[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best EXP Laners (And Why)

Dominate the EXP Lane with these heroes.

The EXP Lane is a distinct lane on the Mobile Legends battlefield that is subject to minions that carry Experience Points. As a result, it enables EXP Laners to farm faster.There are 45 recommended EXP Laners in Mobile Legends,, and below is a list of The Top 10 Best EXP Laners that are powerful (And Why)


10. Gatotkaca

See Gatotkaca in action: 

You can switch roles with Gatotkaca, who is a Fighter/Tank in Mobile Legends. His skills have great crowd control and poking abilities, and a unique ultimate skill that allows him to leap to premeditated spots in range, delivering stun and damage.

Gatotkaca is recommended to take on the express lane for his remarkable endurance, durability and the ability to poke, initiate and push back the opponent's front lines. This added to his regen skills make him a tough opponent to defend against. He can also be played as a core hero in the jungle and is outstanding for roaming as a tank and using his ultimate skill to gank, poke, initiate or support in team fights from out of sight.

Gatotkaca requires patience, as his core strength comes from his regen abilities. It is recommended that he be built with items that enhance this, and his durability rather than in attack, as he is best utilized as a Tank, in provoking enemy lines and setting the stage for heroes with higher damage output.

Why Gatotkaca is Great for Express Lane?

  • Regen abilities: Gatotkaca has skills that are blessed with HP Regen
  • Durable: Gatotkaca is durable, and can endure high damage attacks
  • Laning: Gatotkaca is a fast laner and can be utilized as a core


9. Thamuz

See Thamuz in action: 

Thamuz is an absolute beast as a powerful and durable fighter in Mobile Legends. His skills provide him with mobility and strength, with a fast rate in skill cool down and a high level of crowd control. He is frequently banned and has a steep learning curve, in fully utilizing his durability and regen abilities.

Due to the fact that Thamuz's skills have a continuous effect in addition to burst and range, he is thea suitable candidate for the role of an express laner. As he makes better use of the skills they grant him dominance and control over lanes which sees an increase in both his mobility and his speed of attack. In addition to this, his skills have a respectable Area of Effect, deal damage continuously, and have a quick cooldown rate, all of which contribute to an increase in his laning functionality.

Learning Thamuz takes patience and an understanding of how to use his abilities in a specific order in order to perform a skill combo. The fact that he is so resourceful provides him with an additional advantage and the adjustability to either pursue or flee, depending on the situation. He is deserving of a spot on this list as an Express Laner in the current meta due to the damage and durability he offers.

Why Thamuz is great for Express Lane?

  • Crowd Control and Area of Effect: Thamuz skills have these attributes
  • High mobility and attack speed: Thamuz skills enhance his speed
  • High damage skills: Thamuz skills have range and burst


8. Zilong

See Zilong in action: 

Zilong is a prominent late game hero and fantastic laner in Mobile Legends thanks to his skillset, which involves the use of a spear and boosts his mobility and attack speed. His versatility and speed give him a distinct overall advantage.

Zilong's speed and second skill, which has an automatic cooldown rate if it is used to eliminate a target, make him ideal for pushing lanes. These are his main arsenal that makes him great for the Express Lane, as it gives him authority over the lane and keeps the opposing laner engaged as well as building and farming to level up for the late game.

It's important to keep in mind that Zilong's actual potential is only fulfilled in the late game, when his range, speed, and damage output are maximized and he has the capacity to kill an opponent with a single blow or use of his skill set combo. Learning to use Zilong's speed and reach his level of ingame-impact requires practice and patience.

What makes Zilong a Great Express Laner?

  • Speed in mobility and attack - Zilongs skills enhance his attack and mobility speed
  • Late game hero - he is a late game hero who can carry late battles with extreme damage
  • Fast skill cool down rate - his skills has fast CD and reduction


7. Phoveus

See Phoveus in action: 

Phoveus is an uncommon pick in Mobile Legends, but when it is used against you it will cause you excruciating pain. His ultimate skill is quite comparable to that of Gatotkaca; however, what separates him and gives him his own identity is his capacity to lock on to opponents who implement crowd control and area of effect skills within his range.

