[Top 5] Mobile Legends Best CC Hero That Wreck Hard!

Mobile Legends Best CC Hero
Looking for a way to crush your enemies with fun? Look What's Here! We have the Top 5 Mobile Legends Best CC Hero That WRECKS HARD!

5. Johnson

Johnson (Tank) / Wreck King

          Johnson, a.k.a Mustang, is a tank roamer known for its mobility and ambush-stunning abilities. He specializes in roaming and starts the pace in the gold lane to support the carry. And He is a good team setter, as well as an ambusher.

         His kit allows him to stun off enemies in a wide range and a decent amount of time. His ultimate is his trump card, which involves carrying one teammate, ambushing them, and stunning them for a decent amount of time. Also, being a CC tank gives off a lot of advantages to the whole team as you are the team setter and the team tanker. If you're looking for a fun CC tank to use that tilts enemies in their game, you should put him on the list.

What makes Johnson great:

  • High Mobility
  • High HP and Defense
  • Wide-range CC skill
  • Poke CC skill
  • No Mana Required

See Johnson in action!


4. Guinevere

Guinevere (Fighter) / Lady Crane

         Ms. Violet is known for her outplaying abilities that control enemies while giving off significant damage. She is one of the best exp lane heroes, an enemy tilter, in the game. She is a highly versatile character as she can dominate solo fights and team fights effectively.

         Her abilities show off an excellent CC effect as well as delivering high damage outputs. Her knock-up and ultimate is a deadly combo as you get caught dying is the only option. Also, a slow effect on one of her skills is quite potent for chasing enemies, along with her dash skill. She is a high-caliber hero that wrecks a lot, giving her a chance to be a top-tier hero.

  • What makes Guinevere great:

  • High Damage Output
  • High Mobility
  • Great Wide-ranged CC ability
  • Poking Ability
  • No Mana Required

See Guinevere in action!


3. Atlas

Atlas (Tank) / Fuel Turbine

         This Sea Gladiator has the capabilities of being one of the powerful tanks here in this game. His ability enables him to carry the entire team to success as an exceptional tank-roamer hero. He is one of the prominent setters in the whole game.

         Atlas' abilities involve AoE CC skills that break off the enemies' team composition, giving them a lot of disadvantages. The moment he caught you, you die. It is his abilities that make him remarkable and an enemy tilter. Overall, being a CC-tanker, he is one of the breaks of the game.

What makes Atlas great:

  • High Mobility
  • All AoE CC skill
  • High HP and Defense

See Atlas in action!


2. Tigreal

Tigreal (Tank) / Gold Baron

         Tigreal, the Warrior of Dawn, is one of the earliest heroes to get in the game. He is one of the greatest heroes to become a team setter in the highest rank. He also is a CC tank-roamer as well as the others. And he is a team fight specialist, a great support provider for the whole team.

         His kit enables him to stun a whole team and pull them towards the allied tower. All his skills are purely CC and are solely for supporting and controlling enemies. His exceptional ability, his ultimate, gives the winning blow for the team, as it pulls and stuns the enemy towards the same spot, making the enemy team more vulnerable to all damages. In terms of utility and tackiness, he is one of the greatest to use in every game.

What makes Tigreal great:

  • All Wide-ranged AoE CC skill
  • High HP and Defense
  • Immune to Basic Attack Passive

See Tigreal in action!


1. Khufra

Khufra (Tank) / Gentleman Thief

         Khufra, the Desert Tyrant, is known for being an aggressive, ambush, and killer tank in the game. He is also a very effective tank-support and a roamer for the team. He is both a team fight specialist and support for soloists.

         His abilities involve a knock-up, anti-dash, and knockback-stun. He is also a game stage dominator that provides great ambush support for every lane, as his first skill is a long-range dash with knock-up. And one of his unique abilities is to fend off dash skills, making the enemies at a disadvantage when escaping. To sum it up, even without his ultimate, Khufra is a deadly CC tank and is a game-changer, game-wrecker hero in the game.

What makes Khufra great:

  • High Mobility
  • Anti-dash Skill
  • AoE CC skills
  • Ambush Specialist
  • High HP and Defense

See Khufra in action!


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