All Mobile Legends Game Modes Explained

MLBB Game Modes

This awesome game offers a variety of game modes to enjoy. Whether you’re a casual player or an ultra-competitive gamer, you can always find a game mode suitable for your style. Learn all about the different modes in the game that you can play with friends.

1. Classic Mode

The basics of all modes

A do-all-play-all arena with little to no limitations. This mode allows players of all experiences to enjoy a fun match together. Known as the mode for practicing new heroes against real enemies, the classic mode offers a more relaxed gameplay without much consequences compared to the ranked mode. 

Play classic to check out the feel of new heroes or master your newly found favorites before taking them for a spin in the ranked matches. This is also the game mode for playing with newbie friends who have yet to join your high ranks. A fun game mode with uniform mechanics as a ranked match but without the intense stress of getting the dub and keeping your rank stars up.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Adapt as a player, you don’t see the enemy drafts so be prepared to face any hero
  • Work with your  team and strategize for victory
  • Work on timing and positioning, perfect  to test new moves in classic
  • Be map-aware and be there to assist your team

How to Play Classic:

1. Hero selection, choose any hero you want to play or try out. Not much pressure goes into the classic drafts. If you feel like adjusting, you can base your pick on your team's pre-picked heroes

2. Adjust your kit or build based on your role or lane, and choose your best equipment.

3. The gameplay starts with laning, managing your lane and making sure to not fall behind the enemy in terms of gold and exp

4. Practice map awareness throughout the match

5. Look for available objectives and weigh which ones are to be prioritized

6. Leave your lane only when necessary

7. Keep your turrets safe but try to take down the enemy’s

8. Engage in team fights with your team

9. Complete your equipment and push for the win

Pick Classic if:

  • Want to play a less competitive mode
  • Want to practice and experiment with new heroes
  • Do warm-ups before ranked matches
  • Want less pressure when playing
  • Will try put in a new strategy or rotation

Heroes suitable for Classic:

Classic is very similar to a ranked match that gives everyone an open hero pool where any hero can be used in the match. Choose heroes you are familiar with or heroes you want to have a shot at. This is the game mode to master them all.


2. Ranked Mode

Where competition is at its highest, Ranked Mode.

The arena to put your skills to the test. The Ranked Mode is the most competitive game mode in Mobile Legends, this is where players battle for their places in the game. Rise to the ranks from being a Warrior to Mythical Glory!

The ranked mode follows the regular rules of the 5v5 PVP game where each player chooses a hero and masters them in hopes of destroying the enemy base with their team. A truly simple concept intertwined with the intricacies and mechanics of the game. Ranked mode limits your hero pool to heroes that you have already used at least a few times, this makes sure that nobody practices in the ranked mode, after all all of your in-game rankings rely in these matches, and nobody wants to lose just because their randos start playing newly bought heroes.

Players go all out in these matches and everyone is expected to bring out their best and battle-ready heroes. Immerse yourself with the most battle-hungry players with the Ranked mode.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Role selection and adjustment based on team composition
  • Hero mastery, always bring your best and strongest heroes
  • Communication and strategic planning with your team
  • Map awareness throughout the match
  • Objective awareness, knowing what to do at each moment

How to Play Ranked:

1. Strategize right from the start in the drafting phase of the game

2. Ban meta heroes or prioritize picking them for your team

3. Lockout heroes that are quick counters for your best picks to prevent enemies from using them

4. Pick heroes you are efficient with or adjust based on your team composition

5. Communicate your in-game plans and role preferences with your team in the drafts

6. Move across the map based on your role, and make sure to move in and out of your lane to maximize your resources

7. Defend your lane but pay attention to the map

8. Join clashes and objective fights to increase team advantage

9. Push turrets when unguarded

10. Always communicate with your team to win as a group

Pick Ranked if:

  • You are ready to take on an ultra-competitive match
  • Want to test your abilities among the best players within your rank
  • Rise above the ranks and prove your skills to the world
  • Get to the top of global leaderboards
  • Play amongst a group of victory-hungry players

Heroes suitable for Ranked:

You should use heroes you’ve mastered in the ranked game. This is where all players show the best they’ve got and you have to prove your abilities too. Pick heroes you have high proficiency with or pick easy-to-use heroes if you are adjusting for your team.


3. Brawl Mode

Chaos is always brewin' in here.

