[Top 15] Mobile Legends Most Powerful Heroes That Are OP

There are over 100 Heroes in Mobile Legends

OP Heroes are OverPowered. Powerful and indestructable regardless of their skills and dominant over other heroes. Discover the Top 15 OP Heroes out right now.


15. Angela (Support)

Created by Dr. Baker in Laboratory 1718, Angela is an android-based robot purposely created to help mankind, with emotions programmed in her heart while studying the world around her. Upon learning of artificial life being created outside a human body, other scientists sent Alpha and Beta, Dr. Baker's past creations to hunt them down. Eventually placed in a capsule by Dr. Baker, she was instructed to find his good friend Rooney.

Angela is a popular support (guard) who can heal, debuff, and deal damage while her ultimate skill teleports her to link and support other heroes. She is potentially utilized as team support where all her energy and power are sacrificed for the team. A game-changer in team fights, she can be aggressive and annoying to play against.

Why is Angela powerful?

Teleport skills

Tremendous support in healing teammates

Strong hero able to take damage

Fast movement speed

Watch Angela in action:


14. Alucard (Fighter/Assassin)

Taken in and trained by the Monastery Of Light, Alucard is an orphan who lost his parents who died protecting the Moniyan Empire. With vengeance in his heart and a sword implanted in his right arm, he ultimately became one of the greatest demon hunters to roam and protect the land.

Alucard is a superb core with a skill combo that is strong in offense and handy in the jungle. As an assassin, his damage from behind enemy lines and on Marksman Heroes are what users aim to capitalize on, especially in team fights. He is weak when compared to other heroes but considered the king of life–steal which makes up for it.

What makes Alucard powerful?

Top life steal

Dual role as Fighter and Assassin

Powerful ganking skills

Excellent offense
Watch Alucard in action: 


13. Tigreal (Tank)

Born into a family that guarded the Moniyan Empire for generations, Tigreal is the leader of the Knights Of Light. He stands tall and brave in guarding the Empire and everything within his sight as a noble knight, spreading light in darkness.

Tigreal is a first-choice tank for experienced players, including those willing to learn the role. Reinforced by being a strong hero, he is best put to use when initiating team fights, pushing, and ganking lanes. He has the skill set that disengages heroes while his team does damage.

Why is Tigreal Powerful?

High power in strength

Initiates team fights

Ability to slow down opponent teams  farm

Strong laner

Top choice roaming hero

Amazing crowd control skills

Watch Tigreal in action:


12. Granger (Marksman)

Granger was taken into the Monastery Of Light as an orphan after losing his family in a war between the Moniyan Empire and the Southern Monsters. He developed a love for violins and firearms while training to become a Demon Hunter and soon became the most feared gunslinger to roam the land.

Granger is probably the strongest Marksman in ML right now who can take and deal damage from early to late game. With a powerful combo skill set and the ability to dash, this gives him a defensive and offensive advantage topped off with a round of long-range kill shots. 

Why is Granger powerful?

Deadly skillset combo.

Strong early game Marksman utilized in laning phase.

Fast in mobility.

Long-range shooter.

High damage dealer in the late game
Watch Granger in action: 


11. Masha (Fighter/Tank)

As part of the Sarmi Tribe of Northern Vale, Masha gained beast power after being inhabited by the spirit of a Bear Tribe King who died alongside her in battle. She uses it to protect Northern Vale from invaders.

Blessed with 3 layers of HP, Masha is an extremely fast and durable Tank capable of huge damage output with great laning abilities and immunity skills. She heals as she attacks and can be quite confusing to play but deadly when mastered. Her best build is as a Tank but she’s best utilized as a fighter. Attributed with jungling skills, she is a class choice offlaner as well.

Why is Masha powerful?

High HP regen

Basic lifesteal



Powerful push ability

Watch Masha in action: 


10. Esmerelda (Mage/Tank)

Chosen as an astrologer from the Western Desert Region, Esmerelda was tasked with protecting the Moon Star Casket and its mystical powers within. The Moon Star Casket mistakenly opened on its own and the mystical powers consumed Esmerelda and brought back memories that significantly made her the reincarnation of Eslora, a first-generation astrologer who sealed desert tyrant Khufra. Feeling that Khufra was recovering himself, she took it upon herself to seal him again while realizing a love connection between Khufra and Eslora.

