[Top 3] Mobile Legends Best Silvanna Builds That Win Games

Win Games with these Silvanna Pro Builds.

There are few like Silvanna who can deal Magic Damage as a Fighter without depending on build items. She was downgraded from a dual role Mage/Fighter to Fighter but still conducts Magic Damage. Magic Damage combined with lifesteal are the basis for any Silvanna Build.

Though she is played in the Exp Lane by default, Silvanna is most effective when playing Roam. This gives the opportunity to gank lanes, monitor the jungle and most significantly set fights and poke through her simple yet complex skill combination. Here are her key strengths and weaknesses.



  • Versatile: Silvanna may be played in a variety of roles. She can even be played as a Tank in front lines of battle and in setting the stage for team fights. She may be squishy as a high damage dealer but her Second Skill (Spiral Strangling) generates a shield while dealing massive damage.
  • Range: Silvanna’s Ultimate Skill (Imperial Justice) grants her the opportunity to leap in a designated direction. It can stun multiple enemies upon her landing and trap the closest in range for 3.5 seconds. This is effective  when ganking lanes and especially in jungle ambush. Take note that this is also an offensive strategy to get away from opponents.
  • Jungle: Silvanna may be played as a Core Hero with Jungling Items. That's how versatile she is. Moreover, she is devastating if well mastered in Roaming and stealing enemy farms. She has an early game advantage over most heroes in the jungle, through her significant skill combination
  • Speed: Dashing also comes as an advantage to Silvanna’s speed, where her Skill One (Cometic Lance) presents the opportunity to leap after successfully poking a target. Silvanna is fast, and her Ultimate Skill also enhances her attack and movement speed.
  • Easy To Master: Though complex, Silvanna’s skills are easy to master. It presents you a wide variety of options in battle. Knowing which strategy and how to initiate successfully is key, as she is also a well known hero who is easy to outplay for experienced ML gamers.



  • Squishy: As a high damage dealer, Silvanna is squishy. This is especially if her Skill Two (Spiral Strangling) is in cool down or has been countered, as it serves as her main defense mechanism.
  • Crowd Control: Like other sustained damage heroes, Silvanna is weak against Crowd Control Skills that have the ability to disarm her Second Skill. She is weak against Tanks in general and should take caution or avoid them, especially in team fights.
  • Team Work: ML is a team oriented game and Silvanna is a team oriented hero. Though she can clear objectives well and take on different roles, support is needed from team mates to get the W unless she is well mastered as a core hero.
  • Popular: As a seasoned favorite, Silvanna is well countered in higher ranks by experienced and serious gamers due to the fact that she is easy to master. Learning to utilize her various strategies in circumstances is key to playing Silvanna.


Silvanna is noted as being a hero whose Skins are easy to obtain. They are usually part of limited time events and starlight giveaways so be sure to check those out. Lets take a look now at Top 3 Best Silvanna Builds that Win Games.


3. Sustained DPS

Now this is a unique build, as it is based on Magic Power through Sustained Damage. It emphasizes movement and closes off with a defensive item which suggests that Silvanna gains momentum in attack but becomes squishy as a result.

This is a balanced build that, as it exposes attack and movement, it weakens her defense. It grants Silvanna an early game advantage for other team mates to capitalize on. She is versatile in speed and attack with this build and can cover more than one objective at the same time.

 When up against well balanced teams, this is the build to use. It allows you to slow enemy farms and boost your own team gold. A well balanced team without a proper gold count is as good as an unbalanced team and most likely to get slaughtered. Silvanna with this build is an assassin.

Use this Build if:

  • You’re Versatile - If you can take on various different roles, this is the perfect build to taking out objectives in a rapid manner.
  • You’re Well Versed - Silvanna is tactical and full of strategies through her skills. This is the best build to make use of her different strategies to harass and poke opponents.
  • You’re playing a balanced team - This build is suited for long battles, as it's balanced in defense and offense. It is effective in long battles and maintains Silvanna’s significance and relevance to team effort.


Level up Skill Two (Spiral Strangling) first to reach Level One. Follow with Skill One (Cometic Lance) then Level Up the Ultimate Skill when it is ready. Again, always level up Silvanna’s Skill Two first.

  • Level One: (Skill Two) - Spiral Strangling
  • Level Two: (Skill One) - Cometic Lance
  • Level Three: (Skill Two) - Spiral Strangling
  • Level Four: (Ultimate Skill) - Imperial Justice

Continue with the same sequence and always level up the Ultimate Skill when it becomes available.


  • Warrior Boots ($720) - Apart from improving speed in movement, this item also adds defense against Basic Attacks.
  • Genius Wand ($2000) - This increases Magic Defense, and increases movement as well. Based on Magic Power, it complements Silvanna’s Skill Two (Spiral Strangling).
  • Holy Crystal ($2180) - This is a significant Magic Item that increases Magic Power. It complements and enhances Silvanna’s skill set, and more noticeably, her Passive Skill (Knightess’ Resolve) where Magic Damage is stacked on an opponent.
  • Shadow Twinblades ($1960) - Magic Power, Life Steal and Movement. This is a main assault item for assassins and complements Silvanna’s Passive and Ultimate Skills that can mark opponents and stack damage.
  • Blood Wings ($3000) - This complements its preceding item very well as it provides a double layered Magic Powered Shield.
  • Immortality ($2120) - This is the perfect end to this build. Immortality grants a second chance of survival that can be conveniently timed with her Second Skill (Spiral Strangling).


2. Team Buff 

This is a versatile build. In the same regard, it is best utilized in cases where Silvanna is required to take on multiple roles in a versatile manner. It is perfectly balanced with emphasis on a range of Silvanna’s strengths and attributes.

