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In Mobile Legends, supports are sometimes overlooked; they don't actually represent big threats because their damage output is rather low when compared to other hero roles. Supports aren't designed to deal damage, but they can help their team maintain an edge. If getting banned from the professional playing scene doesn't make them seem frightening, we don't know what will. Fear not, support users; this guide will show you how to bully the enemy even without massive damage outputs.

Early Game: Snowball your gold laner

Angela in red takes care of Brody

As a support, try to take care of your gold laner/ marksmen, these heroes tend to be super squishy in the early game but can hyper carry your troops when the match reaches the late game. Let the game reach the 15 min mark and these heroes will just be your machine guns gunning down enemy heroes in their sight.

Provide pokes to the enemy in the gold lane and take damage for your marksman, this prevents the enemy heroes from bullying your laner. Provide room for your MM to get an advantage in lane and on the gold lane jungle by using heals, shields, and stuns. It's crucial to get this advantage for your team because the marksman with the advantage typically controls the game's momentum from mid- to late-game.

  • Visit the gold lane early on, stay on bushes to poke and pressure the enemy marksman to retreat
  • Give your MM space for clearing creeps and getting jungle monsters
  • Don't take the last hit for minions, let the MM get the gold lead

Mid Game: Initiate Team fights

Lolita Ultimate

Supports have skills that are geared on supporting the people on their team. Supporters can give their team a slight advantage by using heals, shields, speed boosts, and debuffs. Similar to tanks, supports can start team battles because of their great sustainability, particularly when their kit is centered on HP or DEF items. Supports can still be aggressive and start team fights even while their damage isn't very great. This is especially true if their team has an advantage over the enemy or if their damage is higher than that of their opponents.

  • Poke enemies to shave off a bit of their HP
  • Gauge whether your team can take them head on or if you need backup
  • If you are at an advantage, immobilize the enemy team: focus on targeting the damage dealer
  • Keep your team damage dealer alive and let them take care of shutting down the enemies

Mid Game: Open the Map for Team

Rafaela Showing Enemy Team in Other Lane

Once you make sure that your gold laner has the advantage and can take care of his lane on his own, it is time to roam around and assist the whole team, it’s a 5v5 afterall. Providing vision is important for the whole team, the information that vision gives allows your team to strategize individually and as a group on what to do next to gain an advantage. Revealing the enemy positions makes it less likely for your team to be ganked or taken down by surprise. 

  • Roam around for vision, do bush checks to make sure paths are clear for your team
  • Keep an eye on Turtle, make sure you will be there for the Turtle and Lord fights
  • Stay in front of your team so you can spot enemy early on

Late Game: Back up your team

Angela's Heart Guard

This is the time to stick with your teammates who will carry the game. Give your team a boost during battles or assist them in pushing towers. As you get to this part of the game, make sure your equipment is designed to help your team. You can choose defense and HP items if your hero is on the tanky kind and heal enhancers for heroes that give out buffs and heals like Floryn, Estes and Rafaela. The way you back your team up depends on the hero you use, make sure that you strategize accordingly.

  • Join heroes that are pushing lanes so they don't get taken down while soloing.
  • Check lane bushes while pushing in lanes, let your teammate know when it's time to retreat
  • Put your healing and shields up when a teamfight ensues.
  • Keep your damage dealers alive, use stuns, knock ups, knock backs, and more. 
  • Always guide your damage dealers to safety even if this means you get taken down. 

Late Game: Give cover

Heal All!

Stay in between the enemy and your teammate. Keep your team up and surviving and throw all of your debuffs and stuns toward the enemy. Ward them off or set them up for takedowns. Just cover for your team in general: take damage, give heals and shields and let them have the kills for gold and exp advantage. As long as your damage dealers are alive, you have a fair chance of winning and taking down the enemy base.

  • Hit bushes to reveal hiding enemies
  • Take the front lines and target damage dealers with your slows and stuns
  • Keep your team alive by taking damage or giving support skills like heals
  • Make your team outlast the enemy team, survival is crucial for victory
  • Get aggressive defending your damage dealers, they are the core players of the team
  • Prioritize your best players, make the most effort to keep your best players alive since they have the most chance to outplay the enemy

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