[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Marksman That Wreck Hard!

Mobile Legends Best Marksman Hero
Looking for heroes that savagely defeats their enemies? Look here! We have the Top 10 Mobile Legends Best Marksman That WRECKS HARD!

10. Clint

Clint (Marksman) / Shadow Omen

         Clint, who was recognized to have unparalleled skills with his six-shooters, is a marksman with high damage capabilities. He is best placed at gold-lanes, as all marksmen are. He is a notorious solo fighter hero, as he delivers almost one-hit damage and can reap off damage dealers in team fights. 

         His kit involves two AoE burst skills and a blink CC skill. His burst skills deliver moderately significant damage, but his passive provides the callous damage; Clint's second skill can overturn situations as it gives distance advantage and triggers his deadly passive. Being the renowned hero for gunning at the fastest rates possible, he can be two-shot, one-shot rather, marksman in the game.

What makes Clint great:

  • Very High Damage
  • Damage Dealer Killer

See Clint in action!


9 . Moskov

Moskov (Marksman) / Decapitator

         Known for his versatility, Moskov can take up jungling and gold lanes,  and his abilities are best in solo fights; but contribute in team fights. Moreover, other than dealing damage, Moskov can also be one of the greatest lane-pushers, as his skills are renowned as flexible. 

         His kit enables him to stun an enemy for a long time and dodge skills. Moskov also has a last-hit ability, the Spear of Quiescence, that can kill enemies with low hp from a long-winded distance. His blink also is unexcelled in enemy ambushing, as well as escaping. It is clear that this decapitator is a marksman, yet he possesses assassin-like skills. 

What makes Moskov great:

  • High Mobility
  • Long Duration CC
  • Can deal damage to multiple enemies in a straight line

See Moskov in action!


8. Irithel

Irithel (Marksman) / Sagittarius

         Moving like a cannon, Irithel is a marksman known for her ability to move while attacking. She is well-known at chasing off enemies and wrecking enemies in team fights, for she can deal massive AoE damage with one of her abilities. She is an easy-to-use marksman that delivers eruptive damage.

         Her skills are more likely heavy damage output, as it gives off an appreciable defense reduction to enemies and deals tremendous damage. Given her enemy-slowing and attack-moving abilities, Irithel is considered a great chasing hero. Her ultimate buffs her basic attack for a few seconds and making an explosive AoE attack that deals like a carronade. With her skillset, Irithel is far more utilized in team fights but can wreck solo plays too.

What makes Irithel great:

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage AOE attack
  • Attack-While-Moving Ability

See Irithel in action!


7. Wanwan

Wanwan (Marksman) / The Agile Tiger

         The agile tiger Wanwan is a marksman known for her very high mobility and attack speed. She is ample for gold lanes and solo fights but contributes to team fights as well. She is your best chasing and escaping marksman while wrecking your enemies in a blink.

         Being one of the oriental fighters, Wanwan is equipped with the kit every sniper needs. Her kit involves CCs, immune CC, and a burst: one is an AoE CC skill that deals good damage, slowing and stunning them for a few seconds, and one of which is an immune CC skill with an AoE damage. Her ultimate is a burst skill triggered only through hitting all enemies' weaknesses, but it wrecks enemies rapidly without you getting damaged. If you want a hard-wrecking fast-attacking deadeye, her abilities surely suit your likings.

What makes Wanwan great:

  • Very High Mobility
  • High Attack Speed
  • Immune to CC effects
  • High Damage
  • A damage skill that immunes you to damage

See Wanwan in action!


6. Yi Sun-Shin

Yi Sun-Shin (Marksman) / Lone Destructor

         Yi Sun-Shin is a hero known for being an assassin marksman that can be both melee and long-ranged. His abilities utilize ambush-bursting enemies. As Yi Sun-Shin is a real-life hero, he can be a glass cannon, but you might die first before you can kill him.

         His kit enables him to deal a significant amount of damage that can burst enemies easily; his second ability is a charge skill that can distribute a massive amount of damage in a very long range. However, Yi Sun-Shin’s ultimate is a whole-map skill that can identify the location of his enemies, deal decent damage, and slow them as well. With this best reaping assassin-marksman hero, our victory will be decisive, he guarantees.

