[Top 10] Arena of Valor Best Heroes That Wreck Hard!

Wreck the battlefield with any of these heroes!

Arena of Valor is a mobile MOBA game by the PROXIMA BETA PTE.LIMITED with over a whopping number of heroes to choose from along with insanely good graphics for a mobile game.

It’s also available on both Google Play and the App Store for free.

And today I will be discussing the top 10 of its heroes that can wreak havoc on a battlefield with their skills and abilities.

I have included all classes for the maximum diversity and to prove that you can wreak your enemies regardless of your class as long as you know the hero well.

Though I have to admit, this list has been one of the hardest to make because all heroes can wreak havoc in a battle if played well. Therefore I spend hours pondering which ones I should choose from over 100 heroes available.

But let’s start on the list!


1. Sinestrea

Sinestrea is an assassin that focuses on finishing up battles with her high damage output and HP stealing. And of course, Sinestrea’s main role in the match is to clear the jungle while helping her teammates to eliminate long ranked heroes as fast as possible.

Now what made Sinestrea on top of the list is her ability to switch from junglers usual melee attacks into ranged. Making it extremely hard for her foes to escape Sinestrea’s grasp.

Let’s cover her abilities now. Sinestrea has 3 active, 1 passive skill and 1 unchangeable ability. Her first skill Blood Hide grants her insane mobility to traverse the map in a few breaths of time. With the ability to fall asleep (turn invisible to enemies) each time she moves to her designated area as long as she doesn’t move after.

The second skill Blood Ghost will let you switch between melee and ranged depending on your needs allowing you to get your foes faster.

While her third skill Blood Samsara will be your lifesaver if you get into a battle while low on HP due to skill making you and your enemy split HP (if you have less HP then you will gain more while your opponent will lose it).

Now for her passive and active ability. Sinestrea’s passive Blood Bramble will heavily impact your Blood Ritual ability therefore you need to make sure you have 7 or as many as possible blood brambles stocked up. Because if you will have to detonate yourself having 7 after the ritual you will instantly revive with a full HP bar if less than 7 then you will only shorten your respawn time depending on how many you had and give a kill count to your enemy.

Very powerful in my book for sure. Just imagine thinking you got a kill and boom you’re the one respawning instead. So be careful of her strong life-stealing abilities.

What makes Sinestrea Great:

  • Skill to change from melee to ranged
  • Insane life-stealing
  • Invisibility and fast speed
  • Ability to go solo tank due to high life-steal

Amily is a warrior class hero that I love to call an anti-troll teammate hero due to how diverse she can be. From solo lane tanking to traversing jungle and even support roles is possible with the right build. To the point where you can even fill in two separate roles at the same time. A real lifesaver hero for the team with a troll.

She has 3 active and 1 passive skill (you can add an active ability with certain builds). Amily’s first ability is Kickblade that has quite a big range. Upon usage, Amily will use a blade hidden in her leg to hit a target (if you hit a target the blade will bounce 4 times between your foes and go back to you increasing your speed and restoring some of your HP).

Her second skill Combo will make Amily launch a chain of attacks while stunning enemy heroes for a short time in the end while enchanting her next normal attack.

Amily’s third skill aka Ultimate Enrage as the name implies will make her fly into a rage while boosting all of her stats (you are still free to use all of your other skills while enraged).

While her passive Duel will let you inflict even more damage if you hit only 1 enemy.

A very diverse hero indeed as long as you have the right build for her you will be unstoppable on the battlefield.

What makes Amily Great:

  • Skills to fill in most roles in the game
  • Big damage dealing with good survivability
  • One of the easiest heroes to learn
  • Fast map traversing

3. Aoi

Aoi is one of the newest heroes in the Arena of Valor, but that’s not the reason why she can’t be on the list considering her abilities. She is an assassin with warrior qualities.

Aoi has 3 active and 1 passive skill, like most heroes in the game. Her first skill Dragon Flash will let you lunge towards the enemy to deal physical damage and restore some of the lost HP.

While Aoi’s second skill Dragon Claw will let you charge or even fly through objects depending on how you will use it. And if you pair it with her 1st skill you will deal even more damage once you descend.

Her ultimate Dragon’s Wrath will let you leap into the air (while in use you can’t be targeted) slowing down the enemy heroes below and deal massive physical damage on the 2nd leap.

