[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Gank Heroes For Kills

Clear up lanes with these heroes.

10. Helcurt

Helcurt is a skilled assassin who hides in the shadows and stalks his prey. He can do heavy damage swiftly and effectively due to his speed and agility. He is therefore a formidable contender and a standout candidate to join the group of Mobile Legends' best gankers.

A thorough analysis of Helcurt's skill set and consideration of the ideal jungling path are necessary for an efficient game. Keeping a check on his health is also in everyone's best interest since he serves as an assassin, which makes him prone to having poor durability.

What makes Helcurt a Great Gank Hero?

  • High Burst Damage

Helcurt is an assassin equipped with high burst skills and abilities that give him the power to swiftly eliminate rivals that aren't as tough as others. The ability to deal high burst damage enables him to eliminate enemies as rapidly as possible. This is also important if you're up against a team that has a well-farmed Marksman or Mage since taking them out of the game could help you and your team, especially in the final stages of the battle.

  • Large Scale Crowd Control

Helcurt's ultimate skill can blind opponents, obstructing their vision and providing your squad a brief window to make decisions that could seal the deal for victory. His vision hindering ability comes in highly beneficial for commencing teamfights, assisting allies in escaping risky situations, or just setting up an opponent to be ganked by you or your teammates.

  • High Mobility

Helcurt can blink between locations in addition to having increased movement speed when using his Ultimate, which is helpful for closing the gap between you and your targets or fleeing the scene unharmed. His blink ability is useful, but it also has a 10 second cooldown that, after leveling up fully, decreases to 8 seconds. When utilizing it, use caution.

See Helcurt in action: 


9. Ling

Ling is a fierce hero that excels in the process of clearing jungles and carrying out assassinations. You can always expect Ling to come through for you when it comes to executing objectives. In addition to this, he has the capacity to instantly travel to any position on the map thanks to his leaping skill, which enables him to scale walls and provides him with a view over his immediate surroundings.

His mechanics can be difficult at times, but they are not impossible to understand and can be learned. The most important thing when playing Ling is to have a solid grasp of the map, be aware of it, and be able to predict what the opponent will do next. To avoid getting overrun by the other side, be mindful of the locations of the target lines that are closest to you. Ling also adheres to the method of swiftly eliminating key players from the game. Your enemies must never be able to predict your assassinations, so you must carefully and precisely prepare each one.

What makes Ling a Great Gank Hero?

  • High Mobility

Due to one of his skills, he is capable of navigating the map by leaping from one wall to another, using the landscape itself as a platform. When plotting out your ganks, this is a skill that will come in handy. It is essential for any assassin hero in the game to be able to move freely to any location on the map and do it in a swift and efficient manner. Fortunately for Ling, he is very effective in this particular aspect of the game.

  • Dominates Early Game

Ling is a particularly hazardous hero to deal with in the early game due to his huge damage output right from the start of the game, which can increase even more in the late game. Keep in mind to always take objectives and eliminate players consistently when using Ling. If you're unwilling to contribute to your team, having an early advantage won't matter.

  • Great Roamer

Due to his wall traversal skill, he is able to come to any lane and provide immediate assistance without effort at all, nor will he run the risk of being ambushed by the enemy. Because of his unique mobility, he has become a champion that is exceptional at objective taking and fast jungle clearing. 

See Ling in action: 


8. Lancelot

The next on our list is the dashingly dazzling and lethally dangerous Lancelot. Lancelot is a hero that should not be misjudged and should be carefully observed at all times. He comes with a skill suite that can quickly cut off adversaries, thus he should not be treated casually. His potential to carry the team is enormous, but if the game is not managed well, he might not live up to expectations.

In order to comprehend Lancelot, one must have an accurate understanding of his constraints. He is capable of dealing significant damage in a short amount of time, but his success is heavily dependent on his talents. A series of poor decisions could put him in a potentially dangerous situation. But there's no need to worry; Lancelot can simply get back on his feet. Patience and a perception of timing are all that is needed.

Why makes Lancelot a great Gank Hero?

  • Skill Kit Offers Offensive and Defensive Capabilities

When using any of his abilities, he is given the opportunity to be slightly untargetable during the period of the skill. This can be useful when evading enemy skills or basic attacks while providing enough offensive damage to make them back down. Not only this, but his passive allows him to stack damage per every successful blink which can affect the rest of his abilities' damage.

  • High Damage Output

Having a good amount of base attack damage from the get-go gives Lancelot the advantage when it comes to handling opponents in the early game. If well-farmed and stocked with his core items, Lancelot becomes a beast on the battlefield that can send any enemy packing home. Remember to utilize this advantage at every corner, but don't be too brash about it. Timing during ganks must be careful and consistent as to avoid falling prey to the enemy's hands. 

  • Fast Objective Clearing

Lancelot is an exceptional objective taker, able to take out creep waves quickly with his 2nd ability, push a lane, and escape immediately. His abilities are also strong against jungle creeps and can provide ample damage to bigger enemies such as the Turtle or the Lord. Never shy away from taking crucial objectives when it comes to Lancelot, as he can skirt through them just fine. 

