[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Killer Heroes That Are Fun

In this article, we reveal the best killer that are fun heroes to play with!

Finding some heroes to use that play an essential role in the team? Have some fun and experience exceptional gameplay with these next meta-heroes! 

10. Paquito (Jungler)

MANIAC! Paquito Monster 17 KILL! [ Top Global Paquito Best Build ] By 丿卂ㄚ - Mobile Legends

Be scared of Paquito's fist as it can bring you to an end.  

Paquito mains know how effective he is when they go into the jungle with him. He is a rare hero who can kill, turret dive, and escape with a flinch. This hero is exceptionally good at controlling the game and tilting it in his favor thanks to his low cooldown skills and improved burst damage.

However, his skills have a fairly limited skill range and width. For newbies who are still experimenting with this champion hero, this results in a lot of missed skill shots. Paquito's short-range abilities frequently make him extremely vulnerable to heroes with long ranges who can hit him hard from a distance.

What Makes Paquito Fun: 

  • Ability to gain shield when you use his first skill and hit an enemy.
  • He has powerful combo skills.
  • His ultimate can be used twice with no cooldown if Champ Stance is ready.


9. Yu Zhong (Fighter/Sidelane)

17 Kills!! Yu Zhong Best Build 100% IMMORTAL!! - Build Top 1 Global Yu Zhong ~ MLBB

Give him his break or else you'll suffer a miserable death.

Yu Zhong possesses a threatening ability by interrupting the enemy's gank attack from the back lines. He is more of an early-game tanky damage dealer and when he reaches five stacks, he receives a massive amount of damage-dealing regen. He also possesses a powerful knockup CC that can seriously harm many other heroes' ultimate attacks.

Yet, Yu Zhong mostly relies on his combo skills. Using his skills is deadly during team combat or a danger to his team during team fights. So the only thing that limits him to reach a victory is the precise timing of casting his combo skills. 

What Makes You Zhong Fun: 

  • He can transform into a large black dragon that gives him the ability to immune himself to crowd control skills while knocking back enemies.
  • He has a tremendous damage
  • He has an impressive spell vamp. 


8. Vale (Mage/Midlaner)


Be scared of his destructive magic that flows freely as the wind.

Vale owns the title in devastating burst damage that he gives to opponents. Meeting him in the middle lane wouldn't make you feel good and superior. His second ability has the power to knock down enemies. He has a passive skill that enables him to move quickly permanently when collecting assists and securing a kill. He becomes one of the heroes who is challenging to capture and kill yet easy to escape and destroy enemies.

Due to his ability to deal great damage, Vale becomes the target of enemies' damage dealers. So positioning is really important and it's quite difficult if you're a solo player. To avoid being the target, make sure to always hide and be protected by tanks throughout the game while casting a combo skill that heavily relies on time. 

What Makes Vale Fun:

  • He is a strong mage hero from mid to late game.
  • He has a deadly burst damage and crowd control skill.
  • He has fast cooldown skills, perfect for spamming.


7. Wanwan - ( Marksman/Goldlaner)


Her darts spare no one! 

She's been one of the easiest marksmen to deal great damage right now. You can now trigger her ultimate so easily and go immune to enemies' destructive skills. She can greatly annoy enemies. The only problem with her is she does rely on builds.

When you're building her with the wrong item, Wanwan is just a great burden to the team. If you want to be your teammate's great asset from mid to late game, try to build her with attack Speed Boots, Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, Scarlet Phantom, Sea Halberd, and Malefic Roar. Then remove her Boots during late game, and replace it with attack speed like Windtalker. In that way, she will be able to enhance her basic attack and dash fast. It is helpful when moving from one lane to another. 

What Makes Wanwan Fun: 

  • She's a slippery marksman that is hard to catch. 
  • She's a threat to every tank.
  • She has an ability to immune herself to all kinds of damage when she's on her ultimate.


6. Irithel (Marksman/Goldlaner)

24 Kills!! Irithel One Hit Build (PLEASE TRY) - Build Top 1 Global Irithel ~ MLBB

You cannot bear her wrath!

Players wanted to test her out more after the buff update, which increased her popularity and usability during rank matches. She is doing an excellent role of causing harm and securing the kill. Her passive skill works smoothly when you equip her with a Sprint battle spell. Even while her playstyle takes some time to get used to, once you master it, you'll be on your way to a smoother road of victory. 

However, Irithel is very easy to counter during early games. This can be an opportunity for enemies to finish the game as soon as possible because Irithel relies on equipment. This can be solved if a tank gives attention to Irithel. 

