team fights.

She is not a mage carry craving for kills throughout the game, she serves more like a support that triggers cc effects from a distance to let her teammate get the upper hand in a matchup. This mage is often picked as a match-up for Pharsa since her range is parallel to the latter.

Overall, her abilities are a favorite among professional mid-laners because of her poke potential and high contribution to team fights. She zones out enemies during Lord dances and can burst down enemies as long as the user can predict or dictate enemy movement.

What Makes Yve Great for Pro League:

  • Her ultimate covers a large area of effect that can slow down enemy movement
  • high-level zoning and cc abilities allow her team to outmaneuver enemies in a team fight
  • ranged attacks are perfect for staying safe throughout the match
  • She has decent mobility compared to other mages
  • Her burst damage is a valuable asset to a team fight ensuring explosive damage from her team


13. Beatrix (Marksman)

Beatrix, the sniper eliminator

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 54.90%

The legendary marksman hero with a diverse arsenal of different weapons that she brings in battle. Beatrix has been the face of the recent world championships in the world of Mobile Legends. Her games consist of multiple highlights from the best players in the world showcasing how to maximize the use of each of her weapons.

Beatrix stands out because of her immense flexibility in terms of builds and playstyle, this versatility ensures that she can adapt to any game scenario. Her wide variety of weapons allows players to use multiple strategies to deal with the enemy team offering her team a great advantage starting from the early draft. She has a high-skill cap that allows players to maximize her mechanics and showcase her truest and fullest potential.

A formidable foe that can dish out a continuous barrage of attacks and ultimates that range between single target snipes and AoE rockets. She is the ultimate adjustable marksman and she can dominate the battlefield with her wide array of weapons.

What Makes Beatrix Great for Pro League:

  • She has a dash ability that is perfect for chasing and escaping
  • The amount of weapons she holds allows the user endless possibilities for in-game strategies
  • She can switch between guns to utilize multiple ultimates in between cooldowns
  • Her gun switch ability opens opportunities for outplaying potential
  • She has a gun that is perfect for different situations so she can be played as a pusher or a damage dealer
  • Top-notch ability to dish out damage


12. Valentina (Mage)

No skill out there she can't copy

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 79.41%

The ultimate hero counter Valentina, lets start off by showing off her ultimate the "I Am You", This skill allows Valentina to take any enemy ultimate and use it against the rival team. She is the perfect counter against any hero since she can literally take their ultimate and force it upon them. This is perfect for teams that use Estes, Faramis, Saber, Pharsa, and Atlas for. 

Copy the enemy advantage and use it for your team, that's what Valentina brings to the table in the pro leagues. Her ultimate isn't all she has to offer since her skills also pose a great potential for pokes. She is a high-damage mage with interesting skills that allow her to be both aggressive and evasive. A midline menace that can bring in an unpredictable playstyle in the game, Valentina turns the tide of a match right from the drafts.

She is an amazing option for pro matches because of her versatility and unparalleled counter-ability.

What Makes Valentina Great for Pro League:

  • She can copy enemy ultimates which greatly increases her versatility
  • She has multiple dashes that can be used for chasing or escape
  • High poke damage disrupts enemy strategies
  • She is a highly flexible hero who can adapt to the changing scenarios of the game
  • She can take on different roles and even assume the jungle position with her skillset
  • All around hero who can do anything given that she copies the right enemy


11. Chou (Fighter)

Unparalled Martial Artist of the Land

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 54.90%

The swift and agile kung fu fighter Chou possesses remarkable crowd control and flexibility in battle. This high-durability hero has already survived the ever-changing meta in the game throughout the years. His skill set allows him to adapt to different play styles that can keep up with the meta.

This hero is built to be moving all around the map jumping on and knocking up his enemies. He can disrupt enemy combos with his crowd control and he can isolate important enemy heroes with his ultimate. These abilities make Chou an invaluable part of a team. He is played with a flex role of either a tank or a fighter, but rest assured his Kung fu prowess amazes everyone in the Land of Dawn.

