Mobile Legends Best Vexana Skins Revealed (All Vexana Skins Ranked)

The Shimmer of Hope has 4 attractive skins to dominate battle with.

The Shimmer of Hope Vexana is a highly valued mage who specializes in poke and control. Ultimate mastery is visualized through her potential as a Support Tank, and is what you should aim to achieve in her if you want to see quality results, especially in higher ranks.

Due to her supernatural background, The Shimmer of Hope is a majestic ruler who appears older than she actually is. She possesses four powerful skins that speak to her underworld aristocracy. To make selection simpler, her skins have been organized in ranked order, along with information on how and why to acquire them. Let's go!  


4. Lucent Beacon (Ok)

See Lucent Beacon in action: 

Lucent Beacon is a standard skin that comes with no extra benefits, although Vexana's wardrobe modifications more than make up for this. In the early 1900s, you might have imagined royalty attending festivities wearing this breathtaking attire. Through this depiction, she appears much more majestic and even adorns a crown.

The purple theme behind this dress compliments her light blue skill effects to a variant that is extremely pleasing and easy on the eyes. Despite no redesigned skill effects, it is still a stunning presentation that speaks class through the sophistication associated with royalty. This is the easiest and cheapest skin to obtain on this list that would entice Vexana Mains.

How to get Lucent Beacon

This sophisticated work of art is available for a low 269 Diamonds in the Shop.

Skin Rating

Normal Skin - 7/10


3. Cursed Shackle (Good)

See Cursed Shackle in action: 

Cursed Shackle presents Vexana through an imprisoned queen model. Its unique presentation captures an outlaw vibe or that of a renegade princess. It features all new display animation and redesigned skill effects that are perfectly mismatched.

Her attire in this instance radiates a classic bad girl vibe to it as if this were in the late 1900’s with a cape like overcoat that covers a revealing outfit beneath. Her redesigned skill effects complement the color of her hair, which as said before is perfectly mismatched and provides an outstanding combination of hues that look awkwardly stunning in battle.

How to get Cursed Shackle

This is the Season 12 Skin give away. Purchasing Vexana will automatically earn you this skin.

Skin Rating

Season Skin - 8/10


2. Circus Magician (Great)

See Circus Magician in action: 

This is a starlight skin that stems far from Vexana’s roots. It portrays her as a magician and comes with a variety of perks, the most outstanding being the redesigned visual effects for skills. It includes all new display animation and a starlight-themed scene.

The witch and underground queen that we all know is transformed into an entertainer in this unique depiction. Her attire is nothing less than a magician and once again her skill effects strikingly match the color of her hair in contrast to her attire. A beautiful mismatch via an outstanding attire fixated with light green skill effects.

How to get Circus Magician

This unique representation is available through Starlight Membership. Initial Release: 2022/12.

Skin Rating

Starlight Skin - 9/10 


1. Sanguine Rose (Legendary)

See Sanguine Rose in action: 

Indeed, as the name suggests, Sanguine Rose focuses on a blood red theme. It almost illustrates Vexana as a vampire queen in some way through her illustration as a witch. This skin comes with added perks that include exclusive skill sound effects, new display scene, skill effect changes and all new display animation.

Sanguine Rose has a gothic atmosphere that may be interpreted in a number of different ways. It still maintains an exquisite portrayal of a duchess in its own unique perspective if viewed from that angle. Her ultimate summoned gladiator and skill effects all embrace the blood red scheme which is outstanding and embraces Vexana with a sense of dread.  

How to get Sanguine Rose

You can obtain this bloody presentation through Limited-time Events.

Skin Rating

Epic Skin - 10/10

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