[Top 20] Mobile Legends Most Expensive Skins

Rock out with these Top 20 Most Expensive ML Skins.

Mobile Legends Skins come in categories, ranging from Epic to Special, and Legend being the most hard to get, which is an achievement in the game. Skins enhance visual effects in the game, and are known to mentally affect gamers in battle. Some skins are really expensive, but do they really look good?  Here are Top 20 Mobile Legends Most Expensive Skins.


20. Thunder Flash Selena (3350 - 4250 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Selena Thunderflash in action: 

With the elements by her side, the Abyssal Witch transforms herself into Thunderflash Selena, harnessing the power of both luminous and lightning in order to strike fear and despair into the hearts of her enemies. Watch as her regal garments flutter across the battlefield with every sway of her arms, accompanied by an elemental eel made from pure lightning that shadows her every step. Grace your enemies with her cosmic brilliance and watch them crumble.

Thunderflash Selena is part of the “Epic” skin line, making it one of the better options to choose from the long list of skins that are part of the list. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but to the ears as well, as the skin is granted brand new skin particles and sound effects to accompany its angelic look. The skin also sports a shiny purple and gold color motif, which is also distributed to her abilities. Overall, Thunderflash Selena is a prominent must-have for every Selena user out there and certainly fits the pricing that it comes with.

How to Get Thunder Flash Selena:

Thunderflash Selena was available during its Grand Collection event and can no longer be purchased in the store. However, there is a chance that it may return in the rotation so keep a look-out on future Grand Collection Events.


19. Rakshesha Hanabi (3350 - 4250 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Rakshesha Hanabi in action: 

Employed by the power of demons, Rakshesha Hanabi slices her way into the battle, wielding a powerful Chakram that she can use to cut her enemies down to size. Demonic energy infuses her every attack, as streaks of purple and dark blue swirls around her immediate area like a dreadful aura. Wrap her enemies around with a demonic version of her Higanbana and witness their futile attempts to try and move out of its way. Every step Rakshesha Hanabi makes is a warning to all of her enemies of the deadly presence she eludes. 

Rakshesha Hanabi is another great skin that’s part of the “Epic” skin line and is surely eye-catching the first time around that you see it in a match. Her border becomes inundated with a shiny purple glow that enshrouds her entire art, as well as a small animation cycle that further adds to the skin’s aesthetic quality both on and off game. Furthermore, Rakshesha Hanabi sports a clean, sleek look- being careful as not to put too many effects and particles that will block her in-game model from view. However, I do believe that they should’ve incorporated the floating swords to her attacks as well to make this skin stand out even more. It’s good for the price that it comes with and is certainly a favorite among Hanabi’s long line of skins.

How to Get Rakshesha Hanabi.

Rakshesha Hanabi was available through a limited time event during its release and can no longer be purchased from the store. However, Limited Epic skins can return through Twilight Chests so stick around and save a spot for when the next Twilight Chest comes.


18. Demonlord Valir (3080 - 6000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Demonlord Valir in action: 

The Demonlord spared no expense in creating a wardrobe that not only looks fashionable but incredibly regal at the same time. Taking inspiration from ancient Asian legends, Demonlord Valir is a skin worthy of its title, as evidenced by the multiple royal-like qualities found in every fiber of his outfit, from the purple tassels that are wrapped around his waist to the mystifying cape and circlet that brings out this skin’s kingly quality. To command an army of demons doesn’t only require strength after all, but magnificence and aplomb as well.

Demonlord Valir is part of the Collection skin series, making it a very expensive skin to acquire as it will require a player to roll consistently on the Collection roulette. However, even though it can be quite expensive to acquire, the skin has great assets that makes the purchase worth it, such as brand new skill effects, skin border animation, voice, and in-game animations. Demonlord Valir is one of the better Collection skins out there so keep an eye out when it comes back to the store.

How to get Demonlord Valir.

Demonlord Valir was only available during its Epic Showcase event and can no longer be available from the store. However, skins from the Epic Showcase can sometimes come back through special events so be on the lookout for it.


17. Realm Watcher Aldous (3080 - 6000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Realm Watcher Aldous in action: 

Transcending from his role as a Contractor of Death, Aldous now resides as a Celestial guardian, watching over the realms with his all-seeing eyes. He stands stalwart to combat any threats that may put the realms in a state of destruction and protects it all with his divine fist wrapped in holy energy. Gone are his days of hunting, for now Aldous exists to protect all that resides within his grasp- even if it costs him his own life.

