[Top 15] Mobile Legends Best Late Game Heroes (Every Role)

Mobile Legends Best Late Game Heroes
Did The 12-Minute Mark Just Hit?

The Land of Dawn is a balanced place with a great diversity of heroes. Some heroes excel in early lane phasings, while others lay waste to the battlefield once the 12-minute mark hits. The latter are known as Late Game Heroes.

This guide will uncover the most useful Late Game Heroes you should invest in! So read ahead!


15. Hanabi (Marksman)

Hanabi, Scarlet Flower

Marksmen scale exceptionally well into the late game and Hanabi is no exception. Her early game is slow, and her basic attacks barely feel like a scratch. Thus, she requires constant farming and has to stay vigilant at all times. Going in with a tank is her best option!!

However, once she obtains her core items, this squishy hero strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy. Hanabi's basic attack will ricochet multiple enemies when she activates her first skill. In the late game, her skill 1 also grants her an insane lifesteal. As a result, unlike other marksmen, she does not require lifesteal items.

When combined with a full-on critical build, you can only imagine the havoc she can wreak in the late game.

Why Hanabi Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • Excellent for team fights, because her basic attack will hit multiple targets
  • Extra lifesteal, is converted to shield which grants CC immunity and movement speed
  • Amazing lifesteal ability

See Hanabi In Action:

Hanabi Best Build Pro Epic Comeback


14. Alice (Tank/ Mage)

Alice, Queen Of Lifesteal

Alice is the reigning Queen of Lifesteal! She is what is known as a succubus. Alice will drain your entire life energy, leaving you with a withered corpse that resembles a shriveled prune.

Alice is weak in the early game. Her passive allows her to collect blood orbs from dead minions. Those blood orbs will boost Alice's attributes once they reach certain thresholds.

But it's the enhanced attributes from her passive, combined with her ult, that make Alice so lethal in the late game. The constant lifesteal from her ult lets her take hits, but she will hit twice as hard.

This beefy mage is nearly unkillable as a tank or a high burst mage. So once stacked, discards any thoughts of killing her. You will be nothing but fodder to her.

Why Alice Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • Alice is a very good initiator
  • High Mobility from passive and skill 1
  • She can deal continuous damage from skill 3
  • She is very tanky during the late game and can soak up maximum damage

See Alice In Action:



13. Estes (Support)

Estes, He Can Heal You

Estes is one of the strongest, if not, the strongest support class hero in Mobile Legends. A good Estes will never let his teammates die. He is capable of sustaining his entire team by constantly healing them.

Estes comes with 2 healing abilities. Skill 1 can heal an individual hero while his ult can heal the entire team. Thus, making him a great support pick. He will take hits, deal damage, and heal his entire teammates all at the same same time. 

Deploy Estes to the frontlines during teamfights while the heroes on the backlines do their jobs. Before you even know it, the enemy team will come to a grinding halt!

Why Estes Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • He can provide constant heals during teamfights
  • His 2nd can slow the enemy heroes
  • He is literally a walking buff for his teammates
  • Very good sustain in teamfights

See Estes In Action:



12. Diggie (Support)

Diggie, The Annoying Little Birdie

Have you ever seen a feeding Diggie in the game? Sometimes, it takes a small sacrifice to win the game, and Diggie is that sacrifice. He’s the real MVP!

Diggie is one of the most annoying heroes, despite his appearance. He's a bird who, when he dies, reincarnates as an egg. When in egg form, Diggie can continuously provide vision to his teammates by roaming on the battlefield. He will also prevent low health enemies from recalling because he can attack them with new skills that deal, well, 5 true damage. He will relentlessly harass the enemy team.

What makes Diggie even more annoying is his actual skill set. He can poke enemies, crowd control them, and then there’s his ult. His ult will provide a shield to teammates within his range. It will also negate any crowd control effects on teammates within his range.

Thus, heroes like Atlas, Tigreal and Johnson feel pretty much useless against this annoying little menace.

Why Diggie Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • He can provide vision to teammates in egg form
  • He can prevent enemies from recalling in egg form
  • He can negate any hard cc skills
  • Can constantly poke enemies with his 1st skill
  • His 2nd skill can counter high mobility heroes

See Diggie In Action:

Perfect Support Diggie 90% Win Rate!


11. Natalia (Assassin)

Natalia, The Sneaky Ganker

Some heroes are great in both the early and late game. Natalia is one of those heroes. In the early game, she's a sneaky ganker, and in the late game, she's a nasty one-shot hero.

She’s swift and lethal. Natalia is invisible to the enemy heroes in her concealed form and cannot be targeted. Once in range, she will pounce on an enemy hero.

The show begins when she’s fully farmed. She’s capable of devouring enemy marksmen and mages with a single sneak attack. Once the job is done, she will instantly hide herself making her the true essence of the assassin class.

