[Top 10] Mobile Legends Miya Counters (Best Heroes Against Miya in Mobile Legends, Ranked)

Miya is Mobile Legends Queen of Life Steal. These heroes are a threat to her.

Miya is a marksman hero who is known as the Queen of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. She shares this title with Silvanna, Alucard, Dyroth and Moskov. Armed with a bow and arrow, her first skill allows her to shoot dual arrows, while her second skill shoots an arrow up, that returns downward to a designated area and stuns a target. Her ultimate skill launches her into a camouflage state while increasing her speed in movement and attack.

Miya is most loved and hated for her life stealing abilities. This, in conjunction with her own skills and battle spells are her most valuable assets, especially when timed and utilized in tandem. Miya is best utilized with Purify or Inspire as her Battle Spells. Purify in defense and Inspire in attack, depending on each user's style of gameplay and team mates going into battle.

With a clear understanding of Miya, here are [Top 10] Mobile Legends Miya Counters That Are Powerful (Best Heroes Against Miya in Mobile Legends, Ranked)


10. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a Fighter/Tank hero in Mobile Legends and is amongst the most durable dual role heroes in the game with regen abilities. His ultimate skill is a one of a kind, where he jumps to a designated area dealing stun and damage upon landing. His first skill pounds the earth and delivers damage in a straight line while his second skill is a charge and dash upon second touch, that stuns a target upon contact.

Gatotkaca matches up against Miya for his durability and ability to set the stage or poke in a team fight, using his ultimate. Miya’s advantage lies in her attack speed and mobility, but Gatotkaca is a hero who can take on damage and attack or retreat depending on the situation. In a clash, Gatotkaca’s regen ability gives him the upper hand though Miya has an advantage in ranged attacks.

Gatotkaca is a potential threat to Miya on many levels and dimensions of the game, however, skill and mastery is necessary for realizing his true potential. Timing is essential as well, in the ability to read between attack and retreat. Both have equal opportunity, but Gatotkaca’s stun and regen abilities gives him the upper hand.

Why is Gatotkaca great against Miya?

  • Regen ability
  • Durance and Endurance
  • Unique Ultimate Skill

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Oracle - increase HP regen
  • Antique Cuirass - reduces damage from opponents
  • Immortality - gives a much needed second chance against high damage 

Gatotkaca Official Mobile Legends Page: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/41


9. Vale

Vale is a high classed mage with insane damage output. With the ability to manipulate sand through magic, Vale’s first skill deals damage in a horizontal straight line that can be adjusted to increase either damage output or area of effect. His second skill is a stun in the form of a whirlwind, that can be adjusted to either knock into air on hit or stop on hit. Vale’s ultimate skill is a massive sand storm that sucks in targets and explodes with high impact and velocity in damage.

Vale matches up as a counter against Miya for his high damage output and perfect skill combination, that is a huge threat to Miya, as a squishy high damage hero. Miya cannot survive a combo skill hit from Vale, and is vulnerable to his skills, as her counter only relies on timing against Vale. Both are easy to master in terms of skill level.

Vale ranks on this list for the sole reason of being a high damage dealer with the ability to counter Miya through his skills. As a squishy hero, Miya’s odds of a successful matchup against Vale are low, and depending on circumstances, Vale has the upperhand through the use of his powerful combination.

Why is Vale great against Miya?

High burst in damage
Range in attack
Area of effect

Best Items to use against Miya

Arcane Boots - magic penetration
Lightning Truncheon - adds magic damage and cool down reduction
Genius Wand - adds movement speed

Vale Official Mobile Legends Page: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/66


8. Eudora

Known for being a simple hero to master in Mobile Legends, Eudora is a powerful damage-dealing mage. Her first skill fires a lightning bolt in the shape of a fork at a target, while her second skill fires a lightning bolt that stuns the opponent and can only lock on opponents. Her ultimate conjures a lightning bolt from above that severely harms an adversary.

Eudora is most powerful against Miya for her skill combination and high burst in damage through her ultimate skill. Timing and precision is of essence, in a successful match up between the two. Between the two, Miya is squishy, while Eudora has enough damage to pull off a counter. Eudora’s automatic lock on opponent skills are her advantage, as it guarantees a hit on Miya.

Apart from timing and skill,understanding of each hero is required, as Miya has the advantage in speed during attack. Knowing this and countering it is key to a successful counter using Eudora. Both are relatively easy to master, and a match up between the two will always come down to timing in precision and skill.