The world of Brawl throws almost all strategic thinking out the window and encourages chaos and war on the battlefield. This mode lets players of all experiences have a fun-filled match in a single-lane arena where you have no choice but to face your enemies head-on. A quick match with a randomized hero pool, this mode brings in a very unpredictable match that could be an easy sweep or a well-balanced rivalry depending on your hero setups in the draft.

What makes Brawl a favorite is that it offers quick gameplay on a condensed battlefield where you can play your heart out without worrying about roles and objectives. Your only goal in this game is to kill enemies and engage in all-out skirmishes to take down your rivals and keep their turrets open for destruction.

Step into an action-packed arena and check out heroes you don’t even own and take them on a trip to this chaotic battlefield and you may just discover that they may be a good fit for your playstyle.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Quick decision-making, crucial for brawl mode which is full of chaotic events
  • Work with your team to survive enemy attacks
  • Resource budgeting, mana, and life should be taken into account since you can’t recall in Brawl

How to Play Brawl:

1. Choose among two randomized heroes or roll the dice to get an extra hero option

2. Choose the perfect first item since you can only buy equipment when in the base

3. Immediately take mana boots if your hero is mana-reliant

4. Team cooperation is key to victory, share heals and resources to keep everyone alive

5. Decide on a strategy, tower hugging or aggressive killing

6. Work with your teammates to take down enemies one by one

7. Watch the bush!! Bushes are strategic positions in the map and is often utilized by both parties

8. Launce a barrage of attacks!

9. Embrace the chaos and bring your worst in the match, this won’t impact your ranks at all. Your entire goal is to WIN!

Pick Brawl if:

  • You prefer casual gameplay
  • Want an unpredictable match
  • Want a quick chaotic stress relief
  • Need a quick match
  • Want to test out new heroes

Heroes suitable for Brawl:

  • Hanzo
  • Odette
  • Alpha
  • Cecilion
  • Estes


4. Practice Mode


Take it easy and practice it out with the bots

The best mode to test any hero out! This mode gives you complete control over how you wanna try out newly bought heroes or heroes you plan on buying. Try it out against a chosen enemy, set enemy abilities, and customize the play rules if you want. This is a no-consequence game mode where you can test a hero's feel, skillset, range, and movements while playing against an AI enemy.

Set the difficulty level, resource caps, items, and even hero level if you want to jump straight to a level 15 hero with a complete kit and maxed-out move sets. Get in the game and freely practice, experiment with abilities, and test out tactics in this chill game mode. 

Train with new heroes or master your favorites with this game mode.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Set up preferred in-game calibrations
  • Read up on hero skills
  • Choose the best hero kit to use hero at full potential
  • Choose an enemy hero

How to play Practice:

1. Decide on your hero and its rival hero

2. Calibrate the game environment and hero stats like HP and Mana

3. Target practice

4. Practice last hits on heroes and minions

5. Try out the efficient rotation

6. Familiarize yourself with the map

7. Learn and gauge resource management

8. Try out combos and moves that require mastery

9. Master your hero and exit the game with a new unit in your arsenal

Pick Practice if:

  • Testing out a new hero
  • Trying out a new strategy
  • Want to check out hero abilities in a controlled arena
  • Want to experiment and test skills


5. Custom Mode


Set the game, the play and the pace. Custom has it all for you.

Custom Mode offers options for gameplay, we have the Creation Camp where you have the full ability to edit the mechanics in the game like increasing minion HP, hero damage, walking speed, and more. This opens up a whole new battlefield for players who want to check out a new sort of fun. We also have common modes which are Draft Pick, Classic, and Brawl. 

Custom allows players to form the teams themselves and fight among each other, this is opposed to the usual nature of the game where you battle with random enemies. This mode allows teams to test out their abilities against one another and prove who is the best of them all. A versatile and flexible mode that suits the different needs of players.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Set up rules and calibrate the mechanics when playing creation camp
  • Gather up players to form teams
  • Decide which mode to play
  • Decide additional rules if necessary to increase chaotic possibility and fun

How To Play Custom:

1. Gather up your team and find a team of opponents to face up against you

2. Choose the preferred game mode

3. Play as you would in a regular mode

4. Enjoy the custom match with friends, your teammates, and your real-life rivals

Pick Custom if:

  • You want to play with a chosen set of people
  • Want to add your own twists to the game
  • Need to set a match between two teams
  • Want to play as the game master
  • Want to add additional rules and mechanics to make the gameplay more unique
  • Set specific game durations
  • Need to limit hero pools

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