[Top 3] Mobile Legends Best Clint Builds For Winning Games

Endless Battle is a must-have item for Clint.

Regardless of the build you're employing, or whether you decide to construct your own, Endless Battle is a prerequisite item for Clint that is directly recommended by ML Developers. Whilst being a plain Reap/Burst marksman to comprehend, he also happens to be relatively basic and easy to counter. Realizing his ability to inflict substantial damage from a safe distance merged with mobility calls for a certain level of precision and skill in timing and positioning that unfolds true mastery that may echo throughout team effort in objectives and gameplay. 

In this article, Clint’s most potent builds will be thoroughly discussed but before we get to that, let's have a quick glance at his key strengths and weaknesses associated with his prime or demise on the field of battle. Take note that Clint has the unique advantage of being able to counter all ML Marksman Heroes.



  • Reap - This is one of Clint’s specialties where his passive ability has the capacity to amplify damage and take out targets. This is evident in Clint's Passive Skill (Quick Draw) that penetrates targets in a straight line.
  • Burst - This is another one of Clint’s specialties where he has the ability to deal immense damage within a short span of time. It’s part of his First and Ultimate Skill that provides range and succession in damage.
  • Range - As with any marksman, this would be a fundamental advantage however, with Clint’s Burst/Reap Specialties, damage from range is intensified with the ability to get closer or farther away via the use of his Second Skill, which may be used as a dash, stun or both.
  • Damage - Clint’s abilities to deal amplified damage in succession and from a safe distance verifies him as a potent damage dealer who is capable of supporting team fights and other heroes as well.
  • Late-game - Clint’s damage credentials are seen in the mid-late game when he is at the peak of his build. As expected, his specialties in Reap/Burst are also maximized in effect by items which bring out the best in gameplay.



  • Mana Dependent - Due to his explosive nature in relinquishing vast amounts of damage, mana is a resource that Clint depends on for energy and force. This resource also declines at a rapid rate, especially in cases where not enough damage is dealt.
  • Squishy/Soft - As a high damage dealer and combined with his abilities that amplify his skills, Clint is a reasonably soft and easy attack for opponent damage dealers.
  • Crowd Control - Clint's skills can be disengaged and disarmed by Crowd Control, causing a delay in counter by him that is critical, especially in team fights.
  • Skill Dependent - Clint depends on his skills in both attack and defense. Timing can often leave him vulnerable in more instances than you’d like.
  • Early-game - Clint’s real potential is seen in the mid-late game, when at the peak of his build, seeing that he is dependent on his skills for impact.


3. Sustained DPS (Damage Per Second)

Clint’s First Skill deals continuous damage, where his firearm blasts five rounds, each bullet  has a stronger impact than the one before it while his Ultimate Skill has the potential to discharge missile bullets that can cause fatal damage from a distance. Focus is on speed in attack and damage, with emphasis on mana regen.

For what it's worth, this is a Physical Damage Build, and may be used effectively against durable heroes such as Tanks and Fighters in the late stages of battle. Clint’s skill combination has the potential to annihilate damage dealers and launch successful attacks on durable opponents in the late-game. The last item adds a layer of protection and can be substituted with Immortality.

Use this build if.

  • You’re taking on durable heroes such as Tanks and Fighters - Since damage is consistent, this build is exceptional for taking on heavy-duty heroes. It can penetrate shields and  effectively disrupt defense and offense mechanisms.
  • You’re clearing the Gold Lane - This is the recommended lane for marksmen where Clint is most likely to be played, unless he is utilized as a Jungler. That being said, this particular build has the power and speed to persuasively harass the opposing hero which is beneficial to gold count.
  • You lack a complete team line-up - If you’re playing in a team that lacks a hero in a certain role, then with this build, you can be able to back up as a utility and offer support in roles or take out objectives that will eventually lead to securing a win.


Level Up Clint’s First Skill (Quick Draw) for continuous damage. Follow with the Second Skill (Trapping Recoil) at Level Two then revert back to the First Skill (Quick Draw) at Level Three. Upgrade his Ultimate Skill (Grenade Bombardment) when it becomes available. Follow this set up and capitalize on his First Skill (Quick Draw) that can deal damage per second.

  • Level One: First Skill (Quick Draw)
  • Level Two: Second Skill (Trapping Recoil)
  • Level Three: First Skill (Quick Draw)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill  (Grenade Bombardment)

Continue this sequence.