Why is Eudora great against Miya?

  • High burst in damage
  • Not as squishy as Miya
  • Perfect skill combination

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Arcane Boots - magic penetration
  • Lightning Truncheon - adds magic damage and cool down reduction
  • Genius Wand - adds movement speed

Eudora Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/15



In Mobile Legends, Lancelot is a high-damage assassin who is notably challenging to master. His second skill conceals him while dealing damage over a triangle area in which a target may be struck three times, while his first skill charges towards a target while dealing damage. His ultimate skill conceals him as he strikes with impaling force.

Lancelot is overpowered and broken in recent ML updates but still is a force to be reckoned with. He is one of the hardest heroes to master, and these are the reasons that he is ranked low on this list. Against Miya, Lancelot’s skills reign supreme, as they are tricky, and have a high possibility of outsmarting Miya. His extreme burst in damage is significant enough to end Miya.

As stated, Lancelot is a complicated hero but has great potential in a challenge and counter against Miya. His skills conceal him while he has a high burst in damage. Miya as a squishy high damage dealer cannot survive a match up against Lancelot if he is well mastered.It all boils down to skill level between these two heroes.

Why is Lancelot great against Miya?

  • High burst in damage
  • Ability to conceal through skills
  • Unique skill combination

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Magic Shoes - increases movement speed
  • Hunter Strike - adds physical attack
  • Endless Battle - increases damage

Lancelot Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/47


6. Zilong

Zilong is a dual role hero, as a Fighter/Assassin and reigns as one of the deadliest late game heroes. His first skill pokes a target with his spear and lifts it 180 degrees over his head, planting the hero behind him. His second skill is a burst of fury hits/stabs with his spear while his ultimate skill increases his mobility and movement speed.

Zilong has regen abilities that are an added advantage to his speed, which matches Miya’s speed in attack. Zilong is obviously more durable but is noted for being a late game hero, when his build is completed or near completion. Zilongs second skill counters Miya in range while his ultimate counters in attack speed. As a fighter/assassin, he stands to be more durable but it ultimately comes down to timing between these two heroes.

Due to both heroes being simple and easy to master, timing is crucial in a match between the two. Timing an attack against Miya requires strategy and should not be overlooked, but Zilong's burst and damage skills have the potential to annihilate her if attacked with the proper timing and precision.

Why is Zilong great against Miya?

  • Regen abilities
  • Dual role hero
  • Ultimate skill matches Miya’s strengths

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Warrior Boots - physical defense
  • Windtalker - increases attack speed
  • Endless Battle - increases damage in attack

Zilong Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/16


5. Alucard

Alucard was the first hero released by Mobile Legends. He is a dual role Fighter/Assassin and crowned as King of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. His first skill is a leap, which plants his sword on a designated area, while his second skill is a twirl swinging his sword 360 degrees followed by a leap on second touch of basic skill. His ultimate skill releases a wave, which deals reputable damage but is known for its life steal capabilities.

Alucard being the king of Life Steal is a perfect match-up against Queen of Life Steal Miya. Alucard is durable and his assassin abilities gives him an edge over Miya’s range potential but it all boils down to mastery in timing between the two. Timing in attack and retreat is an integral part of a match up between the two, as both are basic heroes, and same in level of mastery and skill.

Alucard's life steal abilities provide the foundation for a successful counter-attack against Miya. However, timing is critical, as Miya's attack speed is always a factor when combined with spells and items. Notably, in order to successfully counter Miya, Alucard must farm ahead of her and have more attack items.

Why is Alucard great against Miya?

  • Life Steal abilities
  • Dual role hero
  • Capable of range attack

Best items to use against Miya

  • Warrior Boots - physical defense
  • Endless Battle - increases speed/extra damage
  • Scarlet Phantom - increases attack speed and critical damage

Alucard Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/7


4. Karina

In Mobile Legends, Karina is a deadly overpowered assassin. Her first move causes her to move quickly, flip, and whirl while dealing damage. While her ultimate skill enables her to mark and rush at the opponents, her second skill sweeps her blades in a complete circle around her.

Karina has range in attack as a high damage dealing assassin, and this sets the pace for her as a potential counter against Miya. She is fast, with the ability to regen HP upon consecutive hits. She is not hard to master and her skills utilized in tandem have the ability to wipe out Miya in one attack strike.

