Mobile Legends Best Tanks That Are Hard To Kill

Tanks are the most durable heroes in Mobile Legends.

Tanks are the front-liners of battle who can initiate team confrontations or harass and poke front lines. They are durable and can take on substantial damage while paving the way and setting up strategies and tactics that can be capitalized on by allied damage dealers. Playing Tank requires patience and timing to see an impact through team effort. Here are the most durable tanks in Mobile Legends that are hard to kill.


10. Edith

Edith is a unique entry to this list as a marksman/tank who can deal mixed damage. She would rank higher on a similar list but stands out on this list as a top crowd control and burst damage hero who is complicated yet easy to learn in gameplay strategies and can be lined up alongside a variety of different heroes. She also gives the team an option to have more than one marksman.

She boasts extreme crowd control skills that can impact up to four heroes with burst damage. Though she has no suppress skills, her damage symbolizes that of a marksman with tremendous impact. Edith provides a team with versatility and flexibility in rotation and is an amazing support and initiating tank who can instantly adapt to gameplay.

What makes Edith a Great Tank.

  • Dual Role - Edith has two roles that allow her to deal mixed damage, in both range and type. Her role provides teams with flexibility and versatility in gameplay and strategies.
  • Crowd Control - Though she has no suppress or control, Edith can deal immense damage and slow down up to 4 heroes at once.
  • Burst Damage - She is capable of dealing tremendous damage resembling a marksman when played at her best. Edith is hard to master but worth the effort.

Edith Details:

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9. Gloo

Gloo is an easy to understand tank who is harder to strategize in gameplay. He boasts a rating of 90% in crowd control, making him part of the elite but mastering crowd control in gameplay is a very daunting task. When mastered, he is a core support for damage dealers in pushing team objectives and tasks.

Gloo has a unique ultimate skill that enables him to leech on and feed off other heroes. This contributes to his abilities of sustaining damage and harassing frontlines. It can lead to team confrontations where Gloo has massive potential as a support for high damage dealers. He possesses decent burst and magic damage but stands out most as a support tank.

What makes Gloo a Great Tank.

  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Gloo’s ultimate skill allows him to transform into a state that is perfect for map hacks and can feed off one opponent that almost always leads to team confrontations.
  • Crowd Control - All his skills, including stun can have an impact on multiple heroes, making Gloo an ideal support hero.
  • Mobility - Gloo is fast in movement, especially through the use of his ultimate skill that allows him to gank lanes and offer support as an offlaner.

Gloo Details:

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8. Akai

Akai is a top guard tank in Mobile Legends who can disarm and disrupt opponents through continuous burst damage. He is extremely durable with a rating of 90% and best played as a roam hero with extreme potential in crowd control and support. He can mark and stack damage on opponents.

He is the perfect initiation hero with his abilities to knock opponents airborne and suppress them. While not highly regarded as a damage dealer, he can stack damage and regenerate HP which gives him an advantage in prolonged confrontations. Akai is one of the tanks with the fastest speed in mobility and attack.

What makes Akai a Great Tank.

  • Mobility - Through his ability to knock and suppress heroes plus launch and dash into attack, Akai has advanced mobility added onto already fast movement. He is one of the fastest tanks in ML.
  • Suppress (Crowd Control) - He can suppress multiple heroes over a long period which makes him a great initiation tank and support.
  • Durability - Akai can withstand and sustain immense damage and also has the ability to regenerate HP on energy stacked.

Akai Details:

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7. Barats

Barats is a top tank in terms of burst and continuous damage. He also has potential in initiating team fights and offering support as an offlane roam hero. Additionally, he can also be played as a core hero and is extremely versatile and durable as a fighter/tank role hero. He has high mobility and damage that may be amplified by his passive skill that stacks energy.