Another Collection skin to add onto the list, Realm Watcher Aldous is an intricately designed skin that uses cosmic-like traits as part of its overall skin theme. Each of his skill’s effects while using the skin uses a combination of dragons and lightning, making for a very explosive visual design that can certainly catch looks whether you’re an ally or an enemy. Each attack or skill cast mixes yellow and light blue colors to give off an electrifying effect. The skin has everything that you need in terms of aesthetics and quality and is worth the price that it comes with.

How to get Realm Watcher Aldous.

Realm Watcher Aldous was only available during its Epic Showcase event and can no longer be available from the store. However, skins from the Epic Showcase can sometimes come back through special events so be on the lookout for it.


16. Blood Serpent Yu-Zhong (3080 - 6000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Blood Serpent Yu Zhong in action: 

Unleash draconic wrath with Yu-Zhong’s special Blood Serpent skin and drown your enemies in a pool made from their own remains. Taking over his dragon form is the terrifying visage of a blood-red flying serpent, glowing brightly against the terrain of which it flies over. Drain foes of their life force and absorb their blood with this vampiric skin as you ravage across battlefields with the full-might of a powerful monster thirsting for battle. Dracula’s got nothing on you with this skin.

Blood Serpent Yu-Zhong is a Collection skin, making it the third Collection skin on the list. Like the other two, Blood Serpent Yu-Zhong is also a very expensive skin to have as rolling a Collection roulette needs a large amount of diamonds in order to properly ensure that you get a permanent version of the skin and not a trial one. And for good reason as this skin, like all standard Collection skins, are tailor-made for aspiring skin collectors out there. It has vastly different skill particles and animations, new voices, as well border shine and animations. Gun for this skin if you’re planning on maining Yu-Zhong as this is one of his better ones.

How to get Blood Serpent Yu-Zhong.

Blood Serpent Yu-Zhong was only available during its Epic Showcase event and can no longer be available from the store. However, skins from the Epic Showcase can sometimes come back through special events so be on the lookout for it.


15. Death Oath Benedetta (3080 - 6000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Death Oak Benedetta in action: 

In order to defeat evil, Benedetta had to make a pact with the shadows that will put her on a level stronger than the enemies that she’s trying to defeat. And so, from a simple noblewoman now comes a formidable warrior whose sole purpose is to hunt down the devils lurking in the dark. Enter, Death Oath Benedetta, a champion of light wielding the power of darkness in her blade. For as long as she stands, no evil can escape her sight.

Death Oath Benedetta is another Collection skin that uses light and dark variations of purple to make up its overall color scheme. This affects all of her animations, from simple attack swipes to her Ultimate Ability. Furthermore, her abilities are also accompanied with smoke or cloud-like effects, further solidifying the shadow aspect the skin is going for. It comes with new skill particles, animations, voice, and border changes to complete the package. To any Benedetta mains out there, get this skin when it’s available because this is her best skin yet.

How to get Death Oath Benedetta.

Death Oath Benedetta was only available during its Epic Showcase event and can no longer be available from the store. However, skins from the Epic Showcase can sometimes come back through special events so be on the lookout for it.


14. Blade of Kibou Fanny (4000-7000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Blade of Kibou Fanny in action: 

Anime enthusiasts, get your fill with Fanny’s Blade of Kibou skin, transforming her into a badass anime character that can fly through the air and leave enemies breathless with every deadly spin. Plug in your earphones and play your favorite anime battle soundtrack with this Fanny skin as you run down your enemies furiously and effortlessly. You’ll certainly have yourself whispering “Sasuga” with every successful execution.

This skin was part of Mobile Legends special anime event called The Aspirants, which was centered around Fanny and Layla having their own respective anime skins. For the price it went for, this is certainly worth the buy as the skin not only comes with new animations, voice talent, particles, and overall look, but also profile borders that a player can use to further style their Mobile Legends player icon. With the amount of quality that comes with this skin, its a wonder why it didn’t cost more than it should have.

How to get Blade of Kibou Fanny.

Unfortunately, Blade of Kibou Fanny was only available through Mobile Legends’ limited anime event The Aspirants and can no longer be acquired from the store. However, special skins can sometimes become available again through special promos so keep an eye out for this skin in case something comes out in the future.


