[Top 10] Mobile Legends Movement Speed Heroes

Bring out your agility through these rapid heroes.

Movement Speed is an attribute that measures the rate of mobility per second. All heroes have a base speed of zero that may be enhanced by speed up effects or slowed down by slow down effects. This is the basis for calculation: Movement Speed = Basic Movement Speed x (100% + Speed Up Effect % - Slow Down Effect %). Attack Speed may be utilized as Movement Speed though the two are not the same. Here are the Top 10 Mobile Legends Movement Speed Heroes according to the current meta.


10. Granger

Granger, The Death Chanter would have made number one on this list a few years ago. He is a popular Marksman who has served as a Mobile Legends ambassador for years and possesses great mobility that compliments his specialties in Burst as a Finisher. His unique skill set consists of Damage, Buff, Burst, Blink and Slow effects.

His Passive Skill (Caprice) enhances his attack speed by 40%. It aids his skills in speed. His First Skill (Rhapsody) is a burst skill that may be synced with other skills in terms of mobility. His Second Skill (Rondo) allows him to blink/dash and is a successful strategy when paired with his First Skill. These are his fundamental movement enhancements though when synced well, provides a successful platform in attack through burst.

What makes Granger Great for Movement Speed:

  • Passive Skill (Caprice) - Enhances attack speed by 40% that may be transformed into movement speed.
  • Burst - This gives Granger an added dimension in attack speed and can be used to inspire general mobility in terms of movement.
  • Second Skill (Rondo) - This is a blink/dash that may be paired alongside other skills to see enhanced movement in speed.

See Granger in action: 

9. Karrie

Karrie, The Lost Star would have made a higher spot on this list if it comprised easy heroes to master. She is a hyper carry marksman who specializes in Damage as a Finisher. Her basic and easy to master skill set has the following effects, Buff, Blink, Damage, and Burst. She costs 24,000 Battle Points, 8000 less than the average hero cost and should be owned by everyone serious about ranking up.

Her Second Skill (Phantom Step) is a blink/dash that provides her with extra momentum in movement while also dealing damage. Her Ultimate Skill (Speedy Lightwheel) enhances movement by 20% and is one of the best skills amongst attack speed effects that inspires her basic attack. It is these two skills that emphasizes Karrie amongst movement speed heroes. Her attack speed may also be transformed into movement speed, depending on style of gameplay.

What makes Karrie Great for Movement Speed:

  • Ultimate Skill (Soeedy Light Wheel) - This skill enhances movement by 20% and inspires her basic attack. Further attack speed may also be transformed into movement speed.
  • Second Skill (Phantom Step) - This is a blink/dash that provides Karrie with an advantage in movement when used in conjunction with her other skills.
  • Burst - Karrie has burst and buff that generates speed in attack that can be transformed into movement speed.

See Karrie in action: 

8. Wanwan

Wanwan, The Agile Tiger specializes in Burst as a Finisher and is known for her unique Ultimate Skill (CrossBow of Tang)  that sends her into a state of concealment while raining down needles on locked targets. She is probably the hardest hero to master and has a skill set that has the following attributes: Buff, Blink, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Burst and Debuff.

Aside from her insane Ultimate Skill that grants her a 100% attack speed ratio, her Passive Skill (Tiger Pace) is what aids her in movement and makes her the only hero who moves in a different style amongst all other heroes. She is able to jump from spot to spot while spamming her basic skill. This is sped up when she successfully hits a target. Though it sounds simple, it is extremely effective in movement speed and paves the way for launching her Ultimate Skill which is a lethal finisher in Mobile Legends.
What makes Wanwan Great for Movement Speed:

  • Passive Skill (Tiger Pace) - This showcases her unique movement where she jumps to and from while spamming her basic attack. Aside from Fanny, she is the only other hero with unique movement. The said skill enhances her speed on successful strikes.
  • Skill Set - She is a high damage marksman who can enhance mobility through her skill set. Her Ultimate Skill locks on a target in a state of concealment and gives her a 100% attack speed ratio.
  • Burst - She can burst and debuff through her Second Skill. This aids mobility through her Passive Skill.

See Wanwan in action: 

7. Selena

Selena, The Abyssal Witch is a unique Mage/Assassin who can switch between 2 forms and specializes as a Initiator/Finisher. She can stage through initiation and finish off in attack with her skills that have Buff, Summon, Crowd Control, Speed Up and Morph attributes. She can translate movement speed into attack.

