[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Beginner Heroes That Wreck Hard!

Beginner Friendly Heroes for Newbies.

With over 100 heroes, it might prove challenging to evaluate your abilities and rate your growth in Mobile Legends. There are certain heroes in each category that are straightforward to understand and incorporate into gameplay and strategy. Some of those heroes, which are featured in this list are meta favorites. To successfully contribute to a team, one must learn to master each role and be able to adjust in team selection. Here are the best beginner friendly heroes that wreck hard.


10. Franco (Tank/Support)

Franco is a Support Tank with a special skill set that includes range, suppress, and crowd control. He has the magnitude to withstand significant damage, making him the ideal comrade for allied damage dealers. His extensive range of abilities, ease of mastery, and tactical prowess establishes him as an intimidating opponent on the battlefield. His areas of specialty include Initiation and Control.

Franco can be played from both far and near with the ability to lead and stage team fights. This is relevant due to the fact that he can only attack one hero, but has the durability and capability to impact more than one hero. His Passive Skill grants him speed  while being easy to understand and implement in gameplay strategies that contribute to damage dealers having more impact and presence in the game. Real mastery of Franco is realized through successful utilization of his hook.

What makes Franco a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Diversity of capabilities - Franco, although being a very skill-dependent hero, has a range of alternatives to successfully implement different strategies that impact the outcome of teamwork. Especially his hook, which has range and can reel in targets.
  • Skill Combination - Franco has an easy to understand skill combo that only requires timing and precision. It is a great way to learn patience, timing and execution in battle.
  • Support - As a support hero, Franco provides value across the entire depth of the battle field and has the speed to roam and force split push or gank and lead team inititiations.

See Franco in action: 


9. Tigreal (Tank/Support)

Tigreal is a terrific roam and gank hero, who can suppress multiple heroes at once through the use of his crowd control skills that have the potential of significantly impacting the outcome of battles. He is a diverse hero who is best paired alongside marksmen and other allied damage dealers. 

Tigreal completely controls the battlefield with his crowd control specialization, which he leverages to set up and stage team initiations. He is quick and agile, and his easy-to-adapt and-implement techniques add value to teamwork. When pressing for territory across the battlefield, he may roam, gank, and support heroes.

What makes Tigreal a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Ease of Strategies - Gameplay with Tigreal is versatile, where he can easily adapt to the levels and roles of his team with ease. Beginners have different options to choose from.
  • Support - Tigreal is a Support hero who is much easier to adapt and implement in game changing strategies and tactics when compared to game carrier damage dealers. His impact is easier to trickle into team gameplay.
  • Durability - With an 80% durability rating, Tigreal can sustain slow damage and has counter, pursuit and retreat abilities that adds on to his strength. Ultimately, this makes him an exceptional initiator and ganker, especially in support. His survivability makes him a great beginner friendly hero.

See Tigreal in action: 


8. Saber (Assassin)

Saber has a lethal combination of skills that are easy to implement and achieve success due to automatic lock on. He is one of the oldest assassins in the game who defines the true core essence of the role. He specializes in charge, and is an executioner as a finisher.

Saber’s specialty as a finisher speaks volume to his ability to wreck hard. He is easy to understand and has a skill set that works in tandem, with precision and accuracy that makes him beginner friendly. He is a great hero for learning how to play the assassin role.

What makes Saber a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Skill Set - Saber’s skills are a combination of lethal strikes that work in perfect synchronization. He is a tactical hero who demands strategic implementation to see the best outcome.
  • Diversity - Saber can easily adapt to different styles of gameplay and strategies. He may operate as a support, and has the potential to carry games as well. 
  • Tactical Hero - Using Saber to read gameplay and understand different heroes and strategies makes him the perfect hero in learning and understanding the assassin role and other aspects of battle.

See Saber in action: 



7. Zilong (Fighter/Assassin)

Zilong has just undergone a major transformation where Spear of Dragon has been included as an item that is specific to his abilities. He is a long time meta favorite and very beginner friendly since his abilities are very basic and only reached enhanced states through his skills.

He is the definition of versatility in ML, where players can choose their role and level of impact in line with allies and their capabilities. Zilong is a utility hero who can fit in anywhere, from pushing lanes to jungling and providing support, especially through ganking. He is a complex yet simple hero who is fun to play.

What makes Zilong a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Versatility - Flexibility and adaptability enables players to choose their style of gameplay and level of impact, which makes him a great choice for newbies who are trying to learn the game.
  • Simplicity - Understanding the combination of hits that Zilong deals in attack is an easy task. Timing is of utmost importance. This gives newbies an insight into all realms of battle through flexibility.
  • Skills - Zilongs skills enhance his basic skill. His combination of hits are automatic. This makes him a really easy hero to master.

See Zilong in action: 


6. Balmond (Fighter)

Balmond is a very basic and easy to master fighter with speed, durability and damage. He is an extremely flexible hero who is versatile and readily adaptable to situational gameplay. His durability and damage grants him access to impacting all dimensions of the battlefield.

Balmonds second skill is his most vital asset that paves the way for successful implementation of his ultimate skill. His first skill dash provides speed and also retreat and attack strategies. He is a utility hero who can take on tank roles in the front to damage dealing back lines of battle and may also serve as the core in the jungle.

What makes Balmond a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Ease of Mastery - Balmond is user friendly in attack through the use of his second skill that inflicts substantial continuous damage.
  • Skill Combination - An easy to understand and implement set of skills makes Balmond a deadly force, especially when mastered.
  • Adaptability - Balmond is versatile and can be played in roles that suit the user. This makes him one of the best beginner heroes, for his very beginner friendly but complex set of skills.

