[Top 10] Mobile Legends Heroes That Are Amazing No Matter The Meta

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The ever changing meta in Mobile Legends keeps the gameplay fresh at every season update, but what if you can’t be bothered to learn the new meta heroes every patch? Well, here we list down the heroes that won’t fail you even if the meta shifts in a completely different direction.

Here are some timeless heroes that you won't regret mastering in Mobile Legends and watch some of their best players showcase how awesome these heroes are.


Ultimate set

What makes Tigreal awesome at any point in the game's run is his mechanics, which don't rely on power at all. His biggest strength is  his sets, which have an awesome impact when executed with perfect timing and strategy from his player. No matter how powercreeped Tigreal is, his handiness and his playstyle lets him stay as one of the favorite tanks in the game. The simplicity of his playstyle can be mastered even by beginners and his skills make him a strong and formidable tank. It does not look like he will be ignored in the game any time soon. 

What makes Tigreal consistently powerful:

  • Ultimate can pull nearby enemies to him
  • His combo is easy to execute but can pull in the whole enemy team
  • His stuns, pulls, and push can disarray enemies

Watch Tigreal Own:


The power of the swan, guide her.

An overlooked mage hero but is a deadly one when used right. Odette is deadly because of her stun skill and AoE ultimate. She is not as hard hitting as newer mages like Yve and Valentina but she can still take on enemies face on! She carries clashes with the right positioning and owns the middle lane with her powerful skills. She is even deadlier when paired with utility heroes like Johnson and Mathilda which can work with her to deliver her heavy damage straight to the enemy. Her simple yet high damage skills does not fall off completely even when she is shadowed by the newer released heroes. Her skills are still a recognized threat by all that enemies always come in prepared for. 

What makes Odette consistently powerful:

  • Her combo is a solid offense. She has the stun and the continuous damage from her ultimate
  • Her passive is super useful during teamfights
  • AoE ultimate has always been a threatening attack even when Odette's damage is nerfed

Watch Odette own:


Don't catch her boomerang

The playful and annoying feline. Nana was never the overpowered mage that one-shots her rivals but she is one annoying hero. What makes her strong is her ability to terrorize you in your lane, not allowing you to step wherever you want with Molina. One wrong step and you just fell right into Nana's hands. Her skills are not the strongest in the game. but she brings out a deadly combo on the table. Her Molina stuns the enemy allowing her to hit them with her giant magical boomerang before finishing them off with her ultimate that can take down fleeing enemies with its progressing range. Her Molina's alone can make enemies pull their hair out because of the stress it causes when put in the right locations. Watch out for her stuns if you don't wanna be taken out. 

What makes Nana consistently powerful:

  • Her Molina will forever be annoying and distracting
  • Her boomerang can do double hits
  • Her ultimate has movement and stun which makes it harder to escape
  • She can combo enemies and finish them off with flameshot when her damage is insufficient
  • She is very hard to eliminate because of her Molina passive

Watch Nana own:


Ever seen a bush, fire continuous CC's at you? That's probably Eudora in a stealth play. Her electro balls don't only zap you, but her second skill gives you a little stun that is more than enough for her to cast her ultimate that will shower you with thunder. You better pray that your magic shields are already built or else you may just have met your demise. Eudora has always been a strong hero, but her squishiness and low mobility makes her overall gameplay lacking. That doesn't mean that she cannot keep up with the meta heroes though, her playstyle relies on strategically positioning herself on bushes where she can take down enemy heroes by surprise. Her combo is as deadly as it could be and it is one that damage dealers heavily look out for.

What makes Eudora consistently powerful:

  • Her skills dish out high damage
  • Her combo can take down squishy heroes in a few seconds
  • She has a bit of a range allowing her to cast skills while hiding
  • The stun of the electro ball is a game changer for her combo
  • High damage skills + flameshot is a sure death secure

Watch Eudora own:


Natalia is a stealthy assassin who dashes in and out of the battle area. Her invincibility allows her to move around the map stealthily, and her kit built for an assassin makes her a deadly damage dealer. She focuses on pick-offs that impale the enemy team by taking down squishy damage dealers like mages, marksmen or assassins. Her playstyle also disrupts the enemy’s positioning and strategy because she shows up from nowhere and deals really good slows and really high damage. 

