[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Annoying Heroes To Play Against

They make you go craaazy

Everyone of us has a hero we detest facing off against. Heroes who make us consider carefully which other hero would be the best match for them. Heroes which are not necessarily overpowered but have an intense set of skills that just make their enemies go crazy.

Check out this list of the most annoying heroes in the game and watch as the best players in town showcase their abilities!

10. Nana

Molina lets get to work

This playful feline will definitely keep your hands full. Depending on how Nana tosses the boomerang, the enemy takes two impacts. Despite the fact that she appears pink and fluffy, she is a pain.Her little friend Molina will affect you one way or another. A simple tactic that annoys anyone who faces off with nana. You think you got her? Poof! Jokes on you! The little creature's passive gives her an escape chance with Molina's gift.

Nana is simply a predictable opponent but her skillset won't allow you to go near her without taking pokes and damages. Truly a basic but annoying enemy.

What makes Nana Annoying:

  • Has multi stun
  • Turns enemies into dragon cat unavailable to attack for a few seconds
  • Her passive increases her survival and escape abilities

Watch Nana Annoy:


9. Lylia

Let's get em Gloom!

A sweet and kind looking little girl, accompanied by her friend Gloom. Be not misled! Basically, she is playing unsupervised with bombs. If you make this little miss upset, their duo might surprise you with an explosive display that you really wouldn't want to see. Their combination of mobility, damage, and slow makes them extremely annoying. What more can you hate from your opponent?

To top it off, Little Miss Lylia has the power of the black shoes, basically giving her the ability to go back a few seconds in time and relive that moment. A perfect escape for battles and tough situations!

What makes Lylia annoying:

  • Her continuous explosions deals heavy damage
  • Black shoes gives her life back
  • Hard to reach her with energy orbs scattered around
  • She baits skills and deems them useless with her ultimate
  • Annoying pokes and burst

Watch Lylia annoy:

0:18 / 11:42 Lylia Poke ✖️, Lylia Burst ✓ - Lylia Gameplay | Mobile Legends

8. Aurora

I'll freeze everyone in my sight

What just happened?! That may be all you can say when you get combo’d up by this royalty. Her ice cold attacks will literally freeze you to death if you come fighting unprepared. Watch out for stealthy Aurora players as they are the worst enemies. Taking you down without warning will annoy you to bits! Whenever she is off the grid and unseen in the map, in-game grasses become off limits or you may just very well step into your demise.

Her 3 stack ice skills combo will take down enemies in her way. She may not be the most mobile hero, but who needs agility and speed when you have a heavy hitting barrage of skill?. Deadly, scary, and definitely annoying.

Why Aurora is Annoying:

  • Her combo immobilizes then goes straight for the kill
  • She can solo gank heroes using bushes
  • She can deal AoE stun depending on the combo she chooses
  • Her stack makes her skills versatil

Watch Aurora Annoy:

5:00 / 15:25 PLEASE TRY!! Aurora 100% Critical Damage Build!! - Build Top 1 Global Aurora ~ MLBB

7. Argus


Immortality. That's what he has. The fallen angel has manageable skills for an opponent but what makes him a hard matchup is his ultimate. For a few seconds, Argus can go immortal and regain lost health by dishing out damage to his enemies. 

This skill is infuriating especially for his opponents who are giving it all their skills and combos just to take him down then he just goes immortal for a few seconds and thats enough for him to take down enemies who have their skills in cooldown. Escape could be an option. Yet, it would be difficult because Argus has the pursuit and dash talent, which makes it simple for him to grab onto fleeing adversaries.

Why is Argus Annoying?

  • His ultimate makes him unkillable
  • Solid chase and escape abilities

Watch Argus Annoy:


6. Franco

Hooks and chicken wings

If Franco hadn't had his long range hook, he wouldn't have been bothersome. He does, though, and that is one of his strengths. Franco roams the map like a tank, terrifying every member of the other squad. He may refresh buffs and hook them, making the enemy jungler's life difficult. For takedowns, hook flimsy heroes into towers. Hook damage dealers to take them out of team fights. He can also use his hook to lure enemy heroes to spend their spells. Flickers and purify are crucial during team fights after all.

He is just a walking terror that makes everyone wary of every grass in the game. Franco will literally pull you into your demise if you don't gear up for him. He does not dish out crazy amounts of damage but his playstyle does not need him to since he plays as an initiator and a sustain hero. His team will do the killing for him but that does not mean he is not deadly. Just watch out for all the hooks! 

