[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Hated Heroes (And Why)

Disliked Heroes that maybe you shouldn't pick.

Heroes may be annoying to play against or may be easily countered by other heroes. Heroes possess characteristics that make them hated amongst users in this regard. Here are Top Ten Mobile Legends Most Hated Heroes.


10. Johnson

Johnson is a Tank Hero in ML. He specializes in Crowd Control and is a unique hero, with the ability to transform into a racing car as his ultimate skill. He can carry one passenger and infiltrate enemy lines using the said skill, with the ability to bump into enemies and attack them. In this regard, poking attributes complement his skills.

Johnson's ability to transform into a racing car can be annoying if the user is unfamiliar with how to control him. Underutilizing this skill is a critical concern in a game where he is selected and affects team performance. Aside from that, he has few real damage abilities and is always in counterattack mode after the initial crash. Though he is extremely strong and has a shield as a secondary skill, he is despised for the two reasons stated.

Johnson's dislike stems from how players use him as a teammate. Crashing into walls and failing to complete his run in racing car form is despised by both his passenger and user as a waste of skill and time. The fact that once he crashes into enemy lines, he is powerless and can only operate in counter mode adds fuel to the fire. Regardless, he is one of the most enjoyable tank heroes to play and master.

Why is Johnson hated?

* Trying to master him in racing car form

* No real power in attack

* Easily isolated and ganked on in-car form


9. Uranus

Uranus is a Tank Hero in ML and specializes in Offense. He has the ability to take in damage from opponents and use it to strengthen himself. Uranus is easily one of the most durable tanks in ML to date and remains a great asset to a team in this regard.

Uranus is one of the most despised heroes in ML due to his extreme strength and near immunity to attacks. He lacks attack, as would be expected, but this is irrelevant given that games are won after the laning stage through team fights and clashes. If the user is new, he may be underutilized in this regard; however, this is still the underlying reason why he is hated.

It may be quite frustrating to hit all your skills on Uranus with little to no impact, then be wiped out by his teammates when you are left defenseless. This is the major reason why Uranus is hated. Apart from this, his lack of attack is a reason for the user to hate on him but utilizing his advantages over his disadvantages is key to mastering him.

Why is Uranus hated?

* Extremely strong and regenerates upon being hit by opponents

* No real power in attack

* Not learning his defensive skills over his attack may be a burden


8. Grock

Grock is a tank hero in ML and specializes in Crowd Control and Initiating team fights. He is one of the most under picked Tanks in ML regardless of his size and capabilities. Moreover, he may be deemed as one of the least enjoyed heroes to play.

Grock is despised because he has the ability to build walls as part of his skill set. This may isolate enemies and assist his team in taking out opponents; however, if not used correctly, this same skill may isolate his teammates in a counterattack and is the source of many in-game conflicts between a team. In this regard, he is well known for being used to troll his own team.

Grock is strong yet, unable to deliver much effect to his potential without the help of his teammates. This is another reason why he is hated. However, the main reason still remains as his wall-building skills which ultimately affect both teammates and opponents. Grock is unique and has great potential as a Tank.

Why is Grock hated?

* His wall-building skill which can isolate enemies or opponents

* Lack of power in attack

* Poking abilities


7. Akai

Akai is a Tank/Support Hero in ML who specializes in Guard and Crowd Control. He is well renowned for being derived from the animated cartoon character Poe in Kung Fu Panda and is well known as the most annoying and hated Tank hero to play against and even with, if his skills are unlearned by the user.

Akai has a disabling skill as his ultimate, which allows him to use a force resembling a hurricane to disable opponents and push them in directions. This is extremely annoying, where his teammates utilize this to their advantage to take out disabled opponents. On the other hand, this same skill may be used to push enemies away from being hit if not utilized correctly.

As with any Tank, Akai lacks power in attack and more on defense. Accepting this as part of his game leads to mastering him. Given the title, he is most hated for the use of his ultimate skill called Hurricane Dance. Aside from that, he is extremely durable and tactical.

Why is Akai hated?

* His disabling skill, Hurricane Dance

* No power in attack

* Hurricane Dance mistakenly used to push opponents away from a team fight


6. Popol & Kupa

In Mobile Legends, Popol and Kupa refer to a Marksman/Support Hero and his dog. He is an extremely versatile support marksman who specializes in Push/Burst. Undoubtedly, Popol and Kupa are the most despised by opponents for their relentless attack.

Popol & Kupa is a fantastic Support hero in the current meta. Apart from marksman and support, he is extremely versatile and can play a variety of other roles. He is most despised for being able to be assisted by his dog, as well as in map hacks, where his abilities allow him to place traps in specific areas. Being attacked by Kupa the dog while being shot at by Popol is extremely inconvenient, almost as if you were being attacked by a Tank and a Marksman in support.

