Mobile Legends Guide For Beginners [25 Useful Tips Every Beginner Should Know]

Mobile Legends Hero Pool


1. Adjust Control Layout

Customize the control layout to your preference. Experiment with different setups to find what works best for you. Adjust button sizes and positions to suit your playstyle and finger composition. Do this through settings>interface>custom UI>customize.This allows you to play smoothly and avoid accidentally hitting skills that aren’t supposed to be cast yet.

2. Customize Quick Chat

Take advantage of the communication commands available in the game. Set up quick chat messages for quick and easy communication with your teammates. Tell your team to attack, defend, and support in under a second via quick chat. This makes it easy to communicate your plan to your team to avoid disconnects with your attacks.

3. Familiarize the Roles

Understand the different roles in the game, such as tank, mage, marksman, support, fighter, and assassin. Learn their responsibilities and playstyle.Each role has a different contribution to winning the game, take the time to learn how to play each of them efficiently so you can work flawlessly with your team.

4. Master Heroes of Different Roles

Learn heroes from different roles. This gives you the flexibility to adjust to different roles based on your team draft. This is important since team composition plays a significant role in winning a game.

5. Set Hero Emblems and Builds

Customize your hero's emblems and builds. Emblems provide additional bonuses and effects, while builds determine the items you purchase during the game. Although builds can be adjusted in-game, having a preset build makes it easier for quick item purchases in the heat of a clash. Experiment and find the best kit for your preferred heroes. This is important to maximize the power of your hero. Errors in emblems and builds will result in underwhelming damage. 


Drafting Phase:

6. Show Your Preferred Hero or Role

Do this during the drafting phase. This allows your team to adjust based on what hero you can use. This also allows you to showcase your mastery of your favorite hero by showing your win rate. Communication with your team will help ensure a balanced team composition, a big factor in victory.

7. Learn Hero Counters

Familiarize yourself with hero counters. Some heroes just work best against other heroes, this is especially important against meta heroes that have a high pick rate. Certain heroes are strong against others, so knowing the counters can give you an advantage during the draft. Heroes like Estes can be countered by Baxia’s natural passive and squishy marksmen are easy prey for Saber.

8. Analyze Enemy Team Composition

Assess the enemy team's composition and strengths during the draft. If the enemy relies on the late game, make sure that you have a hero who can carry your team in the late game or that your team can finish the game early.This will help you determine the best approach and strategy for the game.

9. Adjust Pick Based on Team Composition

Flexibility in hero selection is a great ability in this game. This is where mastery of multiple roles takes importance. Adjust your pick based on the team draft to ensure your team has a well-rounded composition. Fill in the necessary roles and pick heroes that synergize well with your teammates to maximize the team fight ability of your team.



10. Learn Last Hitting

Last hitting refers to landing the final blow on minions and heroes to earn gold. Doing this allows you to not fall behind in gold against your lane rival. Always give the last hits to the damage dealer; this allows your team to snowball your carry into his complete kit and power. Practice this skill to maximize your gold income and gain an advantage over the enemy.

11. Map Awareness

The minimap is a key component of the game. Check it often to keep track of the enemy and your teammates. The minimap gives the most important information in the game, positioning, objectives, lord, and turtle timers spawn in the map; swipe, tap, and pin to maximize the use of the minimap. Pay attention and keep track of enemy movements. This will help you make informed decisions throughout the game.

12. Communicate

Effective communication is of course crucial. This is easier to do when playing with friends but when playing solo, use quick chat messages, pings, or voice chat if available to coordinate strategies. Communication also includes pinging for potential enemies, calling for backup, and organizing a coordinated attack. This also allows you to signal for your team to defend the base from enemies that are planning to back door like Zilong

13. Take Jungle

The jungle provides awesome resources that are easily farmable at the start of the game, take the jungle monsters for a quick gold and exp boost to overtake the enemy resources. Take the time to steal jungle monsters from enemies if possible especially the crab and the buffs as it gives a significant amount of resource boost! Deny your enemy the gold and exp so they cannot snowball to victory.

14. Take Objectives

Another important mechanic in the game is the jungle objectives, these are the Turtles and the Lords. Prioritize taking objectives whenever they spawn since these provide resources, buffs, and extra bonuses for the team. It is important that your team secures these objectives since these are highly significant in turning the tide of the games. 

