All Mobile Legends Arcade Modes Explained

Frenzy, Chaos and Mayhem. We have it all in the Arcade.

1. Brawl

Battle of ultimates, the Dance of the Swans.

Brawl in Mobile Legends is an ultra-fun permanent arcade mode that features chaotic battles with random hero selections on a limited arena that forces players to have a quick showdown in a single-lane battle area. A chaotic game mode that forces everyone to engage in a team clash to decide who stays on the winning side!

Forget the pressures of getting your ranks up, brawl offers a short but super fun game that is all about fighting your enemies head-on and trying out heroes you’ve never played before. This match allows you to practice random heroes since you don’t really have much of a choice during the drafts wherein a randomized hero gets offered to you. Step into the arena, and let the chaos of Brawl consume your day!

Player Responsibilities:

  • Engage in a single-lane clash with your team and take down opponents
  • Damage dealers can take jungle monsters for extra gold and HP
  • Take revitalize orbs to regen your team's HP
  • Camp in bushes for surprise attacks
  • Take down enemy turrets
  • Defend your team turret

How to play Brawl:

  • First, you get to choose between two randomized heroes which you will play throughout the match. 
  • You can opt to roll for a different hero by using your available dice. Players get 1 free dice per day and can buy more with diamonds.
  • The match starts with all heroes at level 3 giving you 3 upgrades for your skills
  • Buy your equipment at the base as you won't be able to once you step out
  • Move towards your outer turret and defend it with all you’ve got
  • Take down enemies and enemy turrets
  • Lastly, destroy the enemy base and take that victory!
  • Pick Brawl if:
  • You love skirmishes
  • Love skill spamming and high KDAs
  • Just want a quick match without much strategizing needed

Best Heroes for Brawl:

  • Odette
  • Estes
  • Hanzo
  • Atlas
  • Zhask


2. Mirror

Assassin spree, you won't see em coming.

An exciting battle mode where each team member uses the same hero throughout the match. A unique twist that offers both excitement and thrill as you are forced to either use a really strong hero with a high skill cap or decide as a majority to use an easy-to-use and frequently picked hero that everyone can utilize.

This mode makes cooperation a priority right from the drafts, being offered the same set of heroes as the enemy team should allow both teams to strategize which hero would most likely be the best pick, the twist is that the majority should decide on that hero, otherwise, any hero with the most votes will get picked and handed down to everyone. 

A chaotic game right from the start offering a unique experience for players both newbies and veterans in the game. Throw variety out the window and march your way to victory with a uniform hero.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with the team your mastery of the hero options
  • Decide on a hero that everyone can use
  • Decide a hero that would be most effective among the options
  • Play it like a normal classic game but without the variety of roles
  • Showcase your ability and mastery of the team-picked hero

How to play Mirror:

  • Vote among 6 predefined heroes that the game presents you
  • Hero with majority votes gets used by the whole team (randomized in case of a tie)
  • Choose a lane you will take on or roam if you want to
  • Play it as a team and strategize
  • Focus on pushing as a marksman and focus on team ganks as assassins or mages
  • Adjust your gameplay depending on the team's drafts
  • Enjoy playing alongside similar heroes and dominate the enemy team

Best Heroes for Mirror:

  • Estes
  • Bane
  • Xborg


3. Mayhem

Action-filled clashes with heightened skill effects.

An event-limited event in Mobile Legends that offers a bewildering variety of play experiences! Get to play with supercharged heroes packing a whole new set of buffed abilities and more! Be swept away with a whole new level of adrenaline in Mayhem!

The rules and playstyle are basically similar to the regular 5v5 MOBA game you play, the ranked and the classic matches, what sets Mayhem apart is that all heroes get ultra-enhanced abilities, faster EXP and Gold accumulation, better buffs, and a much much quicker respawn time. Just imagine the chaos of a full-blown battle with overpowered heroes will bring to the arena.