Aoi’s passive Dragon’s Blessing will further boost your normal attacks after stacking and crit.

Now Aoi is called Dragon Scar and is heavily associated with a dragon, but to tell the truth she has more scorpion vibes than a dragon. Especially that tail of hers.

What makes Aoi Great:

  • Her high movability makes her a hard target for enemies
  • Extremely fast map covering
  • High damage-dealing

Hero Spotlight | Aoi - Dragon Scar | Arena of Valor - TiMi

4. Dextra

Dextra is a warrior/tank type of hero who is also quite diverse if played correctly. After all, what can be more fun than running around a battlefield with a chainsaw wrecking havoc wherever you go?

As usual, Dextra has 3 active skills and a passive one. Her 1st skill Saw Storm will slightly increase her movement speed while dealing physical damage to enemies she hits. After her speed boost ends she can jump on the enemy and deal more damage with her basic attack.

Her 2nd skill Saw Cut will deal damage to the enemies in her surroundings while restoring a little bit of her lost HP while her normal attack gets buffed.

Dextra’s ult Demon’s Gift will make her invincible and let her restore her lost HP. The more enemies are attacking her while it’s in use and the more damage they deal her the more HP she will get restored.

While her passive  Blood Curse will let you steal 1% of attack damage from marked enemy heroes. She can also help Sinestrea and vice versa. If Sinestrea uses Blood Ghost Dextra can get to her location and restore some HP. If Blood Ritual was used Dextra can Sacrifice her HP to resurrect Sinestrea (Dextra’s ultimate will automatically activate, but if it’s on cooldown Dextra will die instead at the end).

Pretty cool mini bonus that not a lot of players know off. So if you see a person using Dextra or Sinestrea consider choosing the other one to wreak havoc in the match!

What makes Dextra Great:

  • Powerful constitution that will make you last out all your foes
  • A great choice for tanking while still dealing damage

5. Roxie

Roxie is a tank/warrior hero who lets you run around your enemies and burn them along the way as long as you have enough mana to do so.

Her 1st skill Wild Fire will mark her roller skates leave a fire trail whenever she goes while dealing magic damage to foes in the way. The skill will be active as long as you have mana or decide to deactivate it by pressing the skill icon again.

As the name suggests, Roxie’s second skill Blazing Shield will give her a shield along with a speed boost while if an enemy makes contact dealing more damage and marking them.

Her ultimate skill Agni’s Grasp will catch the first enemies upon contact stunning them and binding them to you for a short time while enabling you to pull them where you need to inflict more damage. While being affected the enemy hero will also ignore all obstacles making it an effortless enemy to drag into your team camp.

While her passive Fire Spirit will buff her by letting her recover some lost mana and marking her enemies.

She’s such a great hero to run about in a battle as long as you include an item that will constantly replenish her mana.

What makes Roxie Great:

  • High mobility for a tank-type hero
  • Ability to constantly inflict damage
  • High durability and damage

Roxie: Hero Spotlight | Gameplay - Arena of Valor

6. Iggy

Iggy is a dark mage (doesn’t use mana) who specializes in harassing his enemies by constantly terrorizing them with his fireballs.

Iggy’s 1st skill Explosive Fireball will let you bombard your enemy while also changing each fireball location inflicting magic damage with each hit.

His second skill Fire Shadow will significantly boost his movement speed and let you mark 1 enemy hero (will make him visible regardless of terrain) while knocking them back and dealing damage.

Iggy’s ult Ember’s Gaze is a skill with insanely long rage to the point where you won’t be even visible to your enemies. Giving you a chance to deal massive amounts of dmg to your enemies out of blue (your ult also stacks).

His passive skill Gaze is a buff that will restore your energy and make your enemy visible if hit with his second skill like I have mentioned above.

What makes Iggy Great:

  • Possibility to spam enemies with your skills constantly
  • No mana needed
  • Long-range
  • Movability

Hero Spotlight | Iggy - Ember's Gaze | Arena of Valor - TiMi

7. Ilumia

Ilumia a high control mage with great harass skills won’t let your enemies take a break with all the control she has on the battlefield.