Why Natalia Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • She can secure kills with a single sneak attacks
  • She can’t be targeted when concealed
  • Immune to basic attacks with 2nd skill
  • Her high mobility allows her to rotate and gank faster

See Natalia In Action:

Roamer Natalia Is Still A Beast


10. Kagura (Mage)

The umbrella is Yang, the human is Yin

Kagura is super fun to play and you’ll never get tired of her. Although she may look harmless, she’s very deadly in the late game. Kagura is packed with everything a player could ask for. She can poke from range and one shot squishy heroes. She’s also slippery because of her debuff and blink abilities, making her hard to catch.

Kagura has two sets of skills: with and without her umbrella. Depending on the situation, the player can use those skills in a variety of ways. And good Kagura players will always take advantage of those abilities!

Other than her annoying umbrella pokes, Kagura doesn't do much in the early game. But once she receives her core items, a kagura combo can instantly send enemy heroes back to their base. 

Why Kagura Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • She can not be easily caught because of her debuff and blink skill
  • Has high burst damage when her combo is done right
  • A versatile hero because of a high array of skills 

See Kagura In Action:

Show No Mercy! Kagura Amethyst Wizard! By Lemonn


9. Belerick (Tank)

Belerick, Guardian Of Nature

Belerick is the guardian of nature as well as a force of nature. This behemoth of a tank is calm tempered. But be warned: if provoked, he will strike back! And he's going to hit hard!

Belerick thrives on high HP items. His passive scales with HP items, and the greater his health, the harder he hits. His passive also allows him to shoot enemy heroes with deadly thorns.

Furthermore, he is one of the three heroes with the taunt ability. And his ultimate is perfect for teamfights. It will immobilize all enemy heroes within its vicinity Thus, his skill set makes him good both offensively and defensively, especially in the late game.

Why Belerick Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • He can regenerate health
  • Good both in offense and defense
  • Excellent crowd control abilities
  • Highly durable due to passive

See Belerick In Action:



8. Hanzo (Assassin)

Hanzo, He Will Steal Your Buff!

Hanzo is another deadly assassin on our list. Hanzo has a good set of AoE burst skills that allow him to constantly harass enemy heroes.

This ninja is the perfect jungler. With one of his skills, he can instantly steal the enemy's buff, reducing the rival jungler’s farm. Hanzo has two forms. In his normal form, he is pretty vulnerable. But in his Demon Pneuma form, he is the deadliest. Hanzo will leave his body in this form.

In the late game, Hanzo can instantly burst enemy heroes without causing any damage to his own body. He’s fast and can easily catch escaping prey. Furthermore, using blink skills through walls is ineffective against this demon because he can traverse through walls!

Why Hanzo Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • He is highly effective in teamfights
  • He has high AOE burst skill in Demon form
  • His real body can’t be harmed when in Demon form
  • He has high mobility and can traverse through walls

See Hanzo In Action:



7. Aulus (Fighter)

Aulus, Owner Of The War Axe 

Aulus is a straightforward fighter who also happens to be quite unique. Aulus starts to shine once the mid game begins but his true potential has yet to be revealed.

His main damage output is from basic attacks. Upon reaching the late game phase, this hero will pulverize any squishy with 2-3 basic attacks. Furthermore, the range of his basic attack increases upon upgrading his ultimate. This gives you an advantage over other fighters in the late game who are at the mercy of enemy marksmen.

Aside from that, Aulus’ ult can bonk enemy heroes, dealing continuous damage and slowing them down in its path. Furthermore, when he uses his second skill, his attack speed increases. He will also gain hp regen effects with it.

Why Aulus Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • He receives permanent buffs by upgrading ultimate
  • He can chase enemy heroes with his 1st ability
  • High damage and tough defense

See Aulus In Action:

48% Damage Aulus, The Late Game Monster


6. Miya (Marksman)

Miya, Moonlight Archer

Did you know Miya was the first hero that came with Mobile Legends? She can also be seen in the game’s icon! She’s the mascot of the game and has undergone numerous revamps.

Call her MLBB’s underdog. Miya's priority in the early game is to avoid potential enemy ganks and farm gold. A good Miya player understands how to survive and capitalize on early lane phasing. Positioning is crucial in this case!

Miya will deal insane blows with her bow once she receives her sweet critical items. Those hits are capable of instantly melting enemy heroes, thanks to her passive. In a pinch, her ultimate comes in handy, allowing her to conceal and reposition herself.

Why Miya Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • Late game Miya has a high carry potential
  • Increased lifesteal from hitting multiple targets with s1
  • Can clear minion waves quickly
  • Passive grants more attack speed
  • Ultimate grants immunity and she can reposition

See Miya In Action:

2x MANIAC!! Sidelane Miya with Lifesteal Build 100% Monster


5. Moskov (Marksman)

Moskov, Spear Of Quiescence

Although quite vulnerable in the early game phase, late game Moskov can take on multiple heroes at the same time. He’s squishy but deadly!