As a Fighter/Tank, Barats is extremely adaptable and can survive sticky situations alongside allies. He has substantial damage though his presence in support is exceedingly vital given his ability to take on damage, which can see increased impact from major damage dealers such as marksmen and assassins. Barats is a very adaptable hero who can either carry games or support carries.

What makes Barats a Great Tank.

  • Passive Skill - Barats Passive Skill can stack energy and send him into buffed states where his size and skills are magnified or amplified to greater states and damage dealt.
  • Mobility - Barats is fast for others within his category and may be enhanced by his skills. This makes him a formidable offlaner and roam hero.
  • Durability - He is highly durable as a Tank/Fighter and can sustain substantial damage. He can also regenerate HP through his passive skill.
  • Skill Combination - All of Barats skills work in perfect tandem that sets up opponents for his ultimate damage. The same set of skills can poke and initiate team confrontations in aiding allies.

Barats Details:

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6. Khufra

Khufra is the true definition of a front-line support tank. He has a violent aura that surrounds him as a tyrant making him a real force of terror in the front lanes with a skill combination that launches him into pursuit then crowd control through suppression. He also has the unique ability to morph and bounce around making him a top offlane hero.

Playing Khufra requires a combined effort with allies to see real impact. He is a top initiator who can have a higher impact with proper timing. He can gank lanes and interrupt opponent gameplay as an offlane or push alongside damage dealers. In the late game, he is the ideal setup for team confrontations who can survive and defend if needed.

What makes Khufra a Great Tank.

  • Mobility - Khufra has the ability to launch with range and can morph and bounce, which aids his movement speed greatly and places him as a top pursuit and attack offlane tank.
  • Skill Combination - His skills work in perfect tandem where he can burst into attack and suppress opponents. His durability adds on to his dominance in front-line and team confrontation scenarios, especially through supporting damage dealers.
  • Crowd Control - Khufra can suppress multiple opponents and disengage their skills and movement for up to 3 seconds. This makes him one of the best crowd control heroes aside from others in the top 5 of this list.

Khufra Details:

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5. Uranus

Uranus stands out as one of the best support tanks for his ability to absorb and convert damage into HP. He can also generate shields and dash while being able to deal significant magic damage that can slow down multiple heroes. Mastering energy stack is vital in achieving top levels of durability that can sustain front-lines and push into enemy territory and confrontations.

Uranus is a very complicated hero to master. He is highly versatile in very complex ways where he may be played as a mage, tank or support. Sacrificing his durability may lead to more damage and vice versa in terms of damage. He peaks when favored by meta updates and is an outstanding tank who is less popular for his level of mastery.

What makes Uranus a Great Tank.

  • HP Regen - Uranus can absorb damage taken and convert into HP. He can also generate a shield that aids this ability. He can stack and convert energy into HP. This makes him a durable tank.
  • Flexibility - Through his damage and durability, Uranus is an offlane hero who can adapt or implement gameplay and strategic tactics. He can sustain frontlines or provide depth in the back lines.
  • Offlane - Through his mobility and ability to charge and survive encounters, Uranus is a top offlane hero who can easily adapt to gameplay and rotation.

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4. Atlas

Atlas is one of the best initiating tanks with a skill set that can trap and suppress multiple opponents. He has the mobility to roam offlane and is one of the best gankers amongst tanks in ML. His skills are easy to understand but require timing and precision in engaging. Regardless, he is a durable and mobile support tank who is a constant meta favorite and ban.

Atlas possesses one of the best skill combinations amongst tanks that showcases elite crowd control and suppression. He can also stun and slow down opponents that makes him a top initiator who can effectively harass frontlines and disrupt opponents. Mastering Atlas requires timing in implementing his ganking potential alongside allied damage dealers.

What makes Atlas a Great Tank.

