[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Hero To Solo Rank Up!

Shadow King Hayabusa

Solo rank is a nightmare for players across PVP games, you never know who you'll end up getting matched with, and more often than not you get a feeder and an AFK player. All you can do is trust yourself to carry these freeloaders. Dread-no-more with these 10 heroes that can boost you up the ranks even when playing solo!

10. Fanny (Assassin/Jungler) 

Cables and swords work like a charm

With unparalleled mastery of her cables, Fanny swiftly roams around the map and takes kills, objectives, and jungle as she pleases. What makes her an awesome solo rank hero is her highly independent nature where she doesn't have to always be accompanied by the tank or support to maximize her potential.

As a Fanny user, full judgment falls on the player on how he wants to strategize against the enemy. When you use her you can quickly swoop in for the kills and cable out to safety even before your enemies have a chance to retaliate.

She truly is a jaw-dropping unit. What's even more awesome is that her mobility is almost unparalleled in the game. Imagine being so agile that enemies can't catch up even with their flickers! Lastly, her skill cap is so high that possibilities for outplay are endless! Truly an amazing and one-of-a-kind assassin! 

Why Fanny is great for solo rank-up

  • Her mobility allows the user to do what he pleases, you can quickly assist your team in team fights even without early shot calls
  • Her burst damage is crazy! Makes it easier for you to carry the team by obliterating the enemy
  • Fast jungling abilities allow you to increase your resources and steal the enemy teams' putting them at a great disadvantage. 

See Fanny in Action: Super Aggressive Fanny Savage Gameplay!! -MLBB


9. Chou (Fighter | EXP Lane)

Kickin' everyone to their graves

Chou, the "Kung Fu Boy," is an exceptional solo hero for ranking up in Mobile Legends, celebrated for his versatility, crowd control abilities, and strong initiation potential. As a fighter and tank hybrid, Chou possesses a wide array of skills that make him a formidable force on the battlefield. Here are five compelling reasons why Chou is a top-tier solo hero:

An outstanding hero to climb the high ranks in Mobile Legends; his versatility, multiple crowd control abilities, and amazing initiation potential have been a player base favorite since the beginning. Chou’s showcase of his Kung Fu prowess allows players to brandish their abilities in the Land of Dawn. Often dubbed the king of freestyle, players can use his skills for pokes, pick-offs, knock-ups, and even taunting enemies. His multi-attack combo presents an excellent opportunity for players to show their mastery.

A top-tier solo hero with the versatility to take on the EXP Lane and the Roaming position. Chou has already been power-creeped by the new heroes in the game, but his high skill cap makes him a priority pick even for pro players. He can survive solo but he will definitely tilt the playing field during team fights!

Why Chou is Good for Solo Rank Up:

  • Chou has incredible versatility that allows its user to adjust their playstyle based on the situation and the needs of their team. He can take on different roles and showcase his abilities in each.
  • He is a highly mobile hero; his mobility allows him to be an excellent teammate who can roam around the map swiftly, contributing to map vision and positioning control.
  • Chou has a high skill cap that allows users to do outplays depending on their abilities.
  • Chou’s Passive grants him a shield that increases his survivability which is vital if the user tries to make plays that require him to position in vulnerable positions.

See Chou in Action: CHOU BEST BUILD 1HIT IN SOLO RANK 2023


8. Beatrix (Marksman | Gold Lane)

Queen of high precision loadouts

Ready to give you some gunslinging action, this wonderful marksman brandishes her multiple weapons blasting off her enemies from a distance. This hero is highly sought after by solo players because of her high versatility, and ability to conform to a player's playstyle by switching her active weapons.

Her abundant choice of weapons allows her to excel in multiple aspects in the game indefinitely making her shine in the end. Assassinate enemies with her sniper and fast clear minion waves with her AoE and solo carry your team to victory by switching between roles and maximizing your hero potential.

High solo play potential because of her skills and kit, Beatrix can outplay enemy heroes due to her skill options having high damage and a dash.

Why Beatrix is Good for Solo Rank Up:

  • High burst damage and quick ult refresh by switching weapons. Her ability to switch weapons and have her ultimate reset allows her to blast continuous combos preventing enemy plays
  • She has a really good laning ability by switching between her guns, her handguns quickly clear minion waves while her shotgun can take down turrets fast
  • With low teammate reliance, her ranged attacks can survive the whole game even without proper team assistance as long as her user has a high mastery of her abilities. As long as the game carries on to the late phase, Beatrix will be able to handle damage and sustain herself.



