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Savage Notification

Savage is one of the many great achievements anyone could hope to achieve in Mobile Legends and is considered one of the best MLBB flex players across all ranks. A savage notification shows up when a player obtains five consecutive kills within a short timeframe. It sounds easy, but it definitely requires patience, skill, strategy, accuracy, and a little bit of luck considering that you are playing with a team of five, of which anyone has the chance to take the kill. 

The best heroes for this job are assassins and marksmen, they dish out heavy damage that can take down the enemy fast. With the right positioning and teamwork, a savage may very well be on the way.

Check out our list of Top 10 heroes for your next savage gameplay!

10. Argus

The immortal dark angel fueled by malice and rage. A hero feared by many from start up until the end of the game. 

His ultimate the Eternal Evil grants him a few seconds of immortality. The window of immortality is often enough for Argus to turn the tide into his favor and give his team the chance to crush enemies during a clash. His enhanced abilities during his ultimate improves his chances of securing kills especially when paired with his demon grip pulling and charging himself toward the enemy. 

What makes Argus a great savage hero:

  • Chase skill makes it easier to pick off low hp enemies
  • His immunity can be strategically used to sustain enemy damage
  • His multiple HP regen skills increases his survival ability
  • Ultimate can be casted while dishing out heavy damage to eliminate enemy team
  • high burst capabilities

Watch Argus Savage:


9. Miya

The first ever MLBB marksman that does not fall off against her newer counterparts. The Moonlit Archer has a lethal combination that becomes deadlier as the game progresses. Her conceal play paired up with her stun and high damage split arrows can take enemy players by surprise.

A quick savage is obtainable by a perfect set from her team and her high damage abilities. Her increasing stackable attack speed makes her playstyle even more exciting as she dishes out damage that is definitely hard to sustain.

What makes Miya a great savage hero:

  • Can fast clear lanes for gold lead
  • Has a crowd control ability
  • Multi target skill helps her secure kills
  • Can use ultimate for conceal play or escape
  • High late game carry potential
  • High speed and high damage attack is deadly

Watch Miya Savage:


8. Moscov

Another one of the marksman heroes that heavily rely on dishing out crazy amounts of damage. Moscov has a very high attack speed that best pairs with his high damage output. His skill pins enemies to walls stunning them for a few seconds giving Moscov enough time to eliminate enemy heroes by a barrage of continuous basic attacks.

The superfast movement and attacks he lets out is a deadly weapon that obliterates enemies before they can regroup to take Moscov down. Truly a remarkable marksman worthy of being in the list of the best!

What makes Moscov a great savage hero:

  • Super fast attack speed
  • Has high mobility and high damage output
  • Utimate can travel across the map
  • Can utilize walls for stun perfect for enemy elimination
  • Blink is useful for going in and out of clashes

Watch Moscov savage:

7. Gusion

An assassin that starts his terror as soon as his ultimate is up and ready. Gusion has skills which utilize his knives to deal massive amounts of magic damage. His kit allows him to burst down enemies in an instant. Although his specialty relies on picking off low health enemies, his combo and ultimate can still dish out heavy damage and take down multiple enemies, all you need is fast reflexes to execute his combos.

Whether for ambush or for team fights Gusion is an amazing pick. His high mobility and damage characteristic allows him to get killing sprees. With on point accuracy and precision, Gusion players can definitely achieve a savage and carry his team to victory.

What makes Gusion a great savage hero:

  • High mobility and high damage output
  • deadly attack combination
  • blinks in and out of clashes
  • Holy Blade can take down multiple enemy heroes in a single combo
  • Versatile hero that can carry or hold lanes
  • Blink allows him to unleash his deadly combination to target heroes

Watch Gusion savage:


6. Aldous

One of the strongest fighters you could utilize in the late game. Don't make the fatal mistake of travelling the map solo or Aldous can fly directly to you and give you his terrifying finishing blows.

Aldous relies on stacks that he builds overtime, this means that the longer the game duration lasts the better Aldous' play and damage will be. As a melee hero he just needs the enemy team to be right up his range and he can finish them off and deliver them to their early demise.

