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best junglers in mobile legends
Ready to become the soul and heart of the team? Choose your main jungler now.

Jungle all the way.

Junglers are also known as the core of the team. They usually rely on farming when it comes to gaining EXP and gold advantage, which will eventually help them become stronger. Since they are named as the core heroes of the team, they bring a lot of responsibility on their shoulders when it comes to bringing the team to victory.

A jungler is very important as it makes or breaks the team. If a jungler fell out, it would be difficult to fill in his place since resources were given to him, and allies have already relied on him. That is why it is important to choose the jungler in the team wisely.

The jungler’s role is basically to roam around the map and farm. They rotate between the 3 lanes from time to time. If the jungler is great at reading the map and predicting the next move of the opponent, he can execute his task very well.

 For this article, let us discover the list of top jungler heroes in Mobile Legends at the moment and dive deep into their skills.


10. Fredrinn

Prepare to be fried by Fredrinn.

First on our list is Fredrinn. Fredrinn is a hero who was just released last year. This fighter/tank specializes in damage and chase, which is why he is one of the best picks for junglers at the moment.

The main reason why he is included in this list is due to his ability to frontline and decent clearing speed. Due to his passive, Fredrinn can convert damage to HP, which is an insane ability. This just means that as the jungler, Fredrinn can stay longer in the field and can even outpower enemies when it comes to his HP-generating skills. 

His ability to sustain and deal damage is very useful to him as the jungler, he can actually win in 1 vs. 3 situations. The only thing about Fredrinn is that he possesses less mobility, which is crucial for a jungler since they need to be all around the map.

What makes Fredrinn a Great Jungler: 

  • Durability - Fredrinn has a durability of 80%, which is much higher than other heroes in the game.
  • Not difficult to master - If you want to use Fredrinn in rank games, you can easily do so since his skills and controls are not complicated.
  • Great pusher - Turret damage can be converted to HP whenever he deals damage to enemies. 

Friedrinn details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Fredrinn?so=search#Abilities

See Friedrinn In action: 

Final Boss Fredrinn 100% Monster! - Top 1 Global Fredrinn by YT: Sorman. - Mobile Legends


9. Yin

Do not let Yin near you.

Yin possesses a very unique skill that people just fear him. In fact, he is constantly banned in the Epic tier. 

Yin is one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends in 1 vs. 1 situation, making him a good pick as a jungler. Players fear Yin because Yin can separate a single target from his allies, stopping them from helping you or backing you up. That is because of his ultimate skill.

His ultimate is very rare, and one of a kind, and even the enemy jungler will have a hard time stopping Yin from doing so. Once this is casted, no one can ever disturb him. This skill is very useful as he can use it in his jungle route and gank people. 

What makes Yin a Great Jungler: 

  • Mobility- Yin’s mobility is high because his skills allow him to gain extra movement speed. He can use this mobility to rotate around the map.
  • High damage output - Yin’s passive gives him a 120% increase in damage whenever there are no allied heroes within 4 units. Thus, he has enough strength to triumph over 1 vs. 1 situations.
  • Great skill - As mentioned, Yin has a very unique skill, this helps him in singling out marksman or jungler in the enemy team. 

Yin details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Yin?so=search#Abilities

See Yin In action: 

27 Kills + MANIAC!! One Shot Build Yin with New Emblem!! - Build Top 1 Global Yin ~ MLBB


8. Baxia

Baxia is set to dive.

Next on our list is Baxia. As a jungler, Baxia has greater damage than Fredrinn and great versatility and mobility than Yin. He is actually one of the fastest heroes in the game, and not many pick him since they are not aware of what he could provide as the core hero of the team.

Baxia is extremely fun to play as the jungler since he can rotate to other lanes quickly. His second skill also gives him decent damage.  

When using Baxia, it is a must that you utilize his mobility and just keep on rotating around the map. As the jungler, this is extremely useful to you, so make use of this and gank enemies. 

What makes Baxia a Great Jungler: 

  • Mobility - His fast mobility can catch enemies off guard and surprise them. 
  • High durability - Baxia can stay longer in the field due to his durability, giving him more time to spam his skills and poke enemies
  • Counter of lifestealer heroes - Lifestealing heroes threaten the team. Since Baxia is a natural counter to them due to his durability, he can easily be the frontliner and cover the team well.

Baxia details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Baxia?so=search#Abilities

See Baxia In action: 



7. Hayabusa

The Shadow King.