What Makes Chou Great for Pro League:

  • His CC can help the team obtain critical objectives by taking significant enemy heroes out of the picture
  • His combo can utilize towers for extra damage
  • very high mobility with his continuous chain of dashing skills
  • skill enters cooldown after hitting 3 consecutive strikes to enemies
  • Versatility in terms of role and build can disorient enemy drafting
  • He has a high skill cap allowing pro players to showcase their outplaying capabilities


10. Pharsa (Mage)

Noble Crow Princess of the Forest

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 52.94%

Pharsa's Feathered Airstrike stabs fear into the opponents as she zones them out of important objective zones. This fast-moving mage that can take on the form of her crow to pass through walls and travel more swiftly is an amazing addition to any professional team. Her high burst damage and ability to quickly traverse the map to assist her team make her a valuable asset to any team composition.

Her swift movement and fly ability let her contribute to team fights and information gathering around the map. An amazing support and damage dealer, she is invaluable to strategic planning during professional games. Her slow effects combined with her barrage of airborne attacks can pin down enemies and deliver them to their demise.

Lastly her ultimate is hard to penetrate even with a tank from the enemy team, this leaves her rivals vulnerable to takedowns. A perfect skill to have in competitive scenes.

What Makes Pharsa Great for Pro League:

  • high mobility mage that doesn't rely on teammates
  • have high poke damage that forces enemies to retreat
  • high zone-out potential perfect for objective takes
  • Ranged burst damage can steal objectives from enemy jungle
  • A large AoE range of ultimate that casts continuous damage is a crazy skill to have in clashes
  • can take down enemy marksmen in the early game


9. Ling (Assassin)

The Cyan Finch, Successor of the Great Dragon

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 47.06%

Ling is the epitome of an all-around hero. His mobility combined with his burst damage and top-notch strategic potential, this reaping assassin can control the map he is playing in. Famously known as a favorite pick by the Sky King "Kairi", Ling has shown prowess in stealing objectives, taking enemy buffs, and knocking down enemy strategies with ease.

His ability to walk on top of walls increased map visibility and provided crucial information for strategic gameplays. To add, the same skill makes it much easier for Ling to split push. His intricate skill set allows him to shine as he showcases intricate outplays with his knock-up and burst damage combo. His ultimate makes it possible to turn the tide of an outnumbered clash situation in his favor or provide him an escape chance with the knock-up effect.

Lastly, he is a viable choice for the pro leagues because of his specialized skill in stealing jungle objectives. His unique ability to camp along walls and strike at the perfect moment to take Lords and Turtles makes him a fearsome opponent even without his team.

What Makes Ling Great for Pro League:

  • His wall-walking ability makes him a fearsome jungler and an awesome objective-taker
  • His mobility is up to par with heroes like Fanny
  • He has partial immunity to specific attacks when in walls
  • Walls do not block this hero but rather give him a safe place to roam around the map, a unique advantage perfect for strategic plays
  • His abilities let him push unmanned turrets and take it down before enemy backup arrives
  • He has high early-game burst damage that can snowball his team
  • The information he provided from the map is crucial for games in the pro leagues where strategies make or break the game


8. Faramis (Support)

The Reviving Support Hero

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 46.08%

The Hero that has mastered necromancy Faramis, offers a unique advantage with his ultimate, Cult Altar. Almost similar to Estes' ultimate, his ult keeps his team alive. On activation, this skill resurrects fallen allies, enabling them to continue the fight, ultimately allowing the team to dominate a clash after the enemy team has already exhausted their skills. 

His skills also include crowd control and a high damage ability that can strip off huge chunks from enemy HP. His passive allowing him to lessen his death timer is a crucial ability for support in the game. Lastly, His skills are crucial in turning the tide in his team's favor during high-stakes encounters in pro league matchups proving him to be a worthy hero.