13. Bad Bro Claude (5,625 – 14,526 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Bad Bro Claude in action: 

A whole lot of nice and a little naughtiness can go a long way, which is something Bad Bro Claude’s got going for him. Equipped with a rubber pellet blaster, Bad Bro Claude can gun down his opponents with style befitting of a bad boy in an otherwise cutesy world. Accompanying him this time around isn’t his companion monkey, but rather a stylized Badtz-Maru, a black penguin and one of Sanrio’s staple characters alongside Hello Kitty. Don’t be fooled by Bad Bro Claude’s innocent demeanor, cause underneath all his soft features lies a deadly beast waiting to be unleashed.

A lot of things about this skin makes it stand-out more than the other skins Claude’s got in his skin line, such as its bright features combined with high-tech graphics and the stylish street punk look that puts other street-centered skins in the game to shame. This skin was also part of Mobile Legends’ special Sanrio collaboration event and is probably the most notable skin to ever come out of that skin line based on its aesthetics alone. While not cheap, it makes up for it with its overall look and rarity. Truly a skin deserving of a place on this list.

How to get Bad Bro Claude.

Bad Bro Claude was only available during Mobile Legends’ limited-time collaboration event with Sanrio and can no longer be purchased from the store. However, special skins can sometimes resurface and become available again, so keep a look out for this one when it comes back again. 


12. Iori Yagami Chou (6,750 – 15,750 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Iori Yagami Chou in action: 

Bring the might of Iori Yagami from the hit arcade fighting game King of Fighters to your phone with this special skin for Chou. Unleash powerful attacks with every swing of his fists and kicks and dominate your enemies with unbridled ferocity. No one is untouchable when Iori Yagami steps into the ring and this skin will prove just that so don’t be afraid to go all-out on foes foolish enough to face your wrath head-on. Let your strikes be true and let punishment be swift.

Chou’s Iori Yagami skin completely changes everything about him save for his abilities. New animations, flash purple and black skill particles, a shiny character icon and border, as well as a  voice overhaul are completely transformed once players use this skin for Chou. It’s a fantastic skin and serves as a love letter to players who both love Mobile Legends and King of Fighters. With the cost that it comes with, there’s no room for second doubts as the price and quality of this product are in perfect harmony with each other. While there may be better Chou skins, this one certainly comes across as part of his top 5 because of its theme alone.

How to get Iori Yagami Chou.

This skin was part of a limited-time special collaboration with the King of Fighters and is no longer available in the store for purchase. However, special skins can sometimes resurface themselves and be available for acquiring during special events so keep an eye out for this skin when the opportunity comes.


 11. Foreseer Esmeralda (7,000 - 10,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Foreseer Esmerelda in action: 

Being a hero requires patience and the ability to predict the enemy’s next move. Luckily, Esmeralda’s hero persona, the Foreseer, can do exactly that. Being one of the core members of Mobile Legends’ special Hero Squadron, Foreseer Esmeralda brings glamor and grace with every swing of her magical sashes. She also comes equipped with a form-fitting uniform perfect for heroic work and stylish executions, all in the name of justice of course. Bring your inner hero out with this skin for Esmeralda.

The skin still follows Esmeralda’s classic cosmic-themed style, with stars and shiny effects serving as its main motif. However, these effects are enhanced through a variation of comic-esque graphics, such as the large “Boom!” that appears once she lands her Ultimate at a certain location. Not to mention that Foreseer Esmeralda also greatly improves all facets of her overall aesthetic, making it a great skin to use in-game for every Esmeralda main out there. The price that skin came with is not steep however and must require a good amount of diamonds to unlock.

How to get Foreseer Esmeralda.

Foreseer Esmeralda was only available during the skin’s special draw event and can no longer be purchased from the store. However, special skins can sometimes come back and become available again through special events so don’t lose hope on acquiring this one. Keep a close tab on upcoming events and look out for the next time this comes back in the store.


10. Lady Vengeance Selena (8,000 - 9,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Lady Vengeance Selena in action: 

Let nightfall and vengeance reign supreme with Lady Vengeance Selena as she enacts her own brand of retribution against those who cross her. Imbued with unholy power, Lady Vengeance Selena taps into the power of the abyss to come to her aid, from summoning horned demon heads to donning a devilish form made to destroy her enemies. The enemy should remain cautious when she’s stalking around, because the last thing they may see are the searing claws tearing away at their bodies.