Her Passive Skill (Symbiosis) allows her to switch between elven and human form and enhances her mobility by 2-3 seconds during switch. Abyssal Hero, her Second Skill enhances movement by 40% and is a combination of a trap that she can fire and follow up in damage. Her Ultimate Skill (Elven Form) morphs and increases her movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds. These are her fundamental basic skills that when placed in perspective, maintains her relevance amongst fastest assassins in Mobile Legends.

What makes Selena Great for Movement Speed:

  • Skill Set - Selena can summon a trap from range then follow up through speed up and morph effects that enhance her mobility through attack speed.
  • Morph - With the ability to morph between 2 forms, it provides a buff that may be paired up successfully with her damage skills.
  • Second Skill (Abyssal Hero) - This is a set and strike skill where after setting a trap from range, increases her movement by 40% with the opportunity to follow up in damage.

See Selena in action: 

6. Aamon

Aamon, The Duke of Shards is a lethal assassin who specializes in Chase and Magic Damage. He would have made number 1 if this was a list based on Attack Speed. For anyone serious in mastering the assassin role, Aamon is the optimal choice with a complex but easy to master skill set that consists of Conceal, Buff, Burst, and Damage.

His Passive Skill (Invisible Armor) enhances Movement Speed by 60% that decays over 3.5 seconds. His First Skill (Soul Shards) enhances his basic attack but also increases his movement speed. His Second Skill (Slayer Shards) activates his Passive Skill after shooting a boomerang shard. These are the fundamental skills that aid in movement. He also has a low cooldown rate that allows multiple skills to be spammed in aiding mobility.

What makes Aamon Great for Movement Speed:

  • Skill Set - With a lethal one hit skill combination, Aamon leans on speed as an assassin in gameplay. His skill set aids in Conceal, Buff and Burst where attack speed may be translated into movement speed.
  • Attack Speed - Aamon relies on attack speed to have an in-game impact since he is a squishy damage dealer. He has an 100% attack speed ratio.
  • Second Skill (Slayer Shards) - This skill sends him into a state of concealment and increases his mobility through attack speed.

See Aamon in action: 

5. Zilong

Zilong, The Spear of Dragon would easily make number 1 on this list amongst easy to master heroes. As a dual role Fighter/Assassin, he specializes in Chase and Damage, while having a skill set that comprises Buff, Heal, Crowd Control, Damage, Blink, Debuff and Speed Up attributes.

His Ultimate Skill (Supreme Warrior) provides 40% Movement Speed, Attack Speed by 45% / 60% / 75%, and slow immunity for 7.5 seconds. This may be the most efficient speed skill on this list since it is easy to engage and implement successfully. His Basic Attack is made up of a 3 strike combo, while his other skills have amazing attack speed. Zilong may be the easiest hero to master with an emphasis on movement and attack speed on this list.

What makes Zilong Great for Movement Speed:

  • Ultimate Skill (Supreme Warrior) -  40% Movement Speed, Attack Speed by 45% / 60% / 75%, and slow immunity for 7.5 seconds. These are the actual stats that places him on this list as one of the easiest to master in terms of movement.
  • Attack Speed - His basic strike is made up of three strikes while his Second Skill has range where he can lock on a target from far. Though emphasized through damage dealt, movement is greatly enhanced by his speed in attack
  • Skill Combination - Zilong is an ultimate fighter, who can also regenerate HP on successful strikes. He has a superior set of skills that allows him to clear lanes and gank with ease. His optimal skill combination depends on movement and attack speed.

See Zilong in action: 

4. Harley

As a dual role assassin, Harley, a mage blessed by a Magic Goddess, is a fundamental choice for the core role in the jungle. He can teleport and has a 100% attack speed ratio, which prioritizes attack speed that can be transformed into mobility. His arsenal of abilities includes the effects of debuff, area of effect, buff, speed, burst, slow, and blink. He is recommended as a core/roam hero.

His Second Skill (Space Escape) enhances his mobility by 30% for 2 seconds with the ability to teleport to a designated location and return on second touch. In spite of this enhancing his movement to a great degree, his First Skill (Poker Trick) also enhances speed in mobility. Harley is a fast tempo hero and often sets the pace for battle through his blink/teleport ability.

What makes Harley Great for Movement Speed:

  • Second Skill (Space Escape) - This is a major advantage in getting close to the action with room for an escape strategy on second touch of the skill. It is a 100% attack speed skill that may be transformed into movement speed.
  • Burst - His Burst effect also enhances movement and can be successfully combined with his Second Skill. It is an attack speed strategy that can be played in a variety of different scenarios since Harley is a utility hero and roaming choice as a jungler.
  • Attack Speed - It is already evident that Harley’s attack speed as an assassin may aid movement. Timing is relevant though in having an in-game impact.