What makes Franco Annoying:

  • His hooks disrupt formation
  • His hooks can initiate takedowns
  • Ultimate grabs unto an opponent unleashing a heavy combo
  • Hook + flicker combo is deadly

Watch Fanco Annoy:


5. Sun

Clones, multiply!

Just when you thought battling in a 1v1 is hard, wait til you get faced off with a Sun. This hero calls backup with his doppelgangers that he can summon for attack or as an escape.

He is highly offensive and defensive, quite literally the worst type of enemies to face against. Sun will use his clones to engage fights and gang up on you when you take him on.

Their coordinated strikes harm the enemy, and his clones can reduce the enemy's chance of escaping because they can sustain tower damage while Sun pursues them. Because to his abilities, he may tower dive opponents, forcing them into team fights. He converts a 1v1 to a 3v1. He is a pain in the lane, therefore you should call for support before attacking.

What makes Sun Annoying:

  • He multiplies outnumbering opponents
  • Clones can distract for escape
  • Can unleash combo with all his clones dishing out high damage
  • Can finish game by backdoor strategy

Watch Sun annoy:


4. Zhask

Nightmaric Spawn Conquer!

To his opponents, Zhask's Nightmaric Spawn truly is a nightmare. You must either kill this hero's tiny alien spawn or put up with its constant magic damage in order to reach him. Either way, enemy heroes are in a difficult position because they must either battle Zhask one-on-one while their Health is down or while their talents are on cooldown. By moving around their spawns and attacking adversaries from a safe distance, zhask users frequently deliver twice as much damage.

Get too close and Zhask will just merge himself with his spawn increasing its damage output and allowing him to have a safety armor. He can then make an escape while enemies try to deal with his nightmare of an ultimate. It's not surprising for enemy mages to hate getting faced off with a Zhask main.

What makes Zhask annoying:

  • Nightmaric spawn enhances his attacks
  • He takes over the lane with his alien spawn
  • His slow and stun effects are dangerous
  • He can take you down and escape with his ultimate

Watch Zhask annoy:

3:00  100% Deadly!! Zhask New Revamped Gameplay!! - Build Top 1 Global Zhask ~ MLBB

3. Atlas

Ultimate setter! Taste his breath of cold wind.

This mecha has a disruptive crowd control skill so good that he is currently an auto ban hero during this season. His ultimate grabs and chains any enemy hero in range and pulls them towards Atlas and slams them down hard. This deals quite the damage and it is honestly a solid move for a setter. Atlas' passive allows him to inflict a freeze effect to his opponents who stays too long around him, making it harder for them to escape when needed.

His ultimate is his biggest asset, casting this allows Atlas to take a whole team or focus on a specific hero that will greatly dirupt the enemy teams position or strategy. It is perfect for taking down enemy damage dealers before going all-in in a clash.

What makes Atlas annoying:

  • His chains and link can initiate a wipeout
  • He has a breath that will freeze heroes nearby
  • Can deal double damage when mecha is detached

Watch Atlas annoy:


2. Lancelot

Unli dash king

The Unli Dash King. Lancelot's skill resets whenever it hits an enemy hero. What's more irritating is that his 2nd skill allows him a split second of immunity to attacks as he goes invincible while casting a fan shaped attack. This allows him to escape enemy grasps and even dodge crown control skills.

To add to his slippery playstyle, Lancelot inflicts serious damage that can go on as long as he hits his marks. His ultimate is a massive damage dealer that can take down opponents with ease. To add to this, he is also quite mobile so definitely a hard hero to contain.

What makes Lancelot annoying:

  • Super hard to contain
  • Can dish out unli combo of attacks with unli dash
  • Super high damage output is insane
  • Super swift hero especially in mid game

Watch Lancelot annoy:


1. Natalia


She just goes in for the kill and vanishes in thin air. Her dash in and dash out abilities make her playstyle dirty, enemies get eliminated without them even noticing Natalia’s presence. She is truly created to be an assassin. She basically has good mobility allowing her to roam around the map to gank and surprise enemies. To add, when she gets a few damage items, her burst down abilities greatly increase making her capable of taking down even the tankiest heroes.

Ofcourse what's more annoying is that she can delay buff or scare off enemy jungler when her signal shows up while they take the buff. She affects enemy formation and breaks enemy strategies.

What makes Natalia annoying:

  • Invicibility makes it unfair for opponents
  • Very high damage output when passive is utilized
  • She can bully opponents in any lane with mobility
  • Combo is deadly when ganking
  • Has immune to basic attack damage

 Watch Natalia annoy:

Aggressive Natalia Nonstop Roaming and Ganking | Top Global Natalia Gameplay - MLBB

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