Lady Vengeance Selena is part of Mobile Legends’ special skin line Abyss and comes at a great cost to acquire. This is due in part to the amazing quality that the skin comes with, complete with eye-catching skill effects accompanied with brand new sound effects and animations. Most of the skills are interspersed with some comic-style effects reminiscent of the Hero Squad skin line, such as a whole comic art popping up whenever she switches forms or a whole “Slash” comic art effect that follows whenever she charges in her Abyssal form. Overall, while the skin may be costly, it's certainly worth it as this skin is one of Selena’s best yet.

How to get Lady Vengeance Selena.

This skin was only available during its special roulette event and can no longer be acquired from the store or through the events page. However, special skins like this one can come back in one way or another through other special events that Mobile Legends might have in the future so keep your eyes peeled if you want to get this one for yourself.


9. Optimus Prime Johnson (8,622 - 10,125 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Optimus Prime Johnson in action: 

Hailing from Cybertron, the famed robotic warrior Optimus Prime crashes into the Land of Dawn and into Mobile Legends, delivering his classic look and feel that’s sure to bring large amounts of nostalgia to any long-time Transformers fan out there. This skin transforms, no pun intended, Johnson into one of the most iconic characters in fandom history, Optimus Prime. Rocking his First Generation look, Optimus Prime Johnson is a skin that any avid collector, Transformer fan or not, should look into and possibly consider getting because of the skin’s design alone. So get ready to roll out because Optimus Prime is here to stay.

Aside from its obviously cool looks, Optimus Prime Johnson also sports many changes that fully converts Johnson into a completely different character, just like Chou’s Iori Yagami skin on this list. From its flashy skill appearances to a completely revamped vocal performance, Optimus Prime Johnson deserves all the praise it has going for it, and is worth the price it comes with. Where else can you witness a Transformer barreling down at enemies at high speeds? Only in Mobile Legends, that’s where.

How to get Optimus Prime Johnson.

Like all skins on this list, this special skin was only made available through Mobile Legends’ limited Transformers collaboration event and can no longer be acquired through the store or the event page. However, special skins can sometimes come back and become available again so keep a lookout and prepare your diamonds in case this skin comes back to the store.


8. Angelic Agent Lesley (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Angelic Agent Lesley in action: 

Hear those trumpets booming? No, it isn’t armageddon if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s just Lesley firing off magic bullets from her angelic rifle. Angelic Agent Lesley is a force that can purify worlds draped in darkness and chaos, riding on a literal pirate ship in space to bring light in the coldness of space. Empowered by special runes blessed by the heavens, Angelic Agent Lesley delivers her message of purity with every holy bullet, not to eliminate or assassinate foes, but to bring them back into the light of hope and glee.

This Legendary skin comes with shiny, brand new effects that certainly fits the motif that the skin is gunning for. Like all Legendary skins as well, this skin for Lesley sports a complete revamp of her character, which includes voice and animations as well. As for the price it comes with, the question remains if it's worth it. Well, the skin has undergone several discounts after its release so it becomes questionable if the price it comes with is synonymous to the looks it has going for it. While the skin is beautiful, there are some qualities in it that may leave players with buyer’s remorse as some of the other Legendary skins on this list certainly are a cut above in terms of animations and overall looks. Still, for avid Lesley players completing their skin wardrobe, this is one you should get regardless as it is still very aesthetically pleasing in-game.

How to get Angelic Agent Lesley.

Legendary skins are hard to come by and sometimes have very limited time to acquire, much like Angelic Agent Lesley. Although, sometimes special events may come that will make Legendary skins available again for acquiring on either the store or on the events page so keep an eye out for it when it comes back.


7. Modena Butterfly Miya (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Modena Butterfly in action: 

Channeling the mystical properties of the land, Modena Butterfly Miya is an elegant being fine-tuned to hunt her enemies down with swift precision and graceful movements. Beautiful blue butterflies emerge from every single one of her skill animations, further amplifying the peculiar but beautiful nature the skin has going for it. In events of great distress, she can call upon the power of a magical flower and drape herself in shadow, obscuring her vision from the enemy.

