[Guide] Mobile Legends How To Reach Mythic Fast

Do you reach Mythic every season?

Mythical Glory is awarded to the Top 50 in different servers each season. Out of the billion downloads, this may seem like an unachievable task and it is the case for almost all ML gamers. Achieving Mythic is more practical and may take a month or two on average for most, given that they have a decent win over loss rate. 

Ranking up in rapid succession is achievable and may prove to be fun or frustrating for various reasons. Though achievable, it is an overwhelming and challenging task that requires some form of discipline in different aspects such as teamwork and dominating your role. In this guide, you’ll find different requirements and roles that must be filled in order to reach mythic fast. Here we go!


7. Have Fun

Ranking up in ML is a difficult challenge, especially if you’re playing solo. It is mentally exhausting and frustrating. The game may have mood-altering effects that may impair your performance in-game. The recipe to rapidly rising through the ranks is in maximizing your victories over your losses, so try to have fun, enjoy and also learn from your gaming experience..

Binging ML is not an appealing approach. The more you play, the more your general attention to the battle at hand weakens due to the long hours glued to the screen and reading gameplay. Take a break, eat some snacks, drink some coffee, or engage in other similar activities to help you relax and reduce the weariness and stress associated with the competition of gaming. Protect your mind, find your peace of mind, and engage.

  • Get Comfortable

When gaming, sit in a convenient and pleasant atmosphere that is conducive to you. Remove all distractions and ensure that you have set aside time exclusively for gaming. It ultimately brightens your mood, which will show and shine through gameplay.

  • Have Patience

Patience is a characteristic that ought to be maintained when gaming. A lack of patience results in toxic gameplay and a loss of focus in team effort. It deals with emotions, which inevitably affect your game style and gameplay, reducing fun and increasing stress levels while leading you to lose dedication to the task at hand.

  • Fun over Competition

Remember to have fun when gaming. Interact with your teammates, communicate strategies, and brighten up the atmosphere for your teammates. It improves concentration and reduces tension plus other negative emotional effects, thus resulting in better and more coordinated team effort.


6. Learn and Master as you progress

Some individuals regard themselves as god gamers, which reduces their mental ability for acquiring new knowledge. They fail to recognize that Mobile Legends is an e-sport that requires learning new techniques, methods of execution, and other game mechanics that include heroes and meta updates as well. Playing ML is not only a fun and competitive experience, it is also a learning experience.

Keep an eye on gameplay to be inspired and motivated to enhance your technique. Read articles, evaluate videos, and keep up with professional tournaments and other live streamers. There is delight to be experienced if you are dedicated to your objective in ranking faster. The most important point here is that mastering gameplay allows you to compete better in higher ranks. A good performance usually always results in added perks and advantages such as Battle Points and Seasonal Rewards.

  • Learn from Elite Gamers

Watch tournaments and live streamers to gain a more in-depth and informed view of the game. This certainly improves your chances of ranking up fast. Reading articles and blogs also enhances your view of gameplay and helps you make better and informed decisions in how you decide to play, which role you decide to master and how to successfully implement strategies.

  • Understand and Expand Your Gameplay

Expand your gameplay through your understanding of the game. Experiment and experience different scenarios and strategies. The underlying factor here is that ranking up fast involves the ability to take on different heroes in different scenarios with a higher success rate.

  • Learn From Your Mistakes

Always note your mistakes and try to improve. Being stubborn may lead to false beliefs and misunderstandings that will have an overall impact on the team. Your mistake is your greatest teacher through first hand experience.


5. Upgrades & Features

Before getting into the main essence of this topic, it is important to note hero upgrades through skill mastery, battle spells, displays and skins. Skins impact heroes and enhance their image and performance. If you want to rank up fast then consider skins for your main heroes.

Onto the main point, emblems are an overlooked and neglected aspect in Mobile Legends for over a majority of gamers who rely on in-game auto optimization. Learn how to optimize your emblem set according to your style of gameplay and which heroes you prefer. This is a key advantage in understanding how your skills affect gameplay.

  • Use Skins

Some skins may be obtained for free while others may require some grinding in events or spending through diamonds. Whichever method you choose to obtain skins is worthwhile given the fact that skins enhance your overall gameplay and sends different signals to opponents.

  • Utilize visual effects and upgrades

There are other in-game animations and scenes that require tokens or taking part in events. These effects and upgrades have a similar effect as skins and enhance gameplay. It inspires game carrying and changing techniques that come a long way in ranking up fast.

  • Know your emblems

Learn how to read emblem sets and customize them according to your gameplay. This gives you an advantage in fully maximizing your heroes potential in gameplay that will ultimately inspire victories.


5. Know Your Heroes

All heroes in Mobile Legends have a counter at some point. It may depend on timing, execution and circumstances but knowing your heroes is an integral part of ranking up fast. There is no time for trial and error in learning how to take on opponent heroes. This also helps during the selection and banning process when you reach higher ranks.

Knowing how to pair certain heroes, which heroes counters which or why an hero should be chosen based on the enemy draft is an overlooked and undermined aspect of battle, since most players focus on themselves. Decrease toxicity in games by successfully utilizing heroes that actually bring significance to each battle based on the opposition selection.

  • Know your counters

As stated, all heroes in ML have a potential counter to each other. Some may involve a retreat strategy, others may involve an offensive strategy such as HP Regen and some heroes may require relevant scenarios to engage their abilities. Ranking up fast requires a common understanding of all heroes.

  • Know which heroes pair best alongside

A classic example here is that Odette is best paired alongside Johnson. There are many more combinations that are well known and successfully utilized to bring about game changing scenarios or game carries. This also boosts team morale and generates a combined team effort.