This is not an attack build. It is based on Silvanna’s tactical strategies in carrying out objectives but being equally effective and capable against potential opponent threats. This build can support a team in a big way, and on a huge scale in taking down objectives.

This is best utilized against a team with a well rounded line up. It grants you the opportunity to limit their in-game input while giving your team enough time to get ahead in gold count and other in-game objectives. The key to this build is patience and knowing where you fit in best.

Use this Build if:

  • You’re supporting teammates - While well suited for supporting teammates and taking down objectives, it is a well balanced build that can slot in anywhere.
  • You’re playing against damage dealers - This build has the capability of disarming and annihilating top damage dealers as it is balanced in defense and attack items.
  • You’re versatile - This is the best build to capitalize on Silvanna as a tactical, resourceful and strategic fighter.


Leveling up Skill Two (Spiral Strangling) is a must. It is recommended to level up Skill Two to Level Two before Skill One (Cometic Lance). Level up the Ultimate Skill when ready.

  • Level One: (Skill One) - Cometic Lance
  • Level Two: (Skill One) - Cometic Lance
  • Level Three: (Skill Two) - Spiral Strangling
  • Level Four: (Ultimate Skill) - Imperial Justice

Continue with the same sequence and always level up the Ultimate Skill when it becomes available.


  • Tough Boots ($700) - This is efficient as it deals extra Magic Damage to opponents and slows them down significantly.
  • Genius Wand ($2000) - Magic Power and Penetration. A terrific successor to the item before it, as it adds Magic Defense when basic attack is stacked 3 times.
  • Athena’s Shield ($2200) - This is a blessed defensive item that is most effective in shielding against Magic Damage.
  • Glowing Wand ($2200) - Deals extra Magic Damage and complements Silvanna’s skill set. It also provides an advantage in movement.
  • Immortality ($2120) - This is a second chance that complements Silvanna’s Skill Set where she can leap, stun, poke and dash. It comes in handy during team fights and offensive strategies.
  • Dominance Ice ($2010) - Perfect ending. This item increases defense and speed while reducing the opponents potential in attack.


3. Burst

This is a high end assault build that focuses on Magic Power in damage. This is best used when Silvanna is played in the Express Lane as it presents her high damage when clearing lanes and hindering her opponent. This build significantly contributes to team gold in the farm.

Since this is a high powered build, it enables room for versatility, where Silvanna may take on other roles. For instance, she may clear her lane early and then roam the jungles and gank lanes. The power behind her build has huge potential in harassing opponents and clearing lanes.

The build is well suited against teams that have potential damage dealers. Aside from assassins, Silvanna is well suited to carry out strikes on damage dealers and also limit their impact in battle. Life Steal is also emphasized in this build but focus is on damage.

Use this Build if:

  • You have a balanced team: This build is well suited for the Express Lane, where adding team gold is necessary. As a high powered build, it is necessary to get a head start advantage in gold count where each team mate carries out their role.
  • You’re not dependent on life steal: Most Silvanna users heavily rely on her life steal. For this build, focus is on her damage in attack. Timing is relevant as her life steal abilities solely rely on her Second Skill for the most part. Being caught up in a 2v1 situation or having her Second Skill disarmed proves fatal.
  • You’re an Experienced Silvanna User: This build has no defensive items and Silvanna is a squishy high damage hero. It proves the need for focus on her skill strategies, strengths and weaknesses. She is a very tactical hero.


Always level up Skill Two (Spiral Strangling) first when playing Silvanna. Follow up with Skill One (Cometic Lance) and then level up the Ultimate Skill (Imperial Justice) when it is ready. In this case, it would be recommended to level up Skill Two to level two before Skill One.

  • Level One: (Skill Two) - Spiral Strangling
  • Level Two: (Skill Two) - Spiral Strangling
  • Level Three: (Skill One) - Cometic Lance
  • Level Four: (Ultimate Skill) - Imperial Justice

Continue the same sequence and level up the Ultimate Skill when available.


  • Arcane Boots ($690) - Speed in movement and magic penetration. It is effective in clearing lane objectives and roaming the nearby jungle. It can be blessed with roam or core attributes where necessary.
  • Genius Wand ($2000) - This enhances Silvanna’s Passive Skill (Knightess Resolve) where Magic Damage is stacked up to five times and Magic Penetration weakens the opponents defense. The item and skill work in tandem when it comes to Magic Stack and Penetration.
  • Concentrated Energy ($2020) - Impactful through Silvanna’s Second Skill (Spiral Strangling) as it encourages Magic Life Steal and recovers 10% HP on successful kills, which is essential for a squishy hero like Silvanna.
  • Glowing Wand (($2200) - Massive damage is dealt by the time this item comes into play for Silvanna. It adds a 3 second burning effect to Magic Damage dealt and is a nuisance when assaulting and harassing opponents.
  • Divine Glaive ($1970) - Magic Power and Penetration are the core of this item. It pairs well with Silvanna’s skill combination and adds an extra layer of defense while in attack. It complements its preceding item Glowing Wand with tremendous effect.
  • Ice Queen Wand ($2240) - This is best for the late stage of battle, when team fights are prone to occur. Based on Magic Power, it enhances life steal and movement and slows targets by 15% for 3 seconds, which is relevant for poking and initiating.


Silvanna is Strong Against heroes with limited Range and Speed apart from Core Damage Dealers. Here are a few notable heroes who she is strong against.

  • Dyrroth
  • Eudora
  • Layla
  • Hanabi
  • Nana


Silvanna is Weak Against Heroes with Range and Crowd Control Skills. Here are a few notable heroes she is weak against.

  • Franco
  • Miya
  • Fredrinn
  • Wanwan
  • Chou


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