[Top 15] Arena of Valor Best Heroes For Each Role

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Have you ever been so angry at a hero you wished you could kill it physically? I have been so many times! When playing Arena of Valor, some heroes always get on my nerves and scare me because they’re one of the best. Are you new to AoV, or are you wondering what hero to purchase to increase your winning rate? I’ll list the heroes I think are the strongest and have the most incredible damage in AoV and why most players ban them in Ranked matches.


15. Lauriel (Mage)

Lauriel is the master of the Hall of Gospel. She may be a kind demigod but has zero tolerance for rule-breakers. 

Lauriel Pro Gameplay -  

Lauriel, the Archangel, is one of the best mages in AoV, with excellent mobility skills. Lauriel’s skill 1 (The wheel) creates a path that lights up for 1 second and deals damage to enemies in her direction. Her skill 2 (Blink) makes her untargetable as she moves closer to an enemy hero and deals significant damage. 

The most exciting fact about Lauriel is her ultimate (Smite). She summons a circle that lights up for 12 seconds, causing a reduction in the cooldown of her skills 1 and 2. If you’re within that circle, you should run for your life because the probability of exiting alive is very low!

This is because she moves so quickly it’s hard to attack her while she deals damage to you. It’s almost like she’s a ghost that keeps appearing and disappearing before you. Very crazy!

Why Lauriel is an excellent mage;

  • She regenerates. Anytime an enemy hero is hit by her passive four times, it creates a mark on them that causes an explosion. This explosion causes her hp to increase.
  • She lasts longer on the battlefield. Unlike other squishy heroes, she doesn’t die quickly, as her skills make her become untargetable during battles. Her health also increases during fights. 
  • High Damage. Lauriel’s damage isn’t precisely severe at the beginning of a match, but if she’s well-equipped, it becomes high; even Tank heroes have a hard time surviving.
  • Mobility. If you’re trying to catch up with Lauriel after exiting a battle, her skill 2 allows her to dash forward, creating a distance between her and the enemy hero. No matter how much you run, you won’t catch up. 


14. Amily (Warrior)

Amily is a former Shadow Hand member and now accepts mercenary jobs. In order to keep a low profile, she usually hides her real fighting prowess.

Amily Pro Gameplay - 


Even from the above picture, you can tell Amily is no joke. As she looks in the image, she deals damage. Her skill 1 releases a blade toward an enemy hero, dealing damage. The blade then returns to her, increasing her movement speed and hp. 

Amily’s skill 2 knocks off her enemies for a few seconds dealing a great deal of damage to them simultaneously. In her original form, her hair is short, but once you use her ultimate, she enters into a rage mode; her hair has no option but to grow long! It’s like keeping your feelings all locked up, and then suddenly, you explode on whoever is unlucky to appear before you. 

If you’re that enemy hero, you’re done for. This is because she becomes immune to attacks, increases her movement speed, and deals a large amount of magic damage. Amily is a strong warrior that can take out mages and sharpshooters in the blink of an eye. 

Why Amily is a great warrior;

  • She regenerates. This is a big plus to the team as she lasts longer during team fights. You might think you finally have your chance of killing her when she’s low on hp, but then she releases her blade, and you watch her hp increase right before you die. So annoying!
  • Mobility. She’s so strong you can achieve a triple kill quickly with her if you time it well. She can also run away fast when the fight isn’t favoring her. Is she brave or a coward?
  • Her Ultimate. This is called the rage mode and is suitable for starting team fights. The enemy heroes won’t know what hit them within a second.


13. Baldum (Tank/Support)

This monolith soldier of the forest guardians never gets tired. He has bones like steel and muscles like boulders with god-like strength.

Baldum Pro Gameplay - 

Baldum scares me from his looks alone! I always, I repeat, always ban him. He’s a tank that doesn’t die quickly, no matter how hard I try to kill him. I hate his skill 1 the most. He dashes forward to enemies in his path, hits them, and moves them behind him. If you’re unlucky, and this happens when his teammates surround him, just accept your death.

His skill 2 deals damage to enemies around and slows them down. Baldum’s ultimate is what is vital in team fights. He traps enemy heroes under the ground for a few seconds, immobilizing them and dealing damage. Just imagine you’re at the point of killing an enemy hero, and you suddenly can’t move! I would want to pull my hair out!