Hayabusa is a no-brainer on this list. This assassin is a very good pick as the jungler since he has most things that embody a strong core hero. Hayabusa can farm easily and is one of the junglers on the list who has great mobility. 

When Hayabusa casts his ultimate, he can no longer be targeted. His second skill also surprises a lot of enemies. These skills aid Hayabusa in doing his role as the jungler effectively and gank enemies from time to time. 

 If you are a master of Hayabusa, you can actually outpower even the number 1 on this list. However, he is still behind due to his difficulty and ultimate skill. Although his ultimate skill is good, it can still become ineffective if cast from an unstrategic place and position.

What makes Hayabusa a Great Jungler: 

  • Deadly - Hayabusa is quick, making him a deadly opponent against 1 vs. 1 situations. This is one of the things that keep Hayabusa a strong pick as a jungler.
  • High burst damage - Hayabusa’s first skill and ultimate skill deal burst damage. He can maximize this by shutting down enemies quickly.
  • Immunity - As mentioned, Hayabusa’s ultimate skill allows him to be invincible and immune against attack. He can extremely utilize this in spamming enemies. 

Hayabusa details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Hayabusa?so=search#Abilities

See Hayabusa In action: 



6. Jawhead

Keep throwing.

Jawhead is one of the strongest heroes in the game. His profile is full of skills that are useful for a jungler, such as damage, crowd control, and mobility. Jawhead can also throw off allies or enemies, depending on his intention. 

When playing Jawhead as the jungler, you can take advantage of his second skill and throw enemies near your allies. Since his damage is insane, you can also immediately try ganking on enemies and gain the immediate upper hand against them. 

Keep in mind that Jawhead may not be that effective anymore in the late game when enemies have already bought items to counter him. So always try to end the game early if you are using  Jawhead as the jungler.

What makes Jawhead a Great Jungler: 

  • Sustenance - Jawhead has innate tank features in him. This helps him become durable and sustained throughout team fights.
  • Great mobility - Mobility is a must for all junglers, and Jawhead has that mobility that can outpower enemies. He can maximize this by rotating between three lanes.
  • Good crowd control - Jawhead can disrupt enemy formation due to his CC skills. He can use this to target damage-dealing heroes of enemies.

Jawhead details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Jawhead?so=search#Abilities

See Jawhead In action: 

31 Kills!! Powerful Jungler Jawhead, The Forgotten Hero!! - Build Top 1 Global Jawhead ~ MLBB


5. Granger

Never lower your guard down.

Granger is an OP marksman hero. Others often wonder what advantage marksman heroes have when it comes to jungling. Well, since Granger is an OP marksman, the amount of gold and experience lead he can have will make him OP against enemies. And what is the fastest way to gain gold and EXP? Through jungling. That is why Granger is a constant pick as a jungler.

Marksman heroes are not usually picked as the jungler since they can be squishy and do not have that much damage in the early game. However, Granger is an exception since his skills are really fitting for the jungler role. If he gets the support he needs and gets fully farmed up, his damage will become so insane.

What makes Granger a Great Jungler: 

  • Damaging ultimate - The ultimate skill of Granger can be cast even if he is meters away from enemies. More than that, this skill has CC and AoE effects, which is a good way to reduce enemies’ HP bars.
  • Long-ranged hero - Granger has an advantage against other heroes since he can attack from a distance. All he has to do is to make sure that he is positioned in a strategic place.
  • Artillery-like skills - Artillery are those heavy weapons that launch damaging attacks far beyond the range. That is how damaging and disruptive Granger’s skills are despite being a long-ranged hero, which is one of the reasons why he is one of the few marksman heroes that can perfectly execute the jungler role.

Granger details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Granger?so=search#Abilities

See Granger In action: 

#1 USA Granger Jungle | Mobile Legends | MobaZane


4. Martis

Here comes the killing machine.

Martis is a killing machine and is truly one of the top picks as a jungler. In the early game, Martis is a beast. The downside is that he lacks in the late game. 

However, there is no need to worry since he can still frontline and do his job as the jungler in the late game. You just have to be wiser in choosing when to involve yourself in the fights since enemies tend to become more powerful in the late game. 

Martis performs well as a jungler, especially since he has his amazing ultimate that has built-in execution. Make sure to utilize his at the right time and place. You can also use this whenever you are ganking heroes. 

