Mobile Legends Best Alucard Skins Revealed (All Alucard Skins Ranked)

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While it's plenty enough for Alucard to eliminate his opponents using his traditional blue coat and great sword, sometimes more is better in order to truly bring out the ferocity and stylish quality that Alucard himself brings to the table. To do that, one must know which skins would be best to use in a game and lucky for you, we have the list for that specific problem.

Here are Alucard's Top Skins ranked from Least to Greatest.


9. Lone Hero (OK)

See Lone Hero in action: 

A touch of the Irish for our Demon Hunter as he delivers righteous justice against enemies foolish enough to cross him. This ivory-haired hero has the makings of a proficient warrior, equipped with a deadly sword and a sharp green coat to further make his presence in the battlefield known.

Although neat-looking, Lone Hero Alucard is a simple recolor of his basic skin, save for his haircut of which is now transformed into a majestic curtain hairstyle compared to his regular golden blonde look. Apart from his look however, there's not much change that comes with this skin. His skills look and remain the same and there's no unique voicelines accompanying his movements or attacks.

How To Obtain this Skin:

It is currently available in the store for purchase using diamonds.

Skin Rating:



8. Empire Agent (OK)

See Empire Agent in action: 

Empire Agent Alucard is as stylish as he is deadly, donning a cool brown trench coat over a tie and pantsuit to bring out the skin's more professional look. To enact the empire's orders, Alucard must come in full fashion in order to wow his opponents before their untimely demise.

Much like Lone Hero, Empire Agent Alucard offers very little in terms of the overall change that comes with exclusive skins. Although it has a clean, sophisticated look, as well as a fantastic greatsword design that's certainly appealing to the eyes, Empire Agent Alucard offers very little changes in terms of skill particles, animations, or voiceovers. But the stylish simplicity of this skin is its most important feature which is why it's up higher than Lone Hero by a mile.

How To Obtain this Skin:

This skin was available only for a limited time and cannot longer be purchased from the store.

Skin Rating:



7. Fiery Inferno (Good)

See Fiery Inferno in action: 

Ignite your passion for battle with Alucard's Fiery Inferno skin and set your opponents ablaze with every strike of the sword. Donning a fashionable black and gold trench coat, watch as Alucard fights his opponents with style and ferocity, further amplified by the magma-like skill effects of this skin.

Fiery Inferno Alucard is a cut above  the past two other skins that's included in this list due to its quality and colorful skill effects. Replacing his electric-blue attacks are red and black streaks that compliments the very motif of this skin. In terms of voice changes and other aspects, not much change is evident. It is still a solid skin for anyone to obtain and use in a game.

How To Obtain this Skin:

This skin is one of the earlier season exclusive skins in the game, making its debut in Season 2. However, since then, it's available in the Fragment Shop under the Premium Skins section, costing 250 Premium Skin Fragments.

Skin Rating: 



6. Viscount (Great)

See Viscount in action: 

Thirsty for blood and hungry for war, Viscount Alucard offers his services  using his vampiric powers to help terrify his enemies and turn the tide of battle. As a powerful Viscount, Alucard can command bats to appear with every swing of his blade and manipulate blood to transfuse with his strikes. Let the night rage on, let Viscount Alucard reign supreme.

True to its name, Viscount Alucard dons a stylish blood-red coat bearing golden outlines, paired with a fuzzy black fur patch close to his tall collar to further solidify his regal and sophisticated look. His swings are replaced with sharp red colors and each of his skill casts summon a wave of bats. Truly, this skin encapsulates the feeling of being a Vampire Lord and is a certain must get for Alucard mains everywhere.

How To Obtain This Skin:

This skin was a Starlight Exclusive skin, making its debut back in December 2017 and is no longer purchasable anywhere in the game. However, Starlight skin rotations for every brand new Starlight season so remember to keep an eye out for this on the next one!

Skin Rating:



5. Romantic Fantasy (Great)

See Romantic Fantasy in action: 

Steal both hearts and lives with the elegance of Romantic Fantasy Alucard. Taking up arms to sprinkle the battlefield with love, affection, and a little bit of hurt (because what's love without it, right?), Romantic Fantasy Alucard is a skin that will surely bring that loving feeling to both enemies and allies alike. You're going to make Cupid proud with this one, I assure you.