What makes Yi Sun-Shin great:

  • High Damage Output
  • Location Identifying Skill
  • Effective Jungler

See Yi sun-shin in action!


5. Hanabi

Hanabi (Marksman) / Field Op

         Hanabi, a ninja marksman with low mobility, is a hard-wrecking hero for team fights as she ricochets basic attacks. She is an expert gold-laner as she can kill and poke enemies with her best skills. This ninja also possesses a unique passive shield, making her immune to CC effects. 

         Hanabi's abilities are easy to use but somehow consume a lot of mana in early games, making her a carefully built hero. Her first skill is an active-passive skill, which allows her basic attack to deal with up to three enemies, making her a poker marksman, whereas her ultimate is a CC skill that can pass up its effect before its duration fades. Despite her fragility, with the right build, she can be a fearsome hero. 

What makes Hanabi great:

  • Immune to CC ability
  • Can deal multiple enemies at the same time
  • High Damage Output
  • Good Poking Abilities

See Hanabi in action!


4. Karrie

Karrie (Marksman) / Lost Star

         Karrie, the Lost Star, is a high mobility hero known for being a tank-killer marksman. She is a great hero for solo fights and gold-lanes. And due to her wrecking abilities, enemies get ripped away rapidly. Her passive allows her to deal damage based on enemies max HP, a tank’s notable counter.

         Her kit enables her to continuously attack the enemy, rapidly killing them while chasing them nimbly. Her first skill is an AoE slow, which is a good combination for her second skill, a dash skill that gives her ease in chasing enemies. This hype-carrying marksman’s ultimate is a buff skill that lowers her basic attack but delivers twice of it, which triggers her most powerful passive easier. Karrie may be one of the uncomplicated heroes to use, but her abilities are top-notch, that can destroy enemies one by one. 

What makes Karrie great:

  • High Mobility
  • Tank-Killer Abilities
  • High Damage

See Karrie in action!


3. Granger

Granger (Marksman) / Biosoldier

         Granger is an assassin-like marksman known for his mobility capabilities. He is a hard-hitting marksman that can take up any lane, but preferably Gold Lane. His unique passive makes his attack slower than most of the marksmen but can give an unsurpassed amount of damage as his last bullet will always go critical.

         Granger’s abilities enable him to deal massive damage and have high mobility proficiently at game stages. All his skills are critical to winning every fight, whether a solo situation or team. If you are to choose the most feared yet hard-wrecking heroes, you might want to consider the good-gunner-Granger as no one ever escapes his sight. 

What makes Granger great:

  • High Mobility
  • High Damage Output
  • Lane Expert Hero
  • Effective Jungler

See Granger in action!


2. Brody

Brody (Marksman) / STUN Brody

         Brody, the Lost Star, is a gold-laner marksman that can take up jungle positions as well. Like Granger, his role is primarily to reap enemy damage dealers easily, which offers a sizable disadvantage to the enemy team. He is known as a high-burst mobility hero, which is crucial both for solo and team fights.

         His kit enables him to deal massive damage to enemies and has high mobility capabilities to chase them off. Brody is one of the current meta in the game as he easily dominates his lane, making it easier for him to assist teammates in the other track. His abilities also are high burst long-range, which allows him to harass enemies in every game condition. Brody, a frightening hero to deal with, stands at the top of every game as your teammate.

What makes Brody great:

  • High Damage Output
  • Good Poking Abilities
  • High Mobility
  • Effective Jungler

See Brody in action!


1. Claude

Claude (Marksman) / Earth’s Mightiest

         Claude, your Master Thief marksman, is a gold-laner burst-chasing hero that can take up jungling as well. He is known to be a team wrecker marksman as he can wreck team fights and solo fights. He is a high-caliber hero that can outplay many situations, whether it be solo or a team.

         His abilities enable him to deliver continuous significant damage as well as chase enemies effortlessly. Claude is a key hero to win almost every game, even in a solo queue. With his ultimate, the enemy team will get killed in just a blink. He is a fearsome hero and has consistently been at the pinnacle.

What makes Claude great:

  • High Mobility
  • Tank-Killer Abilities
  • Can deal multiple enemies at the same time
  • High Damage
  • Effective Jungler

See Claude in action!


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