[Top 15] Mobile Legends Best Combos That Are Powerful

Dominate your way to the top with these hero pairings

Mobile Legends is all about gameplay and teamwork. Although a team is composed of 5 heroes, having a solid pair of hero combinations can bring your team closer to victory. There is no single best choice of partner for each hero, but there are excellent pairs for certain heroes that will bring out the best of their abilities.

Check out our list of the best hero combos you can use with your duo to rise up to ranks of Mythical Glory! 

1. Atlas + Guinevere

Look out for that sudden set up!

Who would’ve thought that a hardy mecha machine from under the sea would perfectly pair up with the graceful and noble Guinevere. This duo is one to look out for! Once picked in the drafting phase, the enemy team better lunge for the purify spell as these two would obliterate enemies along their way with their stun and knock up combos!

Atlas is naturally a tank hero; paired with a defense build, he fronts for his team to tank enemy damage and set up a play for team fights. With a stun as his passive and a crowd control skill as his ultimate, pulling enemy heroes in a tight spot will be a breeze. Atlas's Fatal links hurls chains around and channels nearby enemies to his desired position, a perfect match for Guinevere's Spatial Migration and Anti-gravity Blast combo.

A quick set-up by Atlas and a finishing attack by Guinevere is sure to annihilate enemy heroes. Enemies better watch out as these two’s combo can always turn the tide around to their favor.

Why Atlas and Guinever is Great:

  • Excellent crowd control
  • Can chase after enemies
  • Can dominate multi target teamfights
  • Teamfight initiators


2. Tigreal + Pharsa

The mighty warrior and the crow princess, geared up to save their lands.

Tigreal the Guardian of the Moniyan empire is a force to reckon with, pair him up with Pharsa a high mobility mage designed for continuous bursts and pokes, these two is another deadly hero combo. They shine best in multi hero teamfights where they serve as the playmakers.

They are best used with Tigreal as an initiator and sustain hero baiting out enemy heroes to show their locations. Pharsa, hidden close by, will then punish anyone who tries to engage with Tigreal and finish them off with her Feathered Airstrike! Tigreal can also push the enemies within Pharsa’s range for continuous pokes and AOE damage. These two can definitely set the playing field in a clash.

Why Pharsa and Tigreal is Great:

  • Good for zoning out enemies
  • High burst capacity
  • Has solid crowd control abilities
  • Can roam across the map swiftly


3. Kaja + Karrie

Deadly punishers!

These two will definitely show you their Divine Judgement if you so unluckily cross their paths. Kaja is another guardian which is usually given the role of support or tank. 

Compared to other heroes, Kaja has never been the fan favorite. This may be due to his underwhelming damage and quirky playstyle. Don't be too quick to judge though, he may just be able to awe you with his skills when paired with a high damage hero like Karrie. With Karrie by his side, she can bring out the best of Kaja. 

This duo is perfect because of Karrie’s high speed and high damage attacks. Kaja uses his crowd control skill to pull a single target enemy towards Karrie giving her the opportunity to strike and eliminate. Teamed up with Karrie, any hero he pulls will surely be punished with the marksman's unending swift attacks! Better plan your escape strategy if you are ever faced with these two.

Why Karrie and Kaja is Great:

  • Great chasing capabilities
  • Deadly attack combos
  • Decent mobility


4. Johnson + Badang 

Watch out if you don't wanna crash and burn!

Johnson has always been a top pick for tanks to be paired with burst-damage heroes. Johnson paves the way for damage dealers to get straight to enemy territory. Badang, on the other hand, is a crazy powerful tribal warrior who boasts his raw damage power, knockbacks, and crowd control capabilities.

Johnson’s ultimate allows him to give a ride to one of his team members and drive around the map at high speed before finally crashing into a targeted enemy hero. This ability is best utilized with a burst hero like Badang on board, which will eliminate anyone standing in their way. Johnson locates the enemy damage dealers, delivering Badang to finish them off. Running is barely a choice since they have a stun and wall combo, making it extremely difficult to pull off a great escape.