See Lancelot in action: 


7. Yin

Yin is a Fighter star who has earned a lot of respect throughout the seasons. Even while he isn't your standard Assassin champion who spends a significant portion of their presence in the Jungle and sneaking up behind enemies, he is still able to give sufficient pressure to the opposing team with his ganking.

When trying to assist teammates in pushing their lane or getting them out of dangerous situations, his ability to imprison rivals in another realm and then take them out from within that dimension is a powerful approach that can be applied. Through the use of this ability, he is able to disrupt opponent team compositions and pull off successful ganks without putting himself in danger of being destroyed by the opposing team.

What makes Yin a Great Gank Hero?

  • Durability

Being a Fighter champion, Yin is very durable, able to withstand enough punishment while returning it as well. His durability can mean a great deal when trapping enemies, as it is important to keep them inside of his pocket dimension for as long as possible so that his allies can score objectives or take out the rest of the enemy team. 

  • Variability in Gameplay

While his mechanics can be complicated sometimes, it's worth noting that once a player gets in control of Yin, he becomes someone to watch out for in a game. His abilities span from using them as escapes to using them to close the distance when facing off against an enemy. He can play a full offensive Fighter or a durable Semi-Tank Fighter that can handle a good amount of damage. 

  • Enemy Isolation

Yin shines best as a ganker when using his ultimate, which allows him to pull enemies in his own pocket dimension where he can eliminate them from the inside of it. Use this opportunity to instruct your teammates to take valuable objectives on the map or to move in on unsuspecting enemies.

See Yin in action: 


6. Chou

Despite the fact that he has been nerfed, Chou is still a popular choice and is performing quite well as a Fighter champ. Because of his abilities, which can be used in both an attacking capacity and as a means of evasion, he has earned a place on this list. Even though Chou is advanced in years, he has still demonstrated that he is a warrior who does not deserve the bench amongst fighter heroes.

There's a thousand ways to play Chou but one fact remains true: his potential as a ganker in every game is immense, although his mechanics can be quite complicated to understand. Regardless, with enough time and practice, anyone can play Chou to a level  that is enough to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies.

What makes Chou a Great Gank Hero?

  • Good Crowd Control

Chou has 2 abilities under his belt that can reposition or subdue his enemies. Such abilities are useful when coming up on an enemy's flank and pushing them further into an ally's tower or locking them in place so that your ally can move in for the kill. Take careful consideration when using them to ensure that your ganks are successful. 

  • Skills Offer a Variety of Opportunities

Chou is one of the few champions in Mobile Legends that can successfully cancel his skill so that he can cast the next one immediately. Because of this, he can be an unpredictable opponent to deal with and an important ally to rely on. When learning Chou, use the opportunity to understand how his skills work as these effective mechanics can help boost your ganking.

  • Gameplay Variability

Chou can cover a good range of roles in a game. His high damage output allows him to take up the role of an offlaner, but his durability can also grant him the position of a support tank. His jungling capabilities and objective taking are also noteworthy. He is fun to play with and offers a fresh take on how one should approach the game and roam the map.

See Chou in action: 


5. Fanny

Fanny's undergone a lot of changes ever since her debut in the game. Regardless of this fact, however, she remains as a hero with extremely high mobility paired with a high burst damage. She is deadly to lane against and even deadlier when you don't see her coming. 

Learning Fanny can take some time before one could fully master her. But once one gets a lock on her skills, map presence, and limitations, she can immediately carry her team to victory. But do keep in mind that Fanny is not a durable champion. Getting caught by the enemy team is a death sentence, unless you know how to wiggle your way out of a deadly situation.  

What makes Fanny a Great Gank Hero?

  • Extremely High Mobility

Fanny can use her 2nd skill to travel across the map in seconds, making her one of the fastest champions in the game. This skill can help throw off enemies while sneaking in damage that can be beneficial to reducing enemy health. She can also get to important objectives quickly and escape from danger should she be cornered. 

  • High Burst Damage

A well-fed Fanny can take out an entire team if positioned correctly, much more when it comes to a single target. In order to maximize the efficiency of her burst damage, one can use the Assassin emblem "High and Dry" where damage is increased on a target if isolated from the rest of their team. 

  • Fast Jungle Clearing  

Fanny can also be an optimal Jungler to use in the game. Equipped with spammable abilities that can cut a creep's health down to size, Fanny thrives off of being a Jungler, able to clear Jungle camps fast and get into the fight just in time before the enemy can take advantage. This is perfect if you want your team to get ahead in gold and objectives.

See Fanny in action: 


4. Selena

Selena's a high burst AP champion that can use her abilities to set up enemies for ganks. She is an effective ganker because of her skill kit that can provide plenty of crowd control that her teammates can utilize to its fullest extent. 