See Harley in action: 

3. Karina

Karina, The Assassin who dances on blades specializes in Magic Damage as a Finisher. Her skills allow her to use her skills to an advantage in mobility. Her skill set is designed for Buff, Speed Up, Area of Effect, Burst and Blink. With Buff, Speed Up and blink, he has a unique set of skills that aid her in attack speed.

All her skills are enhanced by some form of speed. Her First Skill (Dance of Blades) provides 45% extra movement. Her Second Skill (Dance of Death) launches a spinning dash where attack speed may be translated into movement. (Shadow Assault) is the name of her Ultimate Skill. This is a ranged skill that allows her to lock and mark heroes. It has Burst and Blink effects that impact her overall mobility. Her Passive Skill also plays a vital role in adding attack effects to all her skills, and can be translated into movement speed on successful strikes.

What makes Karina Great for Movement Speed:

  • Skill Set - She has a skill set that emphasizes speed on all levels. As a Finisher, she can engage through range and translate attack speed into movement if necessary.
  • First Skill (Dance of Blades) - Though this is an effective attack tool, it can be spammed in roam. It enhances movement by 40%, hence places Karina in a strategic position for ganking, jungling and backing up in clearing lanes.
  • Attack Speed - Karina has amazing attack speed through her skills. It can be transformed into mobility. Movement Speed on the other hand has no attack effect.

See Karina in action: 

2. Fanny

Fanny, The Blade Dancer is the hardest hero to master in Mobile Legends and specializes in Chase as a Finisher. She costs only 24,000 Battle Points, 8000 less than the average hero cost and is the only hero who can glide through battle assisted by cables. Her skill set consists of Buff, Charge, Area of Effect, Burst and Blink and she depends on skill combination. She would make number one on a list of Attack Speed heroes, but comes in at number 2 due to statistics.

As a Chase Hero, her mobility allows her to pursue fleeing heroes and demolish them with her lethal blades as a Finisher. She is a perfect ganker in team fights but can also push and initiate team fights. Her Second Skill (Steel Cable) is the underlying reason behind her unique movement. The said skill shoots a steel cable that may be struck again after 2 seconds. If not timed properly, it will result in a lack of energy to shoot again. Fanny is a hyper carry where mastery of this skill is vital in seeing her in-game impact. Upon contact with an opponent, she automatically engages a tornado strike, making this skill her most valuable. 

What makes Fanny Great for Movement Speed:

  • Skill Set - Her skill set surrounds her gliding ability. Its compact with movement and damage, where as a Chase specialist, she is able to pursue opponents into their territory. She can also regenerate HP on successful hits, especially on kills.
  • Unique Movement - Her unique movement places her at this spot. There is no other hero who can match her movement speed when her second skill is engaged. It is a skill that is hard to master but once learned, places Fanny in the category of most feared hyper carry.
  • Chase - Her Chase Specialty allows her to transverse the battle field with speed and ease, especially in ganking team confrontations. Since her gliding ability automatically transforms attack upon contact, this provides her with room for impact using mobility.

See Fanny in action: 

1. Joy

Joy, The Flash of Miracle is an agile assassin who utilizes movement speed in seeing in-game impact. She specializes in Chase and Damage while having a skill set that consists of Buff, Summon, Blink, Damage and Area of Effect attributes. She is still a new hero to the ML Scene as a 2022 release and hails as one of the best in movement speed despite being unpopular.

Her Passive Skill (Humph Joy’s Angry) enhances her movement speed by 100%. This is the fastest amongst any hero out right now, and makes Joy deserving of the number 1 spot on this list statistically. Her Second Skill (Meow, Rhythm of Joy) is a damage skill, also equipped with a dash that enhances movement. Her Ultimate Skill (Ha! Electrifying Beats) enhances her movement speed by 30%. Joy is the only hero on this list who is statistically blessed with movement speed and doesn’t rely on translating attack into movement. 

What makes Joy Great for Movement Speed:

  • Passive Skill (Humph Joy’s Angry) - Enhances movement by 100%, more than any other in Mobile Legends, and is triggered every 4 seconds.
  • Ultimate Skill (Ha! Electrifying Beats) - Enhances movement by 30% while also granting immunity and magic damage.
  • Dash/Blink - Her Second Skill (Meow, Rhythm of Joy) has dash/blink effects that allows her to get within close proximity of opponents with the opportunity to engage and retreat through her superb mobility.

See Joy in action: 

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