Moskov's true power comes from critical items and attack speed items. When combined with either Haas Claws or Demon Hunter Sword (depending on the situation), Moskov transforms into an absolute beast! Furthermore, this beast will wipe out the entire enemy team on his own with perfect positioning, which is a piece of cake for seasoned Moskov players.

Why Moskov Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • Has one of the best attack speeds of any marksman in the game
  • His passive can penetrate and hit multiple targets in line
  • Can constantly reposition himself with his 1st skill
  • Deal high burst damage thanks to critical build

See Moskov In Action:

SAVAGE + 19 Kills! Moskov Late Game Boss!


4. Hylos (Tank)

Hylos, The Beefy Centaur

Hey! If you find tanks boring, consider investing in Hylos. He is the ultimate meat shield. Because of his passive, Hylos will have the most HP by the end of the game compared to other tanks.

Hylos has a high sustain and is difficult to kill. His Ring of Punishment ability will continue to harass the enemy even after depleting his mana. Once Hylos runs out of mana, he will expend his HP to cast skills. And using up HP to cast skills is nothing for him since he boasts the highest HP of any tank in the game.

With his ultimate, he can open a path for his teammates to move faster. This path will also slow down the enemy team's movement. On the path, Hylos will also regain HP. As a result, he is an excellent initiator for teamfights!

Why Hylos Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • He can take on squishy immobile marksmen and mages
  • Very durable thanks to passive
  • Can continuously harass the enemy team with skill 2
  • Great for ganking and initiating teamfights
  • Can tank and heal with his ultimate

See Hylos In Action:



3. Layla (Marksman)

Layla, Energy Gunner

Ignore what others say about Layla. These people don’t know her true potential. She's survived the test of time! She was, is, and always will be the ultimate late game marksman!

Layla has the longest range of any marksman and she’s even capable of hitting enemy turrets without the need for minions. Because of her passive, the further away the enemy, the more damage Layla deals.

Layla, like the majority of the marksmen, relies on critical items. A late game Layla is almost unmarkable, even for enemy assassins. She's right behind her tank, dealing insane amounts of damage from a long distance. And even if you do try to approach her, only your lifeless body will be left.

Why Layla Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • By reaching level 12, she will have the longest range
  • Ultimate marksmen for carrying the game
  • Deals high burst damage thanks to passive
  • Both basic attacks and skills deal a great amount of damage

See Layla In Action:

Underrated MM Carry The Game!


2. Aldous (Fighter)

Aldous, He Is Flying Starscourge Radahn

Fighters are the early game brawlers. They excel in lane phasing and can stand on their own. Aldous, on the other hand, is an exception. His early game is slow and he needs stacks to exponentially increase his strength.

The enemy team will tend to end the match as soon as possible because an Aldous with 500 stacks is death itself. When fully stacked, Aldous’ enhanced basic attack will one punch any marksman or mage. Aldous can also use his ultimate to travel to low HP heroes who are attempting to recall. Roaming alone and split pushing are no longer viable options in the late game because Aldous can easily pick off such targets.

Therefore, other than the early game handicap, Aldous when fed doesn’t have many weaknesses.

Why Aldous Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • He hits like a truck
  • His Ult can reveal the enemy's position
  • He can easily kill recalling enemies with his ult
  • You can use him with defensive items and only rely on his passive for damage

See Aldous In Action:

4K Damage Offlane Aldous 1 Hit Build


1. Cecilion (Mage)

Cecilion, The One Shot Lord Hero But In Practice Mode

Cecilion is weak in the beginning but gradually gains strength as the game progresses. He just needs to collect some Overflowing stacks, and at some point, he will eventually start to 1 shot enemy heroes with his bat slap.

Cecilion’s damage scales with his max mana. So items like Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon are a must have for him. He can also opt for Dominance Ice which provides sustain as well as extra damage.

Each Overflowing stack will increase his max mana. Cecilion can hold up to 99999 stacks! Unfortunately, reaching that number is impossible and it would also be unfair to the enemy team. One can only dream of the devastation that a 99999 stacked Cecilion would cause. It would easily one shot the Lord, the game’s highest HP unit!

But don't worry, an average match lasts 15 minutes, and Cecilion can collect around 250-300 stacks in such matches, which is more than enough to kill the enemy core with two bat slaps!

Why Cecilion Scales Great Into Late Game:

  • A nicely stacked Cecilion in the late game has high burst damage
  • Can poke enemy heroes with his bat slap
  • Has unlimited mana in the late game because of his passive
  • Use him with defensive items that grant extra mana
  • Excellent utility in teamfights

See Cecilion In Action:

Cecilion Insane Burst Damage!


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