What Makes Faramis Great for Pro League:

  • Unlimited death timer reduction
  • can revive fallen enemies, perfect during clashes
  • ultimate can be used to push enemy bases even without minions
  • high mobility and ability to cross walls  make it hard for enemies to evade him
  • can pull enemies toward his team for a group takedown
  • He is hard to evade with his skills


7. Kadita (Mage)

Queen of the Southern Seas

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 42.16%

Hailing from the depths of the ocean, Kadita possesses fearsome tidal powers. Her ultimate allows her to transform into a devastating tidal wave, dealing massive damage in a wide area and creating chaos among her enemies. She is widely used in the eSports scene due to her unparalleled disruptive abilities that is perfectly executed with her skill combos. Kadita not only surprises foes with bush attacks but her skills allow her to dominate even in straight-up 1v1 battles. With her agile maneuvers, Kadita disorients her foes and lets her team easily secure objectives, granting her team a strategic advantage on the battlefield.

She is a perfect hero for the pro leagues since her abilities allow the flexibility of being a mage or a roaming damage support.

What Makes Kadita Great for Pro League:

  • Can assassinate crucial members of the enemy team through camping
  • High disrupt ability with her knock up
  • Deals devastating blows with her ultimate
  • Moves as swiftly as water so it is hard to escape


6. Khufra (Tank)

The Cold and Greedy Ruler

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 26.47%

A tank hailing from the Desert of Dawn, Khufra brings his unstoppable Rolling Ball to the match, crashing into enemies and knocking them airborne, disrupting their formations, and combos, and creating openings for his team. As a tank, Khufra shows excellent crowd control and initiation abilities, a formidable frontline for his team. 

Khufra's capability extend beyond his disruptive ball since his crowd control extends all throughout his skills. His first skill knocks enemies airborne making the scene perfect for the ultimate setup that he will finish with his ultimate which hugs and pushes enemies toward a direction of his choice.

Khufra is a perfect counter to high-value heroes like Fanny, making him an awesome pick for pro-scene drafts. His initiation and setting abilities are timeless skills that dictate the outcome of team fights.

What Makes Khufra Great for Pro League:

  • a perfect counter against dash-reliant heroes like Harith, Fanny, and Lancelot with his disruptive ball
  • first skill can be charged and held to surprise passing enemy
  • works perfectly with a flicker set
  • can do surprise sets and disrupt groups of enemies
  • solid initiator and defender with his first skill knocking up enemies
  • can escape enemy grasps with his ball form, making him a high survivability hero


5. Fredrinn (Fighter)

Sword smashing bastard

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 73.53%

He clasps crowd control at the palm of his hand. This fearless tank and fighter boasts a remarkable set of skills that intertwine damage, sustain and crowd control all in one unit. He may be considered as the face of versatility with his capability to take on either jungler, fighter, or tank roles.

His CC combo leaves his enemies vulnerable to his team's attack and immobilized to be prevented from countering or escaping. This hero has been a favorite among utility jungle users because of his amazing objective of securing ultimate which slashes a fan-shaped area in the ground dealing high damage. This almost matches Balmond's ultimate.

His mobility allows him to swiftly engage attacks or chase enemies while his skills blow just enough damage but sustain a lot of attacks from the enemies. He definitely is a game changer with his multiple CCs that leave a lasting impact on all clashes that he participates in.

What Makes Fredrinn Great for Pro League:

  • He is an elusive target because of his dash and crowd-control abilities
  • His ultimate further increases his sustain with its HP regen effects
  • He has decent mobility that is further improved by his dash skill
  • He can be a good jungler who does not require support because of his high sustain
  • perfect for taking objectives since he can immobilize enemy junglers or steal objectives with his ultimate
  • a walking menace with his crowd-control setups


4. Estes (Support)

The ultimate elven healer

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 27.45%

The dedicated support hero, Estes is built for healing his allies. He showers his allies with HP through his Moonlight moonlight powers and blesses his team with unwavering support from the back lanes, he turns the tide of battles in his team's favor through his specialized continuous healing. With his signature ultimate, Blessing of the Moon Goddess, Estes provides a powerful AoE heal that keeps his teammates alive during extended team fights, an extremely reliable skill that solidifies his abilities as an ever-reliable component in team fights in the pro scene.

Estes is known as the main component of the M3 World Champion Blacklist International's UBE strat where everyone dishes out heavy damage while Estes keeps them alive.