Esmerelda is a solid choice for a roaming hero with her durability as a Tank and a damage-dealing mage. Her skills allow her to deal twice as much damage with her passive generating a shield for her opponent, this can be confusing to some. She is a powerful offlane who can initiate team fights by poking and even carry matches if played well.

Why is Esmerelda powerful?

High regen.

Durable Tank

High Damage dealing mage

First-class laner

Ability to take on different roles

Watch Esmerelda in action:


9. Beatrix (Marksman)

Hailing from a merchant family in the Moniyan Empire, Beatrix was a student at the Scholars’ Union of Eruditio who had great potential in being a successful scientist. Her ideas sparked rebellion amongst other members which saw her leave. Funded by her family’s wealth, she pursued her passion for mechanical weapons through science and technology. Soon after, she helped restore peace in Eruditio and her ideas were heard by the Union.

Beatrix has 4 different types of firing modes that deliver massive damage, especially in the late game. Her dash skills produce an offensive gameplay strategy for her, especially when targeted by assassin opponents. While fast, her attack skill set gives her a variety of range and damage output which proves deadly in do or die matches.

Why is Beatrix powerful?

Fast in mobility

Huge damage dealer

No mana, fast cooldown reduction

Wide variety of skills set with range and power

Watch Beatrix in action:


8. Yin (Fighter)

Found in a basket floating on a river, Yin was adopted and soon became a martial arts prodigy and member of the Forsaken Light. With supreme talent, he soon grew fond of killing but couldn’t, given his good nature. His hunger to kill soon led him to wander beyond his boundaries seeking challenge where he met Wanwan, with whom he befriended and spent his days. In time, he was attacked by Yu Zhong and possessed by Lieh.

Yin is a complex hero with all damage based on skills where he delivers hysterical punches dealing massive damage while equipped with stun and dash. A first of his kind, he uses Lieh to teleport the enemy into his realm to face off 1v1 as his ult.  He can also be played as Jungler and Tank and be praised for high cooldown reduction but unworthy if not played well.

Why is Yin powerful?

High cooldown skills based on damage dealt.

Ability to take on different roles.

Unique and superior ult

Relatively strong with high HP

Watch Yin in action: 


7. Ruby (Tank/Fighter)

After being saved by Roger during a wolf attack, Ruby soon watched her grandparents being slaughtered by a wolf pack. Enraged, she wiped them out with her scythe but was hesitant to kill the leader. Seeing his chance, the wolf king took out one of her eyes before fleeing leaving her filled with rage and pain.

Ruby is a late-game hero who needs to build items before reaching her full potential. Excellent choice for a fighter as she generates life steal and stack in attack while having the ability to take on multiple opponents at once. She can also be played as a core if the team adjusts and is a solid hero for dedicated gamers to enjoy her gameplay.

Why is Ruby powerful?

Team fight specialist

Amazing life steal

Ability to take on multiple roles

Game pace control abilities / Crowd Control

Watch Ruby in action: 


6. Paquito (Fighter)

As a village boy from South Western Moniyan, Paquito was born to be a fighter. After being trained by a stranger passing through his town, he went on to suppress an evil attack and surprisingly faced off against his master as leader of the attack. He swore justice from then on and went out protecting the land with his fists. Paquito is inspired by Filipino Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao.

Paquito is a highly-skilled fighter and off laner with combos that require patience to learn as it involves a lot of timing to stack within his skills to pull off powerful damage-dealing combos, which include stun and dash that can be utilized in the offense. Missing combos with timing would render him useless with no damage in single hits. He can also be built like a Tank.

What makes Paquito powerful?