  • Swift Boots ($710) - These boots expand attack speed through 40% Movement Speed and 15% Attack Speed.
  • Endless Battle ($2470) - This trident adds Basic Attacks in between each skill cast and provides 10% in additional mobility. As stated at the beginning of this article, it is a must-have item for Clint.
  • Berserker's Fury ($2550) - This blade deals 40% Crit Damage and 5% extra Physical Attack.
  • Scarlet Phantom ($2020) - This dagger carries with it 30% Physical Attack, 20% Attack Speed and 25% Crit Chance that may be converted into Crit Damage. 
  • Malefic Roar ($2060) - This is an exclusive Physical Attack Item that is well-known amongst Burst Heroes. It combines 25% Physical Penetration with an armor buster that gains extra physical penetration at 0.05% damage dealt, capped off at 20%.

Athena’s Shield ($2150) - This shield is known to resist magic damage and is an effective item in survival, especially when needed in the late phases of battle.


A Marksman Emblem is recommended for this build. This enhances attack speed by 15%, Adaptive Attack by 5% and Life Steal by 5%.

Battle Spell

Use Flicker if you’re well learned in playing Clint. This increases his true damage that expands his abilities to burst and penetrate defense. You can also opt for Aegis, to add an extra layer of protection that can support his life steal abilities.


2. Jungle

Clint may be played as a Core Hero in the Jungle due to his continuous damage and burst abilities that can be enhanced with speed items that improve his attack and mobility speed. It is his ability to deal substantial damage and speed that effectively enrolls him as a potential Jungler.

The idea here is to complete farming objectives rapidly then gank and back up in pushing lanes. Playing core is not a first choice option but it is one that has both positives and negatives to it. The outcome depends on how well you employ him in this role, combined with a team effort and also taking the opponent team selection into consideration. 

Use this build if.

  • You’re Playing Core - This is a Jungle Build, and so your chosen Battle Spell should be Retribution. Clint has the burst and speed to rapidly take out Jungle objectives with the potential and opportunity to back up in team fights or gank lanes.
  • You have fast speed and tempo - This build is best suited to a fast pace in gameplay. This requires utilizing other skills such as map hacks and actively reading and interpreting the battlefield in order to react and act to certain situations and circumstances. This will inevitably affect the outcome of the game.
  • You’re a Hyper Carry - Clint has tremendous damage while also possessing a skill combination that is equally fearless. He has the potential to rule the late game with authority if managed well through a combined team effort. Hyper Carry means shouldering the team to victory.


Level Up Clint’s First Skill (Quick Draw) to Level Two then Level Up his Second Skill (Trapping Recoil). This is due to his First Skill (Quick Draw) being more effective in the Jungle with its rapid and continuous damage. Follow suit with his Ultimate Skill (Grenade Bombardment) which may be lethal in ganking and pushing lanes and front-lines later in battle.

  • Level One: First Skill (Quick Draw)
  • Level Two: First Skill (Quick Draw)
  • Level Three: Second Skill (Trapping Recoil)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill  (Grenade Bombardment)

Continue this sequence.


  • Tough Boots ($700) - These footwear enhances movement speed and mana regen, where 10% man is recovered on hero kills and assists while 4% is granted on minion kills. 
  • Hunter Strike ($2010) - This blade amplifies damage and increases mobility. It provides physical penetration while dealing damage 5 times in succession grants a 5% speed in mobility.
  • Endless Battle ($2470) - By now, you should be aware that this is a must-have item for Clint that aids with basic attacks in between skills cast. It also helps with Physical Attack, Mobility and Physical Life Steal in this case.
  • Berserker’s Fury ($2550) - This blade deals 40% Crit Damage and 5% extra Physical Attack.
  • Blade of Despair ($3010) - This is the blade with the highest physical damage in ML. It is a high value late game item that increases attack speed by 25% when HP is below 50%, which adds relevance to it in the Jungle.
  • Malefic Roar ($2060) - Burst Heroes are familiar with this particular Physical Attack Item since it is designed for them. It combines a 25% physical penetration bonus with an armor buster that increases physical penetration at a rate of 0.05% damage caused, up to a maximum of 20%.


An Assassin Emblem is recommended for this build. This fundamentally enhances attack, skill, mobility, support, durability and regen. All these have an impact on Clint’s capabilities and more importantly, aid well in farming.