Her first skill Divine light will fire a ball of light in the target direction while dealing damage in contact (extremely short cooldown right from the start)

Ilumia’s 2nd skill Banish will let you blast away all those pesky assassins trying to close in and deal them damage while doing so. While the is enemy hit by Ilumia will also gain a half-speed bonus letting her get more distance or to safety.

Her third skill AKA ultimate Cataclysm will let you monitor your enemies no matter where they are on the map for a short amount of time by locking down and blasting them with magic damage and also stunning them for a short period. Perfect for when enemies are grouping.

While her passive Goddess will constantly stun enemies. Each time she uses one of her abilities she will gain 1 stack and upon reaching 2 stacks will enhance her 1st skill Divine light.

What makes Ilumia Great:

  • Massive control
  • Extremely the short cooldowns with the correct build
  • Damage

Ilumia: Hero Spotlight | Gameplay - Arena of Valor

8. Tel'Annas

Tel’Annas or Tel for short is a marksman with long-range and massive damage dealing (perfect for taking towers).

Her first skill will buff her by increasing her attack range and giving her an attack speed bonus as well as add magic damage to normal attacks.

Tel’s 2nd skill Penetrating Shot will fire 3 arrows dealing with physical damage and slowing down their speed while increasing hers.

While her ultimate Arrow of Chaos will fire a boosted arrow with increased range, dealing way more damage and stunning 1 enemy upon contact with the arrow (A bonus due to hero lore - deals true damage to a hero Volkath).

Tel’s passive Morning star will boost her attack damage if there’s an ally hero nearby.

What makes Tel’Annas Great:

  • Great for beginners
  • Massive damage dealing
  • High crit
  • Perfect for taking towers

Tel'Annas: Hero Spotlight | Gameplay - Arena of Valor

9. Laville

Laville is a marksman that deals a lot of attack damage while not discriminating by choosing only one target.

His first skill Light Chaser will buff you by enchanting his normal attacks with a bonus and if Lucky Star is in effect while dealing damage to 2 extra enemy heroes.

Mighty Shield is his second skill that will give you a short speed bonus, debuff your enemy’s speed, and fully block 1 ability attack while making the next normal deal 100% critical damage.

Laville’s ultimate Double Trouble will enable you to shoot an enchanted arrow anywhere on the map after a short charge that will stun the enemy for a considerably long time and deal a lot of physical damage to the hit enemy and nearby foes.

His passive Lucky Star will stack up each time you hit an enemy with your basic attack and increase your attack speed while shooting 3 buffed bullets instead of 1 normal bullet.

What makes Laville Great:

  • High chance for critical
  • Ability to deal damage to multiple enemies in range
  • Can block any skill attack

Skin Spotlight | Laville: Heavenly Striker | Arena of Valor - TiMi

10. Rouie

Rouie is a support hero that can teleport her allies with her abilities making it a complete headache to her enemies.

Her 1st ability Holy Light has 2 stages. The 1st stage will summon a rectangle that will constantly inflict magic damage to the enemies in the area while silencing them (enemies can’t use their abilities). In the second stage, Rouie will summon a pair of wings dealing damage and knocking back enemies upon contact while increasing her team speed when stepped on for a short duration.

Rouie’s 2nd skill Void Portal will summon a circle that will teleport you and/or your teammates back to the base while instantly restoring them to the peak stage (enemies in contact won’t be affected nor dealt any damage).

Her ultimate Scared Ground will let her teleport allies in a designed location while increasing their attack speed within.

Floating Light is Rouie’s passive skill that increases her and one nearby ally's hero speed.

Despite having only 1 skill that deals some damage Rouie is an annoying hero to deal with due abilities to teleport her team anywhere on the map.

What makes Rouie Great:

  • Instant teleportations of your team throughout the map
  • Silences enemies
  • Movability

Rouie Lava Spawn Skin Spotlight - Garena AOV (Arena of Valor)


Now my main belief is that all heroes can change the battle outcome as long as the person playing knows the hero and its abilities well enough. Therefore I added more diverse heroes or heroes that deserve more love to this list and can wreak havoc in the battle just as well as Butterfly or any hero mentioned in the list.

And besides what can be more satisfying than getting bloodbath notification while playing support? Along with special voice lines too!

But that’s the end of the list folks. Hopefully, you have found it useful and fun to read. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion on the list below.

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