Phoveus's skill set in the Express Lane includes both speed and range, making him a worthy opponent. This provides him with increased durability, comparable to that of a Tank but not continuous, as he is able to escape danger by utilizing his mobility. Due to the fact that his abilities are so effective at poking and initiating team fights, he is the ideal hero to select for a strategy that involves a slow push in the lanes while simultaneously building items and setting the stage for team battles in the later phases of the game.

Phoveus is a complex and difficult skill to master, but the results more than justify the effort. When effectively learned, his abilities confer both durability and speed, both of which can be used to one's advantage. It takes a lot of patience and timing to fully realize the impact that Phoveus can have in the game. Because of his capacity to deal enormous damage in a relatively short period of time and the fact that his abilities can be repeatedly used, he is an excellent choice for the Express Lane.

What makes Phoveus a Great Express Laner?

  • High mobility: Phoveus is fast for a durable heavyweight hero
  • Range in skills: He has range in his skills, with an ultimate that can be lock on and spam.
  • Endurance and regen effects: Phoveus is durable and has in-built HP regen abilities


6. Lapu Lapu

See Lapu Lapu in action: 

The persona of Lapu Lapu, an impactful Fighter in Mobile Legends, was inspired by a national hero from the Philippines. Lapu Lapu was known for his bravery, as he is portrayed he is aggressive and is equipped with blades. In addition, he is versatile, durable, and possesses a wide range of skills. He possesses skill combos that can be extremely useful at any stage in the lanes.

Although Lapu Lapu is not as well-known as some of the other heroes, he is an excellent Express Laner who has the potential to be as powerful as a Tank but is best built with attack items. He can take on the  role of a core, and possesses high burst damage with the ability to roam, each of which are perks in their own right. It will take some time to fully understand Lapu Lapu due to his high level of complexity.

The skills of Lapu Lapu can be spammed, but he is more vulnerable once those skills are in cooldown. Having said that, the rate at which his cool downs are reduced is noticeably low, which boosts his potential and abilities while playing the game. Before attempting to put Lapu Lapu to use at higher ranks in Mobile Legends, it is strongly suggested that you master him.

What makes Lapu Lapu a Great Express Laner?

  • Range: His skills all have range that can hinder short ranged heroes usually played in EXP Lane
  • Burst: His skills have high burst that adds to damage output
  • Versatility: Lapu Lapu is versatile and can fit different situations and roles


5. Paquito

See Paquito in action: 

Paquito is a boxer who has a wide variety of punches and combinations, and he received his inspiration from the Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. Due to this, he deserves to be on this list. Due to his mobility and versatility, he can also be played as a core hero, but he is most effective in the Express Lane, where he can make the most of his ability to control crowds and react quickly.

Paquito utilizes a series of punches that, when combined, have the potential to brutally assault and knock out opponents. If he is properly mastered, he can attack up to three opponents at once and win without taking any harm. The challenge of fully mastering Paquito's skill set is one of the factors that makes playing him difficult. In spite of this, he is a powerful and quick laner who is able to defend, push lanes, and build EXP points more quickly in order to level up.

Paquito is a hero who is well known both within the game and outside of it for the inspiration behind his character. Due to this, he is a well-known hero in Mobile Legends, and his abilities are one of the few that can be countered when playing at higher ranks. In light of this, you are strongly encouraged to compete in the classic mode, as the majority of players quit after failing to make effective use of him in rank.

What makes Paquito a Great Express Laner?

  • Speed: Paquito has great speed and range in attack
  • Burst: Paquito has burst in damage that can annihilate an opponent in one strike
  • Skill combo: Though hard to master, Paquito has one of the most deadliest skill combos amongst fighters.


4. Badang

See Badang in action: 

Badang is a fearsome fighter with iron fists that can deal tremendous damage in a short amount of time. He is a tactical hero, as his unique set of skills involves trapping opponents through the use of his second skill that is able to build a wall.