  • Disrupt opponent pick and line up

Knowing your heroes allows you to alter opponent line ups or counter their selections. This has an overall effect on gameplay after. Learn to read an opponent line up and adjust your pick to support your teammates in minimizing your opponents potential.


4. Play in a Team

Playing solo may be fun and comes with different interactions and styles of gameplay but if you want to rank up fast then form a team of 3 or 5 players with friends. You can even meet other gamers through the games' easy to use communication and team set up features. Having a team leads to enhanced and strategic teamwork through genuine combined effort.

You can join squads through the game or follow and meet other players after matches. Either way, having a team reduces challenges in draft selections and provides a more stable environment where battle tasks and objectives may be carried out efficiently. It's even more fun and challenging to show your skills amongst those you consider as friends and acquaintances vs those you don’t know when teaming up solo.

  • Form a Team

Forming a team doesn’t require creating a squad. You can just invite friends to matches. You may even use social media to advertise your intent for recruiting teammates. Whichever way possible, try to lead the formation of a team if you’re not being asked to. A team increases your chances of winning and ranking up fast.

  • Join a Squad

There are options to form and join squads in Mobile Legends. This requires a level of maturity in gaming and expertise to be taken seriously. Joining a squad is the same as assembling a team. You may check out the squad options in the chat features which enables you to easily adopt teammates that you can learn to play alongside.

  • Follow and Follow Back

The simple act of following and following back enables you to communicate and team up with players who you know are good and bring you better chances of winning games. This is an overlooked feature that may be utilized in bonding teams whenever you’re available to play.


3. Know Game Mechanics

Game mechanics involve farming, pushing/clearing lanes, jungling, ganking, rotation, map reading, etc. These are important components of gameplay in battle that require skills and effort in understanding how to efficiently take on when knocking them down as tasks and objectives in battle. An example of this would be farming fast to get ahead in gold count.

These tasks and objectives are a part of battle that are overlooked. Many gamers don’t know how to read and adjust to patterns and strategies which causes a general breakdown of team effort and gameplay. Well rounded teams easily win games by accomplishing the smaller tasks that lead to the general outcome of the battle.

  • Understand In-game tasks and objectives

Knowing in-game mechanics doesn’t imply that they are easily accomplishable. Strategy and technique must be understood and implemented in bringing out the best of a hero's potential in a certain task or objective.

  • Create scenarios

Once you understand in-game mechanics, you may utilize it to your advantage or counter opponents in the same regard. This has an overall impact on a teams performance that leads to a higher chance of securing the V well before battle ends.

  • Develop strategies

Developing strategies through in-game mechanics is easier said than done but is possible if read and communicated well with teammates. These strategies are commonly either attack or counter strategies. Utilizing in-game mechanics in strategy is an integral component of the game itself that must be mastered.


2. Know Multiple Roles

You can’t expect to rank up fast by mastering one hero role if you’re playing solo. It is advised to learn up to three hero roles to a certain degree of proper mastery when you start playing. This is to fulfill the need of adjusting to your team's needs and filling roles left vacant by your teammates. It is also advised to master one hero as a hyper carry to extend your chances of ranking up fast.

Find your comfort zone in a main role but have other roles and heroes that you may turn to if need be. This also helps in countering opponent selections, since you may have to adjust your assumed position. It decreases toxic behavior amongst teammates and is essential in building a solid team foundation that can take on the full spectrum of the battlefield tasks and opponents.

  • Purchase Heroes

Purchasing different heroes will spark your desire to learn new roles. Learn to save up battle points or diamonds for heroes or have heroes on your wishlist that you may avail when you have the necessary resources. This also expands your general understanding and gameplay.

  • Practice Multiple Roles

Practice makes perfect as they say so if you’re determined to rank up fast then learn how to fully utilize different heroes in different roles. This helps maintain you as a relevant pick in different roles during different battles while playing solo. If you’re in a team, it helps your team rotate in selection and adds more fun, challenge and excitement.

  • Adjust to your team

Always be ready to adjust to your team during selection. Not all team mates can be relied upon so it is up to you to take it upon yourself as someone who is dedicated to ranking up fast. This will also eliminate and reduce toxic behavior and inspire team work in pushing objectives to secure the W.


1. Meta Updates

Meta updates are what the game essentially revolves around. These are mainly hero buffs and nerfs, or knowing which heroes are at their peak or overpowered in regard to banning and selection. In other words, heroes revolve around meta updates in taking on battle objectives.

In higher ranks of ML, heroes are selected and banned off their meta impact and not necessarily by a single opinion. This reiterates the need to learn multiple roles and heroes based on what they may bring to a particular battle. Each selection phase is unique, and knowing which heroes to ban or select may prove vital or detrimental to the final outcome of the game.

  • Follow Meta Updates

Meta Updates may be found online and are sent to mailboxes when changes are made. Reading and understanding these changes and alterations is an easy task in a plain sense. Utilizing them in gameplay requires a certain level of understanding that proves why over why not when taking on roles and objectives in gameplay.

  • Follow Popular Selections and Bans

There are constant bans and selections throughout certain periods that prove certain heroes to be overpowered or lacking a meta advantage. Following these trends and utilizing them during team selection has an overall impact on the outcome of any match. In higher ranks, a hero's favorable or unfavorable popularity is based on the current meta and not a single opinion.

  • Impact

In general, it must be stated clearly that meta updates impact the overall battle. It differentiates roles that support heroes take on when assisting other heroes in carrying out their roles and objectives. For instance, depending on meta updates, a Tank may either assist a marksman, jungler or mage in the early phases of battle to enhance gold count. Meta updates impact the game in all its dimensions and must be understood.


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