[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Hyper Carries

Mobile Legends, Best Hyper Carry
Hyper Carries that Stomp Entire Teams

What about Hyper Carries?

There are normal carries and then there are hyper carries: heroes who become unstoppable when paired with other heroes, often supports. In the late game, these boosted carries can deal serious damage on enemies and fight the entire enemy lineup almost by themselves. Because you can’t wait to meet these heroes, here are the best Mobile Legends hyper carries who wreck everyone in their paths.

10. Moskov

Moskov, the Javelin Throwing Champ

If Masha is the fighter who can take on anyone, Moskov is the marksman who can take on any marksmen. His blink ability “Abyss Walker” enhances his attack speed significantly. Once itemized, Moskov’s basic attacks can delete enemy heroes within seconds. When paired with healers like Rafaela and Estes, Moskov becomes a death machine whose lifesteal grants immortality.

What makes Moskov great for Hyper Carry:

  • He has blink abilities with low cooldown
  • His ultimate “Spear of Destruction” sends a spear that goes in a straight line across the map
  • He can stun enemies against walls using “Spear of Misery”

See Moskov in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nICnAyu0RQ

9. Kimmy

Kimmy, Both Physical and Magical

Kimmy doesn’t have a basic attack animation, which means she can always deal damage all the time as long she’s spraying her gun. Because of this, she becomes broken when picked alongside Angela, who can increase a hero’s movement speed and give shield. Her ultimate “Maximum Charge” allows her to deal massive damage and snipe enemy heroes afar.

What makes Kimmy great for Hyper Carry:

  • She can freely move while attacking
  • Her attack damage is hybrid, both physical and magic
  • She can dash to get away from threats

See Kimmy in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2LMFJi05y4

8. Karrie

Karrie, She Eats Tanks

Karrie is strong on her own. She increases her attack and movement speed whenever she uses her ultimate, and her abilities allow her to deal a percentage of her enemy’s max HP as true damage, which means tanks hate her. Combined with the supports you’ll hear most in this article, like Angela and Estes, Karrie gets unlimited movement speed or heal, able to lead her team and wipe out the enemy’s front line.

What makes Karrie great for Hyper Carry:

  • She deals true damage
  • She has a low-cooldown mini dash
  • She has high damage output

See Karrie in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJsGlhXPyjM

7. Leomord

Leomord, the Horseman

One hyper carry who can contest with a whole enemy line up is Leomord. After using his ultimate “Phantom Steed,” Leomord rides his horse, able to move while attacking. Once his enemies get low enough, his basic attacks become critical hits, which is broken since his basic attacks affect all enemies around him. Together with Angela, Leomord gains even more movement speed and shield, making him a bloodthirsty knight.

What makes Leomord great for Hyper Carry:

  • He can move while attacking
  • His basic attacks damage surrounding enemies
  • His basic attacks become critical hits when targeting low HP enemies

See Leomord in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wJzDqjMMss

6. Masha

Masha, the Pound for Pound Beast

If you’re given the option to pick a hero for a late-game 1v1, you should choose no other hero than Masha. Her insane lifesteal, attack speed, and movement speed give her the power to take down anyone in one-on-one combat. When picked with supports like Angela, Masha becomes a full-fledged demon. With more movement speed and healing, she can maul anyone without respect.

What makes Masha great for Hyper Carry:

  • She has high lifesteal
  • She has 3 HP bars
  • She increases her attack speed and lifesteal even more as her HP goes lower

See Masha in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-w3j2cu0fI

5. Helcurt

Helcurt: Lights Out, Please

Helcurt is among the few assassins who have silence. His primary source of damage is his ability “Deadly Stinger,” which can stack up to 5 times to deliver a devastating single-instance blow. His ultimate “Dark Night Falls” dims the map of all enemy heroes, leaving them clueless in the dark. This also increases his movement speed a lot, which means when paired with Angela, Helcurt can assassinate anyone, even if they’re under tower or behind enemy lines.

What makes Helcurt great for Hyper Carry:

  • He has burst damage that can kill heroes in a flash
  • He silences enemies with his blink ability “Shadow Transition”
  • He silences anyone who controls him

See Helcurt in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYPGwWqGJsE


4. Alucard

Alucard: Dracula

Alucard is a “Dracula” when read in reverse for a reason: his signature is stealing his enemies’ life and adding them to his own. He has a rich reserve of dash abilities and can deal damage to multiple heroes. Once he use his ultimate “Fission Wave,” Alucard greatly improves his lifesteal. When equipped with more lifesteal items, Alucard becomes extremely difficult to take down, especially when there’s a support on top of him who’s constantly providing movement speed and regen.

What makes Alucard great for Hyper Carry:

  • He has high durability and lifesteal
  • He can deal damage to multiple heroes
  • He can 1v5 enemies

See Alucard in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arH5DTm9rIM

3. Aldous

Aldous: One Punch Man

Aldous is the ultimate definition of a late-game hero. The damage of his “Contract: Soul Seal” increases permanently whenever he uses it to last hit minions. As the game progresses, Aldous becomes stronger and stronger until he can bash his enemies’ heads with a few strikes regardless of their role.

What makes Aldous great for Hyper Carry:

  • He increases his damage permanently
  • He can use “Contract: Chase Fate” to reveal all enemies anywhere in the map and fly to one enemy hero
  • He becomes immune to all physical damage with “Contract: Explosion”

See Aldous in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tELDT6_wtP0

2. Claude

Claude: Steal and Kill

This list won’t be complete without Claude. You’ve heard this guy’s name again and again because of how awesome he his. For one, he can use “Art of Thievery” to break all limits about movement and attack speed. With help of Angela, Claude can blink in the middle of the enemy lineup during team fights and just straight up annihilate them all with “Blazing Duet.” He can then use his godlike mobility and DPS to tear down those who managed to survive the onslaught.

What makes Claude great for Hyper Carry:

  • He has insane movement speed and attack speed when his stacks are up
  • He can blink in and out of team fights to escape enemies or chase them
  • His basic attacks are dealt twice, which is broken when paired with some items

See Claude in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0-g1Sf_zmk

1. Roger

Roger, the Big Bad Wolf

Roger is the bad werewolf who has come for blood. Unlike Claude, Roger doesn’t need to go the late game before wreaking havoc, especially when he’s got little Angela on his pocket. He farms fast, he moves fast, and more importantly, he wallops enemies with his insane DPS and movement speed, very much like Claude. As his victims’ HPs get lower, Roger becomes hungrier, increasing his damage against them even further. “Hunter’s Steps” grants him more movement speed while “Open Fire” allows him to get on top of his targets.

What makes Roger great for Hyper Carry:

  • He has great movement sped and attack speed
  • He becomes a hound who can chase nearby dying enemies
  • He can roam in the early game without needing items

See Roger in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwfUvKgBIWU

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