Players start at level four meaning everyone already packs a punch right from the start. Get your ultimates locked and loaded ready to unleash them at your adversaries fast and without hesitation. The unique mechanics of the game allow for heroes to peak early and open opportunities for extraordinary clashes between the teams quickly. It is a game mode packed full of chaos, fun, and meta-powers from everyone.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Thug it out and showcase your hero to your enemies
  • Strategize with your team and pick a role you can maximize
  • Play like you would in a ranked match but spam your skills more and utilize the higher power levels and faster CD

How to play Mayhem:

  • Pick among the available upgraded heroes
  • Read through their new abilities and choose one that suits your playstyle
  • Adjust based on the composition of your team
  • Choose a hero you are familiar with if possible
  • Use the same strategy as ranked but remember that you are already level 4 from the beginning, blast the enemy with your ultimate right away
  • Focus on both kills and pushing
  • Maximize your improved ability and don't back down from your enemies

Best Heroes for Mayhem:

  • Yve
  • Saber
  • Bane
  • Valir
  • Balmond


4. Survival

Hero pool to accompany you in surviving

As the name implies, survival is all about surviving. Survive as a team of three on an expanded map with a whole new set of areas and monsters to explore. Survival opens up a whole new world of adventure for players where they battle other teams to decide who will stay and remain alive on an ever-shrinking map forcing teams to clash with each other and prove that they are the worthy survivors.

There are many creeps and monsters available for takedowns in survival, each of them with a different drop rate for specific items that provide some kind of buff for the heroes. Gather resources, work with your team, dominate the map, stay alive, and be THE LAST TEAM STANDING.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Decide on a team strategy and team composition
  • Collect upgrades to level up and help your team
  • Adjust to your team's movements and maximize loot in the map

How to play Survival:

  • Select among the 15 heroes divided as Physical, Magical and Defense.
  • Walk around the map and take down jungle monsters to claim loot
  • Work as a team to take down high HP jungle monsters faster
  • Collect equipment to improve your hero stats
  • Share equipment with your team to boost overall team power and ability
  • Kill lords and destroy chests to get hero-improving abilities
  • Stay inside the safety zone to prevent continuous damage
  • Revive teammates if needed
  • Be the last team standing by eliminating foes!

Best Heroes for Survival:

  • Karrie
  • Freya
  • Hilda
  • Natalia
  • Bane


5. Deathbattle

A chance to check out everyone in the hero pool

The ultimate showdown for hero mastery! Death battle offers an interesting new way to win the game. Aside from the common goal of taking down turrets and ultimately destroying the enemy base; in this case the Nexus, the game mode also awards victory to the team that gets to 30 kills first. So strategy is key, either you push as a team or get killing sprees as a team, Either way, the most important part is communication with the team.

This battle style gets chaotic as teams who don't decide on a strategy spread out all over the place with different goals in mind. Players also go crazy as their options for heroes diminish as they accumulate deaths throughout the game. Another fun mechanic of the game is that after you get killed, you get to pick a new hero from a predefined roster and get spawned at a random spot in the map to continue your chaotic little plays.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Communicate the roles, you can opt for a balanced lineup or decide straight up to carry a killer team
  • Decide on a battle spell that is suitable for all heroes since the one you pick will be used throughout
  • Either push to the enemy base or take kills
  • Stay with the team, going solo is a death in this game mode

How to play Deathbattle:

  • Closely study the preset choice of heroes and decide which heroes will be picked on the early, mid, and late-game
  • Get high damage high sustain heroes in the early game since you don’t have items yet
  • You start the game at level 4 with your ult already up for firing
  • Rotate based on your current role
  • When you die, choose a hero that is suitable to the current game time and team lineup
  • Watch your surroundings since you’ll be spawned in a random area
  • Reserve 1 hit burst mages and marksman for the late game to maximize their abilities
  • Try to take kills but not be killed
  • As a team, decide whether to go for the enemy base or 30 cumulative kills
  • Play safe and gank your enemies to your heart's content

Best Heroes for Deathbattle:

  • Alpha
  • Bruno
  • Hanabi
  • Balmond
  • Harith


6. Magic Chess

A battle of wits and strategies

Engage in tactical epic battles and gamble your heroes in another permanent arcade mode in the game. Magic Chess opens up a whole new realm of strategy games that rely more on wits and strategies rather than combat skills. Just like chess, the hero's placement, role, and abilities make a winner in the game. As the chess master, your role is to compose a team that could defeat the enemy team while they auto attack, you can synergize heroes and predict enemy team movements so you can advance to the next level.