Why Badang and Johnson is great:

  • High chasing abilities
  • Has multiple crowd control abilities.
  • High damage output
  • Fast map roamers
  • Can deliver a collision of destruction, obliterating anyone they hit.


5. Mathilda + Odette

Enemies won't escape if we fly.

A fearless tribal girl and the Swan Princess Mathilda is a good initiator for team fights, having the ability to poke and chase enemies, sustain damage, and give her team an escape route when the situation gets tough. Her skills help shape the output of a teamfight. One of her best pairs is Odette, a high-burst and poke damage dealer who showers the enemies with her continuous AOE damage ultimate.

This combo works perfectly because Mathilda has the ability to carry Odette's burst damage straight to the enemy team. Mathilda’s ultimate allows her to fly straight to an enemy hero and bring her nearby teammates along with her. With solid timing, these two can dish out crazy damage.

Why Mathilda and Odette is great:

  • Mathilda can improve Odette’s travel speed.
  • Excellent chasing ability
  • With stun and knockback, he has good crowd control.
  • High damage output
  • Easy controls and skillset


6. Luoyi + Barats

Barats: I'll bite and you deliver.

The Yin Yang Geomancer and the Desert Kingan amazing sustain duo that could make enemy attacks useless. Barats as a tank hero, together with Luo Yi as a support, is a force to be reckoned with. Both have crowd control capabilities, with Luo Yi having knockback effects from her skills and Barats throwing enemy heroes around with his ultimate.

The power combo for this duo is the use of both heroes' ultimate attacks. Luo Yi sets up a teleportation channel towards their turret on the map, and then Barats grabs hold of an enemy hero, bringing this hero along for the ride. The three then teleport to the team turret, and Barats spits out the enemy, hitting the tower and initiating a stun before finishing it off with their barrage of attacks. This is a heavy-hitting combo that is hard to get out of.

Why are Luo Yi and Barats great:

  • awesome skill combination
  • good for specific heroes targeting
  • can withstand teamfight damage
  • has a high damage output.
  • can roam around fast.


7. Aldous + Angela

The guardian and his guardian.

The guardian of the Minoan Maze, Aldous, is a killer hero that can dominate both 1v1s and teamfights. He has it all: high damage, stun, precise chasing skills, and additional mobility. Everyone is already wary of facing this hero; why do we need Angela?

Angela increases Aldous' sustainability while providing healing and enemy stun. This is especially useful when Aldous is outnumbered; that extra bit of sustenance and support can turn a bad situation into a very good one.His burst damage is especially useful when paired with Angela's stun, preventing enemy escapes.

Be cautious of these two, and don't let Aldous build up his stacks or the enemy team will be in big trouble.

Why Aldous and Angela is great:

  • Tanky
  • Both have good stun skills.
  • hard to conquer in the late game
  • High-burst combo when fully stacked
  • High mobility
  • can lock on to a specific hero location


8. Thamuz + Estes

Unlimited life for us both

The King of the Fire Demons and the Moon Elf King The dark and the light are an unlikely combo, but don't be fooled; their contrast in capabilities complements each other when they battle side by side.

Thamuz, a chase and damage hero, is used to engage in fights, chase out single enemies, and deal crazy amounts of damage while his ultimate allows him to get HP regeneration. His high burst damage output is perfectly paired with Estes since the Elf King can keep Thamuz’s HP in check. With Estes at his back giving continuous heals, Thamuz just needs to dish out continuous damage to wipe out the enemy team before he gets taken down.

This combo power creeps up on heroes, especially in the late game, where they become almost immortal through their combined HP regeneration and healing capabilities. Paired with vengeance and Estes, Thamuz can bait enemy attacks and absorb enemy damage in teamfights while dishing out heavy damage himself.