Why Baldum is a great tank;

  • Absorbs damage. As a tank, he takes most of the damage for the team.
  • Survivability. He just doesn’t die easily. He needs about two to three heroes to knock him out.
  • Team fights. Baldum is good at starting team fights with his skill 1, pushing the enemy heroes towards him.
  • Crowd control. His ultimate help is controlling crowds, as he can simultaneously trap all enemy heroes. This is very helpful if his team is losing and need to retreat. 


12. Astrid (Warrior/Assassin)

Astrid is the Duchess of Cassanova with great swordsmanship. While others guard the country, she guards the king!

Astrid Pro Gameplay - 

Astrid’s sword may look bigger than her, but she controls it best. She’s easy to play and deals severe damage to enemy heroes. You can decide to play her on the slayer lane or in the jungle. Her skill 1 (spin splash) allows her to swing her large sword and deal physical damage to enemies in her path.

Astrid’s skill 2 (fearless charge) allows her to dash in the direction of an enemy hero and enhance her normal attacks. For 3 seconds, she gains a shield and absorbs physical damage dealt to her. Her selling point is her ultimate (dire blow).

Her sword suddenly becomes so big it looks like she might trip over it. She always seems so funny carrying it while dressed in a ball gown. Once she uses her ultimate, she becomes invincible and gains super amour. She also deals actual damage to enemies and stuns them. Don’t waste your skills on her during this period because she won’t feel it.

Why Astrid is a great Warrior/Assassin;

  • Survivability. Her skill 2 grants her a shield and allows her to absorb damage. Astrid’s ultimate also reduces damage taken, increasing her chance of survival during fights.
  • Damage. If well-played and controlled, she deals an insane amount of damage to enemy heroes, especially the squishy ones.
  • Mobility. She has excellent mobility skills and is very strong during team fights.


11. Violet (Marksman)

Violet is a pistol assassin and mercenary that never misses her target! As a good drinker, she often had to carry drunk Valhein home.

Violet Pro Gameplay - 

Violet is an excellent adc for the Dragon lane with great mobility skills and high damage. You can call her a hunter that never misses her target. She has excellent aiming skills, which allows her to mark her target. Her skill 1 (Tactical fire) enables her to roll over and deal physical damage to enemies in her path.

Violet’s skill 2 (Fire in the hole) slows down enemies while damaging them. I love playing violet because of how she moves. I feel like an agent on a battlefield, holding two guns. What’s more, her Ultimate (Concussive rounds) allows her to launch a missile from a long distance that explodes on enemy heroes.

This is nice when enemy heroes are retreating, and there’s someone with a low hp. You can just target the hero and launch the missile. That hero is dropping dead. 

Why Violet is a great marksman;

  • High Damage. Her damage becomes exceptionally high from the mid to late period of the game. She just needs to stay behind a tank while clearing the enemy heroes.
  • Her mobility skills gained from skill 1 are great. She can either move forward or backward before launching an attack. She can also move through walls.
  • Considerable damages. Violet’s attacks allow her to deal damage to more than one hero at a time.
  • Finisher. Violet is an opportunity taker. She can quickly clear enemy heroes with low hp.


10. Murad (Assassin)

Murad, the Helios Empire prince, didn't care much about his appearance since he looked equally attractive in rags.

Murad Pro Gameplay - 

I love Murad but rarely play him because he’s such a difficult hero to control. This is because he’s 80% of the time invincible or untargetable. How would you feel facing such a hero? His skill 1 (Thorne of time) allows him to leave his shadow behind as he launches forward to attack an enemy hero. On the third dash, he returns to the position of his shadow.

So he’s right in your face one moment, and next, he’s not. His skill 2 also makes him untargetable as he deals magic damage to enemies within the circle he creates. Murad is a little difficult to play because you need to know the right time to launch an attack. This is because his ultimate isn’t always available unless his passive reach full stacks. 

Once you see the green light to use it, he deals 5 times more damage to enemies within his range. During this period, he is untargetable again. I got angry so many times for not always catching him, so guess what I did. I waited where he left his shadow behind because I knew he would return to that spot. Pretty clever, right?