Deadly combination

Solid laner

Ability to adjust to Tank Role

Fast speed

Watch Paquito in action:


5. Xavier (Mage)

Born with elf lineage into a family of merchants from Lumina City, Xavier was a member of the Forsaken Light who rivaled the Moniyan Empires Lights Order. He found great power within himself but questioned his affiliation and sought to find a reason for his being.

Xavier is a mage with tremendous magic skills that produce beams of light. His skills 2 and 1 work in sequence and can be finished off with his ultimate which resembles Layla’s ultimate. He can be used as a Tank to support Marksman but is best in team fights where he can deal huge damage to multiple enemies.

Why is Xavier powerful?

Newest hero in the current patch, obviously OP

Huge damage skills

Powerful skill combo

Ability to take on Tank Role

Watch Xavier in action: 


4. Lancelot (Assassin)

Born into Royalty South West of the Moniyan Empire, Lancelot grew into a skilled swordsman who defied his father's orders and traveled the land. After saving an unknown girl from harm, he fell injured and was nursed back to health by Princess Odette, the girl he saved. Falling in love, he vowed to travel the land and return as a noble knight after he heard of a marriage being arranged for Odette.

Lancelot is a powerful assassin with an amazing dash skill combination which makes him hard to defend against. With powerful offense and defense, his attack skills require timing and precision to maximize gain in damage output. Blessed with high mobility and burst, Lancelot is one of the deadliest, trickiest, and most fun heroes to play.

What makes Lancelot powerful?

High mobility

First-class core

Tricky to defend against

High burst

Potential gank

Watch Lancelot in action: 


3. Gusion (Assassin)

Descending from the Paxley’s, a noble and respected family of magic within the Moniyan Empire, Gusion went against his family mage heritage and incorporated his magical abilities with swords. While practicing in secret, he passed a family ritual to adulthood by flawlessly defeating the opponent with his secret skills. This impressed the elders but they looked down on his method of combat as it conflicted with their beliefs. Extremely convinced by his great power, he rebelled and left home to pursue his abilities and skills.

Gusion is a deadly late-game burst assassin who is quite complicated to master as his skill set syncs in combination to deliver damage. Equipped with powerful Jungling attributes and fast movement, he is an ultimate core hero in controlling the game pace, including attacks in team fights, ambushes, and from behind enemy lines.

Why is Gusion powerful?

Extremely strong

High damage output

Ability to control game pace

Top class Jungler

Difficult to master skillset but deadly when learned

Watch Gusion in action:


2. Aamon (Assassin)

As heir to the Paxley Family and a respectable noble character throughout the Moniyan Empire, Aamon carries the family name with pride while guarding its secrets. He ultimately intends to save his younger brother Gusion from an alleged evil curse that consumes him and restore family pride.

Aamon manipulates shards through magic and is a class assassin with a deadly skillset combination that includes camouflage and speed. Similar to Gusion, his skills are hard to master but deadly when perfected. With mage powers, he deals huge damage and is excellent in ambush and attack from behind enemy lines.

Why is Aamon powerful?

Deadly skillset combo

High-speed hero

Camouflage in attack and offense

Powerful burst

Ability to hit long-range skills

Watch Aamon in action: 


1. Roger (Fighter/Marksman)

Roger was a hunter who lived a decent life in the forest until he grew tired of a group of merciless werewolves who wreaked havoc along the countryside where he lived. Upon tracking down and killing their leader, he became possessed by the power within the corpse and began shifting into a werewolf during a full moon. He left home out of fear of harming others and began to roam the land.

Roger is a high damage dealer when in wolf form while having enough firepower to slow down opponents as a Marksman. As a top-choice core hero, he can be mistaken for an assassin. He has the ability and speed to carry a game when at his prime and is best built as a fighter with in-game items. Roger has been a consistent top-class hero spanning over so many ML patch upgrades and makes this list at number one for the reason that his skills are the easiest to master in comparison to others mentioned while keeping in mind his ability to take on a variety of roles.

Why is Roger powerful?

Ability to shift between Fighter and Marksman roles

Huge damage dealer

Powerful core

Speed boost when shifting

Amazing combo skills between Fighter and Marksman

Powerful ganker

Watch Roger in action: 



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