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What about Fighters?

Fighters are the pound for pound heroes designed to smack and thwack other living creatures. They are proud of themselves as being heroes who have the best of both worlds: offense and defense. Even though they all belong to the same role, fighters come in different strengths and weaknesses, making their category the most diverse. To use fighters well, picking the right fight, quick map responses, and proper initiation is required.

10. Masha

Masha: That Bear on "The Revenant" But Worse

Masha is the undisputed champion when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. In fact, she is the perfect example of a true fighter hero and would have ranked first in a list where no other factor is considered except pure brawling. Her 3 bars of rechargeable HP make her laning solid, while her scaling lifesteal along with her insane attack speed allow her to maul anyone in a duel.

What makes Masha great:

  • She’s a sustainable hero.
  • She has insane attack speed and lifesteal.
  • She can push towers and kill Lord in seconds.

See Masha in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PInCkkI7GME&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

9. X-Borg

X-Borg: Firefighters Won't Help

X-Borg fends off his enemies during laning stage by scorching their eyebrows with flames. Having no mana, he can repeatedly use his flamethrowers to bully them and keep them from getting experience and gold while soaking up everything for himself. In team fights, he can deal some serious damage on the entire enemy lineup by using his ultimate “Last Insanity.”

What makes X-Borg great:

  • He can prevent enemies from gaining resources in early game.
  • He is difficult to kill thanks to his Firaga Armor.
  • He can steal turtles and Lord using his burst damage.

See X-Borg in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxvoPIKw4wA&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

8. Thamuz

Thamuz: He Got Everything

Thamuz has emerged from the depths of the earth just to let his enemies know what heat really is. Being the most balanced fighter in offence and defense, Thamuz is the go-to hero when it comes to consistency. Aside from being tanky in all stages of the game, his ultimate “Cauterant Inferno” enables him to outlast enemies in a long team fight where his excellence at leading the vanguard shines the most.

What makes Thamuz so great?

  • His ultimate regains lost HP while dealing damage around him.
  • His is durable and has decent damage output.
  • He is mobile and can stay on top of his target.

See Thamuz in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7MhoXZgLp0&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

7. Khaleed

Khaleed, the Arabian Bully

Khaleed is a pretty simple hero to use: wield his scimitars around, regenerate HP using “Quicksand Guard” when low in health, and dive in for a kill using “Raging Sandstorm” to make enemies cry with mud. His skill “Desert Tornado” is a huge problem for his matchup during early game where he punishes the best. Also, he can roam with blinding speed due to his passive “Sand Walk.”

What makes Khaleed great:

  • He’s an early game hero who dominates his lane.
  • He’s extremely sustainable.
  • He’s a decent initiator.

See Khaleed in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO-bH5Rjus0&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

6. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong: Like a Final Boss or Something

Yu Zhong is just an ordinary fighter: he absorbs life from his enemies, deals some damage, tries to stay on his line, etc. No big deal. That is, until you discover that he can turn into a gigantic dragon that can fly some distance and swoop into the middle of the fight as an evolved, hungry beast eager to decimate his victims. In early game, he may be considered a passive hero with no roam and kill potential, but in late game he becomes a true menace who can destroy enemy team coordination during fights.

What makes Yu Zhong great:

  • He can disrupt enemy lines using his ultimate.
  • He’s reasonably sustainable.
  • He can locate and chase targets with ease.

See Yu Zhong in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSTuzfAJAqg&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

5. Ruby

Ruby: She's Full of Life... Literally.

Ruby caters to players who hate going back to base whenever a good chunk of their HP is lost. She is unarguably the most sustainable hero in the game as her signature ability is her magnified lifesteal. In one wave of her scythe, she can replete her entire HP bar depending on the amount of targets hit. Being one of the most solid heroes in every stage of the game, she has good initiation potential and contributes well in team fights using her crowd control abilities especially her ultimate: “I’m Offended!”

What makes Ruby great:

  • She’s the most sustainable hero in the game.
  • She has crowd control abilities.
  • She excels at chasing, running, and initiating.

See Ruby in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWZraKR7-Rw&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

4. Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu: He Makes You Proud of Your Ancestors

Lapu-Lapu has been pretty much out of control since he got his revamp. Besides not needing mana, his abilities allow him to inflict serious injuries on his foes. His ultimate “Bravest Fighter” gives him all the buff he needs to gain even more strength to stay hot on his target’s heels. On top of that, he is mobile and have unique playstyle mechanics both suitable from short to long distances.

What makes Lapu-Lapu great:

  • He can 1v1 almost anyone once his ultimate is ready.
  • He can close the gap between him and his target.
  • He has high regen and spell vamp.

See Lapu-Lapu in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk4rLCks0nY&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

3. Jawhead

Jawhead: You Hate This Guy

Jawhead is just another hero who never makes it past drafting because of how broken he is. Think about annoying, terrifying, disruptive and Jawhead’s image will just immediately appear in your head. For one, he can both be used as an offlaner who can outperform any enemies in early game, or a durable support who can easily set up kills by tossing enemies back to be devoured by his team. Either way, he’s a mixed hero whose all-around functionality is unparalleled throughout the length of the game.

What makes Jawhead great:

  • His early game is insane.
  • He has the perfect roaming potential.
  • He can reset enemy neutral camps to pester enemy cores.

See Jawhead in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PittpruK2lQ&ab_channel=MobileMoba

2. Chou

Chou: He Doesn't Need Nunchuks

Chou is a shameful martial artist who cannot stop himself from kicking enemies to death. He is a dynamic hero who is both great at engaging in the right fight and picking off individual targets. His high damage output and mobility gives him the advantage over his matchup when it comes to roaming and initiating, while his ultimate combined with Flicker allow him to set up game-changing kills in late game.

What makes Chou great:

  • He can pick off squishy targets hiding in the back lines.
  • He can push sidelanes and get away with it using his dashes.
  • He can become impervious to crowd controls.

See Chou in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X73g0FhqUn4&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

1. Paquito

Paquito: He Will Punch Your Gut

Paquito boxes out his matchup in early game and boxes out the entire enemy team in late game. His skill damage is ridiculously high while he can use them again and again if his enemies decided to step in the ring and fight to their own demise. Paquito also has high HP, uses no mana, and only needs items that provide him even more health and spell vamp to restore lost life. This killer’s jabs and haymakers have made players after players throw in the towel covered with bruise.

What makes Paquito great:

  • He is tanky and has high HP.
  • He can land a serious blow once he gets near his targets.
  • He excels at punishing enemy front lines in team fights.

See Paquito in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H3n6k8PQHs&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

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