[Top 12] Mobile Legends Best Marksmen That Wreck Hard!

Marksmen play a major role in all team formations and are expected to carry the team in most situations given their ranged abilities. Wind of Nature is a must-have item for marksmen heroes that ought to be mastered through engagement and timing. After the recent meta updates, these are the best marksmen that wreak havoc and wreck hard in battle.


12. Clint

Endless Battle is a must-have item for Clint in any build, regardless. Though basic, he is a top burst hero that would rank higher in other lists and definitely deserves a spot on this list of best marksmen that wreck hard. He has penetrating range and successive damage that fires in rounds, making him a unique finisher who specializes in Burst Damage. 

Depending on meta updates, Clint is a one hit marksman if his skills are hit in perfect succession. He also has a dash that can stun through his second skill. He is a very tactical marksman who may be viewed as a utility in that regard and is the only marksman who can counter all marksmen in Mobile Legends. 

What makes Clint a Great Marksman:

  • Burst Damage - Clint can deal penetrative damage from range through his ability to deal rounds of damage. He specializes in Burst which means he can deal immense damage within short periods that affect cool down rates for his skills.
  • Skill Combination - He has a very basic but lethal set of skills that deal damage in rapid succession. His second skill can be used in retreat or pursuit and can even stun opponents. Clint’s second skill is a game changer since its cool down rate is affected by successful damage dealt.
  • Range - His skills fire in rounds that increase in damage and range. He has penetrative damage that can increase in range as each shot is fired off automatically.

See Clint in action: 

11. Irithel

Irithel is the only ranged hero with an explosive basic attack. This makes it kind of hard to target her since marksmen are assassin targets. She has decent speed in mobility and attacks as a finisher with tremendous burst in damage. Her burst in damage is undeniable and whilst being extremely squishy, her explosive basic attack provides a level of protection.

She is quite hard to grasp and shouldn’t be picked unless a complete team is formed since she is a very dependent hero whose presence impacts the game mostly through counter attacks when played solo. However, she is an ideal team hero who can provide utility support.

What makes Irithel a Great Marksman:

  • Burst Damage - Irithel has tremendous burst damage that may affect multiple opponents at once. She is the only ranged hero with an explosive basic attack, the core of her burst abilities.
  • Mobility - Her explosive basic attack enhances her mobility though she is fast and can leap through the use of her second skill. 
  • Explosive Basic Attack - She is the only ranged hero who has this advantage. It is her defensive system but can also be played into motion when initiating a team confrontation. This is a unique advantage that only she has in every battle.

See Irithel in action: 


10. Brody

Brody is like the advanced version of Clint in Burst Damage. His unique ultimate skill can lock on multiple heroes and potentially eliminate multiple opponents in one engagement. He is an ideal candidate for achieving maniac and savage in battle. In this regard, if you’re looking to complete other in-game challenges for bonus rewards, Brody is an ideal candidate of choice.

He is an ultimate finisher who specializes in burst damage and has the speed in mobility and attack that when combined with the fact that he can deal high impact damage within short time frames adds to his credibility. His second skill also allows him to stun opponents or dash in retreat or pursuit. Everyone who is serious about ranking up should learn to use Brody as an optional marksman.

What makes Brody a Great Marksman:

  • Burst Damage - Perhaps there is no other burst damage like Brody’s amongst marksmen. He can stack basic attack damage on targets and also target multiple opponents with equal force through damage in each strike. He has a low cooldown rate due to burst.
  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Brody’s Ultimate Skill can lock on multiple opponents within range and has immense burst damage. It is one of the deadliest and most annoying, especially for fleeing heroes.
  • Mobility - Aside from his second skill dash, Brody’s attack speed influences his mobility. He also hovers in movement, making him seem fast , not only in stats but on the eyes.

See Brody in action: 

9. Hanabi

In Mobile Legends, Hanabi used to be the weakest marksman, however this has changed following her revamp. Her first skill now generates a shield and accelerates both her movement and attack speed. Her basic attack is enhanced by this skill, where she can attack multiple targets at once. Hanabi still relies heavily on her team despite the makeover, thus playing her requires patience.

She is a finisher whose true potential is realized in the mid-late game when well farmed. Her first skill also makes her an effective laner and grants her the speed to clear up lanes and back up in other roles and objectives. Though her ultimate skill is supposed to be her finisher, she depends more on her first skill to make game changing plays.

What makes Hanabi a Great Marksman: 

  • Unique First Skill - Her first skill generates a shield and increases her speed in mobility. It also amplifies her basic attack that can impact multiple targets at once.
  • Mobility - Through her First and Ultimate Skill, Hanabi gains significant speed in attack that may influence mobility. This is her only line of defense that has gained relevance since her revamp.
  • Continuous Damage - Since both her ultimate and first skills enhance her attack, her continuous damage is top notch and is part of her core gameplay in clearing lanes, attack or other objectives.

