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If you ever wondered how you can get a clean win streak with mediocre random team mates, this may just be the best guide for you. In this article, we tell YOU how to carry your team and secure the victory even without the best team mates at your disposal.

Pick heroes with high carry potential 

Roles heavy on damage can carry hard!

Every patch or update there are heroes who power creep so much that they become almost impossible to subdue when the game starts. These heroes are so overpowered that playing them seems so easy while defending against them need so much work. If possible, pick these Meta heroes to immediately have the upperhand right off the drafting stage. Meta heroes are the currently buffed heroes which are given power boosts or improved skills, abilities, or damage. They are essentially the greatest choices for your team's hyper-carry. Assassins and marksmen are two more strong non-meta carry heroes. Mages, however, are more difficult to deploy as a funnel hero because to their low health and often slow speed.

  • Pick a good carry role
  • Choose buffed heroes
  • Ban counters to your hero

Farm early 

Equip your retribution. Farm fast and dominate.

Farm. Farm. Farm. Get that gold and exp advantage. At the start of the match head straight to your team's buffs or try to steal the enemy team jungle buffs. These jungle monsters give a short powerboost to the hero and give a decent exp and gold advantage to the farming hero. As a carry it is important that you get these leads so you can snowball your team to victory. You should clear out the entire jungle area to maximize your farming and make sure to secure objectives like turtles and lords, which provide a significant gold advantage. Farming is not just limited to buffs. To prevent your team from getting a gold gap, junglers should avoid clearing minion waves and instead let their teammates control them. 

  • Head straight to the location of your objective (jungle area/gold lane)
  • Clear objectives fast and move on to the next

Gank to your heart’s content

Look at the map and see which heroes can be taken down by surprise. Visit lanes to gank enemies. Stay hidden in strategic places where important enemy heroes will most likely pass through then take the opportunity to peel them off the map. This will not only give you an advantage in securing objectives and extra gold boost, but doing so also slows down your enemies progress as they have to wait for their death clocks to run down.

  • Check map for vulnerable heroes
  • Visit lanes to give team advantage
  • Take kills for extra resources

Get level and item advantage 

This is very important for heroes to dominate matches. Once you get at least 2 levels higher than your opponent, the chances of being the last man standing gets higher. Higher level equals increased power after all. To add, items also contribute a great bunch to a hero's capabilities. A single item build advantage means you are more prepared than your opponent and your kit is already getting close to completion. Now all you need is the courage to attack and eliminate the adversary. When your team decides to funnel you, they provide you the resources by giving you the jungle and the last hits so you can collect more gold. This is an awesome advantage to have.

  • Get resource advantage
  • Utilize advantage by initiating fights
  • Delay enemy team
  • Keep your level gap advantage

Maximize your rotation 

Having an efficient rotation route improves your chances of getting an advantage quickly. Minimize the times you have to recall when possible, if your hero does not rely on mana, regenerate your hp through creeps and jungle monsters. This strategy allows you to save time in going back to the battlefield and gives your team additional resources like gold. The time it takes to go back to the base to regenerate is crucial during close fights or when there are battles for objectives like turtles, that's why recalling is not the most viable option when you are low.Check map for vision

  • Choose efficient routes
  • Check turtle timer
  • Visit lanes near turtle objective when spawn time is almost up
  • Secure Turtle objective

Secure crucial kills but don’t over commit

To be a great carry you must deal great damage to the enemy team. In order to gain the upperhand in 1v1's and team fights it is important that you maintain a level advantage or lead. In order to give an advantage to the whole team, you should eliminate enemy heroes whenever possible. Do not overdo it... this may lead to more harm than good. If an enemy hero is low and you are desperate for the kill, calculate the chances of you being ambushed by his team while trying to chase him for the kill. Another important thing when trying to get the kills for your team is to learn who to take down. You should normally target squishy heroes that deal heavy damage to your team. When you can, try to eliminate mages and marksmen. Tank heroes are strong and should not be engaged frequently because doing so will likely cause your skills to cool down, which is not a good situation.

  • Know who you can take down
  • Dish out heavy damage
  • Don’t back down unless necessary
  • Send them to their death timers
  • Fall back when disadvantaged

Follow this guide and see how well you can carry your team to victory. Get those win streaks you have always dreamed of

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