Karina sits at this spot for her unique speed in attack which matches Miya, as well as her insane burst in damage, which all stand as an hindrance to Miya’s skills and abilities. Her attacks have range, which further counters Miya’s range advantage. Karina is one of the best picks in a counter effort against Miya.

Why is Karina great against Miya?

  • High mobility and speed
  • HP regen abilities
  • Unique skill set combo

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Arcane Boots - increases magic penetration and mobility
  • Endless Battle - increases damage
  • Shadow Twinblades - increases magic damage 

Karina Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/8


3. Gusion

Gusion is a powerful assassin who is also a popular favorite in Mobile Legends. He uses magic to control and wield daggers. One dagger is thrown and returned by his first skill, while more daggers are thrown and returned by his second skill. One of Mobile Legends' most lethal single assaults is his ultimate skill, which operates similarly to his second skill but allows the Gusion to be blinked to the opponent's location before all of the daggers are returned to him.

Gusion is a serious threat to Miya as soon as he has enough gold. Timing is relevant to Gusion, in that he attacks while Miya when her skills are in cool down, this is a proven way to limit Miya’s in-game impact. Apart from this, though Miya is fast in attack, Gusions extreme burst in damage is too much for Miya to handle, as a squishy high damage dealer.

Gusion is one of the best counters against Miya, seeing that it is part of his role as an assassin. Miya being squishy and weak against high burst in damage is the key advantage behind a successful counter by Gusion. Timing and skill are of essence, to see the best possible outcome between the two, as Gusion is a hard hero to master.

Why is Gusion great against Miya?

  • High burst in damage
  • Overpowered
  • Assassin abilities for sneak and surprise attack

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Arcane Boots - magic penetration
  • Shadow Twinblades - increases magic damage 
  • Immortality - gives a second chance for burst in attack

Gusion Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/56


2. Moskov

Moskov is a high ranked marksman, often banned for his insane speed in attack, topped off with amazing life steal abilities. His first skill teleports him to a designated spot and increases his speed in attack while his second skill strikes an arrow which knocks back and stuns a target. His ultimate skill launches a spear that travels the entire map distance in a straight line, dealing damage to opponents in range.

Moskov matches Miya in attack speed and mobility. His ability to teleport is an advantage over Miya’s ultimate while his attack speed and stun abilities add value. Both are life steal heroes, so it all boils down to skill, precision and timing in a match up between the two heroes. Moskov is best built with Inspire as battle spell and Wind of Nature in build to increase his strengths.

Both heroes are similar, though Moskov is a late game hero, while Miya has potential from mid to late game depending on build and team gold. Timing and hero mastery play a vital role, and Miya being the most basic may be an advantage and disadvantage as well, seeing that Moskov is more complex and has a higher chance of a victorious outcome based on utilizing his skill with precision and timing.

Why is Moskov great against Miya?

  • Life Steal abilities
  • Unique skill set combo
  • High speed and mobility

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Queens WIngs - increases life steal
  • Haas Claw - physical life steal
  • Immortality - much needed second chance in attack and retreat

Moskov Official Mobile Legends Page: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/31


1. Silvanna

In earlier versions of Mobile Legends, Silvanna was both a fighter and a mage. She is now a fighter, with magic damage. She stuns a target with her lance in her initial skill. Her ultimate power is a jump that stuns and traps an opponent. Her second skill involves spinning her lance in a drill-like action that creates a shield while delivering damage. All three utilized in tandem is a powerful combo attack.

Silvanna’s second skill and mage-like abilities give her an advantage over Miya. The ability to poke and trap using her first and ultimate skill makes her the most ideal candidate as a counter against Miya. Miya’s speed in attack is no match for Silvanna’s skill set if timing is precise. Hero mastery influences a match up between the two heroes.

Silvanna is also one of the Queen’s of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. She is durable and her skills are capable of attack, retreat and pursuit against Miya. This makes her the total package, as a counter hero against Miya. Given her unique skill set which is easy to master, she has made this list at number one.

Why is Silvanna great against Miya?

  • Life Steal abilities
  • Unique skill set
  • Mage like damage as a fighter

Best Items to use against Miya

  • Magic Shoes - increases magic damage
  • Queens Wings - increases life steal
  • Immortality - much needed second chance in retreat or attack

Silvanna Official Mobile Legends Page: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/90


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