7. Granger (Marksman | Gold Lane)

The musical menace

The Bounty Hunter Granger is an exceptional marksman hero who has a well-balanced set of skills that allows him to excel as a solo unit on the battlefield. His ability to not require mana makes him perfect for solo skirmishes that let him blast his enemies continuously. To add to this, his dash makes a vital impact on his playstyle which allows him to play aggressively and have a saved skill to dash out when necessary. His range and burst damage blow just right through the enemy defenses.

Use Granger as a solo player and feel the harmony of his attacks symphony, truly beautiful but deadly! Use his ranged attacks to burst down your foes and show them your quick gunslinging action with your dash and quick reload. His abilities will let you thrive in the arena with or without your teammates by your side. The hunter also brings a powerful late-game action that can hyper-carry a team to victory!

Why Granger is good for Solo Rank Up:

  • Long-ranged play, his long-range abilities lets Granger play the field at a safe distance while still dishing out heavy damage. Distance gives safety on this battlefield.
  • High burst damage allows him to take objectives and shave off large chunks of HP from his enemies
  • No requirement of mana opens up opportunities for continuous skill combos and more flexibility in his kit
  • High snowball potential that can carry a team to victory if the game reaches the late phase where Granger has his build completed
  • Escape ability, his skill grants the hunter mobility and a chance for escape, a solid skill for outplaying the enemy team.

See Granger in Action: GRANGER Is Now Untouchable | Global #0 Grabger Build & New Emblem | MLBB


6. Gusion (Assassin | Jungle)

Knives Out!

Gusion "The Holy Blade" is an exceptional assassin that solo carries a game in Mobile Legends. His unrivaled combo is potential and his high skill ceiling allows him to serve the purpose of assassinating all enemies in his sight.

His solo prowess is showcased as he takes high KDAs in matches in the jungle role. By using bushes and his massively high burst damage output, enemy pick-offs become child's play to this hero.

Master his combo, timing, and execution, and see how fast this hero will climb you up the MLBB ranks.

Reasons why Gusion is awesome for solo rank:

  • His assassin role gives him high snowball potential by being able to secure kills early in the game, able to gain his team advantage throughout.
  • High burst damage and a seamless combo of attacks can disrupt enemy strategies and give ally heroes the upper hand
  • His high wave-clearing abilities make him a fast laner and can push lanes fast.

See Gusion in Action: BEST USEFUL GUSION COMBO WHEN YOU CHASE ENEMY!! | Gusion Tutorial


5. Kagura (Mage | Mid Lane)

Wielder of the enchanted seimei umbrella

A swift and powerful mage channeling her abilities with her enchanted seimei umbrella, Kagura brings the surprise factor in every game. By using Kagura, all you really have to do is maximize the hidden potential of bushes, find strategic hiding locations and surprise your enemies with your burst combo. By the time they see the umbrella, the damage has most likely already been done.

She is an awesome mid-lane solo hero because her damage is enough to burst down enemies solo. She doesn't need assists but rather she is a perfect hero that assists the entire team. Taking down rivals is her calling and it is exactly what she does during a game.

She may be one of the best heroes for solo rank but she definitely is far from being the easiest, Her combos require skill and concentration but it deliver amazing results when executed to perfection.

Reasons why Kagura is awesome for solo rank:

  • She adds the surprise factor in the game by using the most used Kagura strategy which is camping then bursting down enemies.
  • Her high damage ability heightens the nerves of the enemy limiting their ability to make solid in-game decisions
  • She has the damage and the sustain from her passive making her a well-balanced hero non reliant on her team

See Kagura in Action: Kagura Best Build 2023 [ Kagura Top 1 Global Gameplay ] •|мιкαѕα - Mobile Legends


4. Lancelot (Assassin | Jungle)

A dashing slayer

A high-pick jungler in the MLBB arena, Lancelot has been a favorite by assassin users because of his ability to chain his combo dashes almost endlessly. His Phantom Execution is a deadly weapon that enemies are wary of. Lancelot in solo rank is a good choice because of his high damage output and equally high mobility. The fusion of his characteristics makes him a great hero even without nearby allies at any moment.

Lancelot is one of the best junglers if you are playing solo since his split-second immortality from his first skill allows his users to make risky plays possible like stealing the crucial jungle objectives. Use Lance to engage and disengage in skirmishes by using his unli dash ability.