Why are Thamuz and Estes great:

  • enemy heroes sustain high damage output
  • Dish out continuous high-damage 
  • Multi-target crowd control
  • When played correctly, this is an immortal combination.
  • can participate in teamfights
  • Good chasing capabilities


9. Cecilion + Carmilla

The bond that shines above all else.

The ultimate power couple! These two can dish out crazy damage while taking the enemy team's damage as well. Using them on the same team unlocks a special skill combo. Cecillion can hide Carmilla in his coat to save her from being annihilated by the enemy team when her HP bars are low; this skill also gives Cecillion an extra shield. Carmilla can get out at any moment to provide additional damage.

The duo’s deadly combo: Carmilla uses her super slow effects on enemies by continuously hitting them with her wings and then uses her ultimate, which links the enemies with each other. Linked enemies share the damage that any of them receive. When combined with Cecil's Bats Feast, which showers the enemy with continuous burst attacks for six seconds, her ultimate annihilates linked enemy heroes. A scary power duo that would trample over anyone who came in their way.

Why Carmilla and Cecillion are great:

  • Crowd control beasts
  • High burst damage output
  • solid support duo
  • can eliminate multiple enemies


10. Belerick and Claud

Pulls them all and finishes them in one swift move.

This combo is carried by the ultimate attack of the two best friends, Claude and Dexter. These two dish out deadly damage with their high-speed Blazing Duet. Claude is a fast-moving marksman with burst, poke, and chasing abilities. What makes him special among other marksmen is that he always has a way to escape by switching positions with dexterity. This high-mobility hero can stand on his own, but let's get to why this pair-up with a tank is better than a solo Claude.

Belerick's role in this combo is to keep the enemy heroes still and remove the chance for escape to maximize the effects of Blazing Duet. His ultimate stuns enemies in a small radius, baiting their attacks and pulling them closer to him, almost completely eliminating their chance to escape Claud's shots.

This combo works best with Belerick setting up the trap and pulling multiple enemies towards him, then Claude finishing the job with his ultimate burst! What a scary combo!

Why Belerick and Claud are great:

  • both have high mobility.
  • their combined damage output is massive.
  • solid combo for team fights
  • Belerick can tank enemy damage to allow Claude to engage.
  • high survival chance
  • excellent chasing ability
  • they survive situations where they are outnumbered


11. Lolita + Miya

Go get em' girls!

A projectile-blocking tank and an all-around marksman. How this duo works is that Lolita blocks incoming attacks and stuns the enemy to allow Miya to dish out her arrows. Lolita’s role is vital in this setup since Miya is a very squishy hero, especially in the early game. Getting a designated tank to babysit her while she levels up definitely improves the team's chance of victory.

To maximize these two, the perfect combo is Lolita’s ultimate setting up the teamfight by stunning enemies hit within her fan-shaped ultimate, followed by Miya showing up from the shadows with her enhanced split arrows, eliminating the enemy team before they can even counter. This combo can easily dominate an enemy teamfight and even bring a savage victory to the team.

Why Lolita and Miya are great:

  • They have good set-up skills.
  • Multiple Stuns
  • can block heavy marksman damage.
  • Dish out AOE damage
  • Both heroes have a variety of skills (tanking, damage, stuns, tower pushing, and set-ups).


12. Vale + Saber

Let's hold them in place then slice them up!

Vale and Saber, the Windtalker and the Master Swordsman One specializes in bursts and crowd control, while the other charges to rip the enemy to shreds. The two heroes have very different playstyles but surprisingly complement each other in a team.

Vale does the setup in this duo, trapping an enemy in his windstorm and giving Saber the freedom to strike and eliminate enemy heroes. Saber can also set up a play by baiting the enemy team, giving Vale the vision and chance to trap multiple heroes in his ultimate to finish them off in a blink of an eye. It's hard to escape from these two, as a single purify spell could not handle multiple CC attacks from the duo. Saber’s charge attack contributes to making escapes extra hard to pull off.