Battle Spell

Only Retribution is eligible for Farm and Jungle objectives by default. A team's Jungler is the only hero who should equip Retribution pre-game. Having more than one or none will impact gold count greatly, which will show out through power and damage power.


1. Burst

Clint is a mid-late game hero and has the damage and speed to go into hyper-carry mode. This is a pro build that requires skill in taking on roles and pulling together a team effort with you as the hyper-carry, relied on to influence the outcome of battle. Serious gamers choose the hyper-carry role to be more impactful and carry the team to victory. If you can’t set the pace of battle and maintain it, then you need more practice. Carrying a battle means you’re responsible for a loss.

With this build, you’re vulnerable to damage, but you also bring serious, lethal damage to the field of battle. The last item, Wind of Nature is an outstanding item for marksmen, and is one that should be mastered with the role, since it is an active item that needs to be manually engaged. It offers an advantage in up to 3 seconds immunity and life steal, which is perfect for complementing burst in damage and speed.

Use this build if

  • You’re the Main Damage Dealer - This is a high powered build that supports Clint’s abilities to burst into attack. It requires focus on certain aspects such as farming and harassing opponents into slow gold count.
  • You’re Pushing Front-lines - This is a multi dimensioned build that can offer support and even carry front-lines at its peak. Clint can counter all marksmen in Mobile Legends, which adds to his advantage in going up against damage dealers.
  • You’re Playing Against High Damage Dealers - This is a high powered composition that has the potential and capability of annihilating opposition damage dealers. Continuous burst and physical attack can force a push and invasion on enemy territory.


Level Up Clint’s First Skill (Quick Draw) to Level Two then Level Up his Second Skill (Trapping Recoil). This is due to his First Skill (Quick Draw) being more effective in pushing lane and front line objectives with its rapid, continuous and burst damage. Follow up with his Ultimate Skill (Grenade Bombardment) for range and increased impact.

  • Level One: First Skill (Quick Draw)
  • Level Two: First Skill (Quick Draw)
  • Level Three: Second Skill (Trapping Recoil)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill  (Grenade Bombardment)


  • Endless Battle ($2470) - By now, it should be fixated in your mind that Clint is synonymous with Endless Battle. The underlying reason is that it enhances Clint’s Passive Skill in dealing extra damage. It also helps with mana regen, Physical Life Steal and Mobility in this Burst Scenario.
  • Magic Shoes ($710) - These kicks aid in movement speed and CD Reduction. This is relevant in regard to Burst and complements the trident before it.
  • Blade of Despair ($3010) - Usually a late-game item, this sword comes quite early in this build, which should be of no surprise,  and increases damage capabilities. It increases Physical Damage to non-minion targets below 50% HP.
  • Malefic Roar ($2060) - This firearm gains 0.05% of Physical Penetration on each point of opponents physical defense. In plain, it is an amour buster that penetrates the opponents shield capabilities, resulting in more damage.
  • Berserker’s Fury ($2550) - Physical Attack is enhanced via the use of this blade. Critical Strikes enable 5% extra Physical Attack for 2 seconds. It also deals 40% Crit Damage.
  • Wind of Nature ($1910) - This is a must-have item for marksmen, and adds a layer of protection this late in the game for Clint. It is an active item that must be engaged to become immune to Physical Attack for up to 2 seconds. In addition, it offers 20% Attack Speed and 10% Life Steal. Wind of Nature requires accurate engagement and is a superb counter item for assassins.


A Marksman or Assassin Emblem may be employed through the use of this build depending on your level of mastery and gameplay. If you choose to focus on Clint’s Life Steal abilities, a Marksman Emblem is recommended. If you choose to focus on his penetrative skills, an Assassin Emblem is suggested.

Battle Spell

If you're skilled at playing Clint, use Flicker. His ability to burst and penetrate defense is expanded, increasing his true damage. It also serves the purpose and items in this build. All in all, Flicker is the recommended Battle Spell for mastering Clint since it extends possibilities in attack and serves as a form of retreat or counter.


Clint is strong against high damage dealers in the early phases of gameplay and can take on physical heroes such as Fighters and Tanks in the late stages. Here are a few heroes he is strong against.

  • Layla
  • Eudora
  • Nana
  • Balmond
  • Chou


Measured in contrast, Clint is weak against high damage dealers and has a high chance of survival against Physical heroes. Notably, he is a lone marksman who can counter all other marksmen.

  • Aldous
  • Zilong
  • Karina
  • Jawhead
  • Minotaur


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