[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Fun Heroes To Play

In this article, we reveal the best heroes that are fun to play!

Looking for a fun to play heroes that will add up a spice and exciting parts when playing? Maybe you want to satisfy your cravings of winning? Possibly, you want to relax and chill after being exhausted of using complex heroes or you just want to bully and annoy someone. Then this guide is perfectly made for you!

10. Johnson with Flameshot - (Mage)


Ready your seatbelt because first on the list is the fast and furious guy who'll make your enemies scream in frustration. 

Driving safely is a mandatory rule but not on Johnson. Johnson's rule is to drive, hit and run leaving his enemies to spawn on their beloved base and it's pretty possible if you equip him with damage items. 

Recently, damage Johnson became a trend on TikTok where this Filipino content creator (Early Bird Gaming) shares how he smashed enemies using full magic damage item Johnson. Johnson doesn't need Odette, Bane nor any damage heroes because Johnson is damage himself. He used not your usual battle spell on Johnson. It's not Flicker, it's not Vengeance but Flameshot to steal enemies' jungle monsters.

What you need to consider when using Johnson is familiarity with the map. It's either you'll hit and erase your enemy or you will be a team's burden and heavy to carry. It's fun trolling around the map if you are fully familiar with walls for a secure and surprise kill. 

Thus, one hit delete is not only for Beatrix because it's not even impossible with Johnson. Watching your enemies scream of frustration while you're just driving around the map is always a fun encounter. It is because they consider you as a death threat seeing you driving nearby. It's always been one moment in time. 

What Makes Johnson Fun:

  • Undeniably fast movement speed.
  • Crashing an enemy at the speed of light is cool and great!
  • He can carry someone on his back. Perfect for ganking.


9. Beatrix - (Marksman)

One-hit delete is soooooo fun! 


(Shotgun and Sniper)

Next is the hero that I mentioned earlier, Beatrix. She is the queen of one hit-delete. She helps enemies go back on their base without spending so much effort because for her, helping others is an act of kindness and it shows friendliness. Beatrix, with her lovely Shotgun can bring back enemies to their beloved tower in just one BANG! 

After being nerfed, Beatrix remains one of the most dangerous heroes to be encountered on the lane and this makes her fun to play. It's always been a pleasure every time you knock enemies down using Beatrix. 

Seeing them beg for your mercy, or they'll recruit a tank or support to help them out, or change lanes just to save their battle record has never been out of style with Beatrix. This makes her in the top 8 of the most fun-to-use heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

What Makes Beatrix Fun:

  • It's always a one-shot, one-kill.
  • She's annoying because of her gun "Renner" which has a slow effect on enemies plus an exceptional range and damage. 
  • She deals unbelievable damage that's why she holds the title of "one hit, delete". 


8. Ruby - (Tank/Fighter)

Ahoooo, Ruby can capture you.


There are no dull moments when playing Ruby. Imagine you're in low health and the moment you hook 5 enemies at a time can bring back your health into full HP even without killing them. It is the most satisfying scene you can experience with Ruby. This made her on top 8 of our most fun-to-play heroes. She can annoy anyone with her crowd control skills added by a lifesteal ability. 

However, you can encounter difficulty in using her. Her combo with flicker isn't not that easy but when mastered correctly, it's a pleasure seeing your enemies pour down all of their skills on you but still you're standing strong among the rest. 

What Makes Ruby Fun:

  • •Has the dashing ability, she can frustrate enemies that want her to die.
  • Has a crazy lifesteal. This makes her fun to play during team fights, especially in 1 vs. 5 situations.
  • She's tanky. She can prolong team fights. 


7. Benedetta - (Assassin)

Dash, Dash, Dash. Isn't it fun to see your enemies crash?

Crazy Skills !! Benedetta Montage Top Global Mobile Legends

Dashing is her ability. Her three skills give her unlimited dash. This makes her fun to play as she can dash to annoy her enemies making her hard to capture and kill.

Enemies should be very careful because she can turn the battle in her favor. Even though Benedetta is running out of life, it's either she'll dash to save her life or she'll dash to turn the table down. Her slow effect can make it possible because it gives her additional speed while slowing enemies and a great opportunity to slash enemies down while she deals great damage output, especially during her passive activation. She makes the impossible possible.

It's the user who limits Benedetta's ability. When you are using Benedetta, you should think beyond the box. You should decide an unpredictable decision that can't be predicted by your opponent. In short, to experience satisfying and fun gameplay YOU. SHOULD. BE. A. WISE. THINKER. 

What Makes Benedetta Fun:

  • Annoying skills.
  • Enemies find her hard to capture for a secure skill.
  • Great damage output.


6. Balmond - (Fighter)

He doesn't have a killer smile but he has killer skills that can kneel you down in one smash! 

21 Kills!! Balmond Critical Build is Finally Back On META!! - Build Top 1 Global Balmond ~ MLBB

Yes, Balmond can kill enemies slowly. When you use him you just swirl swirl swirl like a tornado until the enemy's HP will be back to zero. That's how easy Balmond is. That is the reason why he's one of our top 6 most fun-to-play heroes. 