What makes Natalia consistently powerful:

  • Has invisibility and immune abilities
  • Can jump in and out of teamfights
  • Can roam unnoticed
  • Can always dish out high damage

Watch Natalia own:


The rolling monster

Baxia is always good for multiple reasons: he is highly mobile with his first skill, he can dish out continuous damage with his second skill as long as he aims it precisely, and his ultimate induces a slow effect together with some damage. Basically a hitter that can also sustain damage since he is a tank and you don't necessarily need damage items for him to have substantial damage since his second skill allows him to hit up to 5 times. His passive also makes him even more powerful against enemies with shield/HP regen as he shivs off 50% of their regen capabilities. That passive is seriously useful both for 1v1's and teamfights. His build and skill set allows him to always be a good hero to use at any patch. His versatility is also nice as he can be used as a Jungler, EXP laner or a tank. 

What makes Baxia consistently powerful:

  • He has the damage
  • He has the sustain abilities
  • His skill allow him to be highly mobile
  • His skills are useful for teamfights due to his ability to do consecutive hits

Watch Baxia own:


Stay with me and stay alive

Faramis has a versatile role. He can be a damage dealer that bursts enemies or he can be the team support. Either way, his biggest strength lies on his ultimate that keeps his team alive. His powerful ultimate allows him to release a ring of immortality that allows his team to attack without worrying of death since they will be resurrected anyway. No matter how strong their opponents are, he can match them head on by keeping his team surviving. An awesome hero overall. 

To add to his high sustain skills, he possesses chains that pull enemies toward him. A totally awesome skill for a support hero that can disorient enemy players.

What makes Faramis consistently powerful: 

  • Can cast a few seconds of immortality to team
  • Increases team sustainability big time
  • Has high damage output when built as mage
  • Solid skills for setting up fights

Watch Faramis own:


I'll keep you safe and take them all down.

She is always powerful because she has abilities that let her survive on her own and even take down enemies she is facing. She has an amazing set up ability, throwing enemies across her body then following up with her knock up. That combo alone gives her a chance to flee or finish off enemy heroes. What makes her even scarier is her ultimate,which relies on her DEF stats. Imagine having her tank so hard and dish out heavy damage because of all her DEF stats. That's what Edith can achieve and that's what makes her powerful ever since. 

What makes Edith consistently powerful:

  • Can tank and dish out high damage with ultimate
  • She has many stun effects that are awesome in game
  • She has high sustainability
  • You can build her with DEF items and not compromise her damage

Watch Edith own:


Meet my daggers and your end.

Gusion is a highly mobile hero and a high damage dealer, combine these two traits together and you get one of the deadliest assassins in the game. Gusion’s skills allow him to target lock into enemies and remove their chance of escape by eliminating them with a swift combo. 

His burst damage is a total game changer, even when it is not overly powerful compared to meta heroes. He can target backlane damage dealers and obliterate them with his daggers. His insanely high magic damage output always shines at any patch update. 

What makes Gusion consistently powerful:

  • Lock-on skill
  • Super high burst damage
  • High mobility hero
  • Can deal great damage even when nerfed

Watch Gusion own:


I have the way of the dragon in my blood

The super fast martial artist. His skills consist of different blinks that allow him

to move swiftly around his enemies. His martial arts prowess will literally kick your ass. He is a very efficient initiator of battles, and he can usually finish it off because his skill can relocate you midair. Pro Chou users use turrets as additional damage to Chou's combo. This is why, even when Chou is not super powerful as a damage dealer, he can still finish off enemies through strategic offense. 

His combo can pick off specific enemies from teamfights that he can shut down. This is very useful for taking down enemy damage dealers like assassins and marksmen. He has a multitude of skills that allow him to shine at any match. 

What makes Chou consistently powerful:

  • Multiple dashes and blinks allow him to go in the back lines
  • Has decent damage
  • Powerful combo knocks up enemies and kicks them off to the turrets
  • He can immobilize specific heroes by bombarding them with his combo

Watch Chou own:


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