Lancelot is quite frankly what one would call a slippery hero, his skills are so good that catching him just becomes a frustration to his enemies. Truly an awesome hero for solo gaming.

Reasons why Lancelot is awesome for solo rank:

  • A combination of high mobility and high burst damage opens up a good outplay potential
  • Split pushing ability is high due to his high mobility which allows him to spawn quicker around the map
  • Mobility allows for high survivability crucial for games with no team comms
  • High damage output that can be used to burst down enemies and put their team to a great disadvantage. 

See Lancelot in Action: Tank Meta Is Dead! Impure Rage Lance Build [ Top 1 Global Lancelot ] I'm here, mommy. Mobile Legends


3. Ling (Assassin | Jungle)

Wall traversing god

Ling is a really strong early-game assassin. His main advantage is his second skill which allows him to roam on top of the walls in the map. This provides exceptional mobility and immunity from some attacks. His wall walking ability and high damage output make him perfect for split pushing, his mobility is top tier making him hard to catch up to. 

Ling's skill combination also gives him quite an unfair advantage, his ultimate allows him to engage in fights or escape clashes since it has a knock up effect. His skill combo makes him a formidable enemy on his own, able to handle himself across the map dealing significant damage and disruption. 

The only downside to playing him solo is his dependence on the blue buff but this can be easily solved by letting your teammates know that you need the buff. Get the buff and let ling fly in the sky to your heart's content. Steal objectives and secure turtles even without your teammates with his awesome skills! 

Reasons why Ling is awesome for solo rank:

  • Strong 1v1 presence due to his combination of skills that grant him both the mobility and damage output
  • Split-pushing king with his high-tier ability to skip on top of walls making it 100x easier to reach the far ends of the map
  • With high burst damage, he can take down enemies with his combo even without backup
  • High potential for stealing objectives, he is one hero you need to look out for since he can travel to the lord area fast and strike from the walls. 

See Ling in Action: SAVAGE + MANIAC! Deadly No.1 Ling [ Top 1 Global Ling ] 憎|Limbo|愛 - Mobile Legends Emblem And Build


2. Valentina (Mage | Mid Lane)

I'll show you whose better

The shapeshifting Valentina is as versatile as a hero could get. With her uniquely awesome ability to mimic enemy ultimates, she brings a great presence of threat to the battlefield. Her double dash and damage skill also make a perfect skill for solo players. She makes aggressive pokes possible without endangering herself by having her dashes reserved for disengaging.

Valentina rules and massively affects the drafts due to her ultimate skill. This prevents enemies from picking OP heroes that she can easily imitate. This is perfect for solo queues where meta enemies are hard to handle without communication. By using Valentina, you minimize the enemy options, quickly giving your team an advantage from the get-go.

What makes Valentina good for solo rank:

  • Valentina has a high damage output that significantly shaves off enemy HP whenever she pokes them, forcing them to retreat therefore gaining ample time for her team's advantage
  • Her ultimate limits the hero options of enemies; Wanwan, Estes, Atlas, and Faramis will most likely not be picked giving your team breathing room when drafting
  • She can carry a team, which is massively important when playing solo. If you ever get paired up with a bad team, maximize Valentina's high damage and high mobility; escape tight situations and get pick-offs using your ultimate.



1. Zilong (Fighter | EXP Lane)

Turret destroyer

Admittedly Zilong leaves a negative impact on most players nowadays since Zilong players without skill have been rampant recently. But don't worry, we're here to showcase his promising abilities.

First, Zilong is a very easy-to-use hero with a straightforward set of skills that don't rely much on precision and strategic combos. What makes Zilong amazing for solo queue games is his ability to push towers so fast that he can take down bases if left unchecked. Now that's an awesome solo hero!

Forget about team clashes, jungle objectives, and all. With Zilong on your team, the match can tip on your side at any point in the game. His super-fast attack speed and high damage make him an annoying enemy that can easily pick off key enemy players like the marksman and the mages. Nothing like a good ol' dash-kill-repeat with Zilong!

What makes Zilong a good hero for solo rank:

  • High mobility, attack speed, and damage make him almost the best hero for quickly taking down turrets which is one of the main objectives in the game
  • His burst damage as an assassin is a crucial step to taking down vital damage dealers from the enemy team
  • His super-fast attack speed holds up against most enemies in a 1v1 if his combo is executed perfectly
  • He can steal enemy jungles and objectives, paralyzing the formation and strategy of the enemy team.


Try them out and let us know how far these heroes carried you up the ranks!

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