Both heroes deal out high damage that could take out the enemy in a snap. Their high solo damage output benefits greatly from the arena bushes. They can bush-hide until the perfect opportunity to strike comes their way. One wrong move from an enemy hero, and these two can take them down in a heartbeat.

Why Vale and Saber are Great:

  • High mobility
  • Intense burst damage
  • can utilize arena features like the bush
  • can easily take out squishy heroes
  • Multiple crowd control abilities
  • versatile (depending on hero build)


13. Nana + Franco

Big and small, these two are both BIG trouble!

This Viking and playful feline are a really fun duo to play with, and they are powerful too!

They may not be the most damaging heroes in the game, but their playstyle is capable of competing with other heavy hitters.With the right timing and strategy, these two can easily dominate solo enemy heroes.

Their skills are heavily reliant on crowd control, making them heroes to look out for. Enemies better stay extra careful unless they want to be dragged into big trouble by this duo. Watch out for bushes, or these two may gank you and assassinate you on the spot. Bombarding heroes with stuns is their strategy; better be prepared to use heroes that are tanky when you’re up against their combo.

Franco’s role is to target an enemy hero, pull them back, and stun them while dealing damage. Nana then sets up her trap and ultimate for additional damage and to prevent enemy escape after the combination attack. Better keep your Purify battle spell ready when you see these two in the enemy draft.

Why Franco and Nana are great:

  • solid crowd control combo
  • can pick off enemy heroes
  • great teamfight contribution
  • Effective damage sustainers
  • Nana increases Franco’s hook success rate with her stun.


14. Ruby + Gord

The Red Hood and the mage, expect a barrage of attacks.

The combo dominates offensively and defensively. The Little Red Hood Ruby looks nice and young, but her giant scythe could literally pull you into your demise. Gord, on the other hand, has the mastery to deal continuous magic damage to enemy heroes who are not careful enough to stay away. Ruby fronts for Gord with her high sustain and high regeneration capabilities. Gord then backs her up by throwing his skills from the back lanes, slowly but surely eliminating enemy heroes.

Ruby can be used as a tank or a fighter; both roles allow her to charge and initiate a teamfight. She pulls targeted heroes in, regenerates her HP by attacking them with her scythe, and keeps the battle going while her team runs to back her up. Gord gives heroes caught by the Little Red stun and heavy damage.a nifty, hard-to-counter combo.

Why Ruby and Gord are great:

  • can dish out continuous CC skills
  • High offensive capabilities
  • enemies can be slowed
  • can eliminate groups of enemy heroes?
  • difficult to pursue
  • has good HP regeneration ability.
  • easy to learn


15. Grock and Moscov

The punishing wall and spear!

The Ancient race's Guardian, a crowd controller and initiator paired with a strong marksman like Moscov,These two will outdamage most enemy heroes. Moscov uses his spear to do fast and high-damage attacks. Grock gives Moscov an early game advantage by denying the enemy marksman with immediate gold from a minion wave.His blocking wall gives Moscov an unfair advantage in terms of gold lead.

Grock’s skill includes high damage, a wall to block off enemies, and a stun. This wall and stun are perfectly paired with Moscov, as his enhanced basic attack can stun enemies hitting the wall. This short stun can mean life or death for the enemy hero. Both heroes can catch up to fast enemies with their dashes. Moscov’s interesting ability is his fast displacement moves, which allow him to swiftly dodge incoming enemy attacks. Finally, his ultimate can chase away enemy heroes who have escaped their grasp.His spear can travel through the entire arena map, pinning even the farthest heroes. Overall, this is an unstoppable hero pairing.

Why Grock and Moscov are great:

  • High-chase ability
  • High mobility with dashes
  • High damage output
  • Long duration of the stun
  • can inflict multiple hero wounds
  • High burst damage


Now that you’ve seen our list, it is time to unleash your inner Mobile Legends beast with these powerful hero combos that will surely dominate your rivals!


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