[Top 10] Mobile Legends Easiest Heroes

Take it easy with these heroes.

In Mobile Legends, acquiring a level of mastery with a hero requires a certain level of skill in addition to understanding a wide range of different combat scenarios. A few of these heroes are basic and don't require much effort to learn. Keep in mind that easy-to-learn heroes can also be easily conquered by other players. These are Top 10 Mobile Legends Easiest Heroes.



10. Tigreal

See Tigreal in action: 

Tigreal is a basic and well known Tank who is known for utilizing his crowd control skills in a wide variety of ways. An example of this would be using flicker from the jungle, to sneak in an element of surprise in attack.

Tigreal is simple yet complex for his initiating and crowd control skills, which require timing, when setting up teammates for group battle. In addition to this, his skills neutralize opponents skills, which makes him outstanding in initiating team fights and crowd control..

Tigreal is best played alongside a mage or marksman in battle. He is best utilized in the battle front, and in pushing the gold lane. If well mastered, he may roam and gank lanes by utilizing the jungles to remain hidden. As stated, Tigreal is simple to learn, but depends on a combined team effort.

Why Tigreal is Easy.

  • Popular - Tigreal is well known by a large number of players who can play alongside him.
  • Easy To Master - Tigreals skills are easy to master, in attack and defense.
  • Complex Strategy - Tigreals skills are easy to master and have different game changing and effective strategies.


9. Angela

See Angela in action: 

Angela is a form of artificial life created to bring happiness and joy to the world. She is one of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends with a unique ultimate skill that enables her to shadow other heroes as a puppet while providing support in HP and attack.

Learning Angela ultimately requires timing and map reading skills. Knowing when to utilize her ultimate skill requires key strategy in delivery to see the most of its impact. It is a skill that will be heavily depended on, especially in the late game.

Angela is extremely easy to learn, while the key lies with strategy, to see her impact. As a support hero, she is dead set as a core or high damage dealer support. Straying from her objectives is easy as she has more impact on her teammates. Understanding this is vital.

Why Angela is Easy.

  • Excellent Support - Angela depends on other heroes just as much as they depend on her, which makes her easy to utilize.
  • HP Regen - Angela can regen her HP and that of her teammates through the use of her skill one.
  • Strategy - Mobile Legends is all about strategy, and Angela is a strategic hero, which makes her an easy hero to master.


8. Balmond

See Balmond in action: 

Balmond was a Fighter/Assassin in Mobile Legends but has been re-introduced as a Fighter, without any major change to his character. He is well known for being extremely versatile, and can be utilized in a wide range of scenarios.

Balmond is best built with defensive items, as he replenishes HP upon each skill hit. His skills also have a fast cool down rate, which makes it almost impossible to go against him one on one. Timing and patience is key to mastering Balmond.

Balmond is a classic warrior, who is extremely easy to master. Learning how to utilize his skills in battle is also easy, as long as you have the understanding, patience, timing and even perception of opponents moves and plays.

Why Balmond is Easy.

  • HP Regen - Balmond’s HP regenerates upon successive skill hits.
  • Versatile - Balmond can be applied in a variety of roles and tasks.
  • Durable - Balmond is extremely durable in comparison to other heroes in his category.


7. Miya

See Miya in action: 

Miya is one of the oldest marksmen in Mobile Legends and is well known for her life steal abilities, where she is dubbed as the ML Queen of Life Steal. She is a basic, well known and easily mastered marksman  in Mobile Legends.

Miya is a remarkable damage dealer and squishy as a result. Playing her behind enemy lines and utilizing her ultimate to her advantage is necessary in seeing her in-game impact. Her skills work in perfect combination, and she is a game carrier when well learned.

Miya is best built with Wind of Nature as part of her build in the final items and Inspire as her Battle Spell. Purify is also an option when choosing a Battle Spell for Miya but would require you to be within closer distance, less range and in harms way when utilizing Purify.

Why Miya is Easy.

  • Life Steal - Miya is the Queen of Life Steal in Mobile Legends, where she regains HP upon successive hits.
  • Easy To Master - Miya has devastating skills that are easily learned and utilized in battle.
  • Range - Miya has range in her skills, that makes her easier to learn and master.


6. Layla

See Layla in action: 

Layla would probably be number one on this list back in the day. She is the most basic hero in Mobile Legends used during  the pre-game trial, which makes her a well known and mastered hero.

Layla being a very basic hero is the reason why she is easy to learn. She also has a very basic skill set and is notably slow in comparison to other marksmen. She is a squishy damage dealer and best played beside a Tank or Mage.

The key to utilizing Layla to full game impact is farming early and staying behind battle fronts in attack. She is an easy target with no dash skills, which makes her slow yet powerful in damage and attack.

Why Layla is Easy.