The game relies on an economy wherein you are tasked to budget and assign how to spend your coins to improve your team composition. The strategies you can come up with in this mode are endless! Enjoy a fun and thrilling game of Chess but with the added benefit of awesome graphics, skill effects, and a whole new play experience.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Decide on the best synergies for the team
  • Utilize economy to buy heroes that benefit chosen synergy
  • Choose a star core for your team that fits your chosen synergy

How to play Magic Chess:

  • Decide on a commander and their skill
  • Choose your first set of heroes, you can base your selection on hero skill or synergy completion
  • Make use of synergy bonuses by either maxing out o1 synergy or getting multiple bonuses
  • Position your heroes like how you would position the heroes in a ranked match
  • Put tanky heroes in the front and squishy damage dealers at the back
  • Study the enemy positioning so you can work around it later on
  • During levels with free items, choose items that will benefit your current lineup
  • Buy more heroes using the in-game economy, similar heroes to upgrade existing, and same role heroes for synergy
  • Adjust your board based on your enemy
  • Watch your team automatically battle your rivals

Best Heroes for Magic Chess:

  • Khufra
  • Valir
  • Lancelot
  • Gatotcacka
  • Lylia


7. Chess TD

Basic layout of an effective defense

A captivating battlefield that combines the fan-favorite strategy games; chess and tower defense. Players buy heroes that are planted on pedestals where they can target incoming enemies. Play on a dynamic battlefield where your goal is to thwart your opponents and outwit their strategies. Synergize and win in this epic arena of strategies.

Fortify your defenses, equip awesome synergies, and strategize like a chess master on which units you will utilize. Maximize synergies by using similar element heroes, the more of them on the map the better the synergy boost. Choose a combination of synergies for your strategy. Upgrade your heroes and defend your territory against enemy waves. Calculate your every move and be one step ahead of the enemy to end up on the top!

Player Responsibilities:

  • Budget in-game economy
  • Decide on the perfect synergies
  • Strategize on hero positioning

How to play Chess TD:

  • Think of a strategy, check out which areas each hero skill would shine the most
  • Familiarize yourself with the roles and their best contribution to a match
  • Position your heroes where they cover the largest area to maximize their attack
  • Level up good heroes
  • Don’t forget SYNERGIES, they are the backbone of your damage and strategy
  • Equip team and personal enhancements to improve the survival rate
  • Check out enemy lineups to see if you will benefit from specific heroes
  • Use your coins to get more heroes and upgrades
  • Spread your units to cover the map, you need as much damage dealt as possible
  • Study each run so you can analyze on how to cover lapses in your defenses
  • Budget your money wisely, don’t overspend but don’t leave your board defenses lacking

Best Heroes for Chess TD:

  • Estes
  • Belerick
  • Lance
  • Karrie


8. Boomander

Blast your way to victory

A classic Bomberman-style play wherein the little commanders fight against each other in a land with multiple maps where they place fluffies to blast down obstacles and more importantly their enemies. This fun twist to an OG classic game offers a whole new experience to Mobile Legends players. The cuteness of the commanders and the tons of new powerups and upgrades offered.

Boomander opens up a crazy map for everyone to enjoy, Blast through crates, grass, and more to find out exciting surprises and upgrades to use and shake your enemies to the core. The game mode offers 16 islands to enjoy! Cast fluffies wait for them to explode and enjoy the show!

Player Responsibilities

  • Formulate a strategy with your teammate, you can either gang up on one enemy boomander or take care of whoever you meet first
  • Collect props to have better powers
  • Strategically place fluffies to trap enemies

Pick Boomander if:

  • You want to play duo with a friend
  • Love Bomberman and blasting enemies in general
  • Want a chill but fun game mode
  • You want a quick game that is easy to learn

How to play Boomander:

  • Drop fluffies beside obstacles to blast them out of the way
  • Pick up obstacle drops (props) that provide buffs and boosts to your commander
  • Get enemy kills by trapping enemies and blasting them with the fluffies
  • Trapped enemies can be eliminated by tagging them
  • Work with your teammate to get high scores
  • The first team to get 5 points wins!

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