Although Popol and Kupa have lost ground in the ranks, they are still a force to be reckoned with. To realize his potential, he is a great hero to master for higher ranks, where playing his advantages over his disadvantage of being squishy is required. He is the most despised when defending against and underutilized in attack as squishy.

Why is Popol & Kupa hated?

* Ability to leave traps that provide a map hack

* The ability of both dog and hero to attack

* Extremely squishy


5. Jawhead

Jawhead is a Fighter Hero in ML who specializes in initiating fights. He is a top-tier hero who is extremely versatile, as he can be used as a Tank and Core hero and can carry matches when on fire. He is unquestionably a hero to master in ML.

Jawhead has an ejector skill that allows him to throw opponents or friends. This is his most maddening and despised ability, which can put teammates in risky situations in some cases. Aside from that, he has a fantastic ultimate skill that locks on an opponent and ends with a gore similar to a bull gore. His adaptability and durability give him a distinct essence all around.

Jawhead is despised more for his ejecting abilities than for any other aspect of his game. Blessed with one of the most lethal ultimates in his category adds to this, but his ability to eject teammates can cause team arguments, as he is known to troll teammates by throwing them into enemy lines. This destabilizes the game and its reputation.

Why is Jawhead hated?

* Extreme durability

* Extreme versatility

* Ability to eject both teammates and opponents


4. Nana

Nana is a top-tier Mage in Mobile Legends who specializes in Poke/Guard. She is one of the most loved and hated heroes in ML due to her classy outlook and personality, whilst adding on a powerful skill combination.

Nana is hated for the fact that she has the ability to sprint when down to her last level of HP and also for her second skill, which enables her to throw Molina, which transforms heroes into Molina for a few seconds and gives ample time for other attacks to be played out.

As said, Nana is both loved and hated and is a pain to play and guard against in the mid-lane. She is a favored hero in terms of system updates and even if not nerfed, buffed or both, meta updates still favor her as an integral part of any team.

Why is Nana hated?

* The second skill, to transform an opponent into Molina

* Ability to sprint when at the last stage of HP

* High damage dealer


3. Diggie

Diggie is a Support Hero in ML whose specialties lie in Guard/Poke. He is the only hero that does not respawn at the base when killed and has the ability to provide extreme support with his skills for teammates to utilize as part of their game.

Diggie is despised for a number of reasons. The first is his ability to provide a map hack by remaining close to enemy heroes while respawning. Second, his skills, when combined with teammates, provide a force that cannot be easily countered. The final step is to realize that his kill rate determines the amount of gold and farming on each team.

Diggie is a complex hero, seemingly harmless but a pain when used by someone who has mastered him. He is under-picked over other heroes in his category, yet he is a top-tier support hero with massive potential in squads, where his gameplay is understood. 

Why is Diggie hated?

* Map Hack abilities

* Feeding increases team gold

* Best support skills to be utilized by teammates


2. Aldous

Aldous is a Fighter Hero in ML who specializes in Burst and Support. He is a dynamic fighter, a top-tier hero with extreme durability and versatility. He can ultimately be played as a tank and core though he is most preferred in the express lane, due to ML upgrades.

Aldous' ultimate skill allows him to perform a map hack, revealing the opponent's locations on the map. This is followed by his ability to fly across the battlefield and attack opponents by pounding into them when he lands, as well as his other attacks and skills. If not used properly, this could put him in an ambush situation where he flies into enemies and becomes outnumbered. This ability may also be the demise of a team if it is not felt throughout a match.

Aldous is without a doubt, a must-learn/master hero for those who favor fighters. That being said, he is hated for his ultimate skill and this can never be changed, it is part of his gameplay and what he brings to ML, in making it a competitive gaming experience.

Why is Aldous hated?

* Ultimate skill - map hack and hero target

* Underutilizing ultimate skill

* Ability to boost his game in different aspects, from attack to defense


1. Fanny

Fanny is a top-tier Assassin Hero who is currently the most lethal in ML and specializes in Chase/Reap and has exceptional poking abilities. She uses steel cables in her gameplay and is one of the most difficult heroes to master. 

Fanny is really hated and is annoying to play against when she is used by a learned player. Her skills allow her to infiltrate enemy lines in a poking sense yet, she can completely wipe out teams. She regains HP upon hits and kills, which makes it difficult to counter. While blessed with her steel cables, it is a form of escape that cannot be countered.

Fanny is both hard to master and hard to counter. These are the biggest reason(s) behind her making this list at number one. There is no other hero on her level in the current meta, and she is most definitely a beacon who will be used to scope future developments in the game.

Why is Fanny hated?

* Difficult to master

* Difficult to counter

* Deadliest hero in ML


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