[Top 5] Eternal Return Best Solo Characters That Wreck Hard!

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Let's get into Eternal Return

Hello again everyone! 

Now sometimes everyone gets that itch to play solo. A chance to show off your skills and really play like the pros do. After all, in solo there is no revival, so it turns the game into a true survival battle royale. 

Of course, you wouldn't want to enter a solo game with a team based player right? Or worse yet a fully support focused character. To stand the best fighting chance at beating players 1 vs 1, or even 1 vs 2 if you get third partied, here is the list of the top 5 characters to play solo. 

Just as a reminder before we start the list, every character is viable in all modes of play, everyone is balanced to play a certain way and while some characters may counter that play style they are also strong against other characters. No character is inherently weaker than another, some just take less skill to learn how to effectively use them. 

I will also be choosing specific weapons when it comes to characters with multiple weapon builds. With that said and done let's get started. 


5. Yuki 

His looks are only dwarfed by his skill with a blade 

  • It is easy to learn and looks good while playing. Yuki is the posterboy of Eternal Return; armed with a katana his best solo build is the two handed sword build. It has the health and defense that his dual sword build lacks while still having a respectable amount of damage. 
  • This character is armed with a stun, an auto attack reset and a variety of skills that let him keep attacking, this character has enough depth that there will always be something to discover as you play him. He is a 4 zone character who gets his purple weapon at the 2nd zone, meaning that he can start fighting and gaining weapon levels early on. 
  • Personally I think he deserves the 5th spot because of how anyone can pick him up and be effective while simultaneously a skilled Yuki player can destroy a lobby. His kit allows him to duel anyone to a victory and also escape getting ganked. He has the right balance of all kinds of skills to let anyone learn the game and win future games. While some say that a jack of all trades is a master of none, I say that it is still better than a master of one.


4. Eleven 

Hamburger Helper

All dressed up and ready to kill

  • This hamburger helper hits hard and tanks harder. While she looks friendly don't let that fool you, she can destroy anyone given enough time and keep herself topped up while it happens. In a solo game her AoE taunt may accidentally end up getting more than your target attacking you but her healing and jump more than make up for it. 
  • Her skills all have an empowered version after being charged, and she relies on attacking enemies with her hamburger and picking up the smaller sliders that drop when she lands hits. The combination of healing from her sliders and damage from her charged abilities can surprise the unprepared due to her burst healing and burst damage. 
  • Personally, her only flaw is that she needs to keep attacking her enemy to play around most of her kit. Even that problem is solved with her massive amount of slows and her one giant leap. Escaping is near impossible if she catches you off guard, and if you try to turn and fight she can hit her ultimate and give you a good beating for even trying. So I would put her 4th here because she can beat just about anyone in the lobby so long as she can get her items. 


3. Echion 

Odd Sword Boi

Armed, hehe, and ready

  • This VF blood based duelist is exceptionally strong in solos; in good hands he can 1 vs 2 and sometimes 1 vs 3 as his mobility lets him gather resources and fight sooner. His damage puts him on par with some assassins and has a shield to make him deceptively tanky. One of his only weaknesses is his vulnerability to CC but assuming he can see it coming he could dash away from it with one of his 2 dashes. 
  • Echion makes it back to this list because of his complexity and high damage. To a new player he may not make too much sense but to a practiced player he turns into a lethal weapon with massive amounts of damage he can dish out in an instant. Powered by his VF bar, it takes mindful management to make sure that he does not empty the bar before a fight. When it is full he enters an empowered state that lets him duel just about anyone in the game right now. 
  • Personally I put the top 3 in interchangeable positions depending on what play style you like playing more, Echion is my least compatible having to be extremely fast and reactive to dodge skills and activating his skill combo requires aiming and prediction with a small window of pause to give the enemy minimal time to react to it. He strikes strong and swift, but only in the hands of someone equally fast. 


2. Chloe 

Puppets and Strings

All Dolled up for this moment

  • This doll master comes in at 2nd due to her innate advantage over everyone else: her doll. Fighting the two of them is similar to fighting 1.5 characters. Always at a numbers advantage she can multitask, both fighting and gathering at the same time. Her build is also quite fast to complete so she can get to the fighting earlier than other people can even dream of. 
  • Her abilities revolve around piloting Nina to attack while timing her defensive buffs to when the enemy begins to counter attack. Her attacks timed with Nina’s can stun or knock up enemies to keep them away from her. With her ultimate she can cleanse all debuffs on her and Nina and make that chain that connects them do damage as well. 
  • Personally she can progress herself at immense speeds and protect herself from would-be harassers. She can harass safely and if ever Nina dies she can be revived at the cost of health. She goes fast, and can dash over walls in a pinch. With her and Nina it would be hard pressed to ever put them on the back foot. 



Maniac Murderer

The only Chainsaw I need is mine. 

  • Taking the top spot would be Jackie, the chainsaw wielding psychopath. As a solo she can basically beat any character one on one so long as you are relatively close in levels and gear. Her kit maximizes her damage and damage output while also healing her each time she auto attacks. 
  • Her axe build is the best for solos, as it lets her survive attacks and dish out damage to heal herself once again. Her axe ability combined with her blood rage speeds up her normally abysmal attack speed to a comparable level of a sword. 
  • Personally I like her play style, with her W and passive she can deal the most damage per auto attack in the game. Combined with the fact that her upgrades are easy to attain so long as you can get either a VF blood or a Tree of Life she is the premier duelist in Solos in my opinion. 


And that is the list of characters I believe to be the best at Solo. This is excluding personal skill of course because an extremely skilled player will usually trump a noob at the game no matter the character. 

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