[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Attack Items

Best attack items in Mobile Legends 2022, attack items for mobile legends heroes
Heighten your hero's power with the best items!

Do you also want to become the best damage dealer in the Land of Dawn?

Being a damage dealer is never easy. The weight and pressure in knowing that the game will be a complete disaster if you fail to do your job can be quite stressful. 

As much as teams rely on defense, the offense is also as important. So for today, there is no need for you to scroll down on the equipment section and check on the item list one by one because we will do all of that for you. 

Written below are the best attack items in Mobile Legends that will definitely make your hero dangerous and destructive.


10. Demon Hunter Sword

Destroy Tank enemies with Demon Hunter Sword!

This item is best for fighting tanks. Demon Hunter Sword can be equipped by heroes with very high Attack Speed or those who can use their basic attack several times.

Most of the time, this is seen equipped by marksman heroes, such as Hanabi and Layla. When this is used, your basic attack will deal 9% of the target's current HP as additional physical damage. Also, each of your basic attacks will be granted a 3% physical lifesteal for three seconds. That can even be stacked up to five times!

If that isn't lethal already, then I don't know what is. Better use this item when your enemy is a very thick tank, like Hylos or Belerick.

What makes Demon Hunter Sword Great for Attack:

  • Tank Killer
  • Enhances physical lifesteal of the hero
  • Increases damage output

Demon Hunter Sword Details:

  • +35% Physical Attack
  • +25% Attack Speed


9. Corrosion Scythe

Want to attack at a very fast rate? Buy this.

If you want to increase your attack speed solely, then Corrosion Scythe is the perfect item for you. This item brings you the most amount of attack speed out of all available items. Each time your basic attack deals damage to enemies, your attack speed increases by 8%, which can be stacked up to five times!

Not only that, but it also reduces the target's movement speed. If we take into consideration the power of Corrosion Scythe, we'd understand that melee heroes better benefit from this than ranged heroes since their slowing effect isn't reduced.

Wanwan and Karrie are the best fit for this item since they really need very high attack speed to maximize their skills.

What makes Corrosion Scythe Great for Attack:

  • Can slow enemies
  • Increases your basic attack damage
  • Increases your hero’s attack speed

Corrosion Scythe Details:

  • +50% Physical Attack
  • +5% Movement SPD
  • +25% Attack Speed


8. Windtalker

The hidden ingredient for every marksman.

Windtalker is the secret formula for most attack damage heroes, regardless of the enemy lineup. This attack item provides the highest movement speed, and it's unique passive also deals magic damage. 

The item is usually used by marksman heroes like Miya, Irithel, and Layla because they are frequently the assassin's prey. Windtalker is a big help in improving  your mobility and offensive attributes in the game.

What makes Windtalker Great for Attack:

  • Increases movement speed
  • Basic attack triggers splash

Windtalker Details:

  • +10% Crit Chance
  • +20 Movement SPD
  • +40% Attack Speed


7. Golden Staff

Only a few can maximize Golden Staff's power.

Golden Staff is great for you if you're a Karrie or Badang user. Basically, this item is perfect for heroes whose basic attacks have special effects and rely heavily on their passive stacks. 

When your hero has already maximized the fullest potential of their passive skill, they will become difficult to kill. However, only a few heroes can really benefit from Golden Staff, so make sure you are equipping it to the right one.

Other heroes that are also perfect for this item are Roger, Thamuz, Claude, and Sun. 

What makes Golden Staff Great for Attack:

  • Enhances basic attack
  • Raises your attack speed of up to 100% after every two non-critical basic attacks

Golden Staff Details:

  • +65% Physical Attack
  • +15% Attack Speed


6. Wind of Nature

Be indestructible for a second!

If you ever wished to be spared from any damages, even just for a second, then Wind of Nature might help you. 

This item is best for marksman heroes against high burst physical damage heroes like Granger, Helcurt, Aldous, or Hayabusa since you will be granted immunity against all physical damage for two seconds. 

The only thing to remember about Wind of Nature is it requires perfect timing and control. The item must be activated at the right time.Click the Wind of Nature’s icon when you're already a second away from being attacked. 

What makes Wind of Nature Great for Attack:

  • Immunity from any physical damage for some time
  • Increases attack speed and physical lifesteal 

Wind of Nature Details:

  • +30% Physical Attack
  • +10% Physical lifesteal 
  • +20% Attack Speed


5.Sea Halberd

Against healing enemies? Sea Halberd is the key!

If you're up against Rafaela or Esmeralda, you might as well try this item. Sea Halberd negates the regen effects of enemy heroes. 

It's as if you're draining your enemy just by a mere basic attack! Sea Halberd is almost used in every game because it contributes not just for defense but also for offense of an attack hero.

What makes Sea Halberd Great for Attack:

  • Reduces healing and shield effects of enemies
  • Gives a considerable amount of physical damage and attack speed

Sea Halberd Details:

  • +80% Physical Attack
  • +25% Attack Speed


4. Malefic Roar

Penetrate and destroy your enemies. 

Malefic Roar is great against tanks or fighters with high physical defense skills, especially those that can last long in team fights. 

Also, it ignores 20% of a turret's defense. Each point of your opponent's physical defense will increase your physical penetration by 0.05%, and this is capped at 20%

What makes Malefic Roar Great for Attack:

  • Punishes enemy frontlines severely
  • Gives the highest physical penetration among these items

Malefic Roar Details:

  • +60% Physical Attack


3. Berserker's Fury

Enhance you damage when you equip this.

Berserker's Fury is an excellent item for heroes to improve their critical chance and damage. By equipping this item, the critical hits will increase your hero's physical attack by 5% for two seconds!

When you use this for burst physical heroes, you can immediately kill enemies in just two to three hits! 

What makes Berserker's Fury Great for Attack:

  • Grants the highest critical damage among all items
  • Improves your critical effects

Berserker's Fury Details:

  • +65% Physical Attack
  • +25% Crit Chance


2. Endless Battle

A one-stop-shop for damage dealers.

Endless Battle is definitely one of the most useful items for attack heroes because it adds true damage. When you use this, the hero’s basic attack will be triggered by each skill cast. 

After using a skill, its user's next basic attack will deal additional true damage as much as 60% of physical attack with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. Not only that, it also increases the user's movement speed by 10%. 

This is why Endless Battle has been regarded as a one-stop shop. This provides almost everything that any hero needs in order to win a game—HP, cooldown, movement speed, and physical lifesteal!

What makes Endless Battle Great for Attack:

  • It enhances all the necessary and essential statistics 
  • Improves basic attack

Endless Battle Details:

  • +250 HP 
  • +65 Physical Attack 
  • +10% Physical Lifesteal 
  • +5 Mana Regen 
  • +10% CD Reduction 
  • +5% Movement SPD


1. Blade of Despair

Be even more powerful at the latter part of the game with Blade of Despair.

We are already down to our last entry, and it is none other than Blade of Despair. More than the fact that it is the most expensive item on the list, it also gives a lot of benefits when equipped—living up to its worth, of course!

Given that it costs so much more, it is often bought in the latter part of the game. Basically, this is the final item of most attack heroes, a catalyst to make them even more deadly. 

Blade of Despair deals a significant amount of damage that would surely make your hero indestructible.

What makes Blade of Despair Great for Attack:

  • Gives the highest physical attack among all items
  • Its passive takes effect even before damage is inflicted

Blade of Despair Battle Details:

  • +160 Physical Attack 
  • +5% Movement SPD




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