But he still got away a few times! Why Murad is an excellent Assassin;

  • High Damage. Murad’s damage is insanely severe if he jungles well and has good support, especially with Aya.
  • Finisher. With his skill 1, he can launch a surprise attack on an enemy hero with low hp or even a squishy hero with full hp.
  • Survivor. His skill 1 allows him to return to his original position if he wishes to retreat from a battle. Also, when he attacks, he is untargetable, meaning he receives less damage.


9. Grakk (Tank/Support)

This tanky hero would grab your soul from your body with his long ranged hook and suck you into his belly.

Grakk Pro Gameplay - 

Grakk is such a dangerous and annoying tank. He’s banned 80% of the time in ranked matches. This is mainly because of his skill 2 and Ultimate. He’s like a well-fed hero that doesn’t just give up. His skill 1 slows down enemy heroes and deals minor magic damage to them.

Imagine farming on your own or even roaming next to your teammates, and suddenly someone drags you from there like a thief. That’s what Grakk’s skill 2 does. He targets an enemy hero, hooks and pulls him towards his fat belly. Immediately after he does that, his teammates launch attacks on that hero, giving the hero no chance of escaping. 

His skill 2 is indeed the Devil’s chain. Now, if you manage to break free from his hook, he can decide to use his ultimate. Grakk’s belly suddenly becomes a vacuum cleaner that keeps sucking and pulling you towards him. He stuns you repeatedly, dealing magic damage and allowing his teammates to feed on you. Sounds so annoying, right?

Why Grakk is a great tank and support;

  • Absorbs damage. As a tank, he plays a perfect role in absorbing damage on behalf of the team.
  • Great Crowd control. Grakk’s ultimate can control up to 5 enemy heroes at once.
  • Initiating team fights. Once he uses his ultimate to control enemy heroes, his teammates can take it as a signal to engage in team fights.
  • Great support. His skill 2 allows him to grab heroes as his teammates clear them. I always have high blood pressure whenever I see his hook directed at me. It scares the shit out of me every single time.


8. Elsu (Marksman)

Elsu is a Mildar Guardian and an exceptional sniper. You will never see him fight without his falcon by his side.

Elsu Pro Gameplay - 

Elsu is like those snipers you see hiding on the rooftop of a building in action movies. He plays the role of a marksman and belongs to the dragon lane. You can never see him on the battlefield but in the background. His first feature is the ability to become invisible behind obstacles like towers.

This is quite useful when he wants to aim at a target. His skill 1 (Sentinel) allows him to place a device that grants the vision to see everything within its range. Elsu’s skill 2 (Snipe) is the real deal. He can aim at a target a long distance away from him, dealing high damage and slowing the hero down.

He can use this skill every 16 seconds before the cooldown time. I remember when one of my teammates was retreating, and suddenly I saw him drop dead in the blink of an eye. How his hero dropped from being sniped by Elsu was so funny.

Finally, Elsu’s ultimate causes him to leap backward and launch a bullet in the direction of an enemy hero. He deals damage to the hero and slows them down.

Why Elsu is a great marksman;

  • Damage. His damage is severe from the beginning of the game and becomes higher after leveling up.
  • Vision. Elsu can clearly visualize enemies within range thanks to his skill 1
  • Finisher. Elsu is the best as clearing heroes with low hp. This is because skill 2 allows him to mark a target no matter the distance and snipe the target.
  • Survivability. As it’s rare to see him amid a fight, his chances of survival go up a little. He mainly stays behind his teammates or towers to deal damage.


7. Paine (Assassin)

Despite his weird love for afternoon teas, Paine is still Carano Academy's most terrifying professor!

Paine Pro Gameplay - 

Paine looks like he walked right out of a webtoon series. I’ll admit he’s good-looking, but he definitely isn’t merciful. Paine’s skill 1 (Soul tidings) enables him to move quickly in the joystick direction and deals magic damage to whichever hero he passes.

His skill 2 (Elegy) allows him to attack nearby enemies and regain his energy if he’s still within the circle. Most players hate his ultimate (Acknowledge) and are always on the lookout for when he uses it. This is because he launches from a distant location to his target area and deals damage to whoever is in his path.

