[Top 10] Mobile Legends Weakest Heroes

You might wanna avoid these heroes?

Mobile Legends is a game of adjustment, to meta updates and hero popularity, etc. depending on the region you’re playing in. Based on this fact and response to it, here are [Top 10] Mobile Legends Weakest Heroes.


10. Alice

See Alice in action: 

Alice, a popular Mobile Legends dual-role Mage/Tank, enters this list for her high level of hero mastery. Her ultimate skill disarms and drains HP, but each basic hit diminishes her mana, forcing in-depth training and smart gameplay reading and techniques.

Alice is weak due to her ultimate skill being effective, yet capable of being outplayed, as it diminishes her mana and renders her vulnerable. She has other relevant skills such as teleport but her ultimate skill is her most emphasized contribution to any team she is part of.

Why is Alice Weak?

  • Hard to master - Alice is quite hard to master, and takes a lot of practice against a variety of opponents.
  • Mana - Alice Ultimate Skill diminishes her mana and renders her vulnerable.
  • Damage - Alice lacks decent damage and is often overlooked for Esmerelda.


9. Vexanna

See Vexanna in action: 

Vexanna is a less popular but powerful mage in Mobile Legends, known for her ultimate skill where she summons an undead knight, who knocks targets when summoned and fights alongside Vexanna for 15 seconds.

Vexanna is weak due to the fact that her ultimate skill is easily countered, and she is a weak target behind the shield of her summoned warrior. Her other two skills have continuous damage and it takes accuracy in aim to be able to successfully utilize her to full in-game impact.

Why is Vexanna Weak?

  • Ultimate Skill - Vexanna’s ultimate skill is easy to counter.
  • Aim Target - Utilizing her skills require precise detail in aim
  • Mobility - Vexanna is slow in movement, yet fast in attack


8. Gord

See Gord in action: 

Gord is a powerful yet easily countered Mage in Mobile Legends who has lost favor since he was first released. His skills all work in combination and require precise aim, as he is known for continuous damage in attack, which is quite hard to master.

Gord is slow in mobility, and best played behind battle fronts, as he is a high damage squishy hero, and an easy target for assassins lurking in the jungles. Playing Gord requires patience, as he has range, but is painfully slow in speed and mobility in attack against other heroes.

Why is Gord Weak?

  • Mobility - Gord is extremely slow in movement, compared to a wide variety of opponents
  • Squishy - As a high damage dealer, Gord is weak.
  • Range - Gords range in attack is not locked on, and can be easily countered.


7. Saber

See Saber in action: 

Saber is a lethal assassin in Mobile Legends, known for his unforgiving ultimate skill, that lifts opponents with his blades and cuts through them. His second skill is a dash and slash while his first skill releases a circle of shurikens (Ninja Stars) around him.

This lethal combination is the reason why Saber is extremely squishy and relies on his dash skill, in terms of movement, being slow yet protected by his first skill as well. Saber is not as versatile as other heroes for this reason and depends on the jungle in attack and farm.

Why is Saber Weak?

  • Squishy - Saber as a high damage dealer is extremely easy to annihilate if countered or targeted.
  • Movement - Saber relies heavily on his second and ultimate skill for speed in mobility and is quite slow.
  • One Dimension - Saber is a one dimension hero who lacks versatility compared to other heroes. He is also hard to master for his strategy.


6. Lesley

See Lesley in action: 

Lesley is a long distance ranged hero, as an assassin sniper marksman. She throws a grenade and jumps back as her second skill and her first skill puts her into concealment and increases her speed.

Her first deals huge damage, while her ultimate skill is a sniper gun that targets enemies from long range and even hidden in the jungle. Lesley is extremely squishy for this reason and uses range as her advantage. She is powerless without range and lacks speed apart from her first skill.

Why is Lesley Weak?

  • Range - Lesley depends on range and is powerless against high damage dealers.
  • Speed - Lesley lacks speed in mobility and attack but makes up for it with burst.
  • Squishy - As a high damage dealer, Lesley is extremely squishy and weak against continuous attack.

5. Layla

See Layla in action: 

Layla is the most basic marksman in Mobile Legends, armed with a laser powered gun that can perform a combination of high powered projections. She is known for her high damage ultimate skill and burst in attack.

Layla lacks speed in mobility and attack. She has no retreat strategy, apart from a stun and her first skill, that increases her speed in mobility for a few seconds.  She is easy to counter in higher ranks, as she is very well known.

Why is Layla Weak?

  • Squishy - as a high damage dealer, Layla is weak against direct attack
  • Speed - Layla is slow in mobility and attack against a variety of opponents.
  • Popular - Layla is very well known and easy to counter for this reason.


4. Hanabi

See Hanabi in action: 

Hanabi is the weakest marksman in Mobile Legends. She is weak due to the fact that she is the slowest in mobility and has no dash or stun in her skills. She makes up for this with her first skill that bounces her melees off multiple targets.

Hanabi is a high damage dealer and squishy for this reason. Her slow speed in mobility does not help and when caught in sticky situations, it is best to utilize her first skill. Hanabi is an easy target and best played beside a tank or mage.

Why is Hanabi Weak?

  • Speed - Hanabi is slow in movement and attack
  • Squishy - As a high damage dealer, Hanabi is squishy.
  • One Dimensioned Skill Set - Hanabi is less versatile but a great support for tanks and mages.


3. Zilong

See Zilong in action: 

Zilong is a free hero in Mobile Legends and very well known in lower ranks. He is a dual role Fighter/Assassin and well-known for being a late game hero and lane pusher.

Though Zilong may be easy to master and versatile, he is a late game hero who requires patience and timing, and is quite squishy when not well farmed and built. Zilong is a strategic, situational hero who relies on speed through his ultimate skill.

Why is Zilong Weak?

Squishy - Zilong is extremely weak against attack.

Late game hero - Zilong is best played when well farmed in the late stages of battle.

Timing - timing is key to mastering Zilong and takes time in learning to utilize it alongside teammates.


2. Faramis

See Faramis in action: 

Faramis is an unpopular Support in Mobile Legends who is rarely selected. He is well known for dragging opponents and cloning zombies of opponents to utilize in battle after being killed.

Faramis was a Mage but was downgraded to a support hero. He lacks damage and depends entirely on his team mates to have an in-game impact. As unpopular as he is, he is easily countered and requires patience in timing.

Why is Faramis Weak?

  • Downgraded Hero - Faramis was downgraded from Mage to Support Hero.
  • Lacks Damage - Faramis depends on teammates in dealing damage
  • Easily countered - Faramis skills are easily countered in cool down


1. Diggie

See Diggie in action: 

Diggie as a support is the best crowd control hero in Mobile Legends, but becomes squishy as he levels up. He is well known as the only hero who does not return to base after being killed, but has the ability to roam as an egg before regen.

Diggie makes this list at number one for being the most strategic hero in this list, who is hard to learn due to his gameplay, and heavily relies on teammates to back up his crowd control specialties. Diggie is known as a hero who always has a high death count and assist rate.

Why is Diggie Weak?

  • Lacks Attack - Diggie’s skills set the pace through crowd control for damage dealers to finish
  • Squishy - Diggie becomes weak as he levels up in attack power.
  • Mobility - Diggie lacks speed in movement compensates it with burst


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