  • Basic Skill Set - Layla has a very basic skill set that is easy to utilize with less strategy.
  • High Damage Dealer - Layla is an ultimate damage dealer when well built.
  • Range - Layla has great depth in range that is her advantage in battle.


5. Nana

See Nana in action: 

Nana is a powerful Mage in Mobile Legends who is a constant ban each season, due to various reasons such as meta updates. She is a popular versatile hero who is favored and hated by many.

Nana’s greatest advantage is her high damage output and ability to sprint away when she is down to her last HP. She is hard to kill for this reason and is a pain when used in poke and initiating. She has Crowd Control skills that greatly enhance her value as a support.

Nana is a must have for anyone serious about ranking up in Mobile Legends. Her skills are easy to master and she is a fun hero to play as her in-game strategies are abundant and she is a game changing support hero who can carry games.

Why Nana is Easy.

  • Versatile - Nana can take on a variety of roles and adapt to team needs in various ways.
  • High Damage Dealer: Nana has tremendous damage with range, and even more powerful when built.
  • Low HP Sprint - Nana’s ability to sprint away as a cat when she is down to her last HP makes her even more powerful.


4. Eudora

See Eudora in action: 

Eudora is the easiest Mage to master in Mobile Legends but one of the most devastating damage dealers as well. Her skills resemble marksman hero Layla but is portrayed through her magical abilities to summon thunder and lightning.

Blessed with high damage, Eudora is not as squishy as other high damage dealers. That being said, she is not as durable as she may seem but learning to utilize her high impact skills in different circumstances controls her in-game input and impact.

As an easy to master hero, Eudora is easily outplayed but mastering her with timing and patience is key to successfully utilizing her to full impact. A team depends on her high damage abilities and emphasizing that is key to winning games.

Why Eudora is Easy.

Basic Skill Set - Eudora’s skills are super easy to learn and utilize in in-game strategies.

High Damage Dealer - Utilizing Eudora’s high damage in battle is easy in comparison to other high damage dealers.

Range - Eudora has a range advantage that is easy to conquer when mastering her.


3. Uranus

See Uranus in action: 

Uranus is probably the toughest Tank in Mobile Legends, who is an excellent support and offlaner. He is held in high regard as a highly durable hero with great crowd control skills.

Uranus is not very easy to master but less complicated for what he brings to the game. He is extremely valuable as a Tank who can provide support and is quite versatile despite his limitations. What he lacks, his teammates make up for.

Uranus is a key figure in any team, who may be expected to switch roles during battle. It is for this reason that he is a core support hero in assisting other damage dealers achieve in-game targets. Sticking to his role is key to having a good team game play in battle.

Why Uranus is Easy.

  • Durable - Uranus is extremely durable and has the ability to take on multiple opponents.
  • Support - Uranus is a Tank/Support Hero whose in-game impact may be felt by supporting damage dealers.
  • Versatile - Uranus can take on a wide variety of roles despite his size.


2. Alucard

See Alucard in action: 

Alucard was the first hero ever to be released by Mobile Legends and is the King of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. He is a Fighter/Assassin who is durable, versatile and almost the complete package if not for meta updates.

The key to Alucard is mastery in timing and life steal, as he is blessed with range, and is notably a late game hero, deadly when well farmed. Learning Alucard is also easy and fun as his skills come in two phases but are not as complicated as other heroes and their two phased skills.

Alucard is not a popular pick in higher ranks for his popularity making him easy to counter but mastering him for his life steal is worthwhile and may be the key to successfully ranking up. Alucard is best utilized as a core and roam in late game.

Why Alucard is Easy.

  • Versatile - Alucard can adapt to a variety of different roles and in-game scenarios.
  • Well Balanced Meta - Alucard was the first hero released by ML and is well balanced in comparison to other heroes.
  • Life Steal - Alucard is the King of Life Steal in ML, where he has the ability to regain HP when dealing damage.


1. Silvanna

See Silvanna in action: 

Silvanna was a Mage/Fighter but is now a Fighter with mage-like abilities. She shares the title Queen of Life Steal with marksman hero Miya. Other notable life steal heroes include her brother Dyroth and Alucard who is number two on this list.

Silvanna is an easy to master hero who is complex, as her skills are strategy based skills that work in tandem. Her ability to leap and trap opponents through her ultimate skill is a great advantage to any team, along with her second skill that generates a shield and life steal while dealing damage.

All of Silvanna’s skills have high damage advantage topped off with life steal making her quite squishy but the complexity of these simple skills makes her a fun hero to master who is definitely worth the while. If you’re serious about ranking up, you should obtain and master Silvanna.

Why Silvanna is Easy.

  • Life Steal - Silvanna’s life steal is a huge advantage that enhances her in-game impact.
  • Magic Damage - As a Fighter, Silvanna deals mage damage which is the highest in ML.
  • Versatility - Silvanna can play almost all roles in Mobile Legends except Marksman which makes her easy to adapt to as a player.


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