15. Take Down Turrets

Don't get carried away by taking kills, assists, and farms. Gold and high KDA stats may look pretty but remember that the winning element of the game is to take down the enemy base. This starts with taking down the turrets so focus on getting down as many turrets as you can, this also provides your team a much better map control with the enemy towers destroyed.

Pushing lanes is an important part of the game, at the end of the day, the turrets are the protective layer of the enemy base, without it the movement of the enemy is limited and you can plan your attack better.

16. Rotate Efficiently

Don't play ranked games like a brawl match, nobody wants a teammate that stays the whole game in his lane. Utilize the map and look for opportunities to outnumber enemies or do ganks.

Move between lanes to where your team needs the most help, this will ensure that your team can secure kills and push turrets quickly. Rotating towards jungle objectives like Turtles and Lords is also important since the more members present, the better your team's chances are in securing the objective.

17. Adjust Builds

The game situation is always unpredictable, multiple builds and strategies can be used by the enemy. Adjust your build as necessary to contribute your maximum potential to your team. Consider the enemy composition, their builds, and rotation.

Optimize your power and abilities by using counter items against the enemy. Minimize their damage through DEF items or pierce your way to victory with the right ATK items. Learn to adapt and adjust to the game situation.

18. Use Counter Items

If you are not able to counter the enemy during the drafting phase, there is still a way to do this through your items. Learn which items are the most efficient against specific enemies, and familiarize yourself with anti-healing items, resistance, and defense items so you can counter heroes who are shredding your team.

These items make a significant contribution whenever you face off against your enemies. Team fights can be won by using counter items effectively.

19. Learn When to Retreat

This may be hard to gauge in the beginning especially when you are overpowering your enemy, but always take note of your health bar. You may be able to survive a 1v1 attack but low HP makes you vulnerable during surprise ganks. Don't push losing battles, retreat, and don't give your enemies the free kills.

Don't go too deep in the enemy lanes when in critical health and take the time to pull back and avoid deaths. You can always regroup and relaunch attacks after you have revitalized your health bar.

20. Map Control

An often overlooked aspect of the game especially by beginners. Take advantage of important areas of the map, this includes the buffs, strategic bushes, and the river in the middle of the map. Having vision and control of these areas puts the enemy team at a great disadvantage and it gives your team the upper hand in terms of ganking and launching team fights. 

Take control of the map and deny the enemy important info like vision to increase their error probability.

21. Work with your team

As fun as it is to solo carry your team, Mobile Legends is a team-based game, so cooperation is the main key to victory. Try to adjust to your team's playstyle, make sure that you are present in clashes, and always ready to assist your team. 

Pay attention to pings and shot calls to participate in coordinated attacks, ganks, and tower pushes. Overwhelm the enemy by frequently moving as a team instead of solo players. 

22. Dive Towers

Not often advised for beginners but an important strategy in the game. Once you are familiar with your hero, learn when and where you can dominate your enemy. If you're against an enemy that is extremely squishy or under-leveled, try to poke them until their HP level is low enough that you can dive in their turret for the finishing blow. This of course requires precision, make sure that your hero will survive before doing so. 

Be cautious when diving but make sure not to let a kill go away just because a critical HP enemy went in their turret. This kill might count as a great advantage for your team especially in the late game. 

23. Manage Mana Use

Mana is a frequent requirement among heroes to use their skills. Always pay attention to your mana and don't spam your skills, especially in the early game where the mana pool is still low. 

Make sure to keep enough mana when doing ganks or whenever engaging in battles. Check your mana levels to see if you can launch a full set of attacks before facing off against your enemies. Also, take mana items for heroes that are heavily reliant on mana. This is important to successfully launch damaging attacks. 

24. Learn When to Engage:

Timing and coordination are always important in the game. It is not always smart to be the first one to make a move, you have to wait for the enemy team to exhaust their attacks before you engage. This is especially effective when you are underpowered compared to the enemy. 

Don't engage solo unless you are certain that you can take the enemy down. Engage when you know that you have backup and when you are certain that you can fall back if the enemy team suddenly initiates a gank. 

25. Enjoy the Game:

Finally, always take the time to enjoy the game. This may seem like a completely competitive game but it does give opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment with friends.

Enjoy the challenges and relish the victories. Don't force yourself to adjust around the meta and instead learn heroes you really enjoy playing. Put enjoyment in your priorities and victories will come next.

Follow these tips and awe your team with your impeccable gameplay and increase your win rate in Mobile Legends. Good luck and dominate the land!


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