What Makes Irithel Fun: 

  • She has an AoE ultimate damage. She can hit 2-3 critical damage every time she attacks an enemy.
  • She's a terrible marksman during a late game. 
  • She can literally reduce enemies' defense ability. 


5. Moskov (Marksman/Goldlaner)

18 Kills + MANIAC!! Moskov Gold Lane Late Game Monster!! - Build Top 1 Global Moskov ~ MLBB

His spear never misses! It hits him and will definitely hit you too! 

He is a particular kind of hero who gains power and destructiveness from the item he builds. With that, he can dominate both gold lane and the jungle role. His basic attack and passive's ability to kill and destroy enemies at once that grant him lifesteal, makes him ideal for these two roles.

Even though Moskov is fun because of his great damage ability, using Moskov is quite dangerous. He is weak in the early game, wasteful of mana, relies on positioning and requires safe positioning. Just use Moskov again and again until you'll discover your own tricks when playing him.

What Makes Moskov Fun:

  • Tremendous damage dealer during late game.
  • He has a high attack speed.
  • He has a great escape mechanism.


4. Phoveus (Fighter/EXP-Laner)


No one can escape with this terrible king of sidelane!

Next in line is Phoveus, but he is only effective if Esmeralda is not around. He is still one of those heroes who is a great danger to dash skills enemies like Lancelot, which allows him to annoy by poking and killing enemies quite a bit. Nevertheless, Phoveus is quite complicated. He requires an enormous time to spend playing him so he can contribute a great deal of damage during team fights. 

What Makes Phoveus Fun:

  • He is a hero with a unique blink ability that targets an enemy.
  • He has a short skill cooldown.
  • He has a good crowd control skill.


3. Esmeralda (Exp-laner/Roamer)

IMMORTAL!! Offlane Esmeralda Best Build and Emblem - Build Top 1 Global Esmeralda ~ MLBB

She's your beautiful nightmare!

She's excellent at harassing enemies and cornering them. Her passive turns the shield into HP so the damage taken by her doesn't affect her that much. It is possible to counter her with an anti-lifesteal. However, doing so costs you one item slot. Esmeralda should be chosen if she isn't picked, otherwise your entire game would be unpleasant.

Also, Esmeralda is very vulnerable to stun. As much as possible you should avoid  stun heroes like Cyclops, Tigreal and Badang. She will lose the shield stack she has accumulated as a result of this stun because this particular hero largely relies on the stack shield and the combo skill system. When stunned by enemies, her stack shield will be back to zero so a witty mind should be used when using Esmeralda. 

What Makes Esmeralda Fun:

  • She deals great damage even though she's kinda tanky.
  • She has a good escape mechanism.
  • Has a short skill cooldown, perfect for skill spammers.


2. Lancelot (Jungler/Assassin)

BRUTAL LANCELOT! Aggressive Gameplay [ Top Global Lancelot Best Build ] Sutsujin. - Mobile Legends

He has no sympathy to deal with devil doers! 

You'd better choose Lancelot immediately if he's available considering how terrifying he is when picked by an opponent. 

When you know how to use him, he fits the best. He has his own special way. Lancelot excels at providing immediate damage, assaulting an enemies backline, murdering enemies marksman, and no one ever success of dodging him during a team fight. 

Lancelot only requires a high level of mastery so you can dash him smoothly. He is hard to use and not for newbies. So if you want to shine during team combat, spend time playing Lancelot as he will never bring shame on you. 

What makes Lancelot Fun: 

  • He has exceptional burst damage.
  • He has excellent momobility.
  • He has an immune ability.


1. Johnson - (Tank/Roamer)


Watch out! He loves rushing at a lightning speed!

I have seen many Johnson users wrecking and shining in almost every game. That's how popular he is right now. This makes him top as the most fun yet killer hero to play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He has always been a threat to anyone but now it also has the nitro. He is now mostly used as an offensive tank rather than a defensive roamer of a team. It works in its own way to the point that enemies always should be alert of avoiding him and defending themselves against his murderous car. 

But before you achieve a deadly Johnson and wreck hard during gameplay, you should familiarize the map and its surrounding area. This makes you a smarter Johnson player that gives a bitter death to your enemies in the Land of Dawn. 

What Makes Johnson Fun:

  • He has a long stun duration, perfect for initiating team fights. 
  • He has a unique skill and gameplay. It's so fun driving while killing. 
  • He is the most aggressive tank hero. 


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