As a Valentines-themed skin, Romantic Fantasy Alucard is certainly one of the better picks to choose from as not is it stylish and competent in its design but it's also packed with good details that makes it worth the trouble of getting, from heart-shaped skill effects to cutesy pink streaks affecting his Basic Attacks. It's worth falling in love with this one, I tell you and comes as one of the more highly recommended skins to obtain for Alucard.

How To Obtain this Skin:

This is a Limited-Time Event Skin that was only available during the 2018 Valentine's Event and can no longer be purchased from the store.

Skin Rating:



4. Child of the Fall (Legendary)

See Child of the Fall in action: 

Resist failure and know the true purpose of your fight against the darkness with Child of the Fall Alucard. Flex on your enemies with this skin's sleek look and execute glorious justice with your almighty greatsword. Strike like a ghost and cut through the battlefield as a black blur of mayhem.

Child of the Fall Alucard is one of his better skins due to its intricate design and added skill animations. Strikes from your sword conjure black and white particles and activate your Ultimate imbues Alucard's blade with a striking purple hue. The skin also comes with new voice overs that increase the value of this skin compared to the rest on this list. A definite must have not only for Alucard mains but for skin enthusiasts everywhere.

How To Obtain this Skin:

This Epic skin was available for only a Limited-Time and can no longer be purchased from the store.

Skin Rating:



3. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Legendary)

See Obi-Wan Kenobi in action: 

Star Wars fans unite as Alucard force jumps into the scene as Obi-Wan Kenobi, the legendary Jedi. Unleash the force against your enemies as you enact powerful strikes against them with your trusty blue lightsaber, complete with a full Jedi garb that will certainly tickle the fancy of any longstanding Star Wars fan who's been playing Mobile Legends for a while. The force will certainly be with you through this skin.

This skin completely transforms Alucard into a different character. From top to bottom, Alucard assumes the visage of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars saga. New voicelines, new skill effects, new animations, as well as new skin icons are added into the list of brand new things that the skin has to offer and is definitely deserving a top 3 spot on this list just because of it.

How To Obtain this Skin:

This skin was available during the exclusive Star Wars event back in December 2021 and can no longer be purchased from the store.

Skin Rating:



2. Obsidian Blade (Legendary)

See Obsidian Blade in action: 

Alucard fights for the future with this high-tech skin, as he wraps himself in a sophisticated technological armor with neon purple outlines. His sword is also transformed, donning cyberpunk like engravings to further solidify the futuristic motif this skin is going for. Whether it's in a computer program or in real life, Obsidian Wave Alucard stands ready for any fight that may come his way.

Obsidian Wave is most definitely one of Alucard's better skins due to how amazing it looks both in-game and in the character select screen. It's delicately designed and fulfills the theme that it's going for, making it a beautiful skin that you can use to style and flex on your opponents with. It comes with lots of special features such as brand new skill particles, new voicelines, an avatar border, skill icons, and animations that perfectly encapsulates Alucard in a future setting.

How To Obtain this Skin: 

This skin was available only during the special Magic Wheel event back in 2018 and can no longer be purchased from the store.

Skin Rating:



1. Lightborn - Striker (Legendary)

See Lightborn - Striker in action: 

To become the ultimate Demon Hunter, Alucard has merged himself with the light thus becoming another addition to the Lightborn's warrior ranks. Evil doers beware as he swings his golden greatsword around that's wrapped in pure angelic energy, paired with a regal and elegant battle armor fitting of a holy warrior of light. Lightborn Strike Alucard remains steadfast in his battle against the nightmares of the world but he'll need your help to overcome it.

The very last skin on the list and the most highly decorated one, Lightborn Striker Alucard is a very polished and absolutely magnificent skin from start to finish. No amount of detail in this skin is overlooked and each skill particle is intricately designed to give off that true feeling that this Alucard is a transformed warrior of light. New skill particles, voiceovers, as well as outward appearance make up the brunt of this skin and is certainly worthy of the price it offers.

How To Obtain this Skin:

This skin is currently available for purchase for 1089 Diamonds in the store.

Skin Rating: 10/10

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