What makes Aldous a great savage hero:

  • High burst damage
  • Can target lock enemies across the map
  • passive gives him shield

Watch Aldous savage:


5. Bruno

A soccer player that deals heavy damage with his hyper powerful soccer ball kicks. His enhanced basic attack combined with his dash and multi target ultimate is one combo to look out for.

Bruno is a deadly marksman hero especially in the late game once he completes his build for both criticals and attack speed. His ultimate: Wave of the world kicks an energy ball to an enemy and ricochets to nearby enemies causing multiple target damage. Indeed an unstoppable force that outdamages  his rivals.

What makes Bruno a great savage hero:

  • High mobility from his second skill
  • Has knockback skill
  • Has a good escape skill
  • Ranged high damage attacks are useful for teamfights
  • His ultimate can damage multiple enemies making it easier for him to secure kills

Watch Bruno savage: 

4. Wanwan

A nifty marksman known as the Agile Tiger of the Oriental Fighters. Wanwan is one of the commonly banned marksmen mainly because of her late game carry capabilities. 

Her ultimate the Crossbow of Tang can deal deadly amount of damage and can wipeout the enemy team. This ultimate can be casted by meeting specific conditions like hitting all enemy weakpoints. 

The Crossbow of Tang locks into enemy heroes and continuously fires arrows for 2.5 seconds. A short but deadly timeframe for in game clashes. This ultimate can obliterate the enemy team especially during the late game. Once Wanwan gets up into the air, she can achieve a killing streak and finish off remaining enemy heroes with her high mobility Tiger Pace.

What makes Wanwan a great savage hero:

  • High mobility hero
  • High late game damage is deadly
  • Invincible when ultimate is cast
  • Second skill removes CC's
  • High comeback possibility from ultimate
  • First skill can poke enemies

Watch Wanwan savage:


3. Lancelot

An excellent assassin usually played as a core hero. Lancelot brandishes his sword and dashes through the enemy, a successful enemy mark resets his skill allowing players to achieve his "unli dash", this shows how crucial accuracy is for a Lancelot player. 

Lancelot's high mobility and high damage output makes it extremely difficult for enemy heroes to get out of his grasps while the same abilities benefit him even more by giving him a bigger chance for escape in times of danger.

His high damage skills and his ability to reset his cooldown is what makes him scary. One wrong positioning in a clash and he may just obliterate the enemy team.

What makes Lancelot a great savage hero:

  • high mobility perfect for chasing
  • high damage skill can burst down enemies fast
  • dash skill can reset providing a tricky situation for enemy team
  • his second skill gives a second of invincibility
  • unli dash makes chasing after heroes easy

Watch Lancelot savage:


2. Karina

Karina's biggest weapon is her ultimate's cooldown reset for each kill she takes, making her an extremely effective and deadly assassin. Her chase abilities are top notch, giving her more chances to execute enemy heroes and utilize her reaping specialty. Her lethal combination of attacks can surely wipe out the enemy! A killing machine built to assassinate and collect savages, she is truly a hero worth every investment.

She is best played as a core jungler taking advantage of buffs and the jungle area to surprise enemy heroes with her lethal combination. Perfect for bush plays and ambushes. 

What makes Karina a great savage hero:

  • highly mobile and takedown capable
  • ultimate benefits from killing streaks
  • skillset is perfect for an assassin
  • can target lock into enemies to finish them off
  • high magic damage output

Watch Karina savage:


1. Fanny  

A fierce cable master who slashes her way through enemies across the map. Fanny gets her kills mainly through her deadly combination of attacks. She uses her steel cables to target enemy heroes following through with her slashing tornado strike and finishing them off with her lethal cut throat. A scary assassin blessed with the ability of ultimate mobility allowing her to go in and out of team fights as she wishes.

With the right set up from her team and optimal clash location and enemy hero positioning, she can easily wipe the floor in a teamfight securing kills and even a savage. Truly a terror for the enemy team.

What makes Fanny a great savage hero:

  • Very high mobility used to engage and escape teamfights
  • High damage output
  • Can lock into target enemy to secure elimination
  • High chase capabilities
  • Does not use mana
  • Can hyper carry the team
  • easily bursts down squishy enemy heroes

Watch Fanny savage: 


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