It’s so annoying because you never see him coming! He also gains a super amour by dealing magic damage to enemy heroes.

Why Paine is an excellent Assassin;

  • Damage. If Paine has marked you, just surrender! He never lets go. He deals an insane amount of damage to targeted heroes and also heroes with the range of his attacks.
  • Finisher. Paine can be a pain in the ass as he comes from no wear to clear enemy heroes with low hp. He does so within the blink of an eye, especially with his ultimate.
  • Survivability. As a mobility hero, his skills allow him to move a lot, so he can retreat after dealing damage to enemy heroes.


6. Krixi (Mage)

This pretty pixie is the leader of the forest guardians and has one of the best voices in Elborne Woods.

Krixi Pro Gameplay - 

Krixi is just like the pretty fairies you see in fairytales. She is an easy hero to control and is good at harassing enemy heroes. Her skill 1 (Mischief) allows her wings to fly forward and deals magic damage to enemies it touches. 

Her skill 2 (Nature’s wrath) throws enemy heroes in the air, stunning them and dealing magic damage simultaneously. She can stun up to three heroes at once. Krixi’s ultimate (Celestial priest) allows her to summon a large circle that deals damage to nearby enemies repeatedly. She also gains movement speed.

This is usually beneficial during team fights. Why Krixi is an excellent mage;

  • Harass. She’s great at harassing enemy heroes with her skill 2 as she knocks them up. 
  • Initiator. As a harasser, she’s good at initiating team fights.
  • Damage. Krixi deals high damage from the match's beginning, which increases after leveling up. During late games, her skill 1 and 2 is enough to kill a squishy hero.


5. Aya (Support)

Aya is a forest idol and Athanor's biggest star. For her first concert, all elves were coerced to attend by Krixi!

Aya Pro Gameplay - 

 Aya is like the baby of AoV that everyone loves but hates simultaneously. When on your team, it's a plus, but if you’re facing her, then you’ve got to sit tight. This is because she can mount on any of her teammates to act as a support. This automatically makes it difficult to kill any hero paired with her.

Her skill 1 (Sound breaker) launches a projectile that deals little magic damage to enemies within it and slows them down. Aya’s skill 2 (Idol love) allows her to possess any team hero of her choice. Also, she grants the possessed hero a shield that lasts for 6 seconds and reduces damage taken by half. This allows her to protect her team heroes easily.

Aya’s Ultimate (Forest song) casts a big circle as she sings attractively. Enemy heroes in the circle for 2 seconds transform into mini balls. This increases the speed of the possessed hero as she deals magic damage to enemies. 

Why Aya is a good support;

  • Possession and protection. Aya can possess any team hero, which makes her quite flexible. She also serves as a shield for her teammates.
  • Crowd control. Aya can transfigure up to 5 enemy heroes found within the circle of her ultimate. Her teammates gain the upper hand and can launch attacks on the enemies.
  • Survivability. Aya rarely dies in a match. This is because she is always possessing a hero. After the hero dies, she can move to another target. Also, after taking severe damage, she transforms into her original form and becomes untargetable for a few seconds.


4. Capheny (Marksman)

Capheny is a machinist who thinks that the best hairstyle is wearing two ponytails. She is great at fighting and also picking locks.

Capheny Pro Gameplay - 

Look at Capheny’s gun. It’s obvious she’s no joke. It’s best to attack her by surprise because she deals damage before you can even get close.

Capheny’s skill 1 has two modes; a Pulse shot and a Rapid shot. For pulse shot, her normal attack has a penetration effect that deals a large amount of damage to enemies hit. She can only use it 5 times before the next cooldown. In contrast, rapid shot allows her to shoot continually, dealing physical damage to enemies. 

She keeps dealing damage while moving, which shows her excellent mobility skills. Her skill 2 (Armorbreaker) increases her movement speed as she gains an armor penetration effect. For her ultimate, she releases a series of bullets toward enemies in her path, dealing a large amount of physical damage. She can move while using this skill.