What Makes Estes Great for Pro League:

  • High HP regen healing for teammates reduces team death counts
  • Can regen HP to lessen the need for recall to base
  • AoE slow is crucial for team fights
  • Multiple heal abilities can dish out almost unlimited heals for his team
  • A ranged attack allows him to safely support his team
  • AoE skill can be used for bush checking, a vital work to be done in the pro scene


3. Akai (Tank)

The unexpected hero, the chubby panda Akai

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 23.53%

He is adorable, fluffy, and according to himself "NOT fat, just big-boned". This funny guy brings nostalgia in the game by bringing in a well-loved character Po from Kung Fu Panda. Similar to Po, Akai brings awesome skills to the table, he uses his big size to initiate fights and knock enemies dizzy with his dash skill.

He is a popular pick because of his unique beyblade-like ability of continuously spinning while moving wherein you can pinch opponents up against the wall, immobilizing them during crucial team fights and objective battles.

This panda is a typhoon and a game changer knocking enemies off of his team's path. His adaptability to the in-game situation makes him a good pick for the pro leagues. Need damage, cc, sustain, AoE, and pushbacks? No worries Akai can provide it all. His ultimate brings in a fun but devastating impact in team fights where his impenetrable spins disorient enemies and ultimately disrupt enemy positions.

What Makes Akai Great for Pro League:

  • Serves as a tanky fortress during team fights
  • Has high sustain stats that can withstand a barrage of attacks from enemy
  • Perfect hero to disrupt enemies and push formations out of place
  • Good jungle hero, perfect for securing and stealing objectives with his dash and ultimate
  • Can initiate team fights with his dash and deal decent AoE damage
  • Unstoppable force when in its ultimate state, works perfectly with damage-dealing teammates
  • Can clip multiple enemies to the wall


2. Franco (Tank)

The hooking menace, Franco

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 36.27%

The hooking menace Franco, is renowned for his deadly hook ability and ultimately dealing brutal massacre to his chosen enemy. His first skill grabs and reels in distant enemies, leaving them vulnerable to his team's onslaught. Franco was built to be a crowd-control menace and he does his job perfectly. Some might say that his single target ability is a downside but his high pick rate in international tournaments says otherwise. Franco's single target hook can cripple the entire enemy team by securing his clasps and crucial enemy players like marksmen. Franco has proven his abilities time and time again by disrupting enemy strategies and securing important heroes from the enemy lineups.

He is an amazing pick for securing key kills and dictating the pace of engagements in the pro leagues.

What Makes Franco Great for Pro League:

  • His hooks put immense pressure on the enemy team limiting their freedom of movement
  • Hooks are great for checking the bushes for campers
  • Has multiple crowd control abilities that are crucial for pro games
  • High a damage tank that can assassinate enemies solo
  • When played with intense precision, his grabs can cripple the enemy team
  • Can disrupt and reset buffs, slowing down enemy resources


1. Diggie (Support)

I keep the clock ticking, Diggie is my name.

M4 World Championships Draft Phase Appearance: 19.61%

The time-traveling owl, Diggie. A fearsome support hero who makes setter tanks useless. Teams never make the mistake of letting Diggie free and up for grabs when they have plans of using tanks like Atlas and Lolita in the match. 

Diggie is an awesome support that is best used to disrupt the enemy jungler and marksman, leaving bombs everywhere across the mal and providing his team a much-needed map vision. The passive that allows him to reveal the location of enemies while he waits for his death timer to end is perfect for games in the pro league since every map information matters.

To add, ultimately, Time Journey, protects his allies from enemy crowd control effects, providing invaluable support in high-pressure situations like lord dances. Diggie's time bombs also zone out enemies that can contribute to a team's strategy and setups. This little hero is setting up the battlefield without the need for extreme damage output. Truly a reliable unit for the eSport scene.

What Makes Diggie Great for Pro League:

  • bombs can zone out and poke heroes from across the map
  • His passive makes him useful even when he is on his death timer
  • The best and ultimate counter against tanks that can set the whole team is Diggie's ultimate skill
  • he has decent crowd control that can be used with a collection of his bombs for a takedown
  • he can be used in an extremely niche strategy which is a feeder doggie where his role is to only disturb the enemy jungle and it works wonders

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