  • Mobility - Atlas skills allow him to charge and also enhance his attack speed. His charging ability is his greatest asset and also has a fast cooldown rate. It is this skill that allows him to swiftly close in and suppress opponents.
  • Durability - He has an 80% durability rating making him one of the strongest tanks in initiation and crowd control. His mobility aids in survivability though Atlas has the potential to counter and sustain damage.
  • Skill Combination - All three of Atlas skills work in perfect tandem where he can charge, suppress then stun and deliver damage. Timing is essential when using this skill. It is best paired alongside allied damage dealers.

Atlas Details:

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3. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is easily one of the Top 5 best dual role heroes in Mobile Legends. He is a prominent HP Regen hero with crowd control, a dash and a stun embedded within his unique set of skills. His unique ultimate skill that enables him to leap to designated spots cements him as a top tank in crowd control and burst damage.

He is highly versatile and flexible in different situations with his attack and movement speed adding on to his durability and HP regen abilities. This probably summarizes Gatotkaca in all his uniqueness. He is relatively easy to master in that he can take on a variety of roles with easy to understand skills that may effortlessly be structured into gameplay depending on ally capabilities.

What makes Gatotkaca a Great Tank.

  • Versatility - Gatotkaca is flexible and can adapt to situations. His durability also makes him a perfect team support as a Tank in sustaining damage and paving the way for allies to capitalize.
  • HP Regen - He can build and stack rage to 25 which then gives him extra damage and healing abilities. This is his greatest asset in team confrontations. It is necessary to deliver successive damage to see an impact through this ability.
  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Gatotkaca has a distinctive ultimate skill that enables him to leap to designated locations. Opponents within range of his landing are then stunned, which paves the way for him and allies to launch into attack. This is a top initiation tactic in Mobile Legends.

Gatotkaca Details:

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2. Franco

Franco is a fearless warrior who excels in harassing the front-lines through the use of his first skill hook. He is a flexible support tank who can easily adapt to roles of aiding allies as a roam hero. Though his skills may affect more than one hero, his suppress skill can only be engaged on one opponent.

Franco is easy to learn and master compared to the first ranked on this list. It is only his unique skills that require proper execution. His presence in the front-line will be missed if not effectively engaged in setting up the stage and opportunities for teammate damage dealers to capitalize on. His hook accuracy must be mastered to see monumental impact.

What makes Franco a Great Tank.

  • Roam - Franco has the speed in attack and mobility through his passive skill that increases his speed when there is no attack. His hook adds on to his presence in confrontations, with the skill set that can back up his ferocity.
  • Durability - He has an 80% durability rating which is exceedingly higher than over half of the heroes in Mobile Legends. His speed in mobility aids his ability to survive while his crowd control and suppress skills make him a feared opponent.
  • Support - Franco can effectively adapt and aid allies in a variety of situations. His durability helps in sustaining efforts deep enough to provide an advantage for his team in objectives and gameplay.

Franco Details:

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With a rating of 90% in Durability, Tigreal is one of the toughest Tanks who specializes and defines Crowd Control in Mobile Legends. Additionally, he spells out the function of Tanks, with his potential in support as a roaming hero, able to cover lengths of the battlefield in aiding damage dealers. He costs only 6500 Battle Points and is a hero that everyone should own. 

Tigreals ability to suppress multiple opponents emphasizes his capabilities in the front-lines as an initiator in team confrontations. He has the potential to gank and set up team confrontations, while having a high chance of survival. Mastering Tigreal provides in-depth insight into mastering the Tank Role. He ranks at the top spot for his ease in mastering.

What makes Tigreal a Great Tank.

  • Crowd Control (Suppress) - Tigreals Ultimate Skill has the capacity to draw in multiple targets and stun them for up to 1.5 seconds. Additionally, his other skills can attack multiple targets as well.
  • Roam - He is equipped with a dash and has enhanced mobility through the use of his skills. This enables various strategies such as ganking, where Tigreal’s durability allows him to poke, initiate and support allies.
  • Durable - Tigreal is extremely durable with a rating of 90%. He can sustain damage and his dash adds on to escape strategies.

Tigreal Details:

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