Why Capheny is a great marksman;

  • Mobility. Capheny can deal damage to enemies while moving. She could be retreating from a battle and dealing damage to enemies trying to pursue her.
  • Damage. Her damage level is relatively high due to her skill 1 and Ultimate. With good support, she can quickly kill enemy heroes.
  • Ultimate. Capheny’s Ultimate damages all the enemies in her path and is very beneficial during team fights.


3. Zata (Mage/Assassin)

Breaking the shackles of all dark wings is Zata's greatest wish. 

Zata Pro Gameplay - 

Zata looks like he belongs in an anime movie. He’s one of the most difficult heroes to play and master in AoV. Once you get the hang of it, it’s over for the opposing team. His skill 1 (Eagle Screech) allows him to launch a magic missile that explodes and deals damage to enemies at the end of it.

His second skill (Twister) enables him to cast a spell that moves back and forth, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes. All these sounds easy until it’s time to use his Ultimate(Ascend), and then you will know how annoying it is when you don’t get the hang of it.

You need to time it right when using his ultimate. This is because he dashes forward and deals damage to enemies in his path. If correctly used, he can dash up to three times, ascending to the sky and becoming untargetable. He deals 10 times more magic damage to all the enemies below him.

Crazy how you just watch him deal damage to you but can’t even do anything to him! Why Zata is a great Mage/Assassin;

  • Mobility. Zata has excellent mobility skills and so is very strong during team fights.
  • Damage. His magic damage is high from the beginning of the game and increases after leveling up.
  • Ultimate. His ultimate makes him untargetable and therefore immune to damage taken during that period. He can also attack enemies within a tower during this period.


2. Yena (Warrior)

Yena, the Crescent Maiden, has been voted the dream partner of a lot of revolutionaries because of her pretty face and fair skin.

Yena Pro Gameplay - 

Yena is another complicated hero to play because of her skills. She may look innocent but is guilty when it comes to dealing damage. She’s difficult to play because her ultimate (full moon/half moon) allows her to switch Skills 1 and 2. So basically, she has four skills. 

Before switching to the full moon, her skill 1 allows her to charge in an enemy hero's direction and return, dealing physical damage. For skill 2, she throws a flying object in her target's direction, slowing them down while also dealing damage.

After full moon launches, her two swords merge. Her new skill 1 allows her to charge up before dealing damage to enemies in her path and knocking them up. For her skill 2, she charges slowly in the target's direction and swings her sword four times, dealing damage each time and knocking them up. 

She can switch between them when attacking, giving her enemies no chance to devise a counterplan! Why Yena is a great warrior;

  • Mobility. As a mobility hero, she’s powerful during team fights and even when facing squishy heroes one-on-one.
  • Damage. If well equipped, her damage becomes very high as she deals physical damage to enemy heroes.
  • Ultimate. Yena ‘s Ultimate allows her to switch between half and full moon, so once she starts attacking, there’s no stopping!


1. Butterfly (Assassin)

Butterfly is a mercenary, and her sword is also known as death's whisper. She secretly keeps a list of people's names she intends to kill.

Butterfly Pro Gameplay - 

Butterfly is a pretty but dangerous assassin. You can see it in her eyes. If she’s well-equipped, she can easily take out squishy heroes. Unlike Yena, who is a mobility hero, Butterfly is a finisher. She never starts team fights.

She belongs in the jungle to level up and increase her damage output. Her skill 1 (Whirlwind) allows her to swing her sword in front of her, increasing her movement speed while dealing damage. She also gains a shield. Her skill 2 (Sword propel) enables her to deal physical damage to enemies in her path and also slows them down.

Butterfly’s ultimate (Backstab) allows her to backstab enemy heroes and mark them. Her hp increases while the mark is in effect. Every time she uses this skill, my head hurts physically because of the force put into it. 

Why Butterfly is an excellent Assassin;

  • Finisher. Once most of the damage has been dealt by her teammates, Butterfly can launch an attack to finish up the enemy heroes.
  • Ultimate. If she successfully kills an enemy with her Ultimate, the cooldown time resets. This means she can launch an attack on another enemy hero, and it goes on like that. It works best when the enemy heroes are low on hp.
  • Damage. She deals excellent physical damage when well-equipped and leveled up. Squishy heroes are a piece of cake to her at this point.


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