The skin has a nice theme going for it, similar to the ones you see on various media where it's centered around magical forests from fairy tales. It also has plenty of cute effects, such as the butterflies and the giant flower that appears every time she casts her Ultimate. It also comes with a beautiful, albeit dark color scheme of violet and pink. In terms of cost, is it really worth the price it comes with? The skin has many changes for Miya that are certainly favorable if you were a main user, but in terms of comparing it to other Legendary skins, it's only a little bit above Angelic Agent Lesley in terms of looks, appeal and voicework. Needless to say, it's beautiful skin but has a questionable price going for it.

How to obtain Modena Butterfly Miya.

As a Legendary skin, Modena Butterfly Miya also had a limited availability timeframe and is therefore no longer available for purchase but can possibly return during special events or on the magic wheel so keep a lookout on the next one that comes around.


6. Infernal Blaze Valir (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Infernal Blaze Valir in action: 

Burn away all fears and set fire to the hearts of the unworthy as Infernal Blaze Valir engulfs the battlefield in a sea of destructive flames. To truly become the strongest pyromancer in the land, Valir became a being made from the elements itself, his skin becoming one with the flames as glowing outlines form out of his skin like lava streaks. Donning such destructive energy, Infernal Blaze Valir set out on a journey of conquest, eager to dominate all those who oppose his fiery might.

This skin is probably one of the most hype skins yet. It’s stylish, explosive, and villainous all at once. It even came with a special cinematic promo to further hype its release. To have this skin is to let everyone know that you’re down enough to flaunt on your enemies in fashion. This skin combines the aesthetics of darkness and fire, incorporating them into one skin to fully realize the theme it's going for- that being Valir as a powerful agent of destruction and chaos. And like all Legendary skins, it comes with a complete revamp of Valir’s personality as a whole- from skill particles of which have shadowy aftereffects wrapped in flames to voicework and an animation overhaul. Being part of the Top 10, it certainly is pricey but you’ll feel right as rain once you buy it because the crew behind the design for this skin left no expense to make it Valir’s best skin yet.

How to get Infernal Blaze Valir.

Infernal Blaze Valir was only available through a limited event only and can no longer be acquired from the store or through the events page. However, special skins can sometimes back and become acquirable again through special events so always remain vigilant as soon as the next one comes in.


5. Conqueror Gord (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Conqueror Gord in action: 

When magic could no longer satisfy him, Gord turned towards technology to further advance his power. Finally, after enough tribulations, Gord had successfully transformed himself to a being of mettle and machine, using both high-tech weaponry and arcane magic to enact his will against those who would seek to rob him of his power. The land was no longer of use to him, so he took his conquest to the beyond in hopes of reaching another apex of power that he could use to his advantage. Gord, the Professor of the Mystic had died, and from his bones rose a new being- Conqueror Gord.

Conqueror Gord has a very high-tech look, using technology to enhance the appearance of his abilities and attacks. He fires a blue bomb made out of plasma in exchange for his classic stunning arcane ball and turns his DoT magic pool into a tempest of technological graphics befitting of his role as a robotic conqueror. Furthermore, his laser is now fully transformed into a perilous lightning beam that can obliterate anything in its path. Combined with his high-tech feel are other different aspects that puts this skin on a class above other skins, like brand new animations, voicework, and border animation and glare. It’s definitely worth the large amount of diamonds needed to obtain it.

How to Get Conqueror Gord.

As a Legendary skin, Conqueror Gord also had a limited availability timeframe and is therefore no longer available for purchase but can possibly return during special events or on the magic wheel so keep a lookout on the next one that comes around.


4. Obsidian Blade Alucard (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Obsidian Blade Alucard in action: 

Armed to the teeth and ready for war, Obsidian Blade Alucard comes with all manners of danger and ferocity, bringing the unbridled might of technological prowess to his every growing arsenal. This high-tech swordsman comes with a powered-up tech suit complete with glowing purple outlines in order to fully bring out its sheer sophistication. He also carries with him a sword that can cut through data like paper, perfect for taking the fight even across the digital space. Obsidian Blade Alucard stands ever ready to fight threats that may bring down the mainframe at any time.

This skin comes with its own assortment of high-tech, technological based elements. Every swing of his sword emits a purple streak that is followed by graphics reminiscent of the pattern found in his sword. Digital remnants also float above the point impact whenever he uses his leap ability, which goes the same for the rest of his abilities, especially his Ultimate where he fires a large arc of light against enemies. All work done on this skin is worth the price its going for because of how jam-packed its design structure is and it certainly looks even better in-game.