She also excels in eliminating single targets, able to change the flow of battle by picking off key opponents with her high AP output. Selena as a ganker is reliant on one's ability to properly survey the map and predict enemy movements. Careful planning is an absolute must when it comes to Selena, so keep that in mind should you plan on using her when assassinating enemies.

What makes Selena a Great Gank Hero?

  • High Burst Damage

Because of her high AP, Selena can kill opponents in seconds, leaving the enemy team vulnerable if engaged in a 5-man team fight. Rely on her burst damage to bring out the most in her skill set and mechanics and always ensure that you've got plenty of mana to keep things moving at a balanced pace.

  • Gameplay Variability

Having 2 modes that Selena can switch between makes her gameplay varied between providing support in ganks by stunning or slowing enemies or engaging against high value targets. Knowing when to switch between modes is crucial to her core mechanics and understanding her strengths and weaknesses as a character.

  • Good Crowd Control 

Her Elven Form gives her crowd control abilities that can immobilize or slow down potential targets, leaving them vulnerable to ganks from you or your allies. Maximize your ganking potential by assessing where to put your 1st skill on the map and where to skillfully shoot your 2nd. 

See Selena in action: 


3. Natalia

When it comes to backstabbing enemies from the shadows and escaping unharmed, Natalia's name comes up as one of the top contenders. Smoke screens and critical strikes fuel Natalia's core gameplay and it is through critical thinking that one can thrive off of Natalia's abilities and carry potential.

However, she is not as durable as other assassin champions in the game. Therefore, one must be careful when using her as she traverses the map to get to her targets. She also lacks crowd control abilities that can lock enemies in place, so in order to successfully kill a target, Natalia must go all in immediately before getting caught by the enemy.

What makes Natalia a great Gank Hero?

  • Invisibility 

Natalia can shroud herself in shadow and make her invisible to the enemy team through her Smoke ability. Enemies caught within her Smoke Screen deal no damage to Natalia if damaged with a Basic Attack, leaving most Fighters and AD based champions vulnerable.

  • Crowd Control

Natalia's crowd control can also silence enemies and slow them within the area of the Smoke Screen. This is useful when immobilizing casters and preventing them from using high burst magic damage that can severely damage your allies. 

  • High AD Damage

Natalia's damage doubles when hitting enemies from behind so careful consideration of where you'll be placing yourself in fights is paramount. Her invisibility synergizes well with her approach so use it to its maximum potential and never hesitate when going in for the kill.

See Natalia in action: 


2. Gusion

Gusion is an exemplary assassin, able to cut down his enemies with a flurry of daggers. Nimble and agile, Gusion can be hard to catch while being able to deal heavy amounts of AP damage in seconds. And while his skill ceiling ranges from mid to high, his core mechanics are not complicated to understand and can help in enhancing a player's ability.

Although it is worth noting that Gusion does not have any crowd control abilities to help him root an enemy in place or escape out of a dangerous situation. A mistake can land him in a dangerous position so remember to keep an eye on your map and keep out of the enemy's radar.

What makes Gusion a Great Gank Hero?

  • High AP Damage

Gusion's high AP output makes him a frightening enemy to deal with. He can destroy an entire team's backline in seconds and have enough mana to pick out another target or clear out a wave. Use this to your advantage at every turn and have a clear plan of action when moving in against your enemies.

  • Quick Cooldowns and Spammable Skills

Gusion's quick cooldowns are important to his core gameplay. His ability to spam his daggers and deal a wide range of damage to unsuspecting enemies are his bread and butter and as such should be learned and mastered. When picking up items, prioritize AP damage and cooldown reduction to bring out the best in him.

  • Wide Scale Damage Dealer

His daggers can cover a wide area of effect, which is effective in mowing down groups of enemies with ease. When the enemy is coupled up closely, this is your time to strike. Assess how much damage you can mitigate before making a decision however and always ensure you have an escape plan ready should things get too hairy. 

See Gusion in action: 


1. Karina

Karina can always handle both speed and damage. Due to this, she excels as an assassin and is a superior ganker in any game she plays. Karina can eliminate opponents swiftly and elegantly thanks to a skill set that is primarily focused on mobility.

Map awareness is key when it comes to playing Karina, as it is crucial in her gameplay to know where she should position in a team or a solo fight. Remember to check your corners and secure objectives for your team in order to get ahead of the enemy. 

What makes Karina a Great Gank Hero?

  • High Mobility

Karina's 1st ability gives her a significant boost in movement speed and blocks any incoming basic attack from the enemy. She can also use this skill to travel across the map from point to point in quick succession, providing teammates with ganks and clearing out jungle camps. 

  • High Burst Damage

Her combo string is deadly against low HP champions and is important when securing kills so remember to utilize its effectiveness to the max. Grab as many cooldown items and AP burst items as you can. Exercise Karina's lethality to ensure that you can come out on top. 

  • Fast Wave Clearing 

Her 2nd ability allows her to deal AP damage to enemies around her, counting creep waves and jungle creeps. This allows her to farm faster and easier.

See Karina in action: 


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