See Balmond in action: 


5. Nana (Mage/Support)

Nana is loved and hated by many, and is a constant meta ban. She boasts tactical and strategic skills that are uncomplicated and in high demand regardless of other heroes in a team selection. She also has an escape strategy where she sprints away when low on HP that makes her a high damage dealer who can get in close on the action.

Nana has decent crowd control, poke and burst which offers her a platform to aid allies in support. She can also wipe out multiple heroes, which makes her a very flexible hero in implementing strategies that contribute to diverse gameplay. This makes her a very beginner friendly hero that can wreck hard. She could easily make number 1 in other versions of this list.

What makes Nana a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Adaptability - Nana can adapt with flexibility to different situations as a Support Mage. She also combines well with a wide range of heroes that contributes to her in-game impact. She can also hold off on her own when playing solo, which makes her a versatile hero who is easy to learn in implementing.
  • Strategies and Tactics - Through her poke and burst, Nana is the perfect hero to use in implementing strategic gameplay and techniques that would not only improve your chances of winning but also gain more insight into roles and general gameplay.
  • Skill Set - Nana has a very unique skill set that can either work in tandem or in assistance, or both. This makes her an easy hero to learn and understand, who can wreck through the battlefield.

See Nana in action: 


4. Eudora (Mage)

Eudora is an extremely basic mage and would rank higher on similar lists. She is extremely user friendly with one hit, straight forward skills and combinations. She costs only 6500 BP and is an excellent option for those looking to learn the mage role.

Her skill combination works in perfect synchronization and is easy to master. Timing and precision is really easy to grasp when using Eudora compared to other mages. She is a perfect support hero in many instances, where she can adapt to gameplay and allies strategies. She also has crowd control abilities.

What makes Eudora a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Simplicity - Eudora is easy to learn and master. Her skills can either hold off on her own or in support, with crowd control, stun and damage. Anyone can learn scenarios and gameplay strategies with her easily.
  • Skill Combination - Her skill set is straightforward and can lock on opponents and targets. Utilizing her skills set may be amongst the easiest for mages in ML.
  • Adaptability/Flexibility - Eudora can back up and provide support or lead tactics and strategies in all scenarios. This makes her beginner friendly, where players can choose their role of impact. Her damage abilities and skills add to this advantage.

See Eudora in action: 


3. Lesley (Marksman/Assassin)

Lesley is quite squishy but has the range that places her in the safe zone, especially for newbies. She has the potential to deal lethal damage from afar. As an assassin/marksman, Lesley is deadly from a distance, and this makes her beginner friendly, since control over timing plays to an advantage for newbies.

She has speed and a stun/dash within her skill set for close encounters when needed but is best strategized from far and alongside other heroes. Lesley may be the best pursuit hero for her ability to lock on ranged distances. Her skills can also be spammed to enhance her potential, with low CD rates.

What makes Lesley a great beginner friendly hero.

Range - This gives time and space to carefully evaluate and strategize gameplay for new gamers. It also presents the opportunity to have an in-game impact through support despite inexperience. 

Skills - Lesley’s skills can be spammed repeatedly, which gives her an advantage in enhancing her overall gameplay. The said skills are also easy to understand and implement in game-play.

Flexibility - She can easily adapt to gameplay, where her range provides her the opportunity to get in on the action from safe distances. This increases her impact in different situations and tactical gameplay.

See Lesley in action: 


2. Miya (Marksman)

Miya is the Queen of Life Steal and this is her greatest asset that plays to an advantage for newbies and also outstandingly impacts her overall performance. Her skill set may be simple but when understood and mastered to some degree, becomes a force on the battlefield. She is known for carrying games as the core damage dealer.

She can conceal herself, conduct damage to numerous targets, and has a stun built into her extensive skill set. Understanding her skills in comparison to other heroes may be difficult at first, but she is a hero who offers a wide range of possibilities with her limited skill set and is well worth investing time to develop and learn earlier in your ML career. Wind of Nature is a must-learn item if you’re serious about mastering Miya.

What makes Miya a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Skills - Miya has a limited skill set that can perform a wide range of attacks that can impact gameplay and strategies in attack and retreat. She is one of the best heroes to learn the marksman role with.
  • Life Steal - Her lifesteal abilities present her a unique opportunity to take control of situations, even for inexperienced gamers. It adds range and depth into her technique and style of gameplay where anyone can easily learn and adapt.
  • Flexibility - Miya is very mobile and has the range and damage to support tactics, gameplay and allied capabilities. This makes her beginner friendly in seeing her usefulness and resourcefulness in from a wide perspective.

See Miya in action: 


1. Layla (Marksman)

Everyone who registered for an ML account is familiar with Layla, who is the trial hero at the inception of the online adventure. If carefully evaluated, she defines the heart of ML gaming and has the basic potential related to having an in-game influence in her role and through tactics and approaches. She has a precise range, speed, and damage that is simple to apply in game.

Layla can stun and slow more than one opponent, while her skills enhance her speed. Her Passive Skill adds depth, impact and range to her skills, which makes her a force when on the attack. Once Layla gets a head start in dealing damage, it's difficult to stop her. Aside from her game-changing damage potential, she is at the top of this list due to her fairly basic skill set and simplicity in strategies and gameplay. 

What makes Layla a great beginner friendly hero.

  • Simplicity - Layla is equipped with all the basic damage capabilities. Though complex, these forms of damage are easy to understand and implement in different scenarios.
  • Skill Set - She has a deadly combination of skills that has a high rate of converting to successful strategies, even for new gamers. These skills can hold her off on her own or when paired with allies. With experience and understanding, these skills conquer battle.
  • Passive Damage - Layla’s Passive Skill enhances her basic attack and other skills which makes her hard to counter when she has an advantage in damage dealt. This significantly improves her simple capabilities.

See Layla in action: 


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