See Hanabi in action: 

8. Kimmy

Kimmy is the only hero in Mobile Legends with an attack speed ratio of 100% who can move while dealing continuous damage. She is a unique marksman/mage with tremendous magic damage and is one of the, if not the most banned hero of 2023. That being said, Kimmy is quite hard to master and is depended on by teammates. Her absence in battle almost always leads to a loss.

Kimmy’s Ultimate Skill fires long range missiles that have the capacity to extinguish opponents. She can also dash through her second skill and leave a trail of biochemicals that can slow down opponents. Her first skill has no cool down rate, and this is her biggest advantage. Her ultimate skill can pave the way for her first skill to be spammed. Kimmy is a utility hero who can be played as a core in the jungle and is great as a roam hero.

What makes Kimmy a Great Marksman:

  • Continuous Damage - She is the only hero who can deal continuous damage while mobile. Though hard to master, it is a game changer once learned.
  • Utility - Kimmy is a dual role hero who can assume many roles and take on multiple objectives in battle. She is an ideal core and roam hero when favored by the meta.
  • Unique First Skill - Her first skill is the only one in Mobile Legends that can be engaged while mobile and has no cooldown. It is the number one spamming skill.

See Kimmy in action: 

7. Karrie

Karrie is a very basic marksman with outstanding damage and speed in attack and mobility. She has a unique skill set that  is very easy to learn and implement into strategy and gameplay. She is also a meta favorite each season, and costs only 24,000 Battle Points, which is 8000 less than the average hero price.

She is a killing machine when at her peak. Mastering Karrie with Inspire is a must and should be paired with her ultimate skill that is not only easy to learn but extremely lethal. With all the meta changes that have taken place, Karrie beats both Layla and Miya to represent their impact on this list. Karrie is a must-buy hero for her meta favoritism and easy to learn and adapt skills.

What makes Karrie a Great Marksman:

  • Damage - Karrie has tremendous damage due to the fact that she has stealth and speed in attack that is enhanced through the use of her ultimate skill.
  • Speed - Aside from having a dash as her second skill, Karrie’s ultimate skill significantly impacts her mobility where she is faster than most heroes in battle, especially in the late game when at her peak.
  • Ease in Mastery - Karrie is a lethal hero who is extremely easy to master. She is an effective game changer when learned since she has no limits through her simple ultimate skill that enhances her abilities.

See Karrie in action: 


6. Beatrix

Beatrix is a very complex hero. She has 4 types of guns all built into one and which can be switched like modes. Knowing when to switch modes and which mode to switch to is essential since her presence is missed in battle when selected. She is an ultimate carry hero in battle.

Learning Beatrix is worth it since she is a complex hero whom many are unfamiliar when countering. She is a lethal finisher whose damage may be controlled through the modes of her weapon. She is a constant ban though her level of mastery affects her favor.

What makes Beatrix a Great Marksman:

  • Unique Skill Set - Learning her different weapon modes and when to utilize her weapon is essential. Once learned, she is a hard counter.
  • Speed - While equipped with a dash, Beatrix has amazing attack speed that adds to her movement. She is a fast paced hero and is unique in this regard since she has the skill set to utilize her speed.
  • Damage - She is capable of immense damage, either through sniped range or nearby impact. Learning her weapon modes has an inverse effect on her damage output.

See Beatrix in action: 


5. Melissa

Melissa is a member of the Forsaken Light, which means she has a buff on top of three active and one passive skill. She can easily take out squishy damage dealers and has the capacity to take on durable heroes through continuous damage. She is a finisher who specializes in damage, magic damage. 

She was released in 2022 and is still viewed as a new hero in Mobile Legends. Melissa can be viewed as a tank for her ability to initiate team fights. Her ultimate skill provides a force field that surrounds and enables her to take on front-lines or initiate confrontations. This also makes her a utility hero with superb attack speed and low cool down rate.

What makes Melissa a Great Marksman:

  • Damage - Blessed with range as a marksman, Melissa can deal continuous damage to multiple heroes at once where her cooldown rate may be affected by the success of impact and damage dealt.
  • Speed - Her skills enhance her speed in attack that usually influences her movement. This is crucial when engaging her skills.
  • Utility - She can take on multiple roles due to her unique skills that can support or carry team goals and objectives.

See Melissa in action: 


4. Wanwan

Wanwan is quite hard to master but is definitely one of the best marksmen in Mobile Legends who wrecks hard. She is the ultimate finisher amongst marksmen through the use of her ultimate skill that sends her into a concealed state while dealing locked damage to a target with the capacity to shift if a target is. Her Ultimate Skill may only be activated if her opponents weaknesses have all been hit and they are below 50% HP.