He is great for beginners as he's the easiest hero to use. Good for exp-lane, perfect for jungle. He contributes great damage while being tanky. His skills aren't as complicated to understand, and also his passive skill. It's just chase, swirl then smash! 

What Makes Balmond Fun:

  • Easy to use.
  • Tanky, can't be killed easily.
  • Has dashing skill, perfect for chasing and running away from danger.


5. Luo Yi - (Mage)

Seeing enemies huddle together, suffer and die together is the most satisfying scene ever!

21 Kills!! Luo Yi One Shot Delete!! - Build Top 1 Global Luo Yi ~ MLBB

Yes, Luo Yi can definitely do that IN. ONE. SINGLE. COMBO. It's the power of Yin and Yang that she holds. 

What makes her fun to use is the ultimate skills that allow her to teleport her whole teammates in designated areas. It's perfect for gang ambush. 

Luo Yi isn't that complicated to use. You just have to check the color of your first and second skills because it requires an opposite color before aiming it at the enemy. That's it, you can now play and have some fun with Luo Yi without having difficulties. 

What Makes Luo Yi Fun:

  • She can gank with her ultimate skill perfect for annoying a crying enemy.
  • She deals deadly damage.
  • She's not complicated to use, perfect for newbies.


4. Natalia (Assassin)

Stay alert, Natalia is nearby..


When Natalia is nearby, expect the expected. Surprised and a sure kill, that's what she got. Hiding in a bush preparing for silent killing, leaving an enemy helpless and not breathing. This makes her in the top 4 of our list. 

This hero is quite unfair when it comes to damage and survivability. She has an immunity skill for physical damage, a disappearing ability to chase, kill, hunt enemies and an additional movement speed during her ultimate. It's so much fun leaving your enemy breathless in a single snap after his/her encounter with Natalia.

What Makes Natalia Fun: 

  • Great damage output.
  • She can slow down enemies.
  • Has high mobility.


3. Gloo (Tank)


According to Esports,Gloo is one of the heroes with very intriguing skills, and is considered to be another fun hero. Due to the fact that the combo of Skills 1 and 2 for Stun and the Passive that fills the Stack on the enemy will cause additional damage.

His Ultimate can penetrate the body of an enemy, making it easier for you to work on it in the future. Gloo acknowledges that an enemy can be hit by a friend's strike even while they are in a solo combat situation, which is obviously highly upsetting and terrible for your enemies. So if you want to annoy your enemy, stick to it, like it and kill it.

What Makes Gloo Fun:

  • He is a tough hero but deals great damage.
  • He has a high Regen capability.
  • He can immobilize enemies crucial for team fights.


2. Selena


Want to annoy your enemy with unlimited stun and watch them helpless and wanted to run? Then Selena is a best choice to have some fun! 

Seeing your enemy spawn on his beloved tower after being stunned by your arrow is satisfying. However, the best feeling ever is a perfect prediction of your arrow shooting to an enemy hiding in a bush or inside his tower and your target has no choice but to wait and die. It's always been a BOOM, HEADSHOT! 

Yet, Selena is not for newbies. It requires hundreds of gameplay to master her. It's not always a secure kill if your arrow missed your target. So, if you want to harass your enemy and watch them die helpless, better choose Selena.

What Makes Selena Fun: 

  • Has an irritating stun skill.
  • Can plant multiple slow effect in every corner of the map. 
  • Best for 1v1.


1. Franco - (Assassin)

Hook, Shookt, and Die 


Imagine you're peacefully walking along your lane and then someone grabs you in a snap! You're in shock, you can't move, you can't fight back. You're not dying slowly. You saw who's behind you, it's the fatty belly Franco, and that's the time when you realize that it's not a kidnap for ransom but hell, it's murder! 

Yes, Franco is a great murderer. If and only if you build him items for an assassin. According to Franco players they enjoyed playing Franco if it contributes great damage to enemies. Besides, Franco isn't ideal for initiating team fights unlike Tigreal, he can't disengage enemies. He can only stop one enemy while the other 4 can cast skills freely. 

So if you want to annoy a certain enemy by using the "target lock" strategy even your enemy is playing safe inside his tower then you wanted to secure a kill after you successfully hooked an enemy, try to build Blade of Heptaseas, Blade of Despair, Berserker Furry, Endless Battle, Hunger Strike and equip him with Assassin Emblem. Then, it's always a one-shot, one-kill! Nonetheless, it's very conditional. 

It is because the thing that limits his ability and makes him difficult to use is a perfect hook. To solve it, try to cast his first skill on the right side of your target enemy as his hook will capture the enemy even in a critical distance. However, if the enemy is close to you, you may also use the second skill first to stun the enemy, the third skill to slap damage, and then the first skill to remain the enemy near you and secure a destructive kill. It's so satisfying when you see your enemy is in pressure without knowing that you're just chilling in a bush. It's a fun experience, right? 

What Makes Franco Fun:

  • Enemy isn't always safe inside their base if Franco is nearby. 
  • Franco's presence makes enemies shiver.
  • t's always a fun experience when you landed his hook perfectly, accurately, and successfully. 


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