How to get Obsidian Blade Alucard.

As a Legendary skin, Obsidian Blade Alucard also had a limited availability timeframe and is therefore no longer available for purchase but can possibly return during special events or on the magic wheel so keep a lookout on the next one that comes around.


3. Codename Storm Saber (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Codename Storm Saber in action: 

To put another technologically fashionable skin on to the list, Codename Storm Saber definitely fits the bill. This winged assassin of robotic proportions carries two plasma swords that can cut through his enemies with style. His shurikens are now laced in an orange tint and are much more visually appealing than before. To enact perfect justice, one must also be equipped with the latest hardware and Codename Storm Saber stands as the epitome of this very notion.

Codename Storm Saber has received extensive revamps ever since Saber’s old model was updated to fit modern standards. The skills on this newer version of the skin stand out even more and compliments the skin well compared to the old animations it used to come with. While very minimal in design choice, it makes up for an oddly compelling voice work that’s sure to pump up any Saber player that’s willing to dominate the game. New animations are added as well and even an enhanced border style that makes this skin worth the price it comes with. This skin isn’t only made for Saber mains but for anyone wanting to add a brand new noteworthy skin to their collection as well.

How to Get Codename Storm Saber.

As a Legendary skin, Codename Storm Saber also had a limited availability timeframe and is therefore no longer available for purchase but can possibly return during special events so do keep a close eye on the next special events that Moonton has planned for Mobile Legends.


2. Cosmic Gleam Gusion (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Cosmic Gleam Gusion in action: 

An assassin of the stars delivering swift vengeance to the unruly, Cosmic Gleam Gusion exists to eliminate the known and unknown universe of deviants at the correct price. His floating blades of pure cosmic energy can pass through rowdy opponents like butter on a hot knife. His suit, which can traverse across the stars like a comet, can close the distance between him and any one foolish enough to think that he can’t draw his blades in time. Try not to get in between his knives because it very well just might be the last thing you’ll see.

In terms of overall flair and unique theme, Cosmic Gleam Gusion is certainly one of the better Legendary skins out there because of its simplistic yet explosive showing. His attacks all have a cosmic theme going for it, to keep true to his namesake of course. The streaks for when he releases his blades and have them return from him all carry an array of stars and a jetpack booster pops out of his techsuit as soon as he uses his dash ability. Overall, a clean and perfect skin is an absolute must-have for all Gusion mains out there. In terms of its cost, I think buyers will be plenty satisfied with the purchase despite its large price.

How to get Cosmic Gleam Gusion.

As a Legendary skin, Cosmic Gleam Gusion also had a limited availability timeframe and is therefore no longer available for purchase but can possibly return during special events or on the magic wheel so keep a lookout on the next one that comes or whatever roulette the magic wheel is spinning.


1. Starfall Knight Granger (10,800 - 12,000 Diamonds [Roulette Chance])

See Starfall Knight Granger in action: 

Hail the knight of stars and destroyer of armadas as Starfall Knight Granger crashes onto the battlefield like a raging meteor ready to burn. Carrying weapons that shoot out pure plasma energy, Starfall Knight Granger is a being that can obliterate anything that stands in his way, whether it’s flesh, metal, or the surface of a planet. He can unleash enough power to wipe enemies clean off the face of the cosmos without breaking a sweat. But Starfall Knight Granger is a graceful one and only eliminates those who threaten the safety of the universe.

Probably the best Legendary skin on the list and is the skin that deserves the price that it has for the effects that it comes with alone. Lots of brand new things take shape in this skin that manages to elevate Granger’s overall looks while still keeping true to his nature as a character in the game, from his new voice lines and in-game quotes to revamped animations that further showcases the magnitude and power of his star-killing bullets. His skin icons also gain a massive overhaul in terms of appearance and he receives a special border and animation to further complete the skin’s Legendary look. Another perfect 10/10 deserving of the top spot in this list.

How to get Starfall Knight Granger.

Starfall Knight Granger came as a limited-edition skin that was only made available through its special release event. Therefore, it can no longer be obtained from the store or through the events page. But it has the chance to return to the game as an acquirable cosmetic via special events in the future, so remember to always have your diamonds prepared in case it comes up on either the magic wheel or through means requiring special requirements. 


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