In the express lane, Badang's second skill can be utilized as a dash to improve his attack speed if there are no enemies in the immediate area. This only applies if there are no enemies within rangeBadang relies on his basic skill that increases in stack with each strike. Considering his damage increases whenever he successfully lands simultaneous basic attacks, he is an excellent and well-suited contender for the role of an Express Laner.

The ultimate skill of the Badang is a flurry of punches that deals a significant amount of damage. Since it is Badang's most potent skill, it is the skill that one must perfect in a strategic manner in order to attain their full potential as a Badang user. As a situational hero, he is difficult to master but renowned for his versatility and durability.

What makes Badang a Great Express Laner?

  • Tactical Fighter: Badang can adjust and is a situational hero
  • Stack in Basic Attack: spamming his basic attack increases chances of fast laning
  • Speed: Badang has great speed as a high impact fighter


3. Jawhead

See Jawhead in action: 

When mastered, this fighting machine will put you in complete control. Jawhead is a tactical hero that can be played in a diverse fashion from and based on a variety of different scenarios and points of view due to his arsenal of weapons, which includes missiles, an ejector, and an ultimate skill that locks and charges down specific targets.

Jawhead deals significant damage through the use of his first and second skill, and when added to his basic skill. He is capable of playing as a core or tank but best utilized in the Express Lane where he can slow down the opponent in farm and control the lane and pace of the game, as he is a late game hero.

As a result of his burst and crowd control abilities, Jawhead is able to lane quickly and build at a rapid pace. Timing and patience are both required in order to play Jawhead. It is possible that overusing his ultimate skill without giving it enough attention will, in the long run, cause his in-game capabilities and potential to suffer.

What makes Jawhead a Great Express Laner?

  • High mobility speed: Jawhead is fast for a versatile, heavy duty fighter
  • High damage attack: Jawheads skills have high impact due to his basic stack in passive
  • Versatility: Jawhead is a situational hero who can adapt and adjust to fit a team


2. Esmerelda

See Esmerelda in action: 

Esmerelda is a fantastic Mage/Tank who possesses remarkable Area of Effect and Poke abilities. Her charging movement and magic penetration spells are her trademark. She is considered a hard hero to master, as learning her involves time in understanding how her skills work.

Since Esmerelda can be played either as a Tank or as a Mage, she is a formidable Express Laner in Mobile Legends. Her burst and area of effect adds value to her hybrid damage, which creates a shield for her target while simultaneously increasing her own attack ability. This can be confusing for newbies and even new opponents who are not familiar with her.

Esmerelda is versatile and durable, which adds convenience to her being played in the Express Lane, as she can slow down enemy farms and push lanes at a reasonably fast rate. She can roam as a Tank given her speed and is vulnerable to high burst damage heroes such as assassins.

Why makes Esmerelda a Great Express Laner?

  • Mobility: Esmerelda is fast and is great as a ganker
  • Hybrid skills: Esmeralda's skills are deceiving and deadly when mastered
  • High magic damage: as a Tank, her high damage adds value to her durability


1. Bane

At number one on this list is Bane, a well-known Fighter/Mage hero with the ability to regenerate HP and deliver striking one shot blows. He is fast and his skills have range, with an ultimate skill that is known for being able to damage turrets and doesn’t deliver much damage as his first skill.

Bane's second skill is a health regeneration mechanism that also improves his movement speed and attack power. As an Express Laner, his range and speed both help him push the tempo in the lane while slowing down the opposition. Bane is vulnerable as a high damage dealer if underutilized.

The possible negatives of playing Bane are outweighed by the numerous advantages that come with playing him. Timing and patience are both required when playing Bane. It is possible for him to get himself into vulnerable situations if he overuses his attacks and mobility, which will also lessen his impact while laning and farming. Bane is a versatile hero who can take on the roles of a Mage, Fighter, or Tank.

What makes Bane a Great Express Laner?

  • High speed in mobility: Bane is extremely fast, with the use of his second skill
  • High burst and range in attack: Bane’s damage output is enough to kill with one strike
  • HP regen abilities: Bane can regenerate HP through is second and passive skill

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