What makes Martis a Great Jungler: 

  • Fast jungler - Martis has fast jungling speed, which is an advantage as a jungler. He can use this to steal jungle monsters from the enemy camp and delay them.
  • Great crowd control - As a fighter, it is natural for Martis to provide a good CC effect for the tea. So if you are using him as the jungler, this can help you in penetrating the enemy team formation.
  • Burst and DPS damage - Burst and DPS damage means Martis can kill an enemy in a short amount of time due to his skills. This is extremely useful in the early game, which can help you gain an immediate advantage against enemies.

Martis details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Martis?so=search#Abilities

See Martis In action: 



3. Hanzo

Devour the shadows.

Hanzo is an assassin and might even be the best jungler hero out there if we will only be basing on the objective. Hanzo is a jungler that has insane speed, and no other hero can meet this ability of his.

Hanzo’s ultimate is also unique as this allows him to phase out and go against walls while his original body is being left behind. Even though his original body is extremely weak, this does not bring Hanzo down if you have great map awareness to know where to hide his body. 

As an assassin, Hanzo is a great pick as a jungler since he can also farm fast due to his first skill. He can also use this to invade the jungle of enemies. If a jungler gets to farm ahead of his enemies, he is expected to be deadly and unstoppable.

What makes Hanzo a Great Jungler: 

  • Critical damage - Hanzo’s skills and basic attacks have a great amount of critical damage. The higher your crit is, the more consistent your damage power is. Thus, making Hanzo a difficult enemy to face.
  • High mobility - Due to his assassin nature, Hanzo has fast mobility. This helps him move around the map easily and surprise enemies.
  • Fast farming - As mentioned Hanzo’s first skill helps him in farming easily. When used, this allows Hanzo to be quicker than the enemy jungler and get ahead of them in resources.

Hanzo details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Hanzo?so=search#Abilities

See Hanzo In action: 



2. Helcurt

Hell arises.

Helcult is one of the classic assassins that turn into junglers. He has always been a force to be reckoned with, depending on how well you use him. He is a very good jungle pick at the moment since he has decent jungle-clearing speed. He can farm fast, which is a good ability for junglers. 

Helcurt also has great damage and mobility. I think all players are aware of how damaging Helcurt is and how he can quickly chase enemies on the map. Whenever Helcurt activates his ultimate skill, just know that you can no longer hide from him.

What makes Helcurt a Great Jungler: 

  • Ability to blind and silence - Helcurt has the skills to black out the map and see enemies that are hiding. This helps alkies gain the vision they need to gank enemies from behind. As the jungler, this is such a good skill for Helcurt to attack enemies surprisingly.
  • Can solo - Helcurt thrives in 1 vs. 1 situation due to his extreme damage. This makes him a jungler who is not dependent on others whenever he farms or ganks.
  • Late game beast - From early to late game, Helcurt is consistent in being painful and annoying for enemies. He can maximize his abilities to make sure that enemies cannot steal his jungle monsters and cannot ambush him.

Helcurt details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Helcurt?so=search#Abilities

See Helcurt In action: 

Helcurt is Back!! New Emblem = Auto SAVAGE!! - Build Top 1 Global Helcurt ~ MLBB


1. Bane

The ruthless pirate.

With the latest updates on him, Bane has truly become terrifying as a jungler. Now, Bane can sustain himself with his second skill, deal with crowd control effects with his ultimate, and offer a huge amount of damage with his first skill. 

Not many players accepted Bane as a jungle at first. But his skills and abilities have truly cemented him as a top jungler at the moment. Bane’s jungle clear is fantastic since he farms fast now. More than that, you can also choose to build him either through physical or magic damage.  

When using Bane as the jungler, make sure to always utilize his ultimate. His ultimate skill is the main CC disrupter, as this can destroy enemy formation. When built physically, Bane can take down at least 70% of the HP of squishy heroes. If you use him with a magic build, he can still do so, but with enhanced first and second skills. Thus, it is advisable to maximize the magical build when using Bane as a jungler.

What makes Bane a Great Jungler: 

  • Damaging basic attacks - Some heroes rely on their skills alone, but Bane can also depend on his basic attacks. His passive can provide additional damage to his basic attacks,
  • Good pusher - Bane’s ultimate can attack turrets. He can use this to take down turrets even if there are no minion waves.
  • One-shot kill - If paired with a magical build, Bane can take down an enemy just by casting one skill when he uses his second skill. This is a testament to how deadly Bane is in the current meta.

Bane details: https://mobile-legends.fandom.com/wiki/Bane?so=search#Abilities

See Bane In action: 

BANE Jungle Meta Is Back | How To Burst Enemy Using Bane | MLBB


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