She is known for her attack speed and ability to burst into damage. She also has a low cooldown rate that is essential in close conflict. Most give up on Wanwan due to her difficulty level but she is an influential carry who has a proven track record in higher ranks. She has carried many Mobile Legends gamers to mythic.

What makes Wanwan a Great Marksman: 

  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Opponents need to be below 50% HP for this skill to be activated. Once activated, Wanwan enters concealment and locks on a target with a flurry of attacks. She can switch targets if one is extinguished while in ultimate mode.
  • Burst Damage - Her burst damage allows her to deal substantial amounts of damage within a limited time frame while also reducing cooldown rate on her skills for successive strikes and damage. This is one of her specialties that is effective and must be capitalized on in order to engage her Ultimate Skill.
  • Speed - Wanwan jumps by default and has a second skill that enhances her movement and debuffs/counters attacks while increasing mobility. Her ultimate skill has one of the highest attack speed rates amongst marksmen.

See Wanwan in action: 


3. Lesley

In Mobile Legends, Lesley is the marksman with the longest lock-on range. She has the capacity to snipe opponents who are concealed by the jungle and is swift and stealthy in her strikes as a dual role marksman assassin. Even though her Ultimate Skill is one of the best pursuit weapons for fleeing opponents, mastering how to spam her First Skill to boost her speed and damage is essential for successful gameplay.

Lesley is a consistent hero in terms of relevance each season. She is an extremely worthy hero to master since her unique role allows her to offer support and/or carry battles and she can be paired alongside all other hero roles effectively. She can be quite vulnerable but has the necessary skill set to find her worth in gameplay.

What makes Lesley a Great Marksman:

  • Lock-on range - Lesley has the longest lock-on range amongst other marksmen in Mobile Legends. She can also snipe opponents who are concealed in the jungle.
  • Speed - She is swift and stealth as an assassin/marksman. Her First Skill also enhances her movement and attack speed while sending her into concealment. Her First Skill has a low cooldown rate that allows her speed to be spammed.
  • Utility - Lesley can adapt and play alongside all roles in Mobile Legends. She can also be played as a core in thejungle if required, especially when peaked by meta updates. Her dual role allows her to take on a variety of in-game tasks and objectives.

See Lesley in action: 

2. Moskov

Moskov is the King of Life Steal amongst Marksmen and beats Miya to this spot as a marksman who wrecks hard as a result of his skill combination that slightly outweighs her through in-game impact. He has a lower cooldown rate with the ability to blink and stun opponents.

His Ultimate Skill can travel the entire battlefield and has the capacity to strike multiple opponents upon a successful hit.This allows him to aid teammates from far though his greatest strength is seen through his skill combination that allows him to pursue heroes with speed in mobility and attack while also aided by a stun that paves the way for attack.

What makes Moskov a Great Marksman:

  • Life Steal - He specializes in Reap, which allows him to regenerate HP upon successful strikes. His attack speed aids this greatly where he can deal significant damage within short periods while also healing himself.
  • Attack Speed - His First Skill increases his speed in damage. At his peak in the late game, this is an absolute terror to defend against since he has a stun and can pursue if countered.
  • Mobility - Moskov can blink to designated spots which makes him an extremely mobile marksman. He also specializes in Chase which categorizes him as a formidable hero in  pursuing retreating opponents.

See Moskov in action: 


1. Bruno

Right now, at the time of this writing, Bruno is the best marksman available. He's been around for a while and is a recognized meta hero. He is worth the price since he only costs 15,000 Battle Points, which is 17,000 less than the regular hero pricing. Whenever the meta favors him, he is an appealing choice, but after that, he becomes somewhat irrelevant. Nevertheless, he is a remarkable hero who has a well balanced and structured set of skills.

Collecting the rebounding ball when using his First Skill is vital for increasing attack power and speed. He is a Finisher in the middle to late stages of combat and strives on his Burst Damage. Expert gamers ought to select an assassin emblem when using Bruno since it suits his unique adaptive First Skill and movement speed in attack.

What makes Bruno a Great Marksman:

  • Crowd Control - He may bounce his energy ball off of several nearby opponents with his ultimate skill. Multiple opponents are striked in sequence from range, allowing allies to gain momentum. In addition, Bruno has the attack speed and strength to follow up on his Ultimate Skill.
  • Burst Damage - He specializes in Burst Damage that is present in all his skills. Even his dash can bring out burst damage while temporarily stunning an opponent. Burst Damage allows Bruno to deal substantial damage within short periods and also has a low cooldown rate.
  • Attack Speed - Bruno has outstanding attack speed that complements his Ultimate His preferred items focus on this aspect more since he can stack his First Skill through rebounding his assault ball. He is best suited to an assassin emblem for his attack speed.

See Bruno in action: 

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