[Top 5] Arena of Valor Best Mages That Wreck Hard!

Enchant your enemies with the fox goddess

Mages are extremely important in any 5 vs 5 games that will initiate battles and push your team to victory with their skills and abilities.

Therefore let’s dive into the top 5 mage list of AOV!

1. D’Arcy

D’Arcy is a space mage that is suitable for more than the middle lane carry role due to his skills because he can also double as a jungler making him a great choice if you happen to get a troll as a teammate.

His 1st skill Dimensional Walk will grant you immunity to control effects and targeting. Your movement speed will be increased significantly and you will receive less damage while his normal attack will be enchanted.

D’Arcy’s second skill Dimensional Cube as the name suggests he will summon a cube at the targeted area that will explode and deal magic damage.

His 3rd skill Dimensional Portal will let you put a portal that will lock on enemies in the area and teleport them back no matter where they are on the map stunning them. If at least one enemy was affected D’Arcy can teleport to the portal’s location to deal dmg which will immediately reset his 2nd skill.

While his passive ability Dimensional Force will buff your 1st and 2nd skills as well as reset their cooldown once you gain enough Dimensional Energy.

Therefore if you wish to traverse through space and maybe jungle as a mage then try out D’Arcy. And if you wish to spice up the match even more pair him up with support hero Rouie to bring teleportations to a whole new level.

What makes D’Arcy great:

  • Can change dimensions to boost himself
  • Teleportation
  • High dmg dealing

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2. Marja

Marja is a mage who usually is not played as a middle lane hero, but a solo tank. Yes despite her being a mage she is mostly used for tanking due to her skillset.

Her first skill Dark Pulse will unleash a shockwave that will slow down enemies upon hitting them by a significant amount and inflict magic damage. Each enemy hero or/and mob hit will reduce her 2nd skill cooldown.

Marja’s 2nd skill Soul Devourer will let you heal yourself while inflicting damage every time you hit a hero or a non-hero.

Her ultimate skill Ghostwalk will let Marja morph into a phantom making her invincible, boosting her speed and dealing magic damage at the start and end of the morph while also silencing them when morphing back.

Marja’s passive ability Abyssal Might will buff her each time her 1st ability or ultimate hits an enemy and will let her gain Abyssal Mark that will boost her ability power and speed.

Usually, mages are one of the worst classes for close combat, but that is not the case for Marja due to her insane life-stealing skills and the fact that she doesn’t need any mana to cast them. Making her the tankiest mage in the game.

What makes Marja great:

  • Can tank
  • Strong life-stealing
  • Movability


3. Diaochan

Diaochan is an ice type mage that will freeze your enemies to death by immobilizing them for a long time.

Her 1st skill Chilling Frost will deal magic damage and slow down enemies upon contact by 50%.

Diamond Dust Diaochan’s second skill will let you freeze all enemies in the ability zone for a short duration. It can charge up to 2 uses.

Her ultimate skill Blizzard will let you summon blizzard around her while dealing magical dmg to the enemies within (any movement or skill casting will instantly cancel the ultimate). While casting Diaochan will gain armour and reduce enemy movement speed for those in the zone.

Her passive ability Ice Queen will let you gain a shield if you do not get any damage for 12 seconds that will cancel once any damage or control effected inflicted upon her.

Diaochan is an extremely powerful mage due to her freezing skill that lets her to heavily control her enemies. Making her a tuff opponent to face in group battles.

What makes Diaochan great:

  • Control
  • Damage
  • Passive that blocks 1 ability or damage

4. Zata

Zata is a mage that will let you oar high into the sky above your enemies and finish them off in a flash.

His first skill Eagle Screech will let you launch a magical missile that will deal damage to every enemy upon contact and explode at the end to deal even more damage.

Zata’s 2nd skill Twister will summon a cyclone at the targeted area and go back to the spot from where he summoned it. Slowing down and dealing damage to those who come in contact with. This skill can charge up to 2 times.

His ultimate skill is a bit complicated, but once you will get a hang of it you will be able to soar in the sky a lot during the match. Zata will spread his wings and will dash forward dealing magic dmg to enemies in his path. If you hit an enemy or use his 1st or 2nd skill you can dash again. If Zata hits an enemy in 3 consecutive dashes he will create a windstorm and soar into the sky (cannot be targeted while soaring) and will constantly attack enemies below him. An unsuccessful attempt to soar will reduce your ultimate cooldown depending on how many dashes you have performed. More dashes equal to lesser cooldown time.

Windstorm is his passive ability that will let you enhance every 3rd normal attack and if you hit an enemy with any of his skills you will cause his passive to activate reducing his ult cooldown.

Zata’s movability and great ability damage output will make you an extremely annoying enemy especially when they can’t touch you while you are flying high above them.

What makes Zata great:

  • Movability
  • Damage
  • Can gain invincible status for a while with his ult

5. Liliana

Liliana is a charming fox shapeshifter mage that can switch between melee and ranged attacks on convenience!

Her 1st skill Shining Light will let you deal area dmg on a chosen location in her range. If you hit 2 or more enemies your normal attack will get enchanted to deal additional damage.

Liliana’s 2nd skill Blinding Light will shoot a missile that will explode upon contact and stun them for a short period.

Her ultimate skill Unpredictable will make her charge and enter her fox form changing her 1st (replaced with Foxtrot) and 2nd (Leap of the Fox) abilities. While entering her fox form she will deal magical dmg to the enemies in her path, gaining “cannot be targeted” status as well as armour and magic defence, while switching to human form will grant her ability power boost.

Liliana’s passive ability Fox Form is a bonus for her ultimate that lets her have two forms that will boost her defences, speed and attack damage in her fox form.

What a mage she is. Having the ability to shift between two forms and choose her attack range depending on a situation can drastically change the outcome of the battle. Especially when her ultimate has an extremely short cooldown. Due to her ability to shapeshift, you can also take on an assassin role in times of need.

What makes Liliana great:

  • Can change from ranged to melee
  • Movability
  • Can double as a jungler


Mages that I have included in this list are very versatile and can adapt to the needs of battle or team situations on the go, making it easier to fill in our lovely AFK teammates, that we all hate, but have to face from time to time. Be it tanking or jungling.

But that